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Chapter 802: Chapter 802: Taking the Red Spider Lily
Chapter 802: Taking the Red Spider Lily

The so-called Yellow Springs was made out of corpse wax .

The last time Ye Xiwen saw the Yellow Springs flowing was when he was still in the Thousands Demon Beasts Island . Judging by the scale of Yellow Springs, many people had died .

The size of the Yellow Springs in front of him was extravagantly huge . It seemed to span across hundreds of miles . When a person dies, the amount of corpse wax released from the corpse was pitifully small . For the Yellow Springs to form on this scale, many lives would need to be taken . Even if the size wasn’t as massive as the one in the Thousands Demon Beasts Island, it was already shocking enough .

The surface of the Yellow Springs was in a weird motionless state . Only three crimson red flowers were standing still within . It exuded an alluring fragrance, portraying the image of a beautiful treasure .

Red Spider Lily!

Ye Xiwen heaved a deep breath . Although he had never truly seen a Red Spider Lily before, he knew the myths regarding it . The Red Spider Lily blooms for a thousand years, and withers for another thousand years . When it’s flower blooms, it’s leaves would wither, and vice versa . The two would never meet each other . When the Red Spider Lily bloom, the gate of another side of the world would open up as well . One could only face helplessness upon the Narakade Bridge . When they walk to the world of death, they would step on these tragically beautiful flowers, which would lead them to the netherworld .

The Red Spider Lily would grow by the River of Forgetfulness, which would guide souls to the netherworld . It’s the only flower in the netherworld, and this flower would only bloom in Yellow Springs . According to rumors, the scenery to the netherworld was only filled with these Red Spider Lilies .

As such, there could only be one kind of flower that blooms within the Yellow Springs – the Red Spider Lily .

The last time he was in the Thousands Demon Beasts Island, he did not come across a Red Spider Lily . While he didn’t know if it had been taken away by someone else or not, he knew that no one had taken away the Red Spider Lilies here .

It would bloom for a thousand years and wither for another thousand years . Currently, the Red Spider Lily was at its most prosperous state .

However, the legends said that the Red Spider Lilies only grew by the Yellow Springs’ side . Now, it grew in the middle of the Yellow Springs . Could it be they are not Red Spider Lilies?

However, Ye Mo’s words affirmed his guess .

“Ye Xiwen, this is the Red Spider Lily, and also the Yellow Springs Flower . Quickly harvest all of them!” yelled Ye Mo .

Ye Xiwen did not hesitate any further . He instantly rushed inside . Although he didn’t know what kind of uses the Red Spider Lilies posed, he knew that Ye Mo must have had a reason for saying that .

When Ye Xiwen flew to the top of the Yellow Springs, he dived towards the Red Spider Lilies, just like an eagle diving for its prey .

When the tip of his toes touched the river, a loud sizzling sound could be heard . The lake water eroded more than half of the protective aura on his body .

Ye Xiwen didn’t dare to stop operating his aura to fend off the corrosion . At the same time, his hands grabbed the Red Spider Lilies by the stem and ripped it with full force . However, he felt his body being weighed down . A corpse was pulled out along with the Red Spider Lily . It was an extremely emaciated corpse . Even after being dipped within the Yellow Springs for so long, there weren’t many changes on his corpse . It still looked brand new, and one could tell that he was an old man with an ancient style of clothing choice .

Ye Xiwen then realized that the Red Spider Lily was growing on this corpse . This is so creepy . He felt goosebumps all over his body . However, he didn’t have any time to hesitate now . He pulled the Red Spider Lily away from the corpse .

In almost an instant, the emaciated hand launched itself towards him . Below him, the old man that had died for a long time suddenly opened his eyes . His eyes were white-gray, and it was filled with deathly stillness . However, his actions were swift . In almost an instant, his hand had virtually reached Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen moved in that instant as well . His speed was rapid . In almost a moment, his thin and white palm pressed onto the chest of the corpse .

The muffled sound of metal clashing against each other resounded . The corpse was deeply wounded and sunk into the Yellow Springs .

Ye Xiwen was surprised . The instant he pulled out the Red Spider Lily from the corpse, the corpse instantly returned to life . Ye Xiwen wasn’t even prepared for it . If it wasn’t for the Lightning Wings’ extremely horrifying explosive speed upon achieving Big Success, he might not even have a chance to evade it, let alone to strike back .

What surprised him even more was how strong the corpse was after it had been drenched within the Yellow Springs for countless years . He knew reasonably well of how strong the Star Beast Avatar’s physical body was . And yet, he didn’t manage to shatter the corpse . The sound of metal clashing even resounded . Although the corpse was gravely wounded, it wasn’t killed instantly .

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To him, this was already considered an anomaly . Based on the physical body alone, only if his own body reached the Transcendent Realm would he be able to oppress the corpse . Otherwise, if he couldn’t, then only those top-notch batch of people could .

It was apparent how out of the ordinary this Yellow Springs was!

“What functions does the Red Spider Lily possess?” asked Ye Xiwen . He did not hastily take the other two lilies . His previous experience already made him realize that the two other Red Spider Lilies must be growing on some other corpses as well .

Before being clear of the situation, he didn’t want to act hastily .

“According to the legends, the Red Spider Lily grows by the side of the netherworld’s Yellow Springs . It signifies the different sides of life and death . The Red Spider Lilies would absorb the essence of the Yellow Springs everyday, which results in their growth!” said Ye Mo . “Usually, the so-called Yellow Springs is formed by the corpse wax released by corpses . It’s the essence of these corpses . At the same time, they are extremely poisonous as well . If someone were to fall inside, even their bones wouldn’t remain . Only the Red Spider Lilies would grow on it under such an environment and absorb its essence!”

“When a Red Spider Lily grows on a certain corpse, it implies that the corpse’s entire essence is gathered within the Red Spider Lily on top of it . That corpse just now might have already reached the Transcendent Realm . If your original body were to consume it, breaking through to the Half-step Transcendent Realm wouldn’t be a problem . It would be extremely beneficial even for a Transcendent Realm expert!”

As expected, this is a valuable treasure! Ye Xiwen was immediately thrilled . No wonder Ye Mo wanted me to take this Red Spider Lily away . The value of these three Red Spider Lilies is definitely insurmountable . Of course, it also depended on what kind of corpse it was growing on . If it were a Red Spider Lily that grew on a Great Sage’s corpse, it wouldn’t be as beneficial to Ye Xiwen anymore . However, even so, he would gain an incredible amount of wealth if it were to be sold outside .

Thinking about it, Ye Xiwen extended his hand to grab the other Red Spider Lilies . With his previous experience, Ye Xiwen was now extremely careful . The instant he plucked the Red Spider Lilies, he immediately struck the corpses below to the Yellow Springs’ bottom .

Like what Ye Xiwen had expected, the instant he plucked out the Red Spider Lily, the corpse reacted . Its moves were as swift as the wind . It was the zombie of a Transcendent Realm expert’s corpse .

Ye Xiwen’s expression turned a little serious . It should be known that the stronger one was, the harder it was to become a zombie . The reason was that the laws of the world protected them . It would only be possible if it happened in an extremely yin environment or the land filled with yin’s power .

Yellow Springs was one of those places .

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If an expert became a zombie, it might cause a zombie apocalypse . This was the scary part of this place .

However, before he could overthink it, the Eight Stars School experts had already rushed over to him . Everything that happened previously might have sounded long, but only a moment had passed . Ye Xiwen only managed to take away two Red Spider Lilies before the Eight Stars School’s experts arrived .

“This is the Red Spider Lily!” The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder was extremely knowledgeable and immediately recognized the Red Spider Lily . Greed flashed across his eyes, “That’s the Red Spider Lily . Don’t let Ye Xiwen get it!”

They had to choose between either acquiring the Red Spider Lily or hunting Ye Xiwen down . They decided to acquire the Red Spider Lily first . As for Ye Xiwen, they just assumed that he wouldn’t be able to escape . At such a moment, it was much more critical to acquire the Red Spider Lily .

Besides, not all of them were required to snatch the Red Spider Lily . Only one person would be sufficient .

Wei Mingyang immediately rushed out . It was apparent that he knew what kind of benefits the Red Spider Lily possessed . If he managed to consume the Red Spider Lily, his cultivation would then experience a surge . He would even be able to contend against experts that had ascended the Transcendent Realm first level .

He wasn’t able to resist such temptations . The other Eight Stars School’s experts were coldly staring at Ye Xiwen . While they were preventing him from taking action against Wei Mingyang, they were also preventing him from escaping .

“Haha, today’s such a lucky day . I even managed to come across a Red Spider Lily . The heavens are truly in my favor today!” a loud laugh came from a distance .

Following that laughter, more than ten strong voices resounded in front of everyone .

“White Sun Sect!” The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder narrowed his eyes . His gaze became cold and terrifying .

The group of people that came were from the White Sun Sect, one of the extraterrestrial overlords . The dozens of Transcendent Realm experts behind him were all the elites of the White Sun Sect .

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The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder instantly recognized the middle-aged man leading the group . It was none other than one of the White Sun Sect’s Supreme Elder – Fu Buping . Many years ago, the two of them had already fought against each other multiple times . The two of them could already consider each other as old foes .

“It’s you?” The middle-aged man – Fu Buping, also saw the group of Eight Stars School experts . Ye Xiwen was neglected by him, as Ye Xiwen was alone, “I never expected to see you here . Since you’ve arrived here so early, you must have harvested the other Red Spider Lilies . How about leaving this to our White Sun Sect?”

“You…” The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder was instantly enraged . What kind of reasoning is this? What do you mean by I have harvested others just because I arrived here earlier than you? Just because I had gathered some, I must leave this Red Spider Lily to your White Sun Sect? “Since you want it so much, come take it with your own strength!”

He would not give up on the Red Spider Lily . After all, it was also extremely beneficial for Transcendent Realm experts . If a Half-step Transcendent late Realm expert were to consume it, it would be much easier for them to ascend to the Transcendent Realm .

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