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Chapter 803

This meant that the Red Spider Lily could create a Transcendent Realm expert . They definitely would not let this opportunity pass .

Everyone in the White Sun Sect had a serious expression on their face as well . They didn’t want to let go of this Red Spider Lily as well . Whatever the Eight Stars School could think of, they would naturally be able to as well .

The calm Yellow Springs started to release its aura, which stirred waves from the lake with their arrival .

It was a mess deep within the lake . Various corpses were lying all around . Suddenly, a corpse moved . It opened its eyes, and two rays of blood-lights shot towards the skies .

Ye Xiwen was calmly standing by the surface of the lake . He wasn’t feeling uncomfortable standing between the two sides . After all, he was confident in his speed . Even if the two sides were to corner him, he had the confidence to escape unharmed .

“Mingyang, do it!” The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder yelled . Simultaneously, the dozens of Transcendent Realm experts led by the Eight Stars School stood horizontally in front of the White Sun Sect’s experts .

They wanted to keep the Red Spider Lily for themselves .

“You’re seeking death!” Fu Buping was instantly enraged . The Eight Stars School was not holding them in high regard . In such a situation, he couldn’t hold it in anymore .

Although they worked together to oppress the True Martial Domain’s local forces, they were not united . Other than a few matters, they were mostly hostile against each other . In fact, they were each other’s competitors . It benefitted them more to have other forces eliminated .

Fu Buping immediately took action . An intense radiating light surged from his hand and instantly flew towards the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder .

The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder held a long saber in front of him . The Eight-Stars Royalty Shattering Saber slashed out and went up against Fu Buping’s attack .

The two terrifying top-notch experts instantly released a horrifying attack against each other .

Other experts of the White Sun Sect and the Eight Stars Sect also started fighting against each other . The entire situation became havoc .

Wei Mingyang, who was on the other side, started to make a move . He extended his hand and attempted to grab the Red Spider Lily .

At that moment, the motionless Ye Xiwen suddenly moved . He shot out like a cannon bolt and lunged himself towards the direction of Wei Mingyang .

Wei Mingyang could only feel a sense of chill shooting towards him . Immediately, a surge of horrifying aura enveloped him and engulfed him within .

“Ye Xiwen, it’s you again!” Wei Mingyang yelled . He never expected Ye Xiwen to still go against him even under such circumstances .

The norm would be for Ye Xiwen to escape when the two sides were fighting against each other .

At such a moment, he couldn’t pay any attention to Ye Xiwen anymore . He also didn’t want to . After all, the Red Spider Lily was much more important . With the Red Spider Lily, he would ascend the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak very quickly . With that, Ye Xiwen wouldn’t be worth anything in his eyes anymore . He could kill him whenever he wants to .

Ye Xiwen’s speed was quick, but Wei Mingyang was a step ahead . He snatched the Red Spider Lily and grabbed it out of the lake with a smug expression . So what if Ye Xiwen is strong? He’s still slower than me .

However, his smile quickly froze . A pale white hand enveloped in a layer of horrifying corpse aura instantly rose and grabbed his hand with lightning speed .

Wei Mingyang’s attention was all on Ye Xiwen . Seeing how he was faster than Ye Xiwen, he felt that he had won, which made him let down his guard . However, to his surprise, a calamity was now befalling upon him .

“Bang!” Wei Mingyang flew out like a kite that broke its strings . His blood splattered everywhere .

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“Roar!” An extremely horrifying shriek resounded from the corpse . Its voice was hoarse and unpleasant . It didn’t feel like it was alive at all .

A tall zombie jumped out of the lake . Its expression was too ruthless, and its eyes were crimson red . It looked like it had just awakened from its slumber . It rushed towards Wei Mingyang, with the intent to kill him .

The zombie was extremely fast, and it was very agile . It managed to catch up with Wei Mingyang mid-air . It opened its claws and did a seemingly casual swipe towards Wei Mingyang . However, contrary to its casual actions, various profundities of martial arts were contained within . A Transcendent Realm zombie was much more different compared to a regular zombie .

Although regular zombies were produced from dead bodies, they were considered a brand new living being . Although it was a being that was neither alive nor dead, it was still considered a brand new living being . It had no more relations to its past life .

If it could cultivate to a higher realm, it would become another expert .

However, after a zombie ascended to the Transcendent Realm, some of its memories would automatically be awakened . Some martial arts experience and memories would awaken, which made it much more horrifying . If a zombie had already ascended the Transcendent Realm in its past life, it would automatically contain its memories of its previous life upon becoming a zombie, including stuff like martial arts experiences . However, it was still a different entity from its previous life .

Combining the zombie martial arts and the martial arts it learned from its previous life would be much stronger and would be much harder to deal with .

“Rip!” The vast claws scratched Wei Mingyang’s body and tore a massive wound on his chest . A huge chunk of bloody flesh was ripped apart .

Wei Mingyang let out a tragic scream, and his wound instantly turned green . The attack had poisoned him . It was an extremely potent corpse poison . Wei Mingyang’s face slowly became pale, and his eyes slowly turned blood red . This was the sign of him suffering from the corpse poison, and was turning into a zombie himself .

The corpse poison of a Transcendent Realm zombie was potent . If Wei Mingyang wasn’t a Transcendent Realm expert himself, that scratch might have instantly turned him into a zombie .

“You animal! Die!”

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The turn of events shocked everyone . The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder was deeply enraged . He couldn’t care about the fight against the White Sun Sect’s Fu Buping anymore, and he slashed his sword against the zombie .

The force of his saber was unparalleled, and it descended like a group of meteors . It instantly blew away the corpse aura protecting the zombie and slashed downwards .

“Splash!” The zombie was sliced in half, and its green blood splattered across the entire Yellow Springs .

Although the zombie had already ascended the Transcendent Realm, it could only be considered a regular Transcendent Realm zombie . While it might be effective in ambushing the Wei Mingyang, who wasn’t paying attention, it was far from being able to go against the Eights Stars School’s Great Elder .

The White Sun Sect didn’t have the intention to continue their attacks either . While a Red Spider Lily was extremely rare, they didn’t want to sacrifice ten or more Transcendent Realm experts solely for one Red Spider Lily .

After all, it had already been snatched away by an Eight Stars School’s expert . It would be difficult to snatch it back again . Although it was a bit of a pity, they were feeling satisfied, seeing Wei Mingyang’s horrible state . Go ahead, snatch it . How’s it? You’ve suffered now, huh!

After killing the zombie, the Eight Stars School’s experts were busy trying to suppress the corpse poison within Wei Mingyang’s body . Since they knew that the current location was a horrifying ancient battlefield, they had naturally prepared some techniques to deal with the zombies or ghosts . They all brought along the medicine capable of curing the corpse poison .

However, they were still a little too slow . Wei Mingyang had been poisoned to the core . The poison couldn’t be cleared away within a short amount of time . It could only be suppressed using their cultivation .

“Ye Xiwen, is this your doing?” The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder stared at Ye Xiwen with a hostile gaze . The matter that just happened was too weird . Even if Wei Mingyang wasn’t wary of the zombie, it should still be difficult for that Transcendent Realm zombie to catch him .

Ye Xiwen shrugged and said, “How should I know? I haven’t even reached his side . No one expected a zombie to be hiding below . I can only say this is his fate!”

“Fate . Haha!”

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The various people from the White Sun Sect laughed together . Even if others were afraid of the Eight Stars Sect, the White Sun Sect did not pale in comparison in terms of strength . They weren’t afraid of the Eight Stars Sect at all .

Other than going against the True Martial School’s local forces, they had nothing to cooperate for . The degree of hate they harbored for each other far surpasses the True Martial School, who had been turtling themselves within the True Martial Domain .

The faces of the Eight Stars School’s experts turned pale . If it were any other people, they would have torn the person who insulted them apart a long time ago . After all, the person had the audacity to shame the Eight Stars School . However, Ye Xiwen was different . They didn’t fear him because of how strong he was . Instead, they couldn’t even catch up to Ye Xiwen . It had already been certified previously .

Even if they managed to catch up to him, it would be a long time after this .

“If you didn’t cause Mingyang to lose his focus just now, he wouldn’t be caught by the zombie . It’s all your fault!” The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder stared at Ye Xiwen with an ice-cold gaze and gritted his teeth .

Wei Mingyang had already lost against Ye Xiwen several times . Every single experience was considered shaming the Eight Stars School .

“How’s it related to me!?” said Ye Xiwen coldly with a plain expression . However, he was already feeling very joyful deep within his heart . In all actuality, this was something he had set up . Exactly like what the Eight Stars School’s Great elder had said, if it weren’t for him distracting Wei Mingyang, causing Wei Mingyang’s attention to be focused on him, Wei Mingyang wouldn’t be ambushed by that zombie . After all, Wei Mingyang was still slightly stronger compared to that zombie .

That was why Ye Xiwen deliberately took action . Although he knew that he wouldn’t be able to prevent Wei Mingyang from snatching it, everything else had gone according to his plan .

That zombie had ambushed Wei Mingyang . Of course, he definitely would never admit it .

“So, you’re Ye Xiwen?” A hint of surprise appeared on Fu Buping’s face, and he looked at Ye Xiwen . He naturally knew of this prodigy that recently emerged from the True Martial School . In fact, after some White Sun Sect experts returned to their sect, they had even described Ye Xiwen vividly, which made him very well-known within the White Sun Sect .

However, before Ye Xiwen could answer, two loud laughing noises resounded from the skies .

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