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(NT: Thanks to Ahmarijah Andrews (US) and Souvanh Chantha (US) for sponsoring Chapter 86. This is the second chapter of the Saturday’s Grand release; three more to come!)

Chapter 86 - You all can come together

Everyone was shocked watching this scene, because no one was able to see the depth of Ye Xiwen's true strength. The stronger his enemy was, the stronger he would become accordingly. Earlier, his battle with Huo Cheng and now with Chu Xun, each time, his strength would grow which was very shocking for everyone. It was as if his strength was truly unfathomable!

Ye Xiwen looked coldly at Chu Xun. Although this guy was conceited and very arrogant, but there was a valid reason behind his arrogance as he was at the peak of Xiantian second stage and his strength was indeed sufficient enough to be ranked among the top row of the disciples.

Ye Xiwen almost could not waste his cultivation because just when he had shot his palm towards Chu Xun, his intention had been detected by Chu Xun who then blocked Ye Xiwen's palm and slightly deflected it.

“Ye Xiwen, accept our challenge!” Ye Xiwen was still thinking about this matter when suddenly he heard three loud voices challenging him.

Ye Xiwen looked up and actually saw that three similar wretched-looking fat people had jumped out of the crowd.

“Shameless! The three of you are taking advantage of him who has just finished fighting a battle!”

“These three are the infamous Zongshi three brothers from Qingcheng sub-school!”

“So they are the Zongshi three brothers, ah, no wonder they are too outrageous!”

After coming to the Main Sect, it didn't take long for the Zongshi three brothers to gain quite a reputation, and of course, this reputation was not a good one.

These three brothers were really shameless!

Ye Xiwen also knew about the Zongshi three brothers and could only sigh.

“So, do you dare to accept our challenge?” The eldest of the three Zongshi brothers challenged Ye Xiwen in a provocative manner.

In spite of facing criticism from the crowd, three Zongshi brothers were not willing to give up. Now that Ye Xiwen had already defeated Chu Xun, they were aiming at defeating the exhausted Ye Xiwen and gain instant fame, as to how shameless this act was, they didn't care, on the contrary they were very complacent from this.

They only considered it as their praise.

“Yes, if you don't want to accept our challenge then simply throw in the towel and we will walk away.” The second Zong brother said in a provocative tone.

“Well, brother I think he is got no guts.” The youngest Zong brother pretended to be cool and said.

“Shameless!” Behind Ye Xiwen, Ye Ruxue frowned and said. She was very mad at them as this act was no different from taking advantage of someone else. Initially, they did not dare to stand up on their own against Ye Xiwen and now that he was exhausted after a battle, they were trying to provoke him by implying that he was a coward.

In her view, it was really shameless.

Other disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school were also glaring and giving angry looks to the three brothers because this was simply too outrageous!

While other disciples of different sub-schools were also looking at the three brothers with a look of disdain in their eyes and were cursing them for this shameless act.

All eyes were fixated on Ye Xiwen, waiting how he would answer. The stern looking Ye Xiwen suddenly chuckled and said: “You can certainly challenge me and I am always ready to take on people like you any day." (NT: Author has used 'ā māo ā gǒu' which means 'any Tom, Dick or Harry)

“What, you dare look down on us three brothers?” The second brother said in an angry voice.

“If you want to challenge me, you will have to bet 100 spirit stones and if lost, no money returns!” Ye Xiwen indifferently said.

When the three Zongshi brothers heard this, they froze for a moment because they never expected that Ye Xiwen would actually put forward such a condition. One must know that 100 spirit stones was a big amount for an ordinary Xiantian master.

But Zong boss nodded and said: “All right!”

In his view, as long as they beat Ye Xiwen, they would not lose anything. He didn't want to delay the fight even for one minute, because Ye Xiwen might recover from his exhaustion which would naturally be very unfavorable to them.

The three Zongshi brothers immediately agreed to the terms of battle. These three brothers really were so shameless, but this time, they had probably miscalculated by thinking that they could easily bully Ye Xiwen.

“All three of you can come together.” Ye Xiwen said.

“What did you just say?” The Zong boss said but since they did not have any sense of shame, they would of course take this chance to work together and defeat Ye Xiwen.

“Boom!” The three Zongshi brothers, with their huge statures and inconsistent speeds instantly, rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

The overall strength of the three Zongshi brothers was quite high and they actually were the masters of Xiantian second stage and their boss had transformed 40% Xiantian Zhen Qi and was already at the peak of Xiantian second stage, although he was not as strong as Chu Xun, but the difference between them was not very wide.

All three of them together smacked their fists with their combined strength actually somewhat stronger than that of Chu Xun.

Many spectating disciples, without uttering a single word, were anxiously watching the fight.




Ye Xiwen's arm instantly blurred and blocked their joint attack.

Soon, they felt as if they had collided with an iron wall. They had originally expected that Ye Xiwen had already exhausted his Zhen Qi, because if they had teamed up to fight against Chu Xun, they would definitely have exhausted themselves.

But from the appearance of Ye Xiwen, neither his complexion was red due to fatigue, nor did he look exhausted even after fighting a fierce battle with Chu Xun. This had made them to secretly complain in their hearts at their decision to fight Ye Xiwen.

But Ye Xiwen did not give them any chance of respite.

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen used his one hand to catch a punch from the youngest brother followed by using another hand, he instantly punched him.

“Kara!” With a crisp sound of breaking bones, the youngest Zong brother's hand was instantly broken by Ye Xiwen's punch.

Ye Xiwen then lifted one foot and shot a lightning fast kick covered with a terrifying Zhen Qi and shoved directly into the belly of the youngest brother. He screamed again and again and his stout body was instantly sent flying out and severely fell on the ground and he fainted.

“Third brother!” The second Zong brother roared and rushed towards Ye Xiwen, but then he also walked on his brother’s footsteps.

Ye Xiwen severely blasted his palm on his chest using the move 'Leveling storm four strokes' which fractured his ribs and he spout a mouthful of blood and fell upside down on the ground.

When their boss saw that the two brothers had been blasted away by Ye Xiwen, he quickly shouted: “I will …”

But he couldn't finish the sentence, as in a flash, Ye Xiwen's overwhelming punch blasted.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen's punch blasted away the Zong boss and his body severely hit on the side of a tree and he fell unconscious.

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