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Chapter 827: 827
Chapter 827: Transcendent Realm Second Level

“Ya, and I’m afraid he caused a huge fuss this time . This Ma Yuanlong is so arrogant . In addition to his invincible Transcendent Realm first level strength, there is another major reason . His brother Ma Yuanfeng is the captain of the city guard . His strength has already reached Transcendent Realm third level . Fortunately, he is out patrolling and has not returned, but he will be back tomorrow at the latest . If I were Ye Xiwen, I would leave hurriedly!”

Although the Ying Xin City gate was enormous, it could only be considered a borderland in the Ancient Barrens mainland; there was no strong master . The undisputed strongest ace, the City Lord, was only Transcendent Realm fifth level . Transcendent Realm third level could be considered one of the best .

No matter how others discussed it, Ye Xiwen didn’t care . Two consecutive battles in one day made his realm protruding for advancement .

As if it had been suppressed for a long time, it finally started to explode now . Not only the Star Beast Avatar, but even his real self was eager for action .

He initially didn’t want to stay here for long . He wanted to leave here immediately, since saving the trouble of such things would not do any harm .

But now he could feel that he would soon be unable to suppress his realm advancement anymore . He should at least choose either one to breakthrough for it to be possible .

Of course, both of them would have a breakthrough sooner or later, but there was not enough time . Ma Yuanlong’s brother would be back shortly . As if he would let Ye Xiwen off the hook once he returned?

What a troublesome matter!

After thinking about it, Ye Xiwen decided to let Star Beast Avatar have a breakthrough first . Now, Star Beast Avatar could be regarded as truly invincible in Transcendent Realm first level . Even many Transcendent Realm second level masters could not oppose him .

Once he broke through to Transcendent Realm second level, his combat power would skyrocket . He might skip a level altogether and become able to compete directly with the Transcendent Realm third level master .

He was off to a good start . Although he had not spent many years cultivating, he had been significantly suppressed in the True Martial Domain . While he felt very depressed in the True Martial Domain, it was not unbeneficial . The benefit was that his foundation was exceptionally stable . Now that he had entered the Ancient Barrens mainland, he was approaching ascension .

This was also true for his real self . He had not cultivated for very long, but due to factors such as his various adventures and martial techniques, his progress in every realm could be regarded as being off to a good start with a stable foundation .

If he chose to break through his real self first when the time came to face Ma Yuanfeng, he would have to flee in embarrassment .

Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen had an idea and immediately went to a nearby inn .

“Damn boy, I won’t let you off the hook . My brother will let you die a graveless death!”

Ma Yuanlong’s roar came from behind . Disabling his martial arts was more unbearable than killing him .

Ye Xiwen had the urge to turn around and kill him on the spot, but the feeling of being on the verge of a breakthrough in his body was becoming stronger . He couldn’t be bothered about this Ma Yuanlong . Ma Yuanlong, whose martial arts were disabled, was just a nobody .

“Elder, look, Ye Xiwen hasn’t left yet and even entered an inn . Is he planning to stay in the inn? Is he crazy?” The Unparalleled Palace’s disciples said in disbelief . He kept watching Ye Xiwen, so he knew where Ye Xiwen was going, but at that moment, he couldn’t hide his surprise .

From his perspective, since Ye Xiwen had not left yet, could he be waiting for Ma Yuanfeng to return?

Shen Yanmei also looked at Ye Xiwen anxiously . At that moment, she wanted to go down and remind Ye Xiwen to leave .

“These matters have nothing to do with us . After eating, we will rush back to Unparalleled Palace . Let’s not complicate matters!” the elder said mildly . Ye Xiwen was not from Unparalleled Palace, so there was no need to worry about him .

“Yes!” all the disciples responded .

Ye Xiwen entered an inn and asked for a room . Suddenly, as he was about to enter, there was a clear voice in his mind .

“Ye Xiwen, you should leave quickly . You are in huge trouble; that big bad guy Ma Yuanlong has an older brother who is very powerful; you may not be able to oppose him!”

It’s Shen Yanmei!

Ye Xiwen did not expect Shen Yanmei would transmit her voice to him . He couldn’t help but smile, and his heart couldn’t help warm up . At that moment, many people were waiting for him to be ridiculed, but the only one giving him reminders was Shen Yanmei .

“Don’t worry . I can handle it!” Ye Xiwen replied, and then stepped into the room .

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Above the restaurant, Shen Yanmei pouted her mouth and glanced angrily at the inn where Ye Xiwen was in .

“I kindly reminded him, but he didn’t listen!”

Ye Xiwen certainly didn’t know Shen Yanmei’s indecisiveness now . After he entered the room, he laid down layers of barriers and then directly entered Tianyuan Mirror .

As soon as he entered Tianyuan Mirror, the Star Beast Avatar couldn’t bear it and changed back into its true form . The true form was over ten thousand feet long, even half the space inside Tianyuan Mirror was obscured .

In his body, countless laws and insights began to emerge .

The mana and qi surrounding him swept into a giant cocoon .

At that moment, even Ye Xiwen’s main body was motionless . All the spirits were drawn into the Star Beast Avatar to control this breakthrough . If this were an ordinary breakthrough, it would not be to this extent . However, this was a cumulative breakthrough . It was like a flood that was being stopped by a dam about to wash down all at once . Its power was terrifyingly strong .

Waves of qi kept hitting the barrier of the Transcendent Realm second level in his body . This was the first time he tried to strive for the Transcendent Realm second level .

From the moment he entered the Transcendent Realm, he was told that he could only cultivate until the Transcendent Realm first level at most . Furthermore, in the True Martial Domain, the Transcendent Realm first level barrier was practically like a chasm that was utterly impossible to cross, so he never tried to break through .

This was the first time he strived for the Transcendent Realm second level, and yet he daringly planned to directly break through to the realm of Transcendent Realm second level in one go .

Although Ye Xiwen had a hunch that the time for the breakthrough was approaching, the realm of Transcendent Realm second level was like a dam . No matter how he washed over it, he couldn’t break it .

The first breakthrough failed!

However, Ye Xiwen got a feel of the situation .

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At that moment, the Mingxin ancient tree began to bloom with colorful Divine Light, covering the entire Star Beast .

Covered by the Mingxin ancient tree, Ye Xiwen suddenly felt clarity in his spirits . He was initially in an anxious mood, but he immediately calmed down . His mind was like still water, uncontaminated by dust .

This was the Mingxin ancient tree’s most prominent function, which was to keep people’s minds in a state of calmness at all times . In other words, whenever they cultivated, they could maintain the best cultivation state .

In fact, ordinary people would sometimes be in a good state and sometimes in a bad state . When they were in a good state, they could break through a few levels in a flash, but they might not have any breakthroughs for decades if they were in a bad state .

Every breakthrough and cultivation consumed spirits . Once it was over-consumed, or if there was no progress for a long time, then it might develop into anxiety, or even in severe cases, it might become Qi Deviation .

But for Ye Xiwen, who possessed the Mingxin ancient tree, these were no problems . With the Mingxin ancient tree, he could keep his spirits in the peak state almost all the time . The colorful Divine Light shone down, Ye Xiwen consumed a little spirit to replenish it a bit, and he was in the peak state anytime, anywhere .

And at that moment, the mysterious space in his main body’s mind was also infused with a large amount of spiritual energy, releasing colorful Divine Light that enveloped the Star Beast Avatar . The various martial techniques and secret techniques that belonged to the Star Beast bloodline were instantly deduced to perfection . Also, all the insights from multiple realms were all infused into the Star Beast Avatar .

These insights and understandings had now become Ye Xiwen’s best helpers . He soon regrouped his forces and once again directed qi to strive for Transcendent Realm second level .

Although he failed the previous time, he was not discouraged at all . The Mingxin ancient tree kept his spirits clear at all times, and the mysterious space was constantly deducing all kinds of insights to perfection and branding them into his spirit . There were also over 100 million spirit crystals and a Dragon Vein that could be converted into spiritual energy at any time, continuously replenishing the qi he consumed .

Success is only a matter of sooner or later .

This was his most immense capital!

Failed for the second time!

Failed for the third time!

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Failed for the fourth time!

Failed for the fifth time!

Ye Xiwen didn’t know how many times he had failed . He had already become numb . For ordinary people, it was difficult to fail once and want to try again, so this close cultivation was often measured in years . It was like how Mu Shengjie only came out after more than twenty years of close cultivation .

However, Ye Xiwen was not the case . He paid no attention to anything and just kept striving for it . If he failed, he tried again . Every attempt was continuous, but because he was in excellent state, each attempt was like the first .

Although he didn’t break through, with Ye Xiwen’s constant pursuits, the barrier became thinner and thinner .

Finally, after an unknown amount of time had passed, he trembled and the qi finally broke through the entire barrier . It was completely flattened by a force at lightning speed .

It should be known that an average person often required time to solidify the cultivation after a breakthrough because there was still some realm barrier left . If one was not careful, the realm barrier may even regenerate, and then the cultivation would regress one level .

But Ye Xiwen smashed all the barriers in the instant he broke through, which solidified the cultivation of Transcendent Realm second level straightaway, eliminating the need to solidify the cultivation .

The surging power was boiling in his body . He now had the urge to roar at the sky .

Suddenly, he noticed a tyrannical spiritual sense that swept through his room outside, and all the defensive arrays were broken in an instant .

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