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Chapter 834: 834
Chapter 834: Awakened Magical Power

Ye Xiwen had remained in Half-step Transcendent Realm Initial for too long . The reason why he had chosen not to breakthrough was to lay a solid foundation . When the actual breakthrough took place, he could truly step into Transcendent Realm level combat power .

Now, he finally ascended to the Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate, just as he expected . After stepping into the Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate, his combat power rose by several levels, in which he could contend with Transcendent Realm First Level masters .

His Star Beast Avatar could not do so back then, but his main body could achieve this feat now .

But he still hadn’t stopped because only a part of the Star Beast’s blood essence energy was absorbed . Initially, the Star Beast’s power realm was much stronger than his main body, not to mention that the Star Beast’s body was also hundreds and thousands of times stronger, it would be so easy for Ye Xiwen’s true self to absorb it all .

After another day passed, Ye Xiwen finally reached Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate Peak . He could step into Half-step Transcendent Realm Late at any time, but he suppressed this breakthrough .

He just had a breakthrough, so he was not fit for another breakthrough .

The remaining blood essence energy could not be digested and could only remain in his body for now . This energy might be able to support him through entering Transcendent Realm Second Level, Third Level, or even higher .

On the other side, the bloodline power that belonged to the Star Beast was also integrated into his spirit, but it was only forced inside tentatively . He did not know how long it would take for it to integrate fully .

So, he did not learn any of those secret techniques and magical powers . He only learned a more popular innate magical power, which was the Demon Qi Bomb . Those beasts could spit out this Demon Qi Bomb when they opened their mouths, hence making it popular . Even the Star Swallow that the original Star Beast Avatar learned was not retained .

However, although it was a popular innate magical power, Demon Qi Bombs from different clans were naturally very different . They looked similar, but they were not the same . The Demon Qi Bomb cultivation method passed through the Star Beast clan was the best of the best .

To put the Demon Qi Bomb bluntly, there was no complicated principle behind it . It involved compressing the body’s qi or demon qi and spitting it out . It was an innate magical power because it relied on the body’s unique structures that outsiders couldn’t duplicate . Ye Xiwen could only learn it after integrating the Star Beast’s blood essence bloodline, and his body became able to mimic the internal structures of a Star Beast in a short period .

Although the principle was not complicated, it did not mean that it was weak . It also had mighty output, utilizing absolute strength to oppress all opponents . A Demon Qi Bomb was more powerful than Ye Xiwen’s full power .

If an unguarded Transcendent Realm Second Level master got hit by a Demon Qi Bomb, he would also get severely injured on the spot . This power had become Ye Xiwen’s trump card .

After Ye Xiwen swallowed the Star Beast’s blood essence and bloodline, he gradually began to present some Star Beast characteristics . For example, the qi in his body was ten times more than the initial amount, though it was still not comparable to the scale of when he had the Star Beast Avatar, which was a hundred times greater .

However, with continuous integration, there was still room for gradual improvement . Even so, he was now like a beast in human form, with a physical body and qi level far beyond an ordinary person’s .

Even so, at the peak state, he could only fire ten Demon Qi Bombs consecutively . If it were an ordinary person, their qi would become depleted after firing one, and he would be vulnerable .

Therefore, this Demon Qi Bomb could only be used as a trump card . When used during critical moments, it could even severely injure a Transcendent Realm Second Level master . In the future, as Ye Xiwen integrated more of the Star Beast’s blood essence and bloodline . Its power would gradually increase, at which point it would become even stronger .

Now that he had finished his cultivation, Ye Xiwen wouldn’t stay in Tianyuan Mirror any more . He exited Tianyuan Mirror straightaway .

He was still only Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate, but in terms of combat power, he was confident he was just as strong as the Star Beast Avatar when he just arrived at the Ancient Barrens mainland, or even stronger . He could even contend with Transcendent Realm Second Level masters . If he could severely injure a Transcendent Realm Second Level master with a Demon Qi Bomb, then killing one was not entirely impossible .

These were all things that couldn’t be done when he had the Star Beast Avatar .

Above the boundless sea, a huge fleet of ships sailed through the waves as it navigated over .

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Above the ship’s bow, a woman in her twenties stood on the bow, her slender figure perfectly straight . She was wearing a long blue dress that complemented the entire ocean .

Her shoulder-length hair fluttered in the wind . The bare-faced lady’s face was indifferent; no one knew what she was thinking .

“Miss, I have already investigated it!” A middle-aged man’s voice came from behind the woman . A resolute man with thick eyebrows and big eyes strode over . “A powerful master must have battled here, so all the beasts in this area were scared away . It ended up saving us a lot of trouble!”

“That would be the best . I was afraid that someone might ambush us in this area, that would be terrible!” the woman said mildly, looking at the sea with slight concern .

“It shouldn’t come to that . Such a powerful person must have long surpassed Transcendent Realm . Neither the Wu family nor the Yuan family can employ such a master . Even if they knew such a person, the price of employing such a powerful master to battle would bankrupt them!” said the middle-aged man . “So, I don’t think it was someone they employed to ambush us!”

“That’s true!” The woman nodded .

Suddenly, there was a loud splash, and a figure jumped out of the water directly .

“Hahaha, I’m finally out!” Ye Xiwen laughed loudly . He had felt very disgruntled in the period he spent in the sea .

“Who is it?” Seeing Ye Xiwen emerge from the bottom of the sea, the already very nervous armada suddenly became even more nervous .

Ye Xiwen just realized that there happened to be a fleet of ships passing by . In the vast sea, he didn’t even know where he was anymore . He fled in a panic when he was being hunted down before, basically not in any specific direction . Hence, he didn’t even know where he had flown to now .

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At that moment, Ye Xiwen only felt dozens of overwhelming forces targeted at him . If he made one small mistake, it would immediately bring about an attack from the ships .

Among them, there were even Transcendent Realm Third Level and Fourth Level masters . Ye Xiwen’s spiritual senses were keen enough to tell at one glance .

Ye Xiwen stepped forward and said, “I am Ye Xiwen . I accidentally entered this sea region and got lost . I don’t know what sea region this is, nor do I know which direction the Ancient Barrens mainland is . If you do know, please show me the way!”

“Ancient Barrens mainland? That is already 50 million kilometers away from here!” said the woman standing at the bow . “This is the Flourished Cloud Sea Region . We are the armada of the Wang Family of South Initiate Island . I am the youngest daughter, Wang Mengyu!”

“So, you are Lady Wang!” Ye Xiwen said with his hands cupped over his chest . “I don’t have any bad intentions; I just got lost . If that’s the case, then I will take my leave!”

Ye Xiwen could feel the hostility from the many masters on the ship . Although he was confident that the other party could not eliminate him, he did not want to create conflict with others hastily .

It was just that he didn’t expect that he and the North Mountain Clan Chief went so deep into the sea region in one go . In the beginning, he was only occupied with fleeing and hadn’t noticed anything .

It was more than fifty million kilometers . Going back would be extremely difficult . Although it was effortless for him to get here, it was because of the North Mountain Clan Chief’s pressure, so no beasts dared to approach him, whether big or small . However, if he were alone, then he would inevitably have to fight . It would not be as easy to go back .

As a Transcendent Realm First Level warrior, it would be dangerous for him to walk in the place where many beasts roamed . When he just stepped into Truth Realm and headed toward the East Sea, the situation was not as dangerous as now . After all, he only trained at the outskirts of the East Sea and did not dare enter .

“Brother Ye, it will take tens of millions of miles to get to the Ancient Barrens mainland . There will be countless beasts on the way . If you don’t mind, you can ride on our boat for now . Our South Initiate Island is also in the direction of the Ancient Barrens . We can send you on your way!” said Wang Mengyu .

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Behind her, the facial expressions of the middle-aged man and the others changed slightly . At that moment, it was not a good idea to take the person in front of them on board without knowing whether he was an enemy or a friend .

“Miss, I’m afraid this would be inappropriate . If he is someone else’s spy, then it would be bad for us!” the middle-aged man advised her through voice transmission .

“Uncle Le, I naturally have a reason for doing this . He is just a Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate . He can’t stir up much trouble on our ship . Moreover, I can tell he has an outstanding temperament . He is no small fry . A person like that will be an outstanding person rising above the rest in any family, so how can he be a spy? Whether it is the Wu family or the Yuan family, there are no other outstanding figures besides those two, so I don’t think it is likely that he is the spy!” said Wang Mengyu mildly .

“Even so, even if the risk is that low, we can’t take any risks!” the middle-aged man, Wang Le, said stubbornly .

“Of course, this is not the most important thing . The most important thing is that the Spiritual Volcano is about to open . I received news that the Wu family and the Yuan family may join hands against our Wang Family at this time . For the ranked competition, they may employ outsiders and join hands to edge out our Wang Family’s share . At that point, things will be terrible . I can’t hold the scene alone,” replied Wang Mengyu . “This person came from the Ancient Barrens mainland, and he is not any young master we know . If we can employ him to battle, at least our Wang Family will be able to keep our current share!”

Only then did Wang Le know that Wang Mengyu had such plans .

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