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Chapter 88 - Shaoyang elder

Ye Xiwen was about to rush inside the courtyard and congratulate Ye Ruxue when suddenly, a hoarse roar resounded throughout the sky: “Ye Xiwen, come out!”

The roar was instantly followed by a terrifying coercive aura which pressed down toward the courtyard.

This pressure was so terrifying and sudden that it took Ye Xiwen by surprise and overwhelmed him.

“Who!” Ye Xiwen shouted along with his Xiantian Zhen Qi rolling out to confront that coercive aura. The collision between both of their Zhen Qi directly produced a wind storm.

But it was obvious that Ye Xiwen's Xiantian Zhen Qi was not a match for the incredible Zhen Qi released by the other party which came down all the way and completely crushed Ye Xiwen's Zhen Qi.

Xiantian Zhen Yuan!

An astonished look flashed in Ye Xiwen's eyes because this visitor was definitely not one of the disciples who had come to challenge him, as only the masters of Xiantian sixth stage or above could possess Xiantian Zhen Yuan.

When a Xiantian master would reach the peak of the Xiantian fifth stage, he would have transformed 100% of his Houtian Zhen Qi into Xiantian Zhen Qi, at that time, if he would want to break into the Xiantian sixth stage, then it would occur only after a metamorphosis when the Xiantian Zhen Qi would start transforming into Xiantian Zhen Yuan, which was considered the second metamorphosis of life.

Once the transformation was successful, the life expectancy from the original two hundred years would also increase to more than five hundred years.

Xiantian sixth stage masters were a lot more powerful compared to the masters of Xiantian fifth stage, and only one in a dozen was able to have a qualitative change in their Zhen Qi, which was necessary to step into the Xiantian sixth stage.

Yi Yuan School Main Sect also classified this as a standard of division, where masters of Xiantian sixth stage or above could become core disciples and those below sixth stage could only become inner disciples.

Although the difference was of only a single stage, but there was a difference of heaven and earth between the treatments of masters on these stages.

Most of the elders were masters of Xiantian sixth stage who were originally the core disciples with many of them, reaching the deadline age of nearly 500 years, trying to break through to the 'Zhen dao' realm. Since these core disciples had been unable to reach 'Zhen dao' realm, so they had decided to become elders for the sub-schools.

But even so, all these elders were scary existences and were far stronger than ordinary disciples.

“Who are you?” Ye Xiwen came out of the courtyard and was surprised to find an old man, clad in black clothes, glaring angrily at him.

Right at that time, Zhang Yang, Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue, who had just broken through to the Xiantian realm, had all come out as well.

“Are you Ye Xiwen?” The old man asked in a cold voice with an angry look on his face.

“I am!” Ye Xiwen said.

“You little beast, you dared to injure the seed disciples of our Shaoyang sub-school!” The black clothed old man said in a cold voice.

“Who are you calling little beast?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“Damn you, you little bastard…” That Black clothed old man blurted out with his face flushed red with anger.

“Ha ha ha!” The disciples of the Qingfeng Mountain sub-school gave out an unbridled laughter. They had quickly understood that this black clothed old man was an elder of Shaoyang sub-school.

Even if he was an elder but he belonged to the side of their sworn enemy, which was not going to change at this point of time as the enmity between the two sides had extended for so many years.

The elder was certainly furious because Ye Xiwen had severely injured Huo Cheng and there was no way for them to participate in the assessment. That was the reason why he had come to punish Ye Xiwen.

“You little beast, I will kill you.” The black clothed old man angrily tossed his sleeves and suddenly the air around him completely distorted. A big hand instantly congealed in the air made up of the Xiantian Zhen Yuan and for a master of Xiantian sixth stage, this method of directly using the Xiantian Zhen Yuan was very useful.

“Clang!” Ye Xiwen took out the long blade from the scabbard on his back and released a bright Bladelight which instantly filled the sky. At the moment, the appearance of Ye Xiwen was shining like a god of war, with a solemn look on his face and his black hair swinging violently in the wind.

The Swordlight completely transformed into a sharp blade made up of condensed Xiantian Zhen Qi which immediately rushed towards that big hand and chopped down.

“Zizi Zizi!”

The tip of the blade chopped down on the big hand, issuing a loud Zizi Zizi sound, followed by evolving the live picture of the creative concept of 'Missing moon beheader'.

As the creative concept of 'Missing moon beheader' evolved out, it temporarily blocked the big hand by continuously regrouping the Xiantian Zhen Qi and chopping down again and again on the big hand.

“Creative concept, how is this possible, he has actually evolved out a creative concept!” The black clothed old man looked unbelievably at Ye Xiwen because he could not believe that Ye Xiwen had already evolved out a creative concept, which was difficult to obtain, even for the inner disciples of the Main Sect.

But even so, if he was not such an evildoer then how could he have easily beaten the geniuses of his sub-school.

Having thought of this, his eyes flashed with a killing intent. Such an evildoer genius, it was necessary to strangle him before he became hostile towards his sub-school, and if allowed to grow up, it would certainly not be a good thing for Shaoyang sub-school.

Even if this time, he might put his Shaoyang sub-school in the danger of getting punished, he must strangle the danger in the cradle.

In the sky, a descending moon intensely collided with the big hand which caused terrifying air explosions sending layer by layer ripples of air-waves in all directions.

The pressure was increasing on Ye Xiwen's body while his blade had fiercely collided with the big hand but even after displaying the full essence of the creative concept of his blade technique, he had still been unable to block the incoming attack. Ye Xiwen had been forced down by the virtue of superior strength of the old man.

Ye Xiwen was soon pressed down and his bones started to make crackling sound. His skeleton was facing an intense friction, although his body was insanely tough, just as strong as the steel, but when put under such a kind of terrifying coercion, it seemed as if his body would explode any time.

“Old man, what are you doing!” Ye Xiwen gritted his teeth and shouted in a voice filled with anger. This old guy was definitely not holding back and it seemed as if he was going to kill Ye Xiwen right there right then.

That black clothed simply ignored Ye Xiwen and his big hand pressed down while fully destroying the live picture of creative concept.

“Old man, in the future, I will certainly return the favor for today.” Ye Xiwen gritted his teeth and said with a lot of sweat crazily dripping down his face.

Ten years, in just ten years, he would be able to easily crush this old guy, but right now, his strength was not enough!

This was the first time that Ye Xiwen had thoroughly felt so helpless, craving for strength. He just needed enough strength so that a day like this would never come again where he would feel so helpless.


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