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Chapter 800: 800
Chapter 800: Defeating Wei Mingyang Again

When he entered the Dao Kong Mountain Range, Ye Xiwen realized that he misjudged the geography in the Dao Kong Mountain Range . Thousands of masters from various worlds under the starry sky surged this place . Then, after a few years, dozens of cities existed simultaneously .

On the whole, it looked like the layout of a small country . Among these cities, the masters led by the extraterrestrial overlords united . Each extraterrestrial overlord formed its city .

For them whose cultivation reached such height, building a city was no effort at all . If they wanted, a huge city could be built overnight .

Even after such a long period of successive reinforcement, these cities’ stability was comparable to any of the True Martial Domain’s imperial capitals . The power of these masters was conceivable .

In addition to the cities built by the extraterrestrial overlords, the True Martial Domain’s local forces jointly built a city in groups . This city would serve as the base in the Dao Kong Mountain Range .

The last category was the cities built by many individual cultivators spontaneously . They didn’t have the means of these behemoths, but they had a lot of people . The construction of this city was not lagging behind at all .

Now in the outer regions of the Dao Kong Mountain Range, there were only a few Sage Realm and Great Sage martial artists . As for the Transcendent Realm masters, they had already explored more in-depth into the mountain range . For the Great Sage and Sage Realm masters, they came to find those treasures . The divine tools and scriptures left on the battlefield were priceless to them . However, for those Transcendent Realm masters, the real priceless treasure lay in finding the path to Ancient Barrens . As for the others, they just joined along the way . Unless it was some fantastic treasure, it was difficult to attract their attention .

These cities were very far apart, and each one was at least a thousand miles apart . Although the distance was not very long for these masters, these cities had yet to surround the entire battlefield .

When Ye Xiwen set foot on this ancient battlefield, he was still shocked by the grandeur . It was unknown how many miles there were and how many masters were fighting in it . This was where the ancestors of humankind fought . He couldn’t help but be fascinated .

Only at this time, this ancient battlefield was surrounded by endless aquamarine miasma . These miasmas were produced from the bodies after the death of the masters . It was terrifying as it melted everything .

“Ye Xiwen, it’s really you?”

Suddenly, a thrilled voice came behind Ye Xiwen . Ye Xiwen turned his head . It turned out to be Wei Mingyang .

When Wei Mingyang saw Ye Xiwen, there was only excitement on his face . Yes, excitement . For many days, he had been suffering almost every day and night . He was a proud talent, the distinguished character of Eight Stars School . He looked down upon his peers and had never been defeated by his peers, let alone be trounced .

For him, the previous loss was a shame, a huge humiliation . This shame tortured him day and night and kept him awake at night . There was only one thing he thought about every moment, and that was revenge .

In this kind of torment, his strength became even more robust than that of the veteran Transcendent Realm masters in the Eight Stars School .

However, his mentality had gradually spawned inner demons . Even the owner of Eight Stars School once pointed out that if he couldn’t get rid of those inner demons, then his strength that was forcibly improved out of hatred would sooner or later disappear . There was even the danger of regressing into the Half-step Transcendent Realm .

But on the contrary, if he could get rid of the inner demons, then his currently improved strength would be unprecedentedly stable . Through removing those inner demons, the state of mind would be in a satisfactory state . It would evolve into another leap in cultivation . He might even become strong enough to compete with top masters like the Eight Stars School Master .

Man proposes god disposes, and yet heaven always gives people a chance . He had suffered so much . If he successfully confronted his inner demons, all the suffering he had previously would become valuable .

The fastest and only way to get rid of the inner demons was to kill Ye Xiwen . Only by killing Ye Xiwen could his inner demons be confronted, and his state of mind could be in a satisfactory state .

That was why he was so pleasantly surprised . It was the opportunity the God gave him . In his opinion, it was merely God’s favor .

Compared with his surprise, Ye Xiwen frowned because he noticed that the people who came this time were not only Wei Mingyang but also more than a dozen Transcendent Realm masters . All of whom were the Supreme Elders of the Eight Stars School .

True Martial School had already pushed to their limit when they organized more than a dozen Transcendent Realm masters . More than half of the masters were mobilized, but it was not a problem for Eight Stars School . They could even divide their forces into many groups . The gap in strength was evident from this .

“Hahaha, lady luck is on my side! Ye Xiwen, today you are going to die!” Wei Mingyang laughed, and his face turned hideous .

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In a moment, Wei Mingyang already rushed in front of Ye Xiwen . The speed was terrifying, like a cannonball out of the chamber .

A long saber in his hand danced with dazzling light, splitting the sky and the earth, and instantly slashed towards Ye Xiwen .

What a fast speed!

Ye Xiwen discovered that Wei Mingyang’s speed was even faster than before, and his strength was even close to Ye Xiwen’s Star Beast Avatar’s strength . How could it be possible to improve so much in such a short period?

If Transcendent Realm first level had to distinguish between ordinary, elite, and peak, then the Star Beast Avatar, who had just passed Transcendent Realm’s retribution, had directly reached the elite level . It had extraordinary talent .

Although Wei Mingyang had excellent talent, he just entered the Transcendent Realm not long ago . Among the first level of the Transcendent Realm, he could only be regarded as someone ordinary, or even at the lowest level .

After all, everyone who entered the Transcendent Realm was incredibly gifted . Despite him in the Transcendent Realm, his strength could only be regarded as the lowest level initially .

However, Ye Xiwen didn’t expect that Wei Mingyang entered directly into the elite level in such a short time, not inferior to the Star Beast Avatar’s strength .

The majestic qi on the Eight-Stars Royalty Shattering Saber instantly cut out eight saber shadows in the sky, turning them into eight huge stars . It then slashed downward and headed straight to Ye Xiwen .

This saber was overbearing and invincible; the saber technique was terrifying .

Ye Xiwen didn’t dare to underestimate the slightest, so he took Wolf Cub directly into Tianyuan Mirror, replaced his main body with the Star Beast Avatar, and squeezed his hand into a fist . He directly blasted out the Shattered Star Fist, formed a massive star, and fiercely attacked .

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Ye Xiwen’s Shattered Star Fist and Eight-Stars Royalty Shattering Saber slammed into each other . The terrifying power instantly exploded; endless power rushed wildly and swept out .

Ye Xiwen frowned . How could Wei Mingyang suddenly escalate to the next level? This is merely unscientific .

“Ye Xiwen, you have to be careful . I’m afraid this Wei Mingyang transformed hatred into strength . That is why he can make such progress in a short time!” Ye Mo’s eyes were sharp . He could figure out Wei Mingyang’s situation in just one exchange of blows . “Although this power has an abnormal origin, it comes from the power of the inner demons . However, if the inner demons can finally be resolved, this power will be of great benefit . If it cannot be done, he will eventually be destroyed by this force!”

Ye Xiwen nodded . He also had some understanding of the inner demon’s power . This power was too weird . It was almost uncontrollable . The most important thing was that Wei Mingyang’s inner problem was Ye Xiwen . Wei Mingyang must hate him intensely .

“Hahahaha!” Wei Mingyang laughed wildly . His expression was a bit sinister and thrilled, “Ye Xiwen, there is nothing special about you . What’s so great about you? I’ll kill you today!”

He once again waved the saber in his hand, and the saber suddenly whizzed out towards Ye Xiwen .

“Hmph, I can beat you once, then I can beat you again!” sneered Ye Xiwen . Although Wei Mingyang’s strength was beyond his expectations, his strength was now stronger than the moment when the retribution took place .

The physical body tempered by the power of Five Elements and Thunder Tribulation was stronger . He was so close to cultivate it to the peak and make it to the Big Success .

Ye Xiwen gave a punch, wrapped in a layer of bloody energy, and hit directly on the saber . The fist and the saber had a violent collision, and the saber began to tremble crazily .

As if two peerless forces were facing each other, the saber trembled, and huge cracks appeared like a spider web . It instantly covered the entire saber, followed by a loud noise . The entire saber collapsed on the spot .

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Unable to contend, Ye Xiwen’s terrifying fist directly penetrated the void and hit Wei Mingyang with a punch .

“Pfft!” Wei Mingyang was directly hit, and his body flew out . A mouthful of blood spurted out in the air . Ye Xiwen almost mutilated his entire internal organs . As he fell to the ground, a big dent erupted .

“Impossible! I have become so strong . How could I be outmatched?!” said Wei Mingyang in difficulty . He still felt that it was unbelievable . The fanatical expression previously had dissipated . Just now, he thought things would go well with how he had imagined a few days ago – successfully killing Ye Xiwen .

Unexpectedly, this encounter just ultimately crumbled his dreams . It was true that Wei Mingyang became stronger, stronger than the first time he fought against Ye Xiwen . However, Ye Xiwen’s strength had also improved . Wei Mingyang’s strength was still inferior in front of Ye Xiwen .

He was utterly defeated with just one blow, and he couldn’t accept this result .

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