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Chapter 828: 828
Chapter 828: The Shock of the Masters in the City

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes . What is coming will come anyway .

Above the inn, a dozen people were lined up horizontally in the sky, all of them in black iron heavy armor . The leader was a general who appeared about thirty years old and somewhat resembled Ma Yuanlong . A boundless aura rolled off his body . This was a terrifying force; a boundless killing intent swept through .

Such a terrifying momentum suddenly shocked many people .

“Is he Ma Yuanfeng? Hiss, he is back . He must be here to trouble that person named Ye Xiwen . He’s truly terrifying . The Transcendent Realm third level strength is practically unrivaled except for the City Lord and a few clan heads!”

“That person is doomed . Even after disabling Ma Yuanlong’s martial arts, he has the guts to be reckless and not leave . Isn’t he seeking his own death?”

“Yes, the brothers Ma Yuanlong and Ma Yuanfeng have a very good relationship . Otherwise, Ma Yuanlong would not be so arrogant and overbearing . Now that Ma Yuanlong’s martial art has been disabled, how could Ma Yuanfeng not come to exact revenge!”

Ma Yuanfeng did not hide his body at all . It covered everywhere within a dozen mile radius .

“Boom!” A figure jumped out of the inn and flew into the air, facing Ma Yuanfeng from a distance .

“So, you are the one who disabled my brother’s martial arts?” Ma Yuanfeng forcibly suppressed his anger . Through the armor, his voice was hollow and laced with a bit of anger .

“That’s right!” Ye Xiwen nodded .

“How dare you?” A fierce light flickered in Ma Yuanfeng’s eyes . Ye Xiwen had been very ruthless, disabling the dantian altogether and crushing it into chaos . Ma Yuanfeng could not even heal Ma Yuanlong .

“He got what he asked for!” Ye Xiwen said coldly . “It is because, as his brother, you spoiled him . If not for your support, how could he have become so arrogant?”

“How many people have died in his hands in the past? This is nothing more than retribution . If you are saying someone hurt him, then it is you, his brother, who hurt him!”

“Are you looking for death? Are you trying to irritate me? How can those nobodies compare to my brother!?” Ma Yuanfeng’s anger was almost unsupressable, and the killing intent in his eyes enveloped Ye Xiwen .

“Perhaps those people were nobodies in your eyes . In my eyes, your brother is simply a nobody too!” Ye Xiwen said coldly as if he was trying to provoke Ma Yuanfeng deliberately .

“Hmph! How dare you think of my brother as a nobody!?” Ma Yuanfeng laughed due to rage .

“What’s the matter? Is your City Lord also coming to subdue me?” Ye Xiwen glanced at the people surrounding Ma Yuanfeng and said . Those around him were guards, who were all masters from the city .

It would be fine if it were just Ma Yuanfeng, but the situation would be different if the City Lord Mansion were involved .

“Hmph, you don’t need to goad them . I sought you out today because of a private matter . This has nothing to do with the City Lord Mansion!” said Ma Yuanfeng .

Ye Xiwen breathed a sigh of relief . Generally speaking, the City Lord Mansion would not become involved in these things because these young people, although their current cultivation was not superb, they had unlimited potential . No one could limit their future achievements . If one really angered them, that person would most likely get into trouble in the future .

“If that’s the case, then come with me!” Ye Xiwen stomped his foot straightaway and his figure suddenly lashed out . He changed into a stream of light and flew directly into the sky .

“Where are you going!?” Ma Yuanfeng snorted coldly and chased after him . Although he was wearing heavy armor, his speed was not slow at all . The terrifying strength of Transcendent Realm third level was vividly demonstrated at that moment .

In mid-air, Ye Xiwen slowed down and Ma Yuanfeng caught up . He stared at Ye Xiwen coldly and said, “I’m going to disable your martial arts top, then cut off your limbs and hang them at the city gate, see if anyone else will still dare behave presumptuously here!”

The horrible aura from Ma Yuanfeng’s body spread out, tightly enveloping Ye Xiwen . It was like a vast ocean, endless .

“Cut off my limbs? Just because of these words of yours, you are done for today!” Ye Xiwen’s eyes flickered with light, and the golden Divine Light instantly crawled all over his body, as if he was wearing a golden robe . A domineering aura spread out, colliding fiercely with Ma Yuanfeng’s aura, not giving way at all .

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“I’m done for? Arrogance . Where do you think this is? Do you think we are still in your original small world?” Ma Yuanfeng smiled coldly, his wild aura spread all around him .

During this period of time, he also found out about Ye Xiwen’s origin . He was another genius who hailed from a small world . He had just arrived, that was why he was so reckless and arrogant . He was probably this way because he was used to being reckless in his original world . He looked down upon Ye Xiwen . Perhaps he was a genius in his original world and his future was promising, but unfortunately not here and not now .

What is there to fear about an enemy with huge potential? Just throttle him early on .

“The very same day next year will be your death anniversary!” Ma Yuanfeng roared loudly and summoned a long spear in his hand . The entire air began to boil . Wherever the spear passed through, countless clouds were minced in an instant .

His figure leapt out, the spearhead instantly releasing a terrifying shot instantly . He rushed all the way down from the sky and tried to stab Ye Xiwen to death on the spot .

Ye Xiwen took a step back and stomped hard . The space he passed through was vibrating intensely . Instead of evading, he rushed straight up .

He squeezed his fingers into a fist, and the Shattered Star Fist blasted out in an instant . The fist turned into a huge star in the sky and collided fiercely with the spear .

It was a terrifying collision . Both sides used all their strength and did not hold back . With the collision point as the center, a terrible storm quickly formed and swept out in all directions .

When the storm cleared, Ye Xiwen stepped back two steps . Only then did he slowly stop his footsteps .

In the previous exchange of blows, Ye Xiwen was at a disadvantage, but Ma Yuanfeng’s eyes widened .

“Impossible . You are a mere Transcendent Realm second level, how were you able to oppose me!?”

Ma Yuanfeng couldn’t believe it . Although the gap between Transcendent Realm third level and Transcendent Realm second level was not as big as the gap between Half-step Transcendent Realm and Transcendent Realm, it was still substantial .

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Although he heard that some geniuses could fight someone above their levels, he never thought that one would appear right before him .

Contrasted with Ma Yuanfeng’s disbelief, Ye Xiwen, who was knocked back, instead became a little excited . This fight turned out as he expected . Although he was only Transcendent Realm second level, he was definitely able to contend with the third level masters .

Whether it was in terms of qi saturation, combat skills or physical strength, Ye Xiwen was still above Ma Yuanfeng despite being Transcendent Realm second level only .

His Star Beast Avatar itself was far beyond a normal person .

This made him excited instantly . He became truly confident, not to mention he had not truly integrated the power that belonged to the Transcendent Realm second level yet . Once it was fully integrated, he could even destroy this Ma Yuanfeng .

However, Ma Yuanfeng was only stunned for a moment . He immediately followed up with a cold snort, “Let me see how long you can last! Flying Scorpion Divine Spear Scripture!”

His long spear rushed over immediately, changing into a huge scorpion in mid-air . It swooshed down on the spot . The long spear tip turned into a dangerous flying scorpion’s stinger and impaled downward .

Ye Xiwen could feel a puff of poison rushing towards his face . Although he knew it was condensed from qi, it obviously had Ma Yuanfeng’s own essence . Under Ma Yuanfeng’s control, it was no different from a real flying scorpion .

Ye Xiwen blasted out a punch . It was nothing fancy, just an ordinary punch . The fist was like a star in the sky, piercing through the vast sky as if about to shatter it .

“Ding!” The stinger of the flying scorpion impaled the fist on the spot . Only a crisp sound of collision could be heard, but the stinger seemed to have pierced through the surface of water, and Ye Xiwen’s fist became rippled with gold .

Immediately after the offensive attacks from both sides, Ye Xiwen’s fist slammed into the flying scorpion’s body with an overwhelming force .

“Boom!” There was a loud bang . The collision of terrifying powers formed circles of energy waves . The flying scorpion’s outer shell broke on the spot, and the whole flying scorpion was crushed into two halves by Ye Xiwen’s fist .

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“This newcomer is so powerful . He only just arrived but he is actually on par with Commander Ma . We haven’t seen such a powerful newcomer for many years, right?”

“Yes, but no . Our fort is very small and we are only connected to a few small words . It is not comparable to other forts that are connected to the big worlds . Those are the places where monsters will actually appear . It is said that some are already Transcendent Realm fifth level and sixth level the moment they appear . A real monster is already at the peak of the Transcendent Realm the moment they appear . That’s a real monster!”

“But even so, this is also impressive . I heard that he refused the recruitment of Unparalleled Palace and Crimson Peak Villa . But also, with his powerful strength, maybe he will have chances to join other sects of higher level!”

“Well, but it depends on who wins and who loses . As of now, they appear to be on par!”

Ma Yuanfeng‘s offense was unexpectedly wiped out by Ye Xiwen on the spot, which immediately attracted the attention of countless masters in the fort .

It should be known that in this city, although there were no top masters, there were still many Transcendent Realm masters . The battle between Ye Xiwen and Ma Yuanfeng attracted the attention of countless people . Even ordinary people were equipped with martial arts

Ye Xiwen and Ma Yuanfeng being on par left them in shock at once .

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