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Chapter 806: 806
Chapter 806: Harvest at the Spring Bottom

This zombie was someone proficient in the fist arts in its previous life . Every time it swung its fist, it almost broke the world apart . It incited huge waves within the Yellow Springs .

The Yellow Springs’s waters were formed by corpse waxes and were extremely heavy . Despite weighing ten times heavier than normal liquids, the zombie was still able to create huge waves .

The zombie had already gone berserk . Adding on the fact that it might have already ascended the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak, its strength was undoubtedly extremely horrifying even if its strength had declined . At the very least, it wouldn’t be any worse compared to Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen did not use any other techniques and merely went up against it with his fist art – the Shattered Star Fist . All of their strikes were hitting against each other’s bodies .

The zombie’s fist’s speed was rapid, but Ye Xiwen’s fist was much heavier, and held more momentum . These were two types of different extremities within the martial arts . One was using speed to break through everything, while the other was to break through everything with brute force . The two were entirely different pathways of the martial arts .

The two fist arts were currently releasing radiating sparks .

The two of them possessed an adamant physical body . Such a method of fighting was just like two robots continuously fighting against each other . Sparks appeared, and the sound of metal clashing resounded .

Although their strength was on par with each other, Ye Xiwen’s physical body was much stronger . Within a short amount of time, they had already crossed their fists more than a thousand times . The zombie’s body was about to be broken .

As for Ye Xiwen, ripples were appearing on his divine golden clothing formed by his Divinity . These were the signs of it being attacked .

However, the two of them didn’t have any means of stopping . Zombies naturally lusted for blood and were extremely ruthless . Other than that, this zombie had already gone crazy . To zombies, their physical bodies were their most potent weapon . In fact, it didn’t feel any sense of fear at all .

They were a group of undying creatures .

This zombie was terrifying, as it didn’t care about the wounds inflicted on its own body . In fact, any damages would barely affect their combat prowess .

However, Ye Xiwen was stronger . The zombie’s attacks were already barely able to hurt him . With the Phoenix Regeneration Technique, he was oppressing the zombie the entire time .

Ye Xiwen cornered the zombie into a dead end . It instantly bellowed and released layers of poison throughout its entire body . Its horrifying aura immediately swept about fanatically .

“Ye Xiwen, stop entangling yourself with this zombie any longer . Otherwise, who knows when you will be able to get away from it . If the experts of the extraterrestrial overlord forces managed to come out first, you’ll be in deep trouble!” Ye Mo continuously reminded Ye Xiwen .


Ye Xiwen nodded and did not hesitate any further . The Tianyuan Mirror instantly flew out, and a ray of blood light immediately shone upon the zombie . As if the light descended from the sky, it instantly enveloped the zombie . The intense output from the Transcendent Tool caused the zombie’s body to dissolve a little . The blood lights were slowly corroding its flesh .

The zombie struggled and attempted to lunge itself towards Ye Xiwen . It didn’t feel pain, and it wasn’t afraid of death . In its eyes, there was only Ye Xiwen . Its only desires were to kill Ye Xiwen .

At this moment, Ye Xiwen’s attack was charged to the maximum . He instantly blasted his fist forward, and a huge amount of aura accompanied his actions .

The zombie was frozen in place by the Tianyuan Mirror . Since its movements were already sluggish to begin with, it was instantly shattered into pieces by Ye Xiwen . There was absolutely no way it could survive .

“Ye Xiwen, I think I understand how the Red Spider Lilies grew!” said Ye Mo . “The energy within their corpse core . The energy constantly interchanges between a corpse core and a Red Spider Lily . Every time the Red Spider Lily blooms, it would absorb their corpse core . Every time it wilts, the energy would return to the zombie’s corpse . With this, they would become stronger, until they reach the peak one day!”

Ye Xiwen took a deep breath and was shocked by Ye Mo’s statement . Blooming for a thousand years, and wilting for another thousand years . This cycle would continue every two thousand years . No ordinary people would be able to wait for so long .

However, these zombies were different . After all, they were already dead, to begin with .

Other than deities, maybe only these zombies were indeed an existence that wouldn’t perish?

For the human race, those that possessed thousands of years of lifespan implied that they had outstanding cultivation . However, a zombie would easily live up to tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of years . God is fair . Everything was decided since their birth . Although zombies had an extremely long lifespan, their cultivation speed wouldn’t be as quick as humans .

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After slaying this Native Clan zombie, Ye Xiwen dived to the spring bottom . After seeing the situation within the spring bottom, Ye Xiwen’s goosebumps arose . There were numerous corpses scattered around the bottom of the spring, and they were everywhere . It even appeared to be quite cramped . This place was a battlefield that lasted for countless years, and it was unknown exactly how many people had perished here .

Not all corpses were transformed into zombies as well . Only a portion of them was . However, with so many corpses lying around, even a small portion would be a considerable amount .

If Red Spider Lilies were growing on their bodies, it implied that they had turned into zombies . If there wasn’t any, it meant that they were still in deep slumber .

The best way to settle them would be to destroy all the corpses here . Even the corpses that had yet to turn into a zombie would eventually turn into one sooner or later . It was only a matter of time .

Fighting sound came from a distance . The extraterrestrial overlords’ experts had awakened the zombies when they attempted to grab the Red Spider Lilies .

“The zombie’s essences are all concentrated in the Red Spider Lilies . In other words, when their Red Spider Lilies are snatched away, they would be in their weakest form . Otherwise, they would practically be invincible!” said Ye Mo in a serious tone .

Ye Xiwen was feeling lucky that the Red Spider Lilies were blooming now . If it were when the Red Spider Lilies were wilting, the zombie’s strength would return to their own body . It was inexplicably horrifying .

“How did these zombies know how to cultivate such weird martial arts?” Ye Xiwen was a little curious . “These Red Spider Lilies don’t seem like they were formed on their own . Instead, it seemed like someone deliberately planted these flowers on these corpses!”

Upon thinking of this theory, Ye Xiwen’s eyes shrank . Naturally, it would be nothing if everything happened naturally . However, it would be extremely horrifying if someone planted them . What kind of person is he, and what are his goals?

If these zombies were released to the outside world, it would truly cause an undead apocalypse .

This was the truly horrifying disaster .

Ye Xiwen decided to ignore the extraterrestrial overlords’ experts’ battle against the zombies . Instead, he started collecting the Red Spider Lilies, minding his own business .

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It wasn’t that easy to collect the Red Spider Lilies . In truth, he would have to fight against a Transcendent Realm zombie every time . There were zombies of the human race and zombies of the Native Clan .

The entire place was filled with the corpses of Transcendent Realm experts . It was imaginable how serious the casualties were on both sides . If it weren’t for that, the human race’s ancestors wouldn’t have left the Native Clan’s recordings unattended . Even their descendants were respecting their ancestors and decided not to as well .

In only an hour, Ye Xiwen had already gathered more than ten Red Spider Lilies .

He noticed a few spiritual senses scanning him from time to time . Even when the extraterrestrial overlord experts were snatching for the Red Spider Lilies, they wouldn’t let down their surveillance towards Ye Xiwen . They must be afraid that Ye Xiwen would escape .

“Great Elder, that Ye Xiwen’s loots seemed to be fairly decent as well . He plucked more than ten Red Spider Lilies . This speed and efficiency aren’t any slower compared to us!” A Transcendent Realm expert within the Eight Stars School’s group retracted his spiritual sense and chuckled .

He had been in charge of monitoring Ye Xiwen . As such, he knew very clearly how many Red Spider Lilies Ye Xiwen had collected .

“Hmph, let him slowly harvest them . In the end, after we kill him, those would still be ours!” said the Great Elder indifferently . From his perspective, Ye Xiwen was undoubtedly dead, as he managed to anger three extraterrestrial forces . It was only a matter of time . “We have to collect more of these Red Spider Lilies . You can’t even find these in the outside world . If there aren’t so many corpses here, which even formed Yellow Springs, it would practically be impossible!”

The spring bottom had separated itself into five areas . The four extraterrestrial overlords were all occupying their sites and were collecting the Red Spider Lilies while continuously killing the zombies .

Although these zombies were powerful, the extraterrestrial overlord experts were all proficient in battle and were extremely experienced . They definitely wouldn’t awaken more than one zombie at a time . In the instant that they harvested the Red Spider Lily, they would instantly kill the zombie . They wouldn’t even give it a chance to retaliate .

No matter how strong a Transcendent Realm zombie was, it wouldn’t be able to deal with the attacks prepared by ten or more Transcendent Realm experts .

As a result, their progress was swift .

When Ye Xiwen had collected ten more Red Spider Lilies, a Yellow Springs water pillar suddenly shot towards him .

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Ye Xiwen immediately stepped on the ground and punched forward, which resulted in the water pillar dispersing . Just as he thought that it was the surprise attack of the extraterrestrial overlords, he discovered that the attack came from a zombie . This was nothing . What’s more important was that the Red Spider Lily blooming on the zombie’s corpse was still bright .

In other words, this zombie did not awaken after its Red Spider Lily had been plucked away . Instead, it awakened by itself .

Ye Xiwen was a little surprised . He said, “Ye Mo, use the Tianyuan Mirror to scan the spring bottom, and check out what’s happening . ”

As Ye Xiwen was talking, he lunged himself towards the zombie and started fighting against it . Since this zombie still had its own Red Spider Lily, its strength was stronger and became harder to deal with . However, it still wasn’t Ye Xiwen’s opponent . After a while, Ye Xiwen killed it .

“Ye Xiwen, this is bad . The zombies in this lake seemed to be waking up . It seems like living beings’ odor acted as a stimulant and caused them to awaken earlier!”

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