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Chapter 805: 805
Chapter 805: Dive Into the Bottom of the Lake

Now, the Red spider Lilies had finally reached its state of blooming after a thousand years . They were currently in their most prosperous state .

Whatever Ye Xiwen could think of, others could as well . In almost an instant, Fu Buping of the White Sun Sect said, “If that’s the case, besiege him all you all want to . I won’t accommodate all of you anymore!”

Just as he finished speaking, Fu Buping and the various experts of the White Sun Sect dived into the Yellow Springs . Although the Yellow Springs was extremely corrosive, they were able to withstand it . It wasn’t considered harmful for them .

The experts of the Eight Stars School gritted their teeth . They didn’t know what to do in this situation . If they chose to hunt Ye Xiwen down, the Red Spider Lilies might have already been harvested entirely by the White Sun Sect upon returning here .

“Come, let’s harvest the Red Spider Lilies first . We would eventually have the chance to deal with this brat!” The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder yelled . The various disciples of the Eight Stars School dived into the Yellow Springs as well .

At this point, the Heavenly Martial Sect and the Meteor Sect experts were aware of what was happening . They knew that a large amount of Red Spider Lilies might be below the spring .

Comparing a large number of Red Spider Lilies together with their grudge against Ye Xiwen, the latter was negligible . It was merely a small matter .

Everyone else dived into the Yellow Springs as well . An energy barrier surged from their body, and waves instantly appeared by the peaceful Yellow Springs .

“Ye Xiwen, this is a heaven-sent opportunity . If you harvest a little more Red Spider Lilies, it would be much simpler for your original body to ascend the Transcendent Realm!” said Ye Mo hurriedly .

Ye Xiwen nodded . Such a flower that blooms for a thousand years and wilts for another thousand years was scarce in the outside world . One would have to rely on luck to encounter it .

It was already considered lucky for him to encounter them in such a situation . Naturally, he wouldn’t just let it go .

No one cared about the five Red Spider Lilies floating by the Yellow Springs . Everyone else believed that there would be more Red Spider Lilies by the lake’s bottom and didn’t feel like wasting time here .

It ended up benefitting Ye Xiwen instead .

Ye Xiwen raised his speed to the maximum and grabbed the five Red Spider Lilies . With his previous experience, Ye Xiwen wasn’t acting so rashly anymore . As he grabbed the Red Spider Lilies, he struck the zombies that just revived back into the Yellow Springs .

With five loud bangs and five ripples of waves by the surface of the Yellow Springs, Ye Xiwen finally laid his hands on five of the Red Spider Lilies . In addition to the other ones that he originally possessed, he now possessed six of them .

After keeping the five Red Spider Lilies, Ye Xiwen did not stop at all . He dived straight into the Yellow Springs . After his entire body plunged inside, he could only feel the intense corrosiveness corroding his protective aura . Only by continuously supplying qi would he be able to withstand its corrosion .

Under normal circumstances, Ye Xiwen’s protective aura wouldn’t consume much qi . The consumption might get a little serious, only when undergoing massive battles . And yet, he was consuming a large amount of qi, even if he was merely maintaining his protective aura .

Unless he utilized the spiritual energy within the Dragon Vein, it would be impossible for him to remain by the spring’s bottom for an extended amount of time .

After entering the bottom of the lake, only did he realize that this was a vast crater . It was just like a deep valley by the cliff .

“Someone created this!” Ye Xiwen could feel the continuous ripples of energy from the deep crater and instantly guessed . This crater might have crumbled down through the battles of many people .


A few zombies nearby surrounded him . They had all awakened after Ye Xiwen harvested the Red Spider Lilies . But, Ye Xiwen struck all of them to the bottom of the spring .

They stared at Ye Xiwen viciously with their ruthless face and lunged themselves towards Ye Xiwen . Although Ye Xiwen wounded them just now, they had no sense of pain . No matter how hard they were hit, they wouldn’t feel any pain . Although these Transcendent Realm zombies weren’t like the regular zombies that could only kill their innate abilities, they were still extraordinarily violent and lusted for blood .

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A zombie took the lead in lunging towards Ye Xiwen, holding a longsword in its hands . It was a sword arts expert in its previous life . As he moved his sword, a layer of terrifying aura imbued with corpse poison was being unleashed towards Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen clenched his hands into a fist and only punched forward . In an instant, his fist transformed into a beam of starlight and blasted in front of him .

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen crushed the layer of corrosive aura into pieces . Then, Ye Xiwen strode forward and rereleased his attack .

Although the zombie managed to awaken its past memories and innate abilities, it still wasn’t comparable to its previous life . As such, even if the zombies had ascended the Transcendent Realm, their strength would experience a noticeable decline . Even among the Transcendent Realm experts, they could only be considered rock bottom .

However, the compelling thing about them was their flesh . The flesh of the average zombies was already tough . Typical martial instruments and weapons would barely hurt their flesh . As such, ordinary people would think that a zombie is tough to deal with .

Unfortunately, they had encountered Ye Xiwen . Ye Xiwen was just like their nemesis, as his body was also his specialty . His body was able to contend against ten people . Moreover, he was able to brute force his way through his enemies . As long as he surpassed his enemies’ strongest body, they wouldn’t be that scary anymore .

Ye Xiwen was currently clad in his clothing imbued with golden divinity . Although his Star Beast Avatar wasn’t a Tyrant Body, it could still morph its body shape and form its own Golden Body .

He launched another punch – the Shattered Star Fist forward . It incited a boundless blast and billowed large waves that came crashing down .

The zombie wasn’t afraid of death . It instantly slashed out a horrifying sword qi, which went up against Ye Xiwen’s attack .

After the sword qi contended against Ye Xiwen’s fist intent for a moment, it was instantly shattered apart .

Ye Xiwen’s fist intent did not lose its momentum and continued its advancement towards the zombie’s body .

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“Bang!” The zombie had already received a massive wound from Ye Xiwen previously . Now, it wasn’t able to withstand Ye Xiwen’s attack . As its protective corpse aura dispersed, its body was instantly shattered apart . Fresh blood was spewing out, and its bloody flesh was flying apart .

Ye Xiwen’s actions were exact . It seemed to be much more successful and even more potent than the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder .

Ye Xiwen realized that this zombie didn’t have its zombie core . Usually, a zombie cultivated would have its zombie core, which would act as its energy source . And yet, this zombie didn’t possess it . What in the world is happening?

Ye Xiwen was initially hoping to gain a large number of benefits . The corpse core might be considered as a poison for others, but it was an extremely beneficial supplement for him . After all, he was able to absorb the energy within the corpse core, so he desired it .

And yet, there weren’t any present . No wonder why these zombie’s strength declined so significantly . They didn’t possess their corpse core . As such, even if they had ascended the Transcendent Realm, they were still considered the rock-bottom existence within the Transcendent Realm .

Ye Xiwen blasted through the other zombies as well . He realized that they were in the same state as the previous zombie – they had no corpse core . This made Ye Xiwen a little frustrated .

“Could it be, the corpse core had already been used to fertilize the Red Spider Lilies?” Ye Mo pointed out a shocking revelation, “This would explain why the Red Spider Lilies, that usually grow by the spring would grow in the middle of the Yellow Springs, and take root on the corpses!”

Ye Xiwen could only think of this possibility . The corpse core was where the essence of the zombie’s entire body was located . Although they had turned into the Red Spider Lilies, it saved him from many different procedures .

The only fly in the ointment was that the corpse core held not much value, and others wouldn’t fight for it . However, after transforming into the Red Spider Lily, everyone would fight for it .

A tiny sound of waters roving resounded . Ye Xiwen looked towards the sound source and realized that a corpse was slowly floating upwards . A Red Spider Lily was growing on top of the corpse . As the corpse was gradually floating, the flower was slowly blooming as well .

The scene was incredibly creepy . What was even more bizarre was that this body didn’t belong to an average human . Instead, this body had four arms .

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“It’s the body of someone from the Native Clan!” Ye Xiwen frowned . Not only were various ancestors of the human race buried here, but there were also even multiple Native Clan ancestors that perished here, within this battlefield .

This was the start of the first battle between the human race and the Native Clan, fighting for survival space . After the battle unfolded, the human race and the Native Clan had been in a war for numerous years, until the human race ultimately annihilated the Native Clan .

Many years had passed since then, and the records regarding the Native Clans were already incomplete . In fact, the names within their clan weren’t recorded as well . There was only the general term – the “Native Clan” to refer them to . There were many different races within the Native Clan . Hence, it was unwise to classify different races together as one . However, when Ye Xiwen saw the four arms, he knew that this must have been someone from the Native Clan .

Ye Xiwen didn’t plan on letting this Red Spider Lily go . He instantly rushed towards the Native Clan corpse and grabbed the Red Spider Lily with lightning speed . As expected, in the instant that Ye Xiwen grabbed the Red Spider Lily, the Native Clan zombie suddenly opened its eyes, as if it had received a tremendous amount of stimulation . Just as it attacked, countless shadows of fists were blasting itself towards Ye Xiwen .

This fist art was much more terrifying compared to a human’s fist art . After all, it had four hands . His fist’s speed was two times the speed of a human, which makes it extremely hard to deal with .

In the past, the human race’s ancestors had also suffered quite an amount when facing the Native Clan .

“Human!” The Native Clan Zombie seemed to remember the memories of its previous life . Upon seeing Ye Xiwen, it appeared to have received enormous stimulation, which caused it to rampage .

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