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Chapter 82 - Creative concept

“So you are Ye Feng's little brother. You dared to come here and actually caused ruckus and trouble for everyone. You are quite courageous aren't you? But you should have thought before offending the school regulations.” Wen Shiyang said.

“School regulations?” Ye Xiwen laughed loudly. If people really cared about school regulations, then Ye Feng would not have been injured and all of this would not have happened as well. And those so-called school regulations were just an excuse to protect the weak. Strong never cared about these old regulations.

Earlier when Wen Shiyang had bullied Ye Xiwen's fellow disciples then he did not think of school regulations, but now that the same thing had been done to his people, he suddenly remembered about it? It was quite hilarious.

“Cut the crap, today I have come for just one thing, to return the favor by doing the same thing you did to my brother.” Ye Xiwen sneered.

“You are courting death!” Wen Shiyang said and glared at Ye Xiwen. He was the unrivaled genius of Shaoyang sub-school and no one dared to talk to him like this. So, the words of Ye Xiwen had made him extremely furious.

Wen Shiyang rushed forward, almost like a blurred figure, while breaking through the sound barrier causing a terrifying piercing sound which spread throughout the sky. Immediately after that, many spectating disciples directly fell on the ground with their eardrums bleeding from this terrifying sound.

“Clang!” A long blade appeared in the hands of Wen Shiyang that he taken out from the storage ring and in a flash, his blade instantly chopped out towards Ye Xiwen.

Wen Shiyang was very powerful compared to Huo Cheng or Xu Liang and was already at the Xiantian second stage with 30% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi. Although his transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi was only 10% more than the other two, but his strength was already twice their strength.

Ye Xiwen didn't demur and immediately unsheathed the long blade from his back with a ‘Clang’ sound, and shot a terrifying Bladeqi towards the sky, and it seemed as if the moon was slowly rising. Instantly, the pressure dropped down in the surrounding area, clearly displaying that Ye Xiwen had already obtained a thorough understanding of his blade technique, and everyone was shocked when the true meaning of Ye Xiwen's blade skill suddenly evolved in front of them.

Although Wen Shiyang had also practiced a high-grade blade technique, but it was obvious that currently, his blade skill was nowhere near the profound blade skill of Ye Xiwen. In a short time, Wen Shiyang would be able to reach the 'Dacheng' realm of his blade skill and only then, he might evolve out the 'creative concept' of his blade skill.

The difference between their mastery of blade skills alone was too big.

“What is this creative concept, I actually saw a moon pressed down by the blade attack!” One of the disciples was stunned and said.

Ye Xiwen's blade technique could already bring forth the creative concept after it had been practiced to the Xiantian realm, and although the power of the move 'Full moon beheader' was comparable to that of an advanced power technique, but "Cold moon beheader" was actually a Xiantian level blade technique, and even if the power contained in each of its move were different, but all of them contained an inherent creative concept. (NT: 'Cold moon beheader' is the name of Ye Xiwen's blade technique and 'Full moon beheader' is one of the three moves offered by this technique)

Only those power techniques which contained a creative concept could be called Xiantian power techniques and if one could not bring forth the creative concept of a technique, then the Xiantian level techniques were no different from the advanced techniques.

But if one could successfully understand and evolve out the creative concept of a technique then the power of his technique would increase by leaps and bounds, and the technique would be able to display its ideal form.

All of those outstanding disciples from different sub-schools, who were watching from the crowd, knew very well about the importance of the creative concept of a technique. They knew that even if someone was to practice a Xiantian level technique to the Dacheng realm, they still might not be able to comprehend the creative concept hidden inside it and would only be able to harness its strength up to the advanced stage.

Being able to realize the creative concept at such a young age was extremely rare.

“This is really a creative concept ah, I have only seen elders displaying the creative concept their techniques. My God, how can it appear in the body of an ordinary person?”

“Creative concept, it actually is a creative concept. Just by virtue of this creative concept, I’m sure that Ye Xiwen will easily enter into the current top ten great disciples!”

Countless people were shocked, including Wen Shiyang who was the closest witness of Ye Xiwen's terrifying display of the creative concept of his blade skill. When this creative concept was brandished, a terrifying pressure had appeared in the surrounding area, as if the sky had fallen down on the ground, and it seemed like the bright moon had appeared but it actually didn't exist. But, Wen Shiyang could vividly feel as if he was taking a walk on a moonlit road, and the bright moonlight was coming down from the heaven and had spilled on the ground, revealing even the slightest detail present in the scenery, leaving nowhere for the secrets to hide under this pure white moonlight, which also contained a penetrating feeling.

This kind of oppressive feeling had already made Wen Shiyang anxious about this fight and his mind was also in a confused state.

How is this possible!

How is this possible!

Wen Shiyang could not believe his eyes, because even practicing one move to the 'Dacheng' realm was very tough and one could say that they had grasped the essence of the technique, but to be able to comprehend and display a creative concept was equivalent to completely commanding the power of that move to its utmost extent.

Because all of these Xiantian level techniques or above were once realized and created by the experts and these techniques were the so-called 'Imitations of Nature' itself, hence, there would definitely be a creative concept hidden inside them. In fact, these creative concepts had initially urged those experts to comprehend the moves based on these creative concepts and append them to form the power techniques.

And only after truly comprehending the move to its acme, Ye Xiwen's blade skill had evolved to such a terrifying extent and had displayed this clear and beautiful, but overwhelming, scenery to the spectators.

And Ye Xiwen's display of the creative concept was extremely clear indicating that he had thoroughly mastered the move.

It was simply unbelievable.

There was a look of disbelief in the eyes of Wen Shiyang. To think that Ye Xiwen had not just reached the Dacheng realm of his blade skill, but he had also comprehended its creative concept? But he didn't have time to be shocked because if Ye Xiwen had actually evolved this level of creative concept, then he was definitely in a dangerous situation.

He would never know that Ye Xiwen had the 'Special Space'. For others, to be able to comprehend the creative concepts, they had to be very talented, but in Ye Xiwen's case, so long as there were enough spirit stones in his possession, he would be able to completely understand and practice any technique.

Ye Xiwen perhaps was not the most talented, nor the strongest, but he was hard-working and so long as he had enough spirit stones, his practice speed would reach a terrifying level. Because for others, to practice and comprehend was like going into a huge tract of a library and read a variety of books to have an understanding and gain insights. For that, they needed to have high talent, in order to find out the exact direction they needed to search in to find the answers, and they were lucky, they might just find the right book.

But this was not the case with Ye Xiwen, because he seemed to have an intelligent books resolution system that could select the correct book for him and so long as he swiped the card to pay the money, he could obtain just the book he needed, which would automatically be delivered to him, and he wouldn't have to go into the vast sea of ​​books to search.

Even for those geniuses, the chances of comprehending the creative concept were not high, let alone those ordinary disciples.

Ye Xiwen chopped down his long blade and the live picture drawn by the creative concept directly descended over Wen Shiyang's Bladeqi and instantly crushed it down under its terrifying pressure, which seemed as if the whole world was collapsing inch by inch.

Their Bladeqi collided in the midair and the friction caused a loud and sharp whistling sound which then set off a wave of sound waves.


Finally, Ye Xiwen's Bladeqi instantly crushed the Bladeqi of Wen Shiyang, and fiercely blasted into his body.

“Bang!” Wen Shiyang's blade couldn't block this incredible attack from Ye Xiwen and his body was sent flying horizontally, while he spat out a mouthful of blood.


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