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Chapter 87 - Ye Xiwen, come out

Bingdao sub-school's courtyard was located among the courtyards of the three major sub-cases.

With an ice-cold look on his face, Chu Xun was standing outside, occasionally looking towards the room inside the courtyard.

Beside him stood a blue-robed youth with a dignified appearance and smile on his face. He looked at Chu Xun and said: “I heard that you were defeated by a country bumpkin.”

Chu Xun shot a cold glance at that him. This blue-robe youth was called Gong Yao and like Chu Xun, he was also one of top disciples of Bingdao sub-school, even stronger compared to him.

“Gee, this news has spread everywhere and has turned us into a laughing stock and now people are laughing at our Bingdao sub-school. Our reputation has been thoroughly discredited. Do you want to sell us?” Gong Yao laughed and said.

“This is not something you should joke about.” Chu Xun said in a cold voice, “I will do something about it myself.”

“You can't do it yourself.” Gong Yao smiled and said, “Because recently, I’ve heard that in the last three days, thirty people challenged him and no one could defeat him.”

After Ye Xiwen had defeated Chu Xun and the three Zongshi brothers, soon, a lot of disciples had been attracted to come and challenge Ye Xiwen hoping to beat him and earning fame in the process.

“For now, do not look for any trouble with Ye Xiwen.” At this time, the door opened and came out a man with an appearance of more than twenty years old and an ice-cold facial expression, even more than Chu Xun's usual cold look. He was wearing dark blue clothes, tall stature, and possessed an overbearing aura.

“Why?” Chu Xun asked without trying to be disrespectful in front of that man, because he was strongest of this year's disciples from Bingdao sub-school, Shangguan Xuanyi, with an unfathomable cultivation and was ranked among the top three players from all the sub-schools.

“Assessment examination will be held in two days, so do not complicate the situation.” Shangguan Xuanyi said in an indifferent voice, “Everyone's watching our actions, moreover, you may not be his match. Later, we will take our time and deal with him.”

“Make a full preparation and perform outstandingly in the assessment, understood!”



In just three days of harvest, Ye Xiwen's inventory now had three thousand spirit stones. All of a sudden, gaining this many spirit stones was simply unimaginable even for the masters of Xiantian fourth or fifth stage.

Because Ye Xiwen had defeated Chu Xun and Zongshi three brothers, he had become part of many rumors and his fame had become comparable to that of the well-known figures.

Chu Xun was undoubtedly one of strongest top disciples of Bingdao major sub-school and although the three Zongshi brothers were very shameless, but a lot of people could not help but admit that they were very powerful, especially when the three of them fought together, their total strength would be more than that of common top disciples.

Among the disciples of these sub-schools, there were some so-called seed disciples. These seed disciples were the strongest in every respect and existed in each social stratum of disciples. There were seed disciples present among the outer disciples, inner disciples and core disciples as well.

Seed disciples were the most formidable group of people and the sub-schools would cultivate these seed disciples. Chu Xun and Zongshi three brothers were also the seed disciples.

Ye Xiwen had previously defeated Wen Shiyang but he was only a quasi-seed disciple, so defeating him was nothing compared to defeating Chun Xun and Zongshi brothers.

There were countless famous disciples who wanted to challenge Ye Xiwen, but how could Ye Xiwen just accept so many challenges, so Ye Xiwen had set some rules. If they wanted to challenge him, they must hand over 100 spirit stones otherwise they won't get a chance to fight him. Also, each day, he would accept challenges from not more than ten people.

This would directly eliminate those who just wanted to be famous but had no strength or money to challenge, so in just three days, Ye Xiwen's total stock of spirit stones had suddenly gone up to more than three thousand spirit stones.

One could say that Ye Xiwen had suddenly become rich because even for a seed disciple like Chu Xun and other seeds disciples, 100 sprit stones were close to their net worth.

Not to mention, for the ordinary disciples, especially those who had just entered into the Xiantian realm, having 10 spirit stones was not bad.

Among the challengers during this period, there were some seeds disciples as well, some of whom were even more powerful than Chu Xun and it was very tough for Ye Xiwen to defeat them.

But Ye Xiwen had a great harvest because these seeds disciples were very powerful, with each having his own trump skill and it was very difficult to deal with each of them, which was again a major harvest for Ye Xiwen's battle experience.

And after fighting with these strong people, Ye Xiwen's various martial arts had been greatly tempered and he had become even more skilled at using them in fights.

Now, everyone was aware of the fact that in the Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, there was such an outstanding figure.

Ye Xiwen naturally had gained a rank among the top seed disciples and almost everyone among the sub-school disciples had recognized his terrifying monstrous strength, even if they hated it, they had to admit it!

Ye Xiwen had been able to feel a huge power surging in his body and he felt as if he was standing on the threshold of a breakthrough which could happen at any time and then he would finally break through to next stage and become a Xiantian second stage master.

Once he entered into the Xiantian second stage, his strength would immediately have a rapid progress and by that time, he would be able to contend with the elite masters, who were at the peak of Xiantian third stage and possessed 60% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi.

Now Ye Xiwen had enough spirit stones to support him through his breakthrough without any problem. So long as there were enough spirit stones, having a breakthrough would never be difficult for him.

After entering into the Main Sect, the competition pressure had become greater.

“Boom!” A majestic aura suddenly burst out in the courtyard of the Qingfeng Mountain sub-school and quickly spread in the surrounding area.

It was a breakthrough into the Xiantian realm!

There was look of surprise on Ye Xiwen's face, because this time, the only person in the Qingfeng Mountain sub-school who could have a breakthrough into the Xiantian realm was his sister, Ye Ruxue. While Ye Xiwen was playing around outside with the challengers, Ye Ruxue had decided not to come out until her closed-door training would finish and she would break into the Xiantian realm.

Ye Xiwen was about to rush inside the courtyard and congratulate Ye Ruxue when suddenly, a hoarse roar resounded throughout the sky: “Ye Xiwen, come out!”


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