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Chapter 96 - Arduous battle

“Boom!” The thunder-like Zhen Qi blasted into the chest that Blue-robed youth and instantly blasted him away. He was sent flying into the sky but suddenly his stature turned into a streamer and directly disappeared.

He died in Huanmo territory but he didn't really die, but disappeared into a streamer and was thrown back into the outside world.

“How dare you!” The remaining six people were looking at Ye Xiwen with a look of disbelief on their faces. They just couldn't digest the fact that Ye Xiwen had actually killed their comrade in a blink of an eye.

They just never thought that things would turn out like this. They were overconfident and looking at their strengths, this assessment was going to be very easy for them. When they were given the task to ambush Ye Xiwen and teach him a lesson, they had considered this task a child's play, after all, he was just one guy and his strength was also below their own. They had imagined that he would be crushed to death in a single blow from that blue-robed youth but what just happened?

Ye Xiwen sneered and said: “One bug crushed and now it’s your turn. Will you all come together, or one by one?”

Ye Xiwen took a deep breath, relaxed his whole body, concentrated, he must fight because he had no chance of retreat. His only option was to go all out, not to mention that he wouldn't die here, so this was a good opportunity to fight so many powerful masters and gain experience.

Since this was an examination and these rivals could be called his enemies so he could only continue to conquer his enemies one by one and then only, he would be able to become invincible!

Ye Xiwen even had a crazy idea to use the extraordinary strengths of these six men and force his inner state to its limits then he might be able to have a breakthrough, because, it was said that a breakthrough could be initiated during a life and death situation by forcing oneself to the extreme.

“You are courting death!”


These masters were suddenly outraged as whether they belonged to sub-schools, or other outer forces coming from all over the state, but there was no doubt that all of them were top talents from their respective forces and had never been insulted like this, not to mention, they had come to crush him, but now, one of them had been crushed instead and he had dared to insult them as well. Ye Xiwen's provocation had hurt their pride and dignity and this unexpected humiliation had caused their anger to suddenly erupt.

“Kill him!”

All six of them shouted and rushed towards Ye Xiwen. Being the outstanding disciples in their forces, each of them possessed one or more secret Xiantian power techniques, practiced to the profound level.

At this time, various types of martial arts blasted towards Ye Xiwen. He finally pulled out a long blade from the scabbard on his back and waved it violently which instantly shot a dazzling Bladelight towards the incoming rumbling attacks.

“Boom!” A heart shaking loud sound burst out sending shock-waves in all directions causing the smoke and dust to spread in surrounding area.

Ye Xiwen's body was fully wrapped in Xiantian Zhen Qi body and he leaped up towards the sky, and instead of retreating back, he used 'Celestial step' and in a flash, his figure rushed horizontally all the way towards the six masters with his long blade scattering a bright Bladelight.

“Ah!” A master didn't get a chance to evade the blade attack and was split in half and disappeared in the very next instant.

This was indeed a terrifying battle where the fight had begun only an instant ago and a master had already been beheaded.

The remaining five didn't have a shred of mercy and severely attacked Ye Xiwen. Even if he was using Celestial steps, he had been hit several times and many wounds appeared on his body.

“Ye Xiwen, you are strong, I admit that you are very strong but unfortunately you are facing so many of us and you no chance of winning. Just surrender because anyway no one really dies in this Huanmo territory.” The Chinese-robed young man said. He was a prideful person but he had to admit that Ye Xiwen was ridiculously strong because even if they were ganging up on one individual but they were still having a hard time coping with him. There was clearly a look of disdain on their faces because two of their own had been effortlessly defeated by the guy they had initially looked down upon, but he was still giving them a hard time in this brutal fight, so they had to admit that Ye Xiwen was truly formidable.

Ye Xiwen sneered but didn't answer. He was bathed in blood but the wounds couldn't make him to withdraw but only made him to have a clear understanding, that although no one would die in the Huanmo territory, but they would still get mentally and physically injured. In the world of martial arts, there was no retreat, giving up was never an option and the most important practice was to persevere or else all previous efforts would come to naught.

Ye Xiwen was not planning to give up just because he had sustained injuries. This time, he strengthened his determination with the thought that 'this was an illusion so he must persevere to break out of it'.

“Phew!” A subtle piercing sound echoed and out of the blue, it seemed as if a dagger had arrived to the front of Ye Xiwen, but it was actually that diminutive youth. He was extremely fast and had practiced a strange agility technique because his movements were similar to that of snakes, which could easily scare people.

But suddenly, the Chinese-robed youth appeared in front of Ye Xiwen and blasted his punch releasing a golden Quanjin. It seemed as if a golden light had illuminated the entire world, but the atmosphere had been distorted by the burst of this golden Quanjin.

A cold light flashed in Ye Xiwen's eyes and the spirit stones started to burn producing an unimaginable amount of Lingqi which was directly injected into the 'Special Space'. A large influx of martial arts experience entered into his mind and it would be no exaggeration to say that he was trying his best to surpass his own limits.

When fighting against five strong Xiantian masters, most people would have already lost confidence by now, and talking about most people, there was simply no chance for them to grab the victory in a situation like this, but Ye Xiwen refused to give up on the slightest hope of victory.

These series of attacks were extremely dangerous. No need to say that Chinese-robed youth was the most terrifying opponent. The charming woman had a hand mirror and she was using it to constantly send out waves of intermittent divine streaks of light, and wherever the light would shine, the space would immediately distort. The might of her attack was abnormally terrifying.

This was the biggest crisis Ye Xiwen had ever come across!

A crazed look flashed in Ye Xiwen's eyes. The long blade incessantly danced in his hand and instantly nine blade shadows appeared in the sky.


The Quanjin of that Chinese-robed youth bombed fiercely on Ye Xiwen's body. He spat a mouthful of blood and his black hair flew upwards but his body was like an Iron wall that didn't budge at all, instead, he continued to swing his long blade, with all of his focus centered on the diminutive youth.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen's long blade chopped out towards the flying dagger-like diminutive youth, releasing the nine blade shadows which blocked off all of his escape routes.


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