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Chapter 822: 822
Chapter 822: Before Parting With Each Other

Ye Xiwen certainly didn’t regard Li Feng as a good person . However, when he realized that Li Feng was the Southern Dipper’s head – Southern Dipper Constellation Emperor, he was still extremely baffled .

He already felt numb about that old man being the Big Dipper Constellation Emperor .

Although he had joined the Big Dipper, he wasn’t concerned about their actions . After all, the Big Dipper’s control over their members was lax . Other than branding the Southern Dipper as their mortal enemies, there weren’t any other rules .

“Originally, I planned to nurture you as the next-in-line Big Dipper Constellation Emperor . I never expected you to be going to the Ancient Barrens! Sigh, what a pity!” said the Big Dipper Constellation Emperor as he let out a sigh .

“Thank you for taking care of me all this while!” said Ye Xiwen as he cupped his hands . Although he didn’t have many ties with the Big Dipper, joining the Big Dipper and becoming the Constellation Lord already implied that he was being cared for .

“It’s nothing . You’re able to reach your current state because of your efforts!” said the Big Dipper Constellation Emperor as he let out a sigh .

“Enough, old man . Stop blabbering . Give me the token plate!” said Li Feng with an annoyed expression .

“It’s been thousands of years, and you’re still acting like this!” The Big Dipper Constellation Emperor shook his head and let out a laugh . After being opponents for so many years, they truly understood each other well .

He waved his hand, and the token plate fell into Li Feng’s hands .

After confirming that the token plate was real, Li Feng said, “Then, let us meet again in the future!”

“Big Brother Ye, you must come to find me!” said Xiao Ya all of a sudden .

“I will . If fate allows it, we will meet each other again!” Ye Xiwen smiled and nodded . He was feeling a sense of reluctance, as well . However, after thinking about how they would meet each other in the Ancient Barrens, he suddenly felt better .

As soon as Ye Xiwen finished speaking, Li Feng had already transformed into a stream of light, disappearing in the skies together with Xiao Ya .

“Since he’s left, I won’t be remaining here any longer!” said the Big Dipper Constellation Emperor .

“Senior, do you want to ascend to the Ancient Barrens together with me?” asked Ye Xiwen . Since one token allowed ten people to come along, Ye Xiwen had sufficient slots for the Big Dipper to go along .

“No need, I’m already old . I want to remain in my hometown, and have no intentions of going anywhere else!” said the Big Dipper Constellation Emperor as he let out a sigh . Compared to Li Feng, he wasn’t as ambitious . He had never thought of displaying his might in the Ancient Barrens Continent .

“Then, this junior has a request!” Ye Xiwen cupped his hands and bowed to him .

“Speak!” The Big Dipper Constellation Emperor’s eyes narrowed with his smile . If it were any other person, he would have left long ago . As a Big Dipper Constellation Emperor, he didn’t even put the Sect Leaders of the overlord factions in high regard . After all, he wasn’t someone that would casually grant one’s request .

However, Ye Xiwen was different . He viewed Ye Xiwen in high regard . Besides, Ye Xiwen was their Big Dipper’s Star Lord . Naturally, Ye Xiwen’s identity and strength were different .

“Please take care of the True Martial School if you find it convenient!” said Ye Xiwen . No matter what, the True Martial School was the biggest source of his worries . However, if the Big Dipper Constellation Emperor could take care of the True Martial School, many burdens of his would be lifted .

Hearing how Ye Xiwen was still worrying about them even until now, everyone in the True Martial School felt a warmth in their hearts . Ultimately, Ye Xiwen was still from their True Martial School .

“Haha, you’re using me as a bodyguard? That’s fine . Since I have nothing to do, I’ll take care of whatever I’m capable of taking care of!” said the Big Dipper Constellation Emperor . Without his mortal enemy – the Southern Dipper causing a ruckus, he suddenly had nothing to do anymore .

“Thank you, senior!”

Ye Xiwen and the people from the True Martial School bowed and thanked the Big Dipper .

The Big Dipper Constellation Emperor did not remain for any further and left the area . As for the True Martial School’s members, they returned to the True Martial School .

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Shortly after returning to the True Martial School, the entire True Martial Domain had gone crazy, as the myths regarding the Ancient Barrens Continent were true .

Despite there being only ten token plates every hundred years, every token plate allows ten people’s ascension . In other words, a hundred people would have the chance to reach the Ancient Barrens every hundred years . Such information caused everyone to be attracted to it . In truth, the number of Transcendent Realm experts beneath the starry skies only amounted to more than a thousand, including those that were in seclusion and were slumbering . Even if all of them were to come out, it would merely require ten batches of token plates, which would only amount to a thousand years .

They had already waited for countless years . A thousand years was nothing at all!

They had lots of chances!

As soon as such information was spread around, an uproar occurred . Very quickly, the news of the last token plate finally had its owner . It fell into the hands of an old stray cultivator in the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak .

However, after acquiring the last token plate, he had disappeared very quickly . Everyone else knew the reason, as well . After all, he wasn’t as strong as the others that held the token plates . Besides, even Ye Xiwen had the True Martial School to back him .

As a stray cultivator, he had no one to back him up, which prevented him from appearing .

After all, many overlord level forces didn’t obtain a token plate . As such, the stray cultivator had to go into hiding .

Ten years passed in an instant . Other than Ye Xiwen, all other owners of the token plates had already passed through the teleportation platform, heading to the Ancient Barrens Continent .

All the overlord forces’ interest in the True Martial Domain decreased significantly . Since they were aware that the pathway would be opened every hundred years, they wouldn’t have any chances during the next few decades .

The extraterrestrial overlords started retracting from the True Martial Domain . After a hundred years passed, they could head to Dao Kong Mountain . They didn’t have to dispatch large batches of experts to invade the True Martial Domain anymore .

After all, with so many experts outside, their sect would face unprecedented danger . It was considered nothing when everyone invaded the True Martial Domain . However, now that the overlord forces started retreating, everyone started panicking .

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All of them started returning to their sect one after another . It was where their foundations lied after all . No one held the strength sufficient of governing over two worlds .

As the last extraterrestrial overlord retreated from the True Martial Domain, before the various forces from the True Martial Domain could cheer, the True Martial School made a new move . They dispatched a large number of troops .

The Southern Wilderness’s Fire Cloud Cave was thoroughly annihilated within a month . Equipped with the True Martial Stone Sword, Ye Xiwen alone had killed thirteen Transcendent Realm experts and even killed the Fire Cloud Cave’s Cave Lord . The Fire Cloud Cave that had been dominating the Southern Wilderness for years had been destroyed . As for the remaining disciples that surrendered, they were all accepted as the disciples of the Fire Cloud Hall, commanded by the two remaining Transcendent Realm experts of the Fire Cloud Cave .

With their victorious might, the other forces of the Southern Wilderness like the Hundred Barbarians Cave surrendered . After dealing with the Southern Wilderness, the True Martial Domain’s troops started attacking the five regions and four wilderness experts .

Equipped with the True Martial Stone Sword, Ye Xiwen was just like an unparalleled killer . No one could fight against him in the True Martial Domain . After another thirty years, every part of the True Martial Domain was slowly calming down, and the True Martial School became the ruler of the True Martial domain . Along with all the Transcendent Realm experts that surrendered, the True Martial School now had more than seventy Transcendent Realm experts . Although not all of them were loyal to the True Martial school, it was still a good start . As long as the True Martial School maintains its current strength, no one would think of leaving the True Martial School .

Following the growth of the next generation, the True Martial School would become stronger .

Besides, they had an unparalleled killer like Ye Xiwen around, who was undefeatable beneath the starry skies . No one would dare to have such thoughts .

The True Martial School’s reputation was renowned throughout the world as they become an overlord force beneath the starry skies . Also, the True Martial School’s foundations accumulated through all the past years had finally come into use . Based on strength alone, they weren’t inferior compared to the overlord forces any longer .

As for Ye Xiwen, he had become a legend throughout the True Martial School .

In the True Martial School, there was a mountain with the name “Ye Peak . ” Inside, every member of the Ye Family was living there . Twenty years ago, Ye Xiwen had brought his family over from the Yi Yuan Sect . Because of Ye Xiwen, the Ye Family became a legendary family of the True Martial School, and they flourished more and more .

In Ye Xiwen’s opinion, his family would be safer in the True Martial School . Besides, their future potential for development would also be much more enormous . With all the foundations and wealth that he left behind, the Ye Family would undoubtedly grow to become one of the True Martial School’s huge families .

With this, he would be able to leave safely . Now that the True Martial School had become an overlord force, unless they encountered someone like the Star Beast Avatar, the possibility of them declining would be minimal .

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Above a tall tree within a forest in the Ye Peak, a teenager clad in a long green robe was lying by a tree branch . The wind around him blew softly, blowing his hair intertwined with the color of black and white .

It was Ye Xiwen!

During the past decades of war, he participated in them when equipped with the True Martial Stone Sword . His strength was already strong, to begin with . Along with the True Martial Stone Sword, he was naturally invincible and won every single battle .

However, the True Martial Stone Sword was indeed a demonic sword . During the past few decades, it consumed more than three thousand years of his lifespan . It was no wonder why the Supreme School Leader quickly secluded himself after using it once . After continuously using it, his youth vigor had long gone, turning into an elderly instead . Naturally, the consumption of his vital energy and blood would be much more significant .

He didn’t mind losing three thousand years of life span . After all, the Star Beast Avatar’s lifespan was already incredibly long, to begin with . Even without those three thousand years, it wouldn’t affect it at all . The main problem was the consumption of his vital energy and blood . After he had just finished fighting the war, he looked like an old man that was at death’s door .

It almost scared his parents to death . Luckily, with his conditioning through all the True Martial School medicines used to replenish vital energy and blood, he finally recovered slowly . Half of his hair being white was the aftermath of such an incident .

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