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Chapter 817: 817
Chapter 817: Eat Another Fist of Mine

What does it mean to have a wicked reputation? This was it!

After making a wicked reputation out of himself, no one dared to trouble him any further . After all, it was no different from seeking death .

Everyone in the entire Ancient Battlefield became speechless for a while as if they were still submerged in Ye Xiwen’s demeanor . They didn’t dare to voice out anything and dare not even dare to hunt Ye Xiwen down .

Suddenly, news was released from the deeper parts of the Ancient Battlefield . Through the venturing of numerous Transcendent Realm experts, they finally found something that deeply resembled the mythical World Tree pathway deep in the Ancient Battlefield .

All of a sudden, the entire Ancient Battlefield was in a ruckus . Many experts were reluctant to continue waiting outside and instantly rushed into the Ancient Battlefield’s deep parts, into the area filled with vast miasma .

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen’s act of killing everyone within the Eight Stars School’s base became insignificant . Only after a day had passed, no one was discussing it any further .

Very quickly, Ye Xiwen had acquired the coordinates of the entrance to the True Martial School pathway . Without any hesitation, he immediately rushed to the deep parts of the Ancient Battlefield .

Above the miasma, Ye Xiwen’s figure was just like a stream of light, traversing through the miasma . The miasma’s terrifying corrosiveness was constantly corroding his protective aura .

“Ancient Barrens Continent, here I come!” Brilliance was radiating within Ye Xiwen’s eyes . If he couldn’t locate the spatial pathway that leads to the Ancient Barrens Continent here, he would choose to go to the Demon Domain .

His Star Beast Avatar had already achieved the peak in cultivation and could feel the existence of the barrier . It gave the feeling that he had reached the limits of the sky and had no room for improvement any longer .

In other words, he had no other way of continuing his breakthrough any longer . Beneath the starry skies, it would be pointless . As for his main body, he was already in the Half-step Transcendent Initial Realm Peak . A little more, and he would be able to ascend to the Half-step Transcendent Intermediate Realm . However, this advancement was extremely hard for him . Not only was it already hard for his main form to break through, to begin with, but he had also even laid down some difficulties ahead of him, hindering his path .

Ye Xiwen was ambitious . He had a huge ambition . He desired to possess the strength capable of rivaling a Transcendent Realm expert when he’s only in the Half-step Transcendent Intermediate Realm .

If such an idea were released to the public, it would shock everyone . As a matter of fact, the disparity in strength between a Half-step Transcendent Realm expert and a Transcendent Realm expert was huge . In the past, even when the Star Beast Avatar was fighting against a Transcendent Realm expert, it didn’t have any chances of refuting . After receiving a hit, it could only run for its life . If it weren’t for the Tianyuan Mirror, it wouldn’t even be able to contend against a Transcendent Realm expert .

Even if they were only half a step apart, the difference was indeed like the distance between heaven and earth itself .

And yet, Ye Xiwen was now thinking of having the strength to rival a Transcendent Realm First Level Peak, when he was only in the Half-step Transcendent Realm . Only a lunatic would have such thoughts .

However, Ye Xiwen’s thought process was different . This wasn’t his first time doing so . He also knew that the difficulty he would face would be unprecedented . As such, he would require much more accumulation and stabilization in cultivation .

At the very least, his main body had always been in closed cultivation . No matter if it was in the Ancient Barrens Continent, or beneath the starry skies, it didn’t hold any influence on him .

Ye Xiwen had already made his decision to embark on the Ancient Barrens Continent . Of course, he would only leave after every single matter beneath the starry skies had been settled .

The vast and continuous mountain range was enveloped in layers of dense miasma . In front of the mountain range, a large batch of experts had been waiting for a long time . Numerous experts were quietly waiting at this spot, which was the entrance of the spatial pathway connected to the Ancient Barrens Continent .

From afar, Huang Wuji was leading a group of people from the True Martial School here .

Compared to these overlords, the True Martial School was significantly weaker . As a result, they received the news much later, which was why they were only arriving here by now .

“So, this is where the antenna of the World Tree from the myth, the legendary spatial pathway is located at?” said Huang Wuji as he narrowed his eyes .

He then looked at the large batch of Transcendent Realm experts around him . This was the first time he had seen so many Transcendent Realm experts gathered in the same spot . No matter if it was the True Martial School or the extraterrestrial overlords, the number of Transcendent Realm experts they had didn’t imply the number of Transcendent Realm experts present beneath the starry skies .

After all, there were far too many stray Transcendent Realm experts beneath the starry skies, belonging to no forces .

“That’s right . There are so many Transcendent Realm experts present here . If it wasn’t for the spatial pathway, more than half of the experts present might still be in closed cultivation!” said the chief of the Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak . Under such a situation where so many experts surveillance around, they couldn’t act too domineering .

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The Transcendent Realm experts were still feeling fine . However, those Great Sages and Half-step Transcendent Realm experts were suffering from it . Under those Transcendent Realm experts’ sharp glances, they felt a stinging sensation and felt like numerous holes had appeared on their bodies .

The overlords could dispatch some of their experts to build a base to accommodate the Great Sage and Half-step Transcendent Realm experts . However, the True Martial School didn’t have the capabilities to do so and could only bring all of them along . In fact, it was even safer this way .

“Those are the experts of the True Martial School?”

“True Martial School? I’ve heard of it before . It’s the sect where Ye Xiwen was from . I guess, no one would expect such an exceptional prodigy like Ye Xiwen to originate from such a small sect, right?”

“I agree . If I didn’t hear about it from someone else, I wouldn’t believe that someone could reach his level!”

Everyone was muttering upon the arrival of the True Martial School, with most of them containing a gaze filled with curiosity, which sprouted from Ye Xiwen’s previously established reputation .

The True Martial School did not get angry upon hearing their discussions . On the contrary, they even felt proud . After all, Ye Xiwen originated from their True Martial School . No matter what, he was still a disciple from the True Martial School .

“True Martial School!” A loud shout resounded from a distance .

Everyone’s expression in the True Martial School instantly changed upon seeing more than thirty Transcendent Realm experts surrounding them with an oppressive momentum . They were all experts from the Eight Stars School, the Heavenly Martial Sect, and the Meteor Sect .

Those three sects had suffered dramatically from Ye Xiwen’s hands, which made them hold a deep grudge against Ye Xiwen .

Since they couldn’t locate Ye Xiwen, they wanted to vent out all their anger on the True Martial School .

“What do you think you’re doing?” said Huang Wuji as he strode forward . As the School Master, he would naturally have to stand up in such a situation .

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“What are we doing? I want to eradicate your True Martial School!” The Eight Stars Sect’s School Leader was a handsome middle-aged man . He stepped forward and said with a savage expression, “Blame Ye Xiwen for being in the True Martial Sect . Now, I shall also let him suffer from having his heart broken!”

Without a doubt, among the three overlords, the Eight Stars School hated Ye Xiwen to the core . Not only had numerous experts perished by the Yellow Springs, but Ye Xiwen had also killed everyone in their base . Not only did they lose dozens of Transcendent Realm experts, numerous Half-step Transcendent Realm experts and Great Sage experts had also perished by Ye Xiwen’s hands .

So many bloods were spilled, and so many corpses were laying around the base . It caused them to suffer a significant loss . How could they not hate Ye Xiwen?

Everyone from the True Martial School’s expression instantly changed, especially those that were still proud of Ye Xiwen . Currently, they couldn’t help but smile bitterly . This Ye Xiwen is so proficient in causing us troubles . Ultimately, he even made us involved .

“That’s right . It’s a pity that he’s not here . If he’s here, we shall kill him as well!” said the Heavenly Martial Sect’s Sect Lord . He was a middle-aged man with a robust figure . Although the losses they suffered weren’t as significant as the Eight Stars School, it was undoubtedly still a considerable loss .

“Such shamelessness . If it wasn’t for your sect’s experts being greedy, how would you suffer from such a huge loss?” The disciples of the True Martial Sect were instantly enraged .

As the news of the three overlords hunting Ye Xiwen down was released, the White Sun Sect had also exposed the reason for their grudges and the losses experienced by the three overlord forces .

Everyone was aware of their greed . If it weren’t for them not leaving after seeing so many zombies around, they wouldn’t suffer from such a significant loss .

“Hmph, what a witty mouth . After killing all of you, I’ll see how witty your mouths will be!” said the Meteor Sect’s Sect Lord as he smiled coldly . He was an old man with a youthful appearance, accompanied by a hair full of snow-white .

“Everyone, prepare to fight to the death!” Huang Wuji yelled . Seeing how the battle was pretty much unavoidable at this point, everyone in the True Martial School had activated their martial arts and were prepared to brawl against these experts . Even if they died, they didn’t want to live shamefully .

“Who dares to harm the people from my True Martial Sect?” A clear voice resounded from afar . A stream of golden light traveled from afar, and shot towards where everyone was, accompanied by an extremely horrifying aura . He instantly rushed towards the three overlords forces that contained more than thirty Transcendent Realm experts .

“It’s you again, little brat!” The Eight Stars School’s School Leader was the first to react to the situation . Upon seeing Ye Xiwen, his eyes instantly became red, filled with killing intent . The old School Leader that perished by Ye Xiwen’s hands was his master . Among those that held a deep grudge against Ye Xiwen, the Eight Stars School’s Sect Master was undoubtedly the one that hated him the most .

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Without any hesitation, the Eight Stars School’s Sect Master immediately unleashed his fist towards Ye Xiwen . With the flux of the all-encompassing starlights, a surge of domineering fist might was instantly unleashed .

He was someone with the combat prowess comparable to a Sect Master . His terrifying combat prowess was currently in full display .

“Hmph!” Ye Xiwen snorted coldly . He clenched his hand into a fist and instantly blasted a Shattered Star Fist towards the Thousand Starlord Fist . Boundless overwhelming qi surged, and the two fiercely clashed against each other .

“Boom!” A terrifying explosion resounded as the two powers clashed against each other . It destroyed the courtyard they were in, and a giant mushroom cloud rose, which formed a massive ray of light pillar .

A silhouette fell out from the light pillar, with his posture in a slightly sorry state . It was the Eight Stars School’s School Leader .

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