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Chapter 801: 801
Chapter 801: Hunt Down

In truth, the disparity in strength between the two wasn’t so huge . However, Ye Xiwen had Tianyuan Mirror that had ascended to a Transcendent Tool to protect himself . The power it released was far stronger than what Wei Mingyang imagined .

“Impossible . This is impossible!” Wei Mingyang continuously spat out blood . He seemed to have succumbed to his inner demon, approaching the verge of losing his mind . He just kept repeating the word “impossible . ”

Ye Xiwen had crushed his confidence previously . Somehow, he managed to rebuild it with his hatred towards Ye Xiwen . However, the nature of it seemed deformed and even fanatical .

His confidence this time came from his increase in strength . The thought of being able to eliminate Ye Xiwen had allowed him to stay in one piece . Unfortunately, his yet another defeat in the hands of Ye Xiwen spawned chaos within him .

After realizing that this basis of confidence crumbled, he ended up being hysterical .

“Idiot, faster get back to your senses!” Suddenly, an old voice resounded from beside . The voice was like a slap to his head, pulling Wei Mingyang back from his self-doubt and the abyss of self-deprivation .

The one that spoke was a black-shirt old man . It was an old man full of vigor, seemingly an authoritative Great Elder of the Eight Stars School . All the supreme elders within the Eight Stars School were all his juniors .

From Ye Xiwen’s point of view, his strength might even be top-notch . His aura was much scarier compared to Wei Mingyang and was almost comparable to the Emergence School Leader .

Wei Mingyang instantly came back to his senses . His entire face was flushed due to frustration . He said, “I’m too incapable and had shamed the Eight Stars School!”

“This is nothing . Who hasn’t experienced defeat in their life? It’s not scary to lose . Most importantly, you have to stand up again from where you fall off . Since this little kid caused your inner demons to sprout, kill him . After clearing away all of your inner demons, you’ll be able to improve!” said the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder indifferently as if Ye Xiwen was someone he could freely dispose of .

“Thanks for your lectures, Great Elder!” Wei Mingyang calmed down his emotions and suppressed his wounds . He had an extremely high-end healing martial art . After a short while, he had recovered from his injuries . He looked at Ye Xiwen like a savage, “Today, shall be the day you die . You chose to walk the path of death, even when there was another pathway for you to live!”

“Boy, you’re not bad . Sadly, you’ll only live until here!” said the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder with a hint of pity, as if he was looking at a product of art that was going to shatter . In an instant, his silhouette shook, and he appeared in front of Ye Xiwen . Numerous blade qis materialized from thin air and condensed fanatically .




A huge clank after another resounded . Numerous blade qis that filled the skies instantly slashed downwards and attempted to kill Ye Xiwen off in an instant . It was boundless and endless as if the skies were raining blade qis .

Such a terrifying power was much stronger than Wei Mingyang’s previous display of strength . Every layer of blade qi was already comparable to Wei Mingyang’s fully committed strike .

This top-notch expert was already terrifying enough . Worse still, he was an expert than hadn’t been making improvements after ascending the Transcendent Realm first level . When he couldn’t make improvements, he could only research further in his martial art techniques .

After so many years, no one knew how much knowledge had he accumulated or how strong he was .


The entire space distorted and was cut piece by piece by the blade qi . It was indeed a terrifying sight to behold .

Following a few rays of golden lights, the blade qis pierced through Ye Xiwen’s body . The Great Elder could only watch Ye Xiwen turning into rays of golden lights, disappearing from the blade formation .

When Ye Xiwen reappeared once more, he was already more than ten miles away . The large pair of wings behind him were continuously flapping, and sounds of actual thunder followed along .

Ye Xiwen’s gaze became serious . He never expected the old man to be so troublesome . If he didn’t expand the Devil Wings at the most crucial moment to evade the Great Elder’s attacks, he might have been pierced through an ungodly amount of times .

This was a terrifying strength, coming from the world’s most terrifying top-notch expert .

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Ye Xiwen did not hesitate any further . He immediately turned around and left . If it was Wei Mingyang alone, Ye Xiwen had the confidence to kill him . Even if only the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder was present, Ye Xiwen could find the opportunity to kill him by using the Tianyuan Mirror against him . However, his opponent wasn’t a single Transcendent Realm expert . Instead, he brought along more than ten of them . At this point, almost all of them were going to arrive soon .

He wasn’t a lunatic . He was aware of the difference in strength between him and the group of Transcendent Realm experts . It was not compensable by any means . At such a moment, he had no other choice but to run away .

“He’s running away, chase after him!” Seeing Ye Xiwen fleeting, Wei Mingyang didn’t care about the wounds on his body anymore . He was the first to chase after Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen was his inner demon, a terrifying inner demon . It was an inner demon that he had never experienced before . If he couldn’t kill Ye Xiwen, the repercussions might be too horrifying .

He was merely defeated by Ye Xiwen today, and such serious repercussions had already arisen . If there wasn’t the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder’s reminder, he might have entered the vortex of self-depravity . In fact, he might even end up exploding internally .

All these happened because of Ye Xiwen . During their previous fight, he was treated like a dog by Ye Xiwen . To him, it was a too shameful experience .

Behind him, the dozens of Transcendent Realm experts were all chasing after Ye Xiwen hurriedly, just like a barrage of arrows that were released from a bow .

Ye Xiwen turned around and entered the green miasma . He realized that the miasma was corroding his protective qi .

It should be known that his Star Beast Avatar had already ascended to the Transcendent Realm . As long as the laws around him exist, it would automatically protect his body, and a protection aura would even form around him . Regular attacks wouldn’t even be able to break through his protective aura . However, the protective aura was now being eroded by the miasma with a buzzing sound whistling in the air . He was aware of how terrifying the miasma was .

If a Sage Realm expert came in, they would have to be cautious while at the same time only left with the energy to defend themselves . If someone below the Sage Realm entered here, they might dissolve into a puddle of blood .

Although the place he was in was weird, he didn’t have the room to overthink it . He had dozens of Transcendent Realm experts behind him chasing after him . They entered the miasma and hurriedly rushed towards him .

Ye Xiwen’s speed was breakneck . He almost displayed his fullest speed . The Devil Wings were already flapping fanatically . However, the group of people behind him weren’t slow either . They were chasing after him very tightly . All of them took out their martial instruments that helped with speed . Although their actual speed wasn’t as quick as Ye Xiwen, they could match Ye Xiwen’s speed using these flying devices . The scene was like stars chasing the moon .

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Ye Xiwen’s Wind Wings had yet to achieve its great mastery state . Although the Lightning Wings’ explosive speed was already at its maximum within each short burst, it was useless in such a situation .

If his Wind Wings had also achieved great mastery, these people wouldn’t even catch up with him . He would then be able to go on the offense or defense anytime he desired .

Just as he was feeling frustrated, thinking of how to shake off these people, the Eight Stars School group was also feeling frustrated . The martial instrument below their feet was the Eight Stars School’s top-notch Eight-stars Flying Device .

The Eight Stars School’s flying device was separated into different levels, from one-star to eight-stars . Naturally, the eight-stars ones were of the highest level . However, it’s numbers were extremely scarce . The entire Eight Stars School only had around ten or more .

Due to the scarcity, very rarely would a Transcendent Realm expert possess this Eight-stars Flying Device . It already possessed the most top-notch speed, yet it couldn’t catch up to Ye Xiwen .

For them, this was like a miracle .

“How can he be so fast?” said Wei Mingyang a little furiously .

“What’s the hurry? How long can he maintain such extreme speed? He can’t go on like this continuously . As long as we’re patient, we’ll catch up to him sooner or later!” Contrary to the furious Wei Mingyang, the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder seemed confident .

He was experienced and immediately identified Ye Xiwen’s biggest weakness . Ye Xiwen couldn’t exert such speed continuously .

It was the same even if Ye Xiwen had ascended to the Transcendent Realm . Although one’s maximum speed would experience growth after ascending to the Transcendent Realm, qi’s consumption would also multiply by a considerable amount . No one could continue to fly at such a high speed . Even if they had things like elixirs to help replenish their qi, it was useless . How long could they continue to go on?

A year?

Two years?

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Three years?

The Great Elder, who lived for seven to eight thousand years, was not bothered to chase after someone for a few years . Even if it took ten to twenty years, everything would be worth it as long as he managed to catch Ye Xiwen . With this, he would be able to take care of Wei Mingyang’s inner demon .

Ye Xiwen wasn’t aware of the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder’s thoughts . However, even if he knew, he wouldn’t be affected . Even if his body had the Star Beast Avatar’s extremely dense qi, he wouldn’t be able to consume it infinitely .

However, he had a Dragon Vein within the Tianyuan Mirror . If the situation calls for it, he could even extract the power from the Dragon Vein . If one wanted to wait for him to finish consuming all his qi, it would take up to a few hundred years, even if he was flying at his maximum speed .

He could afford to wait . However, would these Eight Stars School’s people who had already located the pathway to the Ancient Barrens Continent willing to wait?

However, he didn’t want to wait for so long . He had to think of a way to brush them off, as he didn’t want to continuously be hunted down by someone else for tens of years .

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen heard the sound of water flowing . Through the green miasma, Ye Xiwen saw a huge boundless yellow lake .

Yellow Springs . It’s the Yellow Springs!

After so many years, Ye Xiwen finally saw the Yellow Springs once more!

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