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Chapter 844: 844
Chapter 844: Severely Injured Jia Qing




Ye Xiwen’s silhouettes and Jia Qing’s silhouettes were like two ghosts shuttling back and forth at high speed in the arena . Except for the major families’ elders above Transcendent Realm Second Level, others couldn’t even see traces of the two people fighting . Basically, they could only hear the explosions from constant collisions .

“It’s terrifying . I’m afraid these two people’s strengths are already enough to settle the slot contest this time . This is terrifying . Even in the Sea Dragon Mansion Ranking Tournament, they can rank in the top hundred!”

“I didn’t expect that this round would end up like this . Everyone seems to be unleashing their fire, not holding back at all . One by one, they went down to the same arena . Did these three major families go all out to win? They don’t even care about their reputations!”

“Yea, but Wang Mengyu and Yuan Xuehai have not taken the stage yet . The Yuan Family is still calm, but the Wu Family and Wang Family are already in a heated battle . I’m afraid they can’t be friendly with each other anymore . The two families invited these guests from outside . They are truly top masters!”

“Yes . The most terrifying one is that Ye Xiwen . He’s just a Half-step Transcendent Realm, but he’s unexpectedly able to compete with a Transcendent Realm Second Level . Such a person would be a monster wherever he goes, and I don’t know where this monster came from!”

“It wouldn’t matter even if Wang Mengyu and Yuan Xuehai took the stage . Victory will probably be decided between these two . At most, they are as strong as Wu Chenhai . It wouldn’t matter even if Wu Chenhai came down from the arena!”

“Anyway, no matter what, this matter has nothing to do with us . This is the three major families’ matter . No matter which one of them wins, they will not give us another skit . Who cares about him! Let’s enjoy the show!”

Everyone was trying to fix their sights on the two people fighting in the field, but their eyes could no longer keep up . Only by using spiritual sense could they see some shockwaves from the battle .

“You are quite powerful to be able to contend with me with only Half-step Transcendent Realm strength . You are the most powerful genius I have ever seen, but it is useless even if you are a genius . An undeveloped genius is nothing but an upcoming corpse!” Jia Qing said with a cold smile as he cut off Ye Xiwen’s offense with one slash and caught a breather .

In his opinion, Ye Xiwen definitely couldn’t fight for a long time in this kind of battle . This was because even if he didn’t use much effort in the previous fight against Wu Chenhai, he was still just Half-step Transcendent Realm . He could make up his combat power in various ways, but the innate gap in the power realm was a lethal factor at that moment .

In any case, a Half-step Transcendent Realm master couldn’t compete with a Transcendent Realm Second Level in terms of qi volume . If this continued, he would make Ye Xiwen die of overconsumption sooner or later .

Although he also wanted to kill Ye Xiwen swiftly and did not want it to end like this, there was no other way . Ye Xiwen was too strong, far stronger than he thought . Otherwise, he had no hope to overwhelm his opponent in the short run .

On the inside, he was too shocked . He didn’t know which family this monster belonged to . He was this terrifying . A Half-step Transcendent Realm being able to compete with a Transcendent Realm Second Level was simply a miracle and utterly unbelievable .

“Even if I am underdeveloped, it’s enough to get rid of you!” Ye Xiwen sneered, slowing down from Jia Qing’s offense . The battle was changing directions from a rapid pace to a drawn-out battle . Ye Xiwen knew what Jia Qing was planning . However, if Jia Wing were planning to keep fighting until Ye Xiwen exhausted his qi, then it would be a huge mistake . After absorbing the Star Beast’s blood essence and bloodline, he was practically a Star Beast in human form now . In terms of qi, he had more than Jia Qing, a Transcendent Realm Second Level master, and not less . This was where his confidence lay .

Even compared to a Transcendent Realm Second Level master, he was not inferior .

“Hmph, stop exaggerating . My next move will get rid of you!” Jia Qing yelled loudly . After fighting for a while, Jia Qing finally confirmed that Ye Xiwen probably did not have much qi left .


Following his words, a monstrous qi from Jia Qing’s body swept out in all directions . The terrifying momentum of Transcendent Realm from his body also began to target Ye Xiwen .

People around them felt the air freeze and did not know what to say .

Jia Qing is about to go all out . Can Ye Xiwen block it? After Ye Xiwen easily defeated Wu Chenhai previously, they began to have hope in winning the championship, especially the Wang Family members in the audience . Naturally, they didn’t want Ye Xiwen to fall here .

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At that moment, everyone was worried for him .

“Get rid of me in one move?” Ye Xiwen grinned . “Very well . Let’s decide who wins with one move!”

Inside Ye Xiwen’s body, a burst of golden Divinity covered his whole body . Looking from a distance, he looked as if he was wearing a golden robe . He had immense power and was about to go all out .

“What kind of martial arts is this?” Ye Xiwen’s changes immediately attracted the attention of many onlookers . Naturally, they all noticed the golden robe that Ye Xiwen wore, but it was precisely that that piqued their curiosity . They did not know what martial arts Ye Xiwen was practicing .

“What powerful martial arts!” Wang Mengyu murmured while looking at Ye Xiwen .

Compared to other people, her sight was naturally much better . Naturally, she knew that it was Ye Xiwen’s martial techniques for physical training that could create such an anomaly .

But it was precisely because of this that she was even more astonished . She did not imagine that it would turn out like this . Ye Xiwen had not truly revealed his trump cards just now . In other words, Jia Qing did not have the power to force Ye Xiwen to reveal all his trump cards .

She had reason to believe that this was probably not Ye Xiwen’s trump card either . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken it out so quickly, but this wasn’t important . What was important was, what was Ye Xiwen’s limit? It seemed like he had no limits . No matter how strong the opponent was, it was difficult to force him to reveal his actual limits and trump cards .

Since the beginning, Ye Xiwen had never gone all out . He was testing his baseline . Undoubtedly, his combat power was far beyond the limit that Transcendent Realm’s First Level Peak could attain, and he was even more overwhelming than the original Star Beast Avatar . However, he didn’t know exactly how strong he was . He estimated that he was able to contend or even defeat a weak Transcendent Realm Second Level .

And this Jia Qing had just entered Transcendent Realm Second Level . Although he was much stronger than Transcendent Realm First Level in terms of strength, he was at the bottom among Transcendent Realm Second Level warriors . That was why he was so desperate to get a Spiritual Volcano slot . As long as he could bathe in the Spiritual Volcano, he could even reach Transcendent Realm Second Level Peak in one go, granting him the chance to enter Transcendent Realm Third Level at any time . By then, everything would be different .

But for Ye Xiwen, everything would be the same .

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He had seen through Jia Qing’s flaws .

Jia Qing’s body swelled with aura more terrifying than before . Under his feet, a monstrous wave suddenly emerged . The waves were not condensed with saber aura, but real water vapor in the sky that had gathered here .

Everyone suddenly felt that the air became abnormally dry . It was universally known that there was very little water vapor in the air . Hence, the humidity plummeted . Now, Jia Qing could capture the water vapor and form a monstrous wave; who knew how much water vapor had been drawn from how many miles away . It was terrifying .

The Wave Breaking Saber Technique he cultivated was a saber technique he had learned on the sea . The more water around him, the more powerful it was . Since he was above the sea, the power would be amplified by a quarter or two .

That was why Jia Qing used his qi to extract the surrounding water vapor to form this monstrous wave .

Jia Qing stepped on the monstrous wave and looked at Ye Xiwen coldly . The waves under his feet were increasing in size, but they were all under his control .

“Ye Xiwen, your name is Ye Xiwen, right? You’re pretty good to be able to fight with me until now . However, I want you to understand that the Transcendent Realm is Transcendent Realm . If you haven’t entered the Transcendent Realm, you are a nobody!” Jia Qing said coldly, his face slightly ferocious . His arrogant attitude from before when he didn’t take Ye Xiwen seriously had long since disappeared .

“Wave Breaking Technique!” Jia Qing yelled violently, instantly waving the long saber in his hand . A glow sparked from the long saber instantaneously . It then expanded in the void together with the wind, growing extremely big . It exuded swift waves that madly swooshed .

The surrounding space began to boil like boiling pond water, twisting itself . In front of this terrifying force, it was still boiling .

The glow instantly shot out, besieging toward Ye Xiwen .

Everyone exclaimed in shock, all marveling at the Wave Breaking Technique .

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“Can Ye Xiwen still handle this move? The Sea Dragon Mansion disciple is not to be underestimated . This martial technique is far from being comparable . This trick could even destroy a Transcendent Realm Second Level warrior on the spot if he were not careful!”

“Then, I will show you the way nobody counterattacks!” Ye Xiwen sneered . Almost all the Qi on his body condensed into a line on the long sword .

“Invincible Sword!”

Facing the overwhelming saber aura, Ye Xiwen chose to move with his sword, turning into a cold light that pierced through the saber aura covering the sky .

At that moment, time seemed to freeze and then shattered in an instant .

“Boom!” A terrifying energy swept out in an instant, forming a massive energy ball . It spread in all directions, setting off countless flying sand and rocks .


A figure flew upside down, spurting out a mouthful of blood . It was Jia Qing .

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