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Chapter 810: 810
Chapter 810: Kill Everyone

Although Ye Xiwen had displayed his outstanding combat prowess, no one held him in high regard . Ye Xiwen might have increased his strength by a considerable margin, but he couldn’t go against them simultaneously .

“Try me!” Ye Xiwen smiled coldly, and killing intent flashed across his eyes . In the next instant, his silhouette had already rushed forward . Countless Divinities unfolded perilously as he dashed within the crowd .

“Let’s surround him and kill him together . We shall distribute the Red Spider Lilies he has evenly!” said an expert from the Heavenly Martial Sect . Then, he lunged himself towards Ye Xiwen and unleashed the Heavenly Martial Heavens Severing Palm . The horrifying ripples leaking out from the attack caused a massive crack to appear on the ground .

The crack was tearing with lightning speed towards Ye Xiwen . The horrifying energy ripples contained within were intended to tear him apart .

Ye Xiwen’s head didn’t even raise, even when facing such a ferocious attack . He merely stepped on the ground, and layers of energy started expanding outwards, with Ye Xiwen as its center .

When the colossal crack came in contact with the energy, it was forcefully stopped . The energy contained within the crack instantly dispersed on the spot .

Fear flashed across Wei Mingyang’s eyes upon seeing this . The fear, which he had been deliberately suppressing for a long time, finally reappeared . Compared to Ran Chengtian, he had suffered even more in the hands of Ye Xiwen . No matter how much he increased his strength, and no matter how much more powerful he was compared to the past, he couldn’t even defeat Ye Xiwen . He seemed always to be oppressed by Ye Xiwen, no matter what .

This had left an enormous trauma within his heart . Under normal circumstances, the trauma wouldn’t appear at all . However, all of a sudden, everything had resurfaced .

Ye Xiwen became much stronger than previously and became much more unpredictable .

The Heavenly Martial Sect’s expert’s Heavenly Martial Heavens Severing Palm had already reached Ye Xiwen . The terrifying air current it brought along caused Ye Xiwen’s shirt to be blown violently .

Ye Xiwen instantly moved . He raised his hand and went up against the attack .


A loud bang resounded . The Heavenly Martial Heavens Severing Palm crashed against Ye Xiwen’s palm . However, just as the terrifying momentum was about to bring about an explosion, it was enveloped in a layer of majestic qi . Then, it was slowly compressed and slowly turned into nothingness .

Everyone was shocked by this scene . They were staring at the battle between them attentively and never expected Ye Xiwen to dissipate the attack casually .

Although this Heavenly Martial Sect’s expert wasn’t as strong as the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder, he was still in the Transcendent Realm . No one in the Transcendent Realm could be underestimated . In fact, all of them possess their specialties .

Everyone’s expression changed .

“Your attack’s over? It’s my turn now!” Ye Xiwen strode forward and clenched his palm into a fist . He punched forward, and the air shook violently, which formed a colossal air column . Then, it descended upon the Heavenly Martial Sect’s expert .

The Heavenly Martial Sect’s expert hurriedly generated a protective barrier . He raised both of his hands and let out a loud yell .

“Boom!” As the air column violently clashed against the protective barrier, it didn’t stop at all . Instead, it broke through the expert’s defense and crashed against his chest .

“Bang!” The Heavenly Martial Sect’s expert was knocked away, and he spewed out a mouthful of blood . His entire body flew out uncontrollably and crashed against numerous mountains . After he finally stopped flying, his life force had already been emptied .

Ye Xiwen’s domineering fist power ran rampant within his body and took away all of his life force .

Although it might have seemed long, the battle merely happened for a short while . However, in only a short while, another Transcendent Realm expert had been killed . Such combat prowess made everyone feel a chill down their spine .

“How, how is this possible!” Everyone was shocked and was in disbelief . All of them widened their eyes .

“Let’s all attack together . This guy is dangerous . We definitely can’t leave him alive!” An elder from the Heavenly Martial Sect yelled . If anyone previously doubted Ye Xiwen’s combat prowess, they hold on doubts any longer .

After entering the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak, Ye Xiwen could wipe them all out .

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“Then, I shall start with you!” Ye Xiwen smiled coldly . He instantly reached the front of the elder, and fiery clouds were unleashed from his palm . The Sky Collapsing Fire Cloud Hand covered the sky, and the entire world seemed like it was about to be crushed .

The Heavenly Martial Sect’s elder also unleashed his Heavenly Martial Heavens Severing Palm . A tremendous amount of killing intent was spread about, and boundless momentum was unleashed . He instantly unleashed it towards Ye Xiwen, filled with anger .

His attack wasn’t any weaker compared to the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder’s strength . He was stronger than regular Transcendent Realm experts .

The Meteor Sect’s elder at the other side also rushed forward and unleashed his Thousands Starlord Fist . Starlights filled the skies and intertwined together to form a vast web .

He didn’t care about his reputation any longer . As long as he was able to kill Ye Xiwen, everything would be worth it .

He could already tell that he wouldn’t be able to defeat Ye Xiwen alone . He could only rely on the help of others .

“Boom!” The Sky Collapsing Fire Cloud Hand and the Heavenly Martial Heavens Severing Palm clashed against each other mid-air . A beam of unimaginable light was created when the two hands clashed against each other . It exploded in mid-air and swept through the area, with numerous sands and stone accompanying it .

The two forces, capable of destroying the world, clashed against each other . However, only after a moment of stalemate, the Sky Collapsing Fire Cloud Hand broke through the Heavenly Martial Heavens Severing Palm with lightning speed . It wasn’t because of the Heavenly Martial Heavens Severing Palm inferior to the Sky Collapsing Fire Cloud Hand . Ye Xiwen was merely more robust . Although they were both in the Transcendent Peak Realm first level, there still exists the strength disparity .

Just like a bucket of water and a glass of water . Although they were both filled up completely, there was still a considerable difference between the two .

“Boom!” The Sky Collapsing Fire Cloud Hand struck the Heavenly Martial Sect’s elder, which caused him to fly out . Various bones in his body were snapped apart . Although he wasn’t killed on the spot, he was already gravely wounded and was close to dying .

Just as Ye Xiwen wanted to chase after him, the Meteor Sect elder’s Thousands Starlord Fist arrived .

The sky full of starlights was just like a vast net, trapping him within .

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Ye Xiwen did not bother evading it . Instead, he rushed towards it and went up against the net . He opened his hands, and golden Divinities surged from his hands . He grabbed the net, and a hole instantly appeared by the vast net . His body transformed into a beam of light, and he rushed forward, reaching the front of the Meteor Sect elder .

With a “Pa!” his fist was punched into the air . The qi within his body started circulating fanatically and started boiling . His strength was already raised to its maximum at such a moment, although he was already much stronger than them to begin with .

However, despite that, he didn’t dare to underestimate his foes, who were all in the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak as well . Every single attack of his was unleashed to the fullest . Even a lion would need to unleash its full strength to capture a rabbit . It was the same for the battle against those of the same realm . Even a tiny bit of mistake might result in his death .

Before Ye Xiwen’s fist reached, his fist pressure had already come oppressing the Meteor Sect’s elder . Although he didn’t manage to cause space itself to crumble, he had already caused space to undergo distortion . The Meteor Sect elder was filled with shock and attempted to flee . His Thousands Starlord Palm was broken apart by Ye Xiwen .

However, Ye Xiwen wouldn’t let him do so . He instantly chased after the Meteor Sect elder . As his Devil Wings expanded, his entire figure seemed to be wrapped within winds and lightning . He instantly traversed through space and landed a punch on the Meteor Sect elder . His massive fist was just like a large hammer, capable of shattering the world .

“Boom!” The Meteor Sect elder was blasted away . Although he intended to save the Heavenly Martial Sect’s elder, he failed, as he was blasted away by Ye Xiwen . This was all due to the disparity in strength between him and Ye Xiwen . The others weren’t able to react to the situation . They stared dumbfoundedly at both the gravely wounded Meteor Sect elder and Heavenly Martial Sect’s elder .

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen strode forward and instantly reached where the Meteor Sect’s elder was, and his palm connected with the Meteor Sect elder’s body . Although the Meteor Sect elder tried his best to defend against it, Ye Xiwen broke through all of his defense .

With a tragic scream, his body was destroyed on the spot . His blood splattered everywhere, accompanied by fragments of his bones .

“Senior brother!” The few remaining experts of the Meteor Sect were enraged, and they immediately lunged themselves towards Ye Xiwen .

However, Ye Xiwen was still much stronger than them .



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The three experts weren’t strong enough to go against Ye Xiwen, and all of their bodies exploded on the spot . Ye Xiwen’s combat prowess increased the more he fought, and he became stronger and stronger . He was giving off an unparalleled demeanor .

“Quickly leave, all of you . We’ll hold him back!” The two remaining experts from the Heavenly Martial Sect and the Eight Stars School yelled towards Ran Chengtian and Wei Mingyang .

They looked exceptionally tragic . It was fine if they died, but Ran Chengtian and Wei Mingyang were their young experts . They were the future of their sects . The two of them were much more important than the elders .

“Don’t worry, none of you would be able to leave!” Ye Xiwen snorted coldly . A vast and ancient mirror slowly rose from his body, and numerous spiritual energy started gathering towards the center of the mirror fanatically . The gathering speed became quicker and quicker, and waves of horrifying energy started fluctuating . Even the Transcendent Realm experts’ blood essence that Ye Xiwen had killed previously were all being absorbed by the mirror .

“Boom!” The ray of light pillar descended . It enveloped the entire area, shattered the vacuum, and befell upon the four of them .

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