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Chapter 843: 843
Chapter 843: Tip of the Iceberg of Ye Xiwen’s Power

An overwhelming aura enveloped Ye Xiwen . If he were slightly less powerful or had a weaker mentality, fear would render him motionless .

“Transcendent Realm Fifth Level?” Ye Xiwen squinted his eyes, and an imperceptible blood-colored glimmer enveloped his body . The aura seemingly soared to the sky couldn’t even get into contact with Ye Xiwen’s body .

Isn’t this cultivation similar to that of the City Lord of Ying Xin City?

“Stop!” From the Wang Family’s seat, a figure leapt out . It was the Wang Family Master, Wang Yanghua, who instantly stood in front of Ye Xiwen and stopped that person’s offense .

Only then did Ye Xiwen see that man’s appearance . That man was a graceful middle-aged man who resembled Wu Chenhai slightly . Wang Mengyu had introduced that man to him just now . It was Wu Nanjie, the current Wu Family Master, who was one of the current strongest top masters on South Initiate Island and also Wu Chenhai’s father .

“What’s the matter, Wang Yanghua? Do you want to protect him?” said Wu Nanjie, staring coldly at Wang Yanghua .

“How can this be called protecting? Did you forget what you said earlier? A saber does not discriminate . Anything can happen during a duel . If you are afraid of getting hurt, then don’t take part!” Wang Yanghua said this lightly, but on the inside, he felt smug . When the Wu Family said that it made the Wang Family feel so aggrieved, they couldn’t say a word because there was nothing wrong with the Wu Family’s statement .

But now the situation was reversed . Instead, it was the Wang family who was saying this . This was not only a harsh retaliation but also a slap in the Wu Family’s face .

Didn’t you arrogantly use this as an excuse just now?

Let’s see what else you have to say now .

Wu Nanjie just forcibly held back his anger . At this time, there was nothing he could do . He wanted to kill Ye Xiwen by surprise while everyone was not paying attention . By then, the Wang Family would be furious, but would they turn against the Wu Family over an outsider kid?

Moreover, although Wu Chenhai’s hatred for Ye Xiwen angered Wu Nanjie, the real reason he had to kill Ye Xiwen no matter what was because of the slot contest . Ye Xiwen was so powerful that he felt threatened .

Wu Chenhai was already an outstanding figure in Wu Family, but he had been easily defeated as if it was a game . The Wu Family wouldn’t be able to find anyone else who could suppress Ye Xiwen .

If they couldn’t completely suppress the Wang Family, then wouldn’t all their efforts over the years be in vain?

This was the main reason behind Wu Nanjie’s action . Who knew that Wang Yanghua had also been staring at Wu Nanjie all times as if he knew what Wu Nanjie was thinking, and had immediately leaped out to stop Wu Nanjie .

Ye Xiwen was also slightly surprised . Although he was very confident that even if he couldn’t beat Wu Nanjie, Wu Nanjie would not be able to catch him, he didn’t expect Wang Yanghua to appear in time .

However, this was also a good thing . It was better to show fewer trump cards .

For him, whether it was the Demon Qi Bomb, the speed of the Demon Wings, or the recovery speed of the Phoenix Regeneration Technique, these were the few trump cards he could use to roam the Ancient Barrens mainland . The others were not good enough .

Wu Nanjie shot a fierce glare at Wang Yanghua and Ye Xiwen and then returned to the Wu Family’s seats . He sent Jia Qing a voice transmission .

“Junior Nephew Jia, it’s time for you to take action . As long as you can kill Ye Xiwen, then our Wu Family will reward you generously . Except for the Spiritual Volcano slot, all other remunerations will be doubled!”

As soon as Jia Qing heard this, he immediately became serious . Right now, he cared about the Spiritual Volcano slot . Still, he might not care about it fifty years later because bathing in the Spiritual Volcano was only useful for people below the Transcendent Realm Third Level . After the third level, the effect was not pronounced, so the three major clans only used it to train new people .

Fifty years later, his cultivation might have long surpassed Transcendent Realm Third Level, so naturally, he was not interested in it .

But what about the other rewards? He was interested . Those would be useful no matter what cultivation .

“Of course . Even if it’s for the sake of Senior Brother Wu’s teachings at Sea Dragon Mansion, I also can’t watch this person behave arrogantly to the Wu Family . Leave it to me . I will make him pay for how he crippled Disciple Wu!” Jia Qing said with a cold smile on his face .

“Tsk tsk, he’s mighty . Even with Wu Chenhai’s strength, nothing could shake him . What level of strength has he reached? It’s simply unimaginable!”

“Yes, Wu Chenhai is not a weakling . Despite how powerful Wang Feiyun is, he still suffered a crushing defeat in Wu Chenhai’s hands . But the crushing defeat Wu Chenhai suffered in Ye Xiwen’s hands was no better than how badly Wang Feiyun was defeated!”

“Yes . If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe that it could be so terrifying . When you put it that way, the news that came from the Wang Family may have been true . Wang Feiyun couldn’t even stop one of Ye Xiwen’s moves! ”

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Seeing that Wu Nanjie and Wang Yanghua had returned to their seats one after another, it was as if the lid of the pot had been blown off . Everyone immediately began to discuss it .

Whether it was by how Wu Chenhai had easily defeated Wang Feiyun or about how Ye Xiwen had easily defeated Wu Chenhai just now, they all felt astonished .

They were all Transcendent Realm First Level Peak, but there was such a vast difference in strength . This Ye Xiwen’s strength could already compete with a Transcendent Realm Second Level .

While everyone was still discussing, Jia Qing leaped directly into the arena .

“In the next battle, let me play with you!” Jia Qing looked at Ye Xiwen with slight amusement, as if he was also trying to figure out how a Half-step Transcendent Realm could compete with a Transcendent Realm master .

“Enjoy your last few breaths in this world . You might not get the chance to later!” said Jia Qing a little impudently . He did not take Wu Chenhai’s easy defeat just now to heart because he would be able to do so too .

“Arrogant!” said Ye Xiwen coldly, but his gaze became solemn . It was because he could feel how threatening Jia Qing was, unlike Wu Chenhai just now . The difference between Wu Chenhai and Jia Qing was too great . When he was in True Martial Domain back then, the Star Beast Avatar had defeated and killed many people in this caliber of strength .

But now, he was facing a real Transcendent Realm Second Level master . He had integrated the Star Beast’s flesh and blood and was confident that he could handle weaker Transcendent Realm Second Level warriors, but this was his guess . In a real battle, he didn’t know how true that would be .

However, it only became solemn . This Jia Qing was not a life-threatening nemesis . He had the Phoenix Regeneration Technique . As long as he wasn’t facing an enemy that could kill him in one move, he wasn’t too concerned .

“Arrogant? You won’t be saying that in a moment!” sneered Jia Qing . Suddenly, a long saber appeared in his hand, and the sky shook with a “clang . ”

The moment the long saber appeared, Jia Qing’s figure suddenly moved . The long saber shot out instantly, his body following the blade . In an instant, he pounced on Ye Xiwen .

The long saber in his hand released a saber aura that turned into an endless monstrous wave in mid-air, and it hurtled toward Ye Xiwen .

“Brother Ye, be careful . This is a famous Sea Dragon Mansion Saber Technique called Wave Breaking Saber Technique . The sword momentum is hard to match!”

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At that moment, Wang Mengyu’s heads up sounded in Ye Xiwen’s ear . Only then did he know that this saber technique was called Wave Breaking Saber Technique .

“Hmph, so what if you know it? Watch how I destroy you!” Jia Qing didn’t care that others knew about his saber technique . This saber technique was not top secret . Many people at Sea Dragon Mansion knew it too; it was nothing to be secretive about .

Jia Qing’s offense was harsh; he didn’t hold back at all . He was aiming to eradicate Ye Xiwen in one fell swoop .

The saber aura covering the sky turned into monstrous waves gaining speed as they approached Ye Xiwen . Their force was so great that they could blast a mountain to absolute pieces .

A long sword suddenly condensed in Ye Xiwen’s hand . It was wholly condensed from sword will . He yelled softly, “Burial Sword!”




The swords made rattling noises . The long sword in Ye Xiwen’s hand instantly formed many light swords out of thin air in the void . They suddenly gathered together like a long river and slammed into the monstrous aura ahead .

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen’s sword river directly blasted a massive hole into the monstrous saber waves, which then collapsed . The saber’s shadow was utterly destroyed .

Jia Qing suddenly became serious too . He didn’t expect that Ye Xiwen could conjure such a terrifying sword momentum .

In the fight just now, he couldn’t even really see Ye Xiwen’s offense, or rather, he didn’t understand Ye Xiwen’s strength . His estimation of Ye Xiwen’s strength was just a faint guess .

After all, Ye Xiwen’s combat power far exceeded what he showed on the surface, so it was difficult for people to judge his combat power according to his power realm .

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At the moment Jia Qing’s saber shadow collapsed, Ye Xiwen slammed his toes non-stop, and his figure leaped out fiercely and instantly appeared beside Jia Qing .

Jia Qing was also worthy of stepping into the Transcendent Realm Second Level, and his reaction speed was several times faster than Wu Chenhai’s .

In the battle between Ye Xiwen and Wu Chenhai just now, although Ye Xiwen had been the one leading the battle, the one who kept attacking was Wu Chenhai . Ye Xiwen just kept dishing out his tricks and then defeated Wu Chenhai with one counterattack .

Wu Chenhai didn’t even have time to react .

But now Jia Qing could respond in time to Ye Xiwen’s speed . He was worthy of being Transcendent Realm Second Level . Although Ye Xiwen did not have the Demon Wings open now, he was already swift .

“Boom!” Jia Qing lifted the saber and blocked Ye Xiwen’s sword will .

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