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Chapter 835: 835
Chapter 835: Arriving at South Initiate Island

On the other side, Ye Xiwen and Ye Mo began a discussion in his consciousness .

“Ye Xiwen, you are too far away from the mainland now . It’s unrealistic to traverse tens of millions of miles of sea region by just relying on your cultivation . It’s better to follow this armada to South Initiate Island first!” said Ye Mo . “Besides, even if you go back now, you will not be able to handle that old scumbag . You wouldn’t even be able to take care of that North Mountain Ling scumbag . Right now, you can’t afford getting hunted again . This time, there is no Star Beast Avatar to take the blow for you!”

Ye Xiwen was silent for a while . Indeed, with his current strength, traversing these tens of millions of miles was a problem, let alone going back to create trouble with the old scumbag . He did not have the old scumbag’s strength, which could scare off all the beasts in one go .

Similarly, he could only put aside finding his birth father for now . Besides, so many years had passed, so what if another few years passed?

“Although this sea region is nothing like the central mainland, there are many young masters here . There are even giant monsters in the depths of the ocean that even that old North Mountain scumbag wouldn’t dare enter . It is a good chance to tamper yourself!” said Ye Mo .

Ye Xiwen’s original plan was to figure out his origins first . After thoroughly understanding his past self’s predecessor, he would travel to the mainland . At that point, he should already be on his own and aim to achieve the martial arts peak . Once he had enough strength, he would go to Ancient Phoenix Domain and bring Hua Menghan back .

Presently, he was still too weak . In the Ancient Barrens mainland, someone like him was simply a dime a dozen . His death would not cause a ripple .

“In that case, I shall heed your advice!” Ye Xiwen nodded . In this sea region, where the surroundings looked the same, there weren’t any directions .

As soon as Ye Xiwen boarded the ship, he could feel that no one in the armada was friendly to him . They were indistinctly wary and hostile, but Ye Xiwen didn’t take it to heart either . He wasn’t planning to associate himself with them too deeply anyway . As soon as he arrived at South Initiate Island, he would find a chance to leave .

Three days later, the armada had already crossed the vast sea and headed in a specific direction .

“Who is Brother Ye’s mentor?” Wang Mengyu asked softly from the deck . Even amidst the strong winds and waves, her voice sounded abnormally clear in Ye Xiwen’s ears .

She couldn’t tell Ye Xiwen’s cultivation level . On the surface, Ye Xiwen was just a Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate warrior, but he gave her a dangerous feeling, which was absurd . She had already entered Transcendent Realm First Level, and she was above average, a well-known genius in South Initiate Island . There was no way she was afraid of a Half-step Transcendent Realm warrior .

She just had a feeling . However, this feeling gradually faded . Now, she couldn’t even feel it anymore . At a certain point, she even wondered if she sensed wrong .

No, she trusted her senses . That kind of danger was like a ferocious beast in the sea that could pounce on her and tear her apart at any time .

It was precisely because she believed in her senses that she invited Ye Xiwen on board .

If Ye Xiwen knew Wang Mengyu’s thoughts at this time, he would be surprised by her senses because her senses were not wrong . Ye Xiwen just ascended into the Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate a few days ago, so he still couldn’t control the aura emanating from his body . Although he tried his best to suppress his aura, a sliver of it still leaked out .

Just like unsheathing a sword, even unsheathing a little bit was enough to let people see the sword’s sharpness . Now, as the realm gradually consolidated, he was able to completely hold back the aura leaking from his body, which was like returning the sword to its sheath . In appearance, he looked like an ordinary Half-step Transcendent Realm .

Many people had underestimated Ye Xiwen this way and lost badly to him . Now, Ye Xiwen had already passed the stage where he needed to act dumb to take advantage of others, but he still didn’t want to be brash .

“It’s just a minor lineage . I’m afraid no one will know it if I say it out loud!” Ye Xiwen smiled faintly .

Behind the two of them, Wang Le followed almost every step of the way, as if he was afraid that Ye Xiwen would harm Wang Mengyu . He didn’t know why he thought so, but he vaguely felt that Ye Xiwen was a great threat .

Only after a few days of seeing that Ye Xiwen didn’t behave out of the ordinary, he could relax slightly .

When Wang Mengyu saw that Ye Xiwen wouldn’t say, she didn’t continue to ask, but she didn’t believe Ye Xiwen’s statement . How could an ordinary sect foster such an extraordinary person like Ye Xiwen? She didn’t believe it .

She just took it as Ye Xiwen not wanting to say it .

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“By the way, Lady Wang, why haven’t I seen any sea beasts in all this time? Is there a trick to this?” Ye Xiwen asked . In three days, the armada had already sailed out of the place where Ye Xiwen and the North Mountain Clan Chief had a battle, but he still hadn’t seen any sea beasts cause trouble .

In fact, each sea beast was more brutal than the next, and they feared nothing . How would it be possible that not a single one showed up?

“It’s not a secret; most sea region natives know this . We sprinkled a type of spice around the ship, which is the spice that sea beasts hate the most so that they won’t approach us!” said Wang Mengyu .

Ye Xiwen suddenly realized and nodded . Sure enough, if that weren’t the case, an armada would not be able to travel the ocean . In fact, the density of beasts in the sea was far higher than on land .

At least on land, most beasts were found in mountainous areas, but they were everywhere in the sea, and the number might be dozens of times higher than on land .

When Ye Xiwen asked that, Wang Mengyu became even more certain that Ye Xiwen came from the Ancient Barrens mainland . How many masters born and raised in the sea region didn’t know this?

The armada then traveled for another full day . Finally, a large island appeared in front of everyone . The islands seemed like infinite stars in the endless sea, except most of them were uninhabited islands . The proportion of inhabited islands was not great, but the number was still staggering .

In the past few days, Ye Xiwen has heard Wang Mengyu’s explanation . The South Initiate Island was huge, but there was only one city – South Initiate City . The vast majority of the island’s population lived in South Initiate City .

Although it was only an island, it had a population of over twenty million . The most powerful families, besides the Wang Family, were the Wu Family and the Yuan Family . However, they never opposed the Wang Family much .

Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but sigh . The Ancient Barrens was a prime cultivation location . Still, he thought about how several billion people in the entire South Region only gave birth to such few Transcendent Realm masters . At the same time, South Initiate Island only had a population of over twenty million . Still, the number of Transcendent Realm masters born here was comparable to the entire True Martial School, which was impressive .

More than that, the Ancient Barrens mainland was the center of the world .

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The armada soon arrived at the South Initiate Island pier . Although it was only a pier, it was unusually lively as a small town, and ships were regularly docking at the pier .

Hundreds of ships were waiting to dock, but the Wang Family’s armada did not follow the queue . They came to a row of free docks on the other side, which belonged to the Wang Family . Naturally, they did not have to line up with others to wait to dock .

After the ship was docked securely, Wang Mengyu, Wang Le, and other senior officers of the armada disembarked one after another . As for the cargo, naturally, someone else was in charge of unloading .

Ye Xiwen only then saw the masters hidden in the other cabins . There were ten Transcendent Realm Level Three masters . Wang Le was most probably a Transcendent Realm Fourth Level master and was more overwhelming than those at Ying Xin City .

Ye Xiwen didn’t hesitate and got off the boat straight away . Wang Mengyu slowed down and waited for Ye Xiwen to walk abreast with her, then she said, “Brother Ye if you haven’t decided where you want to go, why don’t you visit our Wang Family first?”

Before Ye Xiwen answered, a slightly surprised voice came from in front of him .

“Mengyu, you are back . I was worried to death, but fortunately, you are fine!”

Ye Xiwen looked up to see a young man in his twenties dressed in a Chinese robe, who ran to Wang Mengyu’s side eagerly .

Wang Mengyu frowned and said, “Wu Chenhai, address me by my full name . I don’t know you that well!”

Wu Chenhai?

An impression suddenly appeared in Ye Xiwen’s mind . Wang Mengyu once told him that on this South Initiate Island, there were three major forces, which were the Wang Family, Wu Family, and the Yuan Family . Each family had an outstanding young master .

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Wang Mengyu naturally headed the Wang Family, and the young master of the Wu Family was none other than Wu Chenhai .

“Hehe!” The youth in the Chinese robe, Wu Chenhai, smiled brilliantly . Then, he saw Ye Xiwen next to Wang Mengyu, and his face immediately became gloomy . He said, “Who is this?”

Ye Xiwen could feel the intense hostility from him .

“What does it have to do with you? You’re too nosy!” said Wang Mengyu coldly .

Wu Chenhai’s facial expression became even uglier . The way he looked at Ye Xiwen was like a ferocious beast choosing someone to eat .

Ye Xiwen’s eyes flashed with understanding . It couldn’t be clearer that this Wu Chenhai was Wang Mengyu’s suitor and had considered him a rival .

This Wang Mengyu’s reaction also surprised him . This kind of thing could be clearly explained in one sentence, but she did not do so and instead chose a more extreme method .

However, Ye Xiwen was just a little surprised . He didn’t take it to heart . Even if he offended someone, even if he couldn’t beat those Transcendent Realm Level Four or Level Five masters, he was not worried about escaping for self-preservation .

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