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Chapter 80 - Dropping in, to fight

In the normal course of events, he ought to be here to protect them!

But now at such a critical time, they actually could not find him!

If Lin Zhantian was here at that time, then all of this would never have happened and Ye Feng would not have been seriously injured by them.

“About this, we do not know where the ancestor Lin is right now. When ancestor had just arrived, he was summoned and not just him, elders of other sub-schools were summoned as well.” Zhang Yang said, although at this time, the position of their sub-school's ancestor had been taken over by Ye Kongming, but since his childhood, Zhang Yang had been using the term 'ancestor' to refer Lin Zhantian, and therefore, suddenly changing his habit of calling him 'ancestor' was somewhat difficult for him. Also, no one would go to tangle over such a trivial matter. “It seems like something happened and that's why they were called on a short notice.”

While talking to Zhang Yang, Ye Xiwen entered the room and glimpsed at Ye Feng who was lying on the bed. His complexion looked pale and his breath was also intermittent and Ye Ruxue was on his side, taking care of him at the moment.

Ye Xiwen had not seen Ye Ruxue for last three months, and right now, he noticed that her breath was still firmly fixed on the peak Houtian ninth stage and there seemed to be a thin line and once she broke through this line then she would be able to break through to the Xiantian realm, and with the help of Ye Xiwen's Xiantian Pellet that he had left for her, this was only a matter of time. According to Ye Xiwen's judgment, Ye Ruxue's strength had already stayed at the peak of Houtian ninth stage for some time and had fully consolidated, and there was a high possibility that she might experience a breakthrough this month and enter into the Xiantian realm.

“Brother, sister!” Ye Xiwen strode inside.

“Little brother, you are back!” Ye Feng noticed Ye Xiwen coming inside and smiled, but he had suffered serious injuries and suddenly, his face twitched.

“Brother, you must avenge our elder brother ah, that Wen Shiyang and Huo Cheng went simply too far!” Ye Ruxue indignantly said.

Ye Xiwen also remembered that in his memories, when he was small and would often get bullied for being weak, both Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue would always come to his rescue, and therefore, the bond among three siblings had always been extremely strong.

Although there was no blood relation between Ye Xiwen and the other two, but the three of them were more intimate than blood-related brothers and sisters.

“Junior sister Ye, since you were inside the room, you missed the fight where Brother Ye directly humiliated Huo Cheng in front of everyone and tidied him up like a dead dog.” At this time, Wu Hao answered for Ye Xiwen.

“Really?” Ye Ruxue said with a surprised look on her face, but she was also worried for her younger brother. Now, Ye Xiwen had been recognized by everyone as Qingfeng Mountain sub-school's strongest disciple and Ye Feng was the second. If they could come to beat Ye Feng then Ye Xiwen would naturally be their next target.

But according to Wu Hao's statement, Huo Cheng had been defeated effortlessly by Ye Xiwen and while Wu Hao was explaining things in detail, Ye Feng saw an indifferent look on Ye Xiwen's face that made him resemble a person, tired of war.

It was not that he doubted Ye Xiwen's strength, but thought that it was too inconceivable that Ye Xiwen had so easily tidied up that Huo Cheng.

“If what Brother Wu said is right then little brother, you have already vented my anger.” Ye Feng grinned and said.

“Vent, it’s still too early.” Ye Xiwen coldly said, “How can you possibly consider this matter as finished.”

Ye Xiwen words were filled with killing intent.

Originally, Ye Xiwen had counted on the elder who had come with the group to the Main Sect, but it seemed that he couldn't count on that at the moment, but when he heard that the elder of the Shaoyang sub-schools had also gone for the summons, he immediately had an idea that rather than asking someone else for help, he might as well just ask himself.

Today, things might have gone worse if he had not arrived at a critical moment and when Ye Xiwen watched Ye Feng lying on the bed, finding it difficult to move, he was even more infuriated. How could he possibly let them off?

People of Shaoyang sub-school were waiting for a chance when their elder was not present otherwise if he was present, then their plan to bully Qingfeng Mountain sub-school would most likely have failed. Because their elder, sent to the Main Sect along with these elite disciples, was also an incredible master and could easily deal with the Xiantian level disciples as well.

And today, when all of the elders had been summoned, the people of Shaoyang sub-school immediately came to bully the people of Qingfeng Mountain. They had obviously not come for taking over the courtyard, and it was purely an excuse to provoke the disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school and nothing more.

Ye Xiwen pulled out a bottle of medicinal pellets from a storage ring. There were many bottles of medicinal pills inside the storage ring that he had got from the Xiantian master, Luo Tian, and these medicinal pills were good for injuries. Although Ye Xiwen had consumed most of the medicinal pills but there were still some that he had saved for emergencies.

After a dose of medicinal pills, Ye Feng's face immediately changed for better and he seemed to get better. A warrior's body itself was very strong, not to mention, these medicinal pills belonged to a Xiantian master, Luo Tian.

Ye Xiwen estimated that Ye Feng would be able to recover in two or three days and should be able to perform at full strength in the entrance examination r.

When Ye Xiwen saw that the condition of Ye Feng had considerably improved after consuming the pills, he gave out a sigh of relief and said: “Brother, you just wait and see how I take revenge for you and vent your anger. Today, these Shaoyang bastards dared to come and bully us and if I do not teach them a lesson then won't that ruin our Qingfeng Mountain sub-school's reputation? And everyone would think of us as people from a weak sub-school.”

Ye Xiwen words were deep and meant that only strong people commanded respect in this world and weak were regarded as fools. Competition was present everywhere and it was especially very fierce among the sub-schools.

Only a powerful person could command respect and if Qingfeng Mountain sub-school didn't respond to the provocation of Shaoyang sub-school then it would definitely be regarded as a weak sub-school. So, if someone tried to punch, it was necessary to punch back even harder to prove one's strength in this world.

Teaching Shaoyang sub-school a lesson now was the in the best interests of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school. But, this was just a secondary reason and injuries of Ye Feng were the main reason why Ye Xiwen was so fixated on punishing those bullies of Shaoyang sub-school.

Ye Xiwen ascertained the location of Shaoyang sub-school's courtyard and immediately went out followed by many disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school.

Shaoyang sub-school's courtyard was located not far from the Qingfeng Mountain sub-school's courtyard, and only after awhile, Ye Xiwen was standing in front of Shaoyang sub-school.

Ye Xiwen stepped forward and shouted: “Wen Shiyang, get your ass over here!”

Ye Xiwen's voice spread out along with a terrifying Zhen Qi throughout the courtyard, causing many nearby Shaoyang disciples to rush over to take a look at what was happening.

“Who are you? How dare you to be so provocative and unruly in front of our Shaoyang sub-school residence.” A young disciple came out and said.

“Get lost!” Ye Xiwen indifferently said.

“You bastard, I will kill you!” The young disciple suddenly rushed furiously towards Ye Xiwen and his Quanjin twisted and blasted out of his fists and went towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's big hand stretched out, and it seemed as if the Lingqi had condensed around his hand to form an iron wall. Ye Xiwen fiercely struck his hand into that disciple’s body.

“Bang!” The disciple directly flew out while spouting blood from his mouth and fainted instantly.

This loud sound immediately attracted the attention of many disciples in the courtyard of Shaoyang sub-school and only after a moment, dozens of disciples had arrived and completely surrounded Ye Xiwen.


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