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Chapter 845: 845
Chapter 845: Yuan Xuehai’s Strength

Jia Qing spurted out a mouthful of blood and fell directly from the huge energy wave . He almost fainted straight away, but his will stopped him to faint like this .

“What? How could this be?!” said Jia Qing with difficulty . His piercing gaze stared at Ye Xiwen, who showed himself with slow steps . It was a little unbelievable . Why would he, a dignified Transcendent Realm Second Level, lose to Ye Xiwen, a kid who was only a Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate, not even Late .

Ye Xiwen didn’t even look at him, let alone answer his question . In fact, not only did Jia Qing find this incomprehensible, but even the others found it hard to fathom . How could Ye Xiwen, a Half-Step Transcendent Realm Intermediate kid, actually beat a Transcendent Realm Second Level? Even if Jia Qing had just entered Transcendent Realm Second Level, he was still a real Transcendent Realm Second Level .

For them, it was simply hard to understand . But for Ye Xiwen, it was not the case because he noticed Jia Qing’s fatal flaws .

Jia Qing’s Wave Breaking Saber Technique’s strength was indeed extraordinary; it was undeniably powerful . Unfortunately, his cultivation time seemed to be too short . One could see that there were many parts of the move that hadn’t been cultivated to perfection .

It was precisely because of this that Ye Xiwen could find the flaw and the opportunity to strike . He found the chink in Jia Qing’s armor and concentrated all the power from his body to break Jia Qing’s Wave Breaking Saber Technique’s scattered power .

Initially, the Wave Breaking Saber Technique was more potent in group battles, but even if an ordinary person knew about this weakness, they wouldn’t be able to break it either . Only people like Ye Xiwen, whose physical body was robust enough in addition to having absorbed the Star Beast’s power, could instantly destroy Jia Qing’s Wave Breaking Saber Technique after he completely unleashed his power .

Everyone looked dumbly at Ye Xiwen, who had defeated Jia Qing, as if they had seen a ghost . They all gasped . From the moment he appeared, this Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate kid gave them a great surprise .

It was like he had no limits . No matter what kind of enemy it was, it seemed like there was no way to force him to his limits .

Ye Xiwen ignored Jia Qing, who was waiting bitterly for him to explain . He just looked at Yuan Xuehai in the Yuan Family seats .

Everyone knew that his target was Yuan Xuehai .

Yuan Xuehai was the most outstanding genius of the Yuan Family and also one of the original three young masters . He was even considered the leader of the three .

Everyone also understood that the fight for champion would only be between Yuan Xuehai and Ye Xiwen . No matter who won, that person would be the champion .

As for Wang Mengyu, no one thought that she could be the champion . Suppose Yuan Xuehai won, whether she fought or not would make no difference . If someone as terrifying as Ye Xiwen couldn’t win, then it wouldn’t matter if she, who had never beaten Yuan Xuehai before, went up there .

Conversely, if Ye Xiwen won, then the Yuan Family would no longer be able to send out a strong master who could match Ye Xiwen, so the only possibility was Ye Xiwen winning the championship .

This battle between the two of them was the most critical . After this one battle, the slot contest would end .

However, could Yuan Xuehai contend with Ye Xiwen?

Everyone was a little worried, especially those in the Yuan Family . In fact, although Yuan Xuehai was stronger than Wang Mengyu and Wu Chenhai, it was only by a little . He was only a tad bit stronger . Generally speaking, they were still at the same level .

To defeat the other two, Yuan Xuehai still needed a lot of effort .

But Wu Chenhai, who was about as strong as Yuan Xuehai now, was rendered unable to retaliate under Ye Xiwen’s offense .

Would Yuan Xuehai be able to contend with Ye Xiwen?

Even Jia Qing, who everyone was optimistic about, suffered a crushing defeat in Ye Xiwen’s hands, and Yuan Xuehai would not fare any better than them .

If the battles hadn’t started, everyone would probably be optimistic about Yuan Xuehai . After all, Yuan Xuehai had been famous for many years, but no one knew Ye Xiwen .

But now, everyone was optimistic about Ye Xiwen because Ye Xiwen was far too powerful . He was so powerful that no one thought he had already gone all out .

Yuan Xuehai saw Ye Xiwen staring at him, and without any hesitation, he directly leaped into the arena . There was the same coldness in his gaze as he stared at Ye Xiwen .

He was like a vast ice mountain, unfathomable by others .

“I’ll wait for half an hour for you to recover your qi!” said Yuan Xuehai lightly . Ye Xiwen had just fought a battle, and Yuan Xuehai didn’t want to take advantage of him . In that case, it wouldn’t be a fair victory .

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“Yuan Xuehai dared to say such a thing . Maybe he has some trump cards?”

“He must have some trump cards . Look, that Ye Xiwen is also more serious than ever . He must know something?”

“Could he be stronger than Jia Qing!?”

Upon seeing Yuan Xuehai say that, everyone immediately began to discuss . At that time, Jia Qing, who got caught in the crossfire, had already fainted, and Ye Xiwen didn’t pay him any attention .

As for this guy who wanted to kill him, it was good enough that Ye Xiwen did not directly kill him . It was because they were in public . If they were in private, and Jia Qing dared to show murderous intent, Ye Xiwen would have killed him already . Although Ye Xiwen was not a bad person, he was not a soft-hearted person . Even if people described him as cruel, he wouldn’t really care .

“That won’t be necessary . It won’t matter at all!” said Ye Xiwenlightly . The battle just now did not consume much of his qi . “Observing Person Scripture” had been running for a few weeks and had completely recovered, and most importantly, he now had the Star Beast’s bloodline . That qi was ten times thicker than an ordinary person’s . Unless it was a large-scale group battle, it was impossible to die of overconsumption under normal circumstances .

“Okay, you are worth my attack!” Yuan Xuehai glanced lightly at Ye Xiwen as if trying to freeze the air . He could also see that Ye Xiwen was not forcefully pushing himself . Perhaps it was not important for Ye Xiwen .

His big hand grabbed the air, and suddenly a snow-white longsword appeared in his hand . Majestic, thick qi began to emanate from his whole body, and the surrounding air started to crackle . This was the sound of the air freezing and cracking .

Ye Xiwen was a little surprised . This Yuan Xuehai’s power was the power of ice . In fact, if Jia Qing were here now, he would suffer an even more crushing defeat .

It was because the power of ice would restrain Jia Qing’s power of water .

And most importantly, Yuan Xuehai had entered Transcendent Realm Second Level . Although he had only just entered Transcendent Realm Second Level, he was more substantial than Jia Qing . Although they both only just entered the second level, Yuan Xuehai was clearly slightly stronger .

Everyone was stunned . They finally understood why the Yuan Family remained indifferent when the Wu Family and the Wang Family both invited help . The reason turned out to be this .

They did not even have to invite help . Just Yuan Xuehai’s Transcendent Realm Second Level cultivation was their most tremendous confidence .

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With Yuan Xuehai, if they won the championship, then they won . If they didn’t win, then inviting someone else to help would not make a difference .

“It’s no wonder Yuan Xuehai is still full of confidence even after watching Ye Xiwen compete . This is why!”

“Yes, no one would have thought that Yuan Xuehai could hide his strength so well . No wonder they don’t need to invite help from outside . He himself is the strongest master!”

“Then, I shall take action!” Yuan Xuehai yelled violently . The white longsword in his hand sprung out at the spur moment . Phantoms suddenly appeared in the sky, rushing straight toward Ye Xiwen like lightning, trying to besiege Xiwen violently .

The longsword condensed from sword will in Ye Xiwen’s hand once again shot out, directly filling the sky with sword light . He sheltered himself within it .




There was a crisp sound of metals colliding . Those white sword shadows were not able to break through Ye Xiwen’s protective sword light . Before they could get close, they were all shattered .

Although Ye Xiwen had never decided on his path, if others thought that his sword cultivation was weak, then they would be wrong . In fact, it was difficult for him to have any shortcomings . With the mysterious space, it would be quickly made up for even if he had any shortcomings . For others, it might take a lot of time or energy, but for him, it was just the matter of consuming some spiritual energy .

At that moment, Yuan Xuehai had already rushed up . Instantaneously, the white longsword rushed out and slashed toward Ye Xiwen’s front . There was a cold light restricted in the tip of the sword . Almost instantly, Ye Xiwen’s protective sword light was broken .

This was the most typical way of breaking through one’s chink in the armor, just like how Ye Xiwen used Invincible Sword to break through the chink in the Wave Breaking Saber Technique’s armor . As long as the chink was broken, then the entire armor would collapse .

Although that was the case, there were very few people who could do that . Most people could only hear about it and treat it as a martial arts experience .

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“Burial Earth Sword!” In Ye Xiwen’s hand, the sword will expand instantly and slashed downward at lightning speed .

The terrifying sword will roared in an instant, sweeping over Yuan Xuehai’s head as if it was trying to take revenge .

He already stopped caring about the white longsword coming for him .

The two longswords were getting closer to each other . Both sides looked indifferent as if they couldn’t see the longswords getting closer . It seemed a lose-lose situation where both of them would die by each other’s swords .

There was a smile at the corner of Ye Xiwen’s mouth . At the final moment, Yuan Xuehai finally took action and waved his sword to block Ye Xiwen’s offense .

At that critical moment, he ended up deciding against employing a lose-lose tactic where both of them would die .

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