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Chapter 804: 804
Chapter 804: Main Body Entering the Half-step Transcendent Realm

“What day is it today? Why are all of you gathered here? Could it be that you’ve discovered some treasure?”

“That’s right . That’s right . If it’s something good, you better not keep them to yourself!”

Following two savage laughters, two groups of men appeared by the skies . A flicker flashed across the people’s eyes from the Eight Stars School and the White Sun Sect .

There were also ten or more people within each of the two groups, and they were all Transcendent Realm experts . Only Transcendent Realm experts would dare to rush deep within this area . Others would have to venture by the outside slowly .

The two groups of people weren’t people that are easy to deal with . Ye Xiwen was quite familiar with them . They were the experts of the Heavenly Martial Sect, as well as the Meteor Sect . In fact, there was even his old opponent – Ran Chengtian, within the Heavenly Martial Sect’s group . However, compared to the fanatical Wei Mingyang that was filled with jealousy, Ran Chengtian seemed to be better . It was apparent that Ye Xiwen oppressed him until it reached an unbearable state .

The one leading the Heavenly Martial Sect was the Heavenly Martial Sect’s elder that came to the True Martial School previously . As for the one leading the Meteor Sect, it was the previous Meteor Sect’s elder . The instant they saw Ye Xiwen, they were like enemies that harbored deep vengeance against each other .

“It’s you?”

“It’s really you?”

They were indeed enemies that held deep vengeance against each other . Although Ran Chengtian did not end up like Wei Mingyang, he still had infinite killing intent towards Ye Xiwen .

As for the Meteor Sect’s elder, he was shamed previously by the Old City Lord . Now, he couldn’t contain his desire to kill every single disciple from the True Martial School .

“Fancy finding you through sheer luck here, after we’ve been searching for you for so long!” The Meteor Sect elder laughed loudly . There were hints of vengeance and happiness within his laughter . To him, the Old City Lord’s method of dealing with him already made him shameful enough . If I can kill the prodigy which the True Martial School is so proud of, wouldn’t that be super satisfying?

“You also hold a grudge against this kid? Let’s team up together, and kill this kid first then!” Seeing how the two groups of people held grudges against Ye Xiwen as well, the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder suggested .

“Alright, let’s kill him first!” Ran Chengtian, of the Heavenly Martial Sect, said while gritting his teeth . He harbored extreme hate towards Ye Xiwen .

Only the people from the White Sun Sect didn’t harbor any deep vengeance towards the True Martial School . They didn’t have to work together with others to kill Ye Xiwen .

Seeing the other three forces looking at him, Fu Buping shrugged and said, “Why are you looking at me? I’m not familiar with this Ye Xiwen at all . I won’t help him, nor would I help all of you!”

Seeing how the White Sun Sect wasn’t biased towards anyone, the three forces let out a relief . As long as the White Sun Sect didn’t interfere, killing Ye Xiwen would be a matter of time . Everything would be much simpler .

Ye Xiwen was secretly on his guard . Any forces here had the capabilities of giving him a headache . If the three forces were to team up with each other, it was sufficient to kill him until nothing remains .

At such a moment, he could only choose to escape .

Ye Xiwen’s original body sat in a lotus position within the Tianyuan Mirror . Two fresh Red Spider Lilies were placed in front of him .

He operated the Observing Person Scripture . The current Observing Person Scripture was becoming more and more complete . It gradually resembled a small universe . The qi within his body surged . Under his guidance, one of the Red Spider Lilies in front of him started to shatter inch by inch . They transformed into extremely pure energy and surged within Ye Xiwen’s body .

Although it was only a little, it was the purest of the purest essence within the body of a Transcendent Realm expert . It was the purest energy . This was the strongest part about the Red Spider Lily . If it were some average turbid energy, even Ye Xiwen wouldn’t dare to absorb it .

Now, the impurities were pushed away from the Red Spider Lily’s energy . It formed extremely pure energy, and anyone could absorb it .

He was currently within the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm . With only a little push, he would be able to ascend the Half-step Transcendent Realm . His foundations were already rock-solid . He just needed an opportunity and also a stimulant . And now, the Red Spider Lily was the most natural and the best opportunity for him .

Although there were only a few amounts of energy, it was still the Transcendent Realm’s energy . After the surge of energy entered Ye Xiwen’s body, it was like quantitative changes that lead to qualitative changes . It caused Ye Xiwen’s Great Sage Realm’s energy to undergo transformation . The Half-step Transcendent Realm still had the words “Transcendent Realm” in it . They also possessed the power of the Transcendent Realm .

However, Ye Xiwen lacked an opportunity to transform his powers into such a form . Now that this surge of energy entered his body, the energies within Ye Xiwen’s body were instantly surging, and transformations were happening .

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With a bang, the first trace of energy belonging to a Half-step Transcendent Realm appeared within Ye Xiwen’s body . It was just like the first ray of sunlight of the world, that broke through chaos itself . It instantly rose in quality .

It was just like a flood that was released from the dam . It caused the firm barrier of cultivation within Ye Xiwen’s body to crumble .

The Half-step Transcendent Realm’s barrier was also slowly being broken through .

He wasn’t aware of what was happening in the outside world, and he didn’t care as well . He just let the Star Beast Avatar handle everything . If there were something that even the Star Beast Avatar couldn’t settle, it would be useless even with his main body around .

Besides, with his Demon Wings, it wouldn’t be that simple for them to chase after the Star Beast Avatar .

With the guidance of this force, Ye Xiwen’s breakthrough was going forward with unstoppable momentum . In almost an instant, everything was shattered apart .

Another wave of energy burst out . However, he wasn’t able to truly make a step . There was no more momentum within his qi . When clashing against the barrier of cultivation, the consumption of qi is much larger than anything else .

At the same time, elixirs were burning everywhere within the Tianyuan Mirror . They turned into spiritual energy and were instilled within his body, helping his breakthrough .

Just as his qi’s momentum was lost, this wave of spiritual energy transformed into his qi, and the breakthrough started again .

The continuous breakthrough took an unidentifiable amount of time .

It might have been a minute, or an hour, or an entire era . The cultivation barrier within Ye Xiwen’s body was finally broken through .

“Boom!” In an instant, a surge of majestic aura burst out from his body . Under Ye Xiwen’s continuous advancement, the firm cultivation barrier finally crumbled . Ye Xiwen’s aura was instantly raised by a considerable margin .

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After the Star Beast Avatar ascended, Ye Xiwen’s main body had finally entered the Half-step Transcendent Realm as well . Compared to the Star Beast Avatar, he was late by ten years . However, he was indifferent . After all, his original body couldn’t be as lucky as the Star Beast Avatar . The Star Beast Avatar itself already possesses a powerful bloodline, as well as talent . Besides, the Star Beast Avatar’s blood essence could even absorb and devour . Its situation was much better compared to previous years .

The foundations of his original body were also much weaker compared to the Star Beast Avatar .

He didn’t consider his advancements slow, even if he only ascended to the Half-step Transcendent Realm now . After all, when Huang Wuji and the others were still in the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm, Ye Xiwen was still in the Sage Realm .

Now, Ye Xiwen finally had the intention of seeing what was happening in the outside world . Although the Star Beast Avatar and his main body were mentally connected, he had previously shut off all communication forms upon entering his close cultivation . It was done to prevent being interrupted from his close cultivation .

The current situation in the outside world was a mess . The three overlord forces were all staring at the Star Beast Avatar with a strong desire to get rid of it .

Ye Xiwen circulated the qi in his entire body and was ready to escape anytime . The wings behind him were also prepared to launch itself .

The situation entered a stalemate with the three forces staring intently at Ye Xiwen .

Just as the three forces wanted to take action, and Ye Xiwen was about to run away .

The bubbles’ sound resounded from the Yellow Springs, and a few Red Spider Lilies rose from within . They initially still had the appearance of flower buds . After rising to the surface of the Yellow Springs, they slowly bloomed one after another . The bright color was so radiating in the eyes of everyone .

“Red Spider Lily!”

Everyone exclaimed . The experts from the Meteor Sect and the Heavenly Martial Sect arrived late and weren’t aware of what was happening here . The so-called “treasure” was just a joke . They didn’t feel the ripples of any extraordinary treasures appearing, which caused them to neglect it .

However, they couldn’t contain themselves anymore now . Red Spider Lilies . There were a few Red Spider Lilies here . If they were utilized well, it might create a few Transcendent Realm experts . How could they neglect it any further?

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As for the people from the White Sun Sect and the Eight Stars School, they just assumed that there was one Red Spider Lily present . When Ye Xiwen kept the other two Red Spider Lilies, it wasn’t done within their line of sight . As such, they only assumed a flower to be here .

They never expected so many to appear from the spring . They instantly thought of what it implied . It implied that there were still many more Red Spider Lilies at the bottom of the Yellow Springs .

Hints of radiance were flickering within their eyes .

Even Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but be astonished . He never expected the extremely rare Red Spider Lily to appear here one after another . Everyone else only saw one of it, but Ye Xiwen had already received two of them . Naturally, he was aware that there were more .

He immediately thought of how creepy these Red Spider Lilies were, as they grew on others’ corpse . Besides, it was unknown how many top-notch experts must have perished here to form such a vast Yellow Springs .

In other words, there might be an abundance of Red Spider Lilies here!

His eyes lit up as the thought flashed across his mind . If that were the case, this would be an astonishing amount of wealth .

The Red Spider Lily blooms for a thousand years and wilts for another thousand years . Are the Red Spider Lilies blooming together now, despite it blooming once every thousand years?

The Red Spider Lily would only bloom after a thousand years . When it blooms to its most splendid state, it would slowly start to wilt, and its effectiveness would gradually decrease . The only solution to maintain its effectiveness would be plucking it upon blooming .

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