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Chapter 81 - Wen Shiyang comes out

Only after a moment, dozens of disciples from Shaoyang sub-school had arrived and completely surrounded Ye Xiwen.

“Who are you … how dare you come to our Shaoyang sub-school and act so unruly!”

Many of the disciples from Shaoyang sub-school were angry, but among them were present some of those disciples who were part of Huo Cheng's group and hand gone to bully the disciples of the Qingfeng Mountain. They immediately recognized Ye Xiwen and were suddenly frightened because they could vividly remember that scene where Ye Xiwen had bedeviled a Xiantian master like Huo Cheng who was also one of the top genius disciples from their sub-school.

“Go tell Wen Shiyang to come out right now!” Ye Xiwen shouted. These disciples from Shaoyang sub-school had tried to take advantage of absence of the elders to thoroughly discredit Qingfeng Mountain sub-school and destroy its reputation, so all Ye Xiwen was trying to do was return the favor by doing the exact same thing, in the exact same pattern, to Shaoyang sub-school and intended to thoroughly defeat and crush their strongest disciple in front of everyone.

Huo Cheng's reputation was not big enough, so defeating him didn't solve the purpose of 'tit for tat', so Ye Xiwen had personally come to play with Shaoyang sub-school's strongest disciple.

“Who are you, how dare you call Brother Wen's name in such a disrespectful manner!” At this time, a young disciple, who appeared to be in his twenties, came out of the courtyard and looked firmly at Ye Xiwen.

“A mere man from Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, daring to act wildly in front of our Shaoyang sub-school, you are really courting death.” The young man sneered and within few steps, he had already arrived in front of Ye Xiwen with an extremely fast speed, and at this moment, the imposing aura of a Xiantian master instantly released from his body and spread out.

Ye Xiwen immediately knew who this man actually was. He was named Xu Liang and was one of the top three Xiantian disciples of the Shaoyang sub-school. Since Ye Xiwen had already met Huo Cheng and defeated him and when this man came out, he referred Wen Shiyang as Brother Wen, so he was not Wen Shiyang as well and could only be the third Xiantian master of the Shaoyang sub-school, Xu Liang.

Xu Liang's strength was very high, almost not under Huo Cheng's strength, which proved the fact that this year's batch of top disciples from Shaoyang sub-school was indeed very powerful and no wonder they had dared to bully a rival sub-school.

However, after transforming 50% of his Zhen Qi into Xiantian Zhen Qi, the strength of Ye Xiwen was now comparable to that of ordinary Xiantian third stage masters, also, his own cultivation was at the peak of Xiantian first stage, so how could Xu Liang be his match? (NT: Ordinary Xiantian third stage masters are those who have only transformed 50% of their Zhen Qi into Xiantian Zhen Qi)

Ye Xiwen raised his hand to block the incoming attack and with a 'Bang’, a loud sound of air-explosion resounded everywhere. Xu Liang’s offensive attack had been staggered right in front of Ye Xiwen, as if Xu Liang had collided into a huge iron wall, setting off a terrifying blast that swept across.

During the fight between Xiantian masters, almost each of their punches could easily burst into air-explosions, causing the air to vibrate and shake violently, just like how the ripples dance violently on the surface of a lake, fluctuating and distorting its original calmness.

Xu Liang’s eyes widened with a flash of surprise clearly visible in his eyes. He obviously did not expect Ye Xiwen to able to easily block his blow, though his attack just now seemed hasty, but he knew in his heart, that before coming out of the courtyard gate, he had already started to prepare a sudden surprise attack on Ye Xiwen, but he never thought that his planned out offensive attack would be useless against Ye Xiwen, who was just standing there with his one hand on his front side, like an impenetrable iron wall!

“My turn!” Ye Xiwen sneered and threw out a lightning fast kick towards Xu Liang, accompanied by a burst of crackling air explosions. Ye Xiwen's kick was so fast that it was blowing the sound of a whistle in the air, as it was going straight for Xu Liang.

Xu Liang was well prepared and immediately leaped up to avoid Ye Xiwen's kick, but without any stagnation, Ye Xiwen did not even give him any time to gasp for a breath, and immediately slapped out his palm.

Rushing thunder hand, Pass like thunder and move like the wind!

For a time, Ye Xiwen's attack looked similar to the ninth heaven's thunder.

“Bang!” Xu Liang lifted his hand to block, but immediately, a sudden burst of cracking sound resounded in the surrounding. The bones inside Xu Liang's arms had been broken under the direct impact of Ye Xiwen's palm attack, which possessed the strength of 19 Dragons which was quite terrifying because Xu Liang had only reached the strength of 2 Dragons and could never rival Ye Xiwen's tyrannical strength. Ye Xiwen had not even put any effort and had just shot his palm but even this was more than enough to instantly crush both arms of Xu Liang.

The sound of breaking bones had suddenly scared the crowd of Shaoyang disciples.

“Ah!” Xu Liang screamed again and again. Although a few of them had already seen the one-sided beating of Huo Cheng at the hands of Ye Xiwen, and knew that he was very powerful, but they did not expect that Xu Liang would be so drastically injured by a single attack from Ye Xiwen.

Xu Liang could not even stop a single move from Ye Xiwen!

It was too fast to notice, but Ye Xiwen's palm attack also had an essence of 'Missing moon beheader' present in it. He had already practiced 'Missing moon beheader' to the 'Dacheng' realm and it had come in handy. Instead of using his long blade, he had used his fingertips to perform the skill of 'Missing moon beheader'. He had also integrated the essence of this skill inside his body which had now become almost incomparably tough like the reinforced Iron itself. Even without using his blade, though losing a bit of its true power and range of attack, this attack was still tyrannically powerful and effective.

Having the skill of 'Missing moon beheader' and along with the essence of his Rushing thunder hand, his palm attack had become faster, stronger and terrifyingly heavy.

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen's palm rumbled and shot into the chest of Xu Liang breaking his breastbone immediately.

Ye Xiwen had tried his best to control the power in this palm attack otherwise, if left unconstrained, this attack would have instantly killed Xu Liang.

But even after restraining his strength, Ye Xiwen's attack contained such a terrifying force that it had directly sent Xu Liang flying into the crowd of Shaoyang disciples and the impact made him unconcious immediately.


There was a pin-drop silence on the scene. When the spectating disciples of many sub-schools saw the instant defeat of Xu Liang at the hands of Ye Xiwen, all of them immediately gasped.

Immediately afterwards, a buzzing sound of discussions instantly filled the surrounding area.

“How is this possible, Xu Liang was so easily defeated at the hands of this man?”

“That palm attack was definitely an astonishing ability!”

“This man is so powerful, I’m afraid he can easily compete with Wen Shiyang!”

"And like always, these Xiantian masters will become stepping stones for someone else like that Huo Cheng and Xu Liang, although both of them are quite famous and would have become even more famous in the future, but now, they have become a stepping stone for this man! “

“It has always been this way. These geniuses contend with each other and only the invincible ones walk the bloody path to success. I’ll wait to become powerful enough to be able to walk on the same path!"

“After this battle, regardless of the outcome, the name of this person will spread throughout the Main Sect and I’m afraid that before long, a lot of people will come to challenge him!”

After defeating Xu Liang, Ye Xiwen stepped forward and shouted: “Wen Shiyang, come out, if you’re truly a man!”

“Who are you, state you name!” This time, a purple-robed young man, with a dignified look on his face, came out of the courtyard.

“You’re Wen Shiyang?” Ye Xiwen glanced at him and said.

“Who are you?” Wen Shiyang looked at Ye Xiwen and said.

“Qingfeng Mountain sub-school's Ye Xiwen!” Ye Xiwen indifferently said, “Are you the one who wounded my brother?”

“So you are Ye Feng's little brother. You dared to come here and actually caused ruckus and trouble for everyone. You are quite courageous aren't you? But you should have thought before offending the school regulations.” Wen Shiyang said.


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