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Chapter 796: Chapter 796: Stranger Li Feng
Chapter 796: Stranger Li Feng

On a deserted road, the blazing sun hung high up upon the sky . It was noon, and hot waves were sweeping about and distorted the entire ancient road . Looking at it from afar, it couldn’t even be seen clearly as if many things were being warped .

A green silhouette was walking upon the huge road casually . Beside him was a black color living being that resembled a mountain dog .

Ye Xiwen looked ahead and saw many white bones by the roadside . Unlike the South Region that was slowly recovering its peace and prosperity, the Central Region was still caught within the flames of war among a few vast forces . The conflicts and war between the extraterrestrial overlords and the local forces of the True Martial Domain had yet to come to a stop . After the Xuan Yuan Temple was annihilated, the Meteor Sect that took over them did not include that area within their territory . The Meteor Sect wanted to attend to other matters and didn’t have the effort to waste it on taking it over .

Similarly, these extraterrestrial overlords didn’t intend to remain within the True Martial Domain for a long time . As such, they didn’t care about the lives of average citizens . If more were dead, the True Martial Domain’s potential and strength would decrease tremendously .

After all, the distance between the True Martial Domain and their main base was too far apart . If the number of people who remained was too little, they might be devoured by the True Martial Domain forces . If the number of people who came here was too much, some problems might arise at their main camp .

The situation where the extraterrestrial overlords gather within the True Martial Domain was destined to be temporary . Sooner or later, they would have to retreat .

However, no one knew when they would retreat . When the time comes, no one knew what kind of mess the True Martial Domain would be in . Currently, other than the few territories governed over by some local forces, the different parts of the Central Region were in constant warfare . The situation was an extreme mess . Thieves and robbers were running rampant . No citizens within the domain were safe .

The situation had become better during the past few years . After all, the Meteor Sect had exerted a little of their energy into suppressing the havoc . With that, the Central Region finally managed to recover a little .

However, compared to their former prosperous state, everything now seemed empty and creepy . In fact, in some villages or cities that Ye Xiwen passed through, some were empty .

Because of the havoc, the Central Region’s population had decreased by more than half . The number of deaths even soar to tens of billions .

Ye Xiwen had been adventuring for three years . Three years had passed . Previously, after Ye Xiwen caused the ruckus within the True Martial Domain, he didn’t make any more shocking movements after he left the mountain to venture about . After three years had passed, the ruckus he caused had slowly died down, and all the tales about him slowly vanished .

“When will these extraterrestrial overlords leave the True Martial Domain!?” said Ye Xiwen with a sigh . Although the Central Region hadn’t been under the control of the True Martial Domain for a long time, it was still a part of the True Martial Domain .

“It’s still too early . If they didn’t find the thing they desire, they wouldn’t leave!” The Wolf Cub beside him said nonchalantly . To him, these didn’t matter at all .

On the way, they noticed a tea shop nearby . Ye Xiwen and the Wolf Cub strode towards the tea shop .

“Two cups of tea!” When Ye Xiwen had just entered, the Wolf Cub immediately said aloud .

It shocked the shop’s waiter . He said in a stuttering manner, “This… This…”

“What? Have you not seen such a handsome wolf before?” said the Wolf Cub in a dissatisfied manner .

The shop’s waiter felt wronged . It wasn’t that he had never seen a wolf as ugly as a mountain dog before . Instead, he had never seen one that could speak and even wanted to drink tea . However, he wasn’t too surprised . During the past years of warfare, despite making the Central Region a war zone, it allowed numerous regular citizens to witness various supernatural human beings that they would never see in their lifetime . Many kinds of experts that flew in the sky, and walked on land would always appear here . Although this wolf that could speak was weird, it wasn’t something that he couldn’t accept .

“Waiter, do what he says . Two cups of herbal tea, please!” said Ye Xiwen with a smile .

The two of them found a table and sat by it . The Wolf Cub acted just like a human and placed his hips on the chair . Then, he stood up and put his front paws by the table . The scene was bizarre .

The surrounding customers were all staring at the Wolf Cub . However, it didn’t care about their gazes at all and still acted very casually . He didn’t feel that anything was inappropriate .

Ye Xiwen didn’t care about them as well . He had never treated the Wolf Cub as his pet and had always let him do whatever he wanted to .

The two cups of herbal tea quickly arrived . The Wolf Cub opened his mouth widely, and the herbal tea within his cup shot up like a water pillar, which then entered his mouth . It made the surrounding regular customers surprised . To them, this was already considered magical .

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The Wolf Cub seemed to be enjoying the surprised gaze of the surrounding crowd . With a prideful expression, he ordered a few more cups of herbal tea and continuously performed such action happily .

Ye Xiwen found it hilarious . The Wolf Cub was just like a little kid . It enjoyed standing out, and it enjoyed being admired by many people . Only, its performance was too obvious . Everyone could tell from its prideful expression .

Ye Xiwen slowly drank his herbal tea . Naturally, there wouldn’t be any good tea in the teashops by the roadside, not to mention spiritual beverages . Only his cultivation, as well as the Wolf Cub’s cultivation, were extremely high . They didn’t mind quenching their thirst with herbal tea .

Just as the Wolf Cub had enough fun, Ye Xiwen wanted to stand up to leave . Suddenly, a loud sound resounded from outside .

“Boss, give me a cup of herbal tea!”

The loud voice seemed to have pierced through Ye Xiwen’s soul . It made his heart shudder . As he turned his head, he saw a middle-aged looking man . The man was wearing clothing with a weird style that Ye Xiwen couldn’t make out . His face was white, and he had no facial hair . His chin was as sharp as a knife, and he was extremely handsome .

Noticing Ye Xiwen’s gaze, the handsome middle-aged man nodded and smiled at him . Then, he sat down at the table beside Ye Xiwen and the Wolf Cub .

Very quickly, the waiter brought his herbal tea over . He tasted it thoroughly as if he was drinking some sort of peerlessly divine tea . Then, he looked at the Wolf Cub in amusement .

Finally, the Wolf Cub with skin as thick as a city wall felt unnatural . It roared at the middle-aged man furiously, “What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen such a handsome wolf before?”

The old man didn’t seem to have heard the screams of the Wolf Cub . He was still enjoying his tea in amusement . After a long while, he finally spoke before the Wolf Cub roared again, “I’ve seen wolves before, but a Wolf Demon Beast? It’s the first time I’ve seen one!”

Ye Xiwen and the Wolf Cub were surprised . While the two knew of the Wolf Cub’s identity, many others wouldn’t know of it . Even within the True Martial School, everyone treated the Wolf Cub as a typical beast . A beast and a demon beast were two entirely different matters . A beast might have the chance to evolve into a demon beast, but a demon beast couldn’t be categorized with beasts .

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One of the most apparent differences between them was that while many beasts possessed their intelligence comparable to human intelligence, it was mostly due to their increase in strength, and the refinement of the bone behind their brains . Their offspring would still be ignorant unless they managed to achieve the cultivation of their parents, which would allow them to gain their intelligence .

If it were a demon beast, it would be entirely different . Their child wouldn’t have a bone behind their brain since birth, and harbors intelligence naturally, just like a human infant . Although their appearance was still that of a beast or other forms, they still had their intelligence . The only difference between them and infants would merely be their appearance .

The difference between a beast and a demon beast was huge . After all, it was considered evolution . However, not many people were aware of it . In fact, if Ye Xiwen didn’t live with the knowledgeable old monsters like the Wolf Cub and Ye Mo for such a long time, he wouldn’t even know the difference between them .

And yet, this middle-aged man knew about it . It would be nothing if he knew about it . Most importantly, he could even tell the difference . As a matter of fact, there were practically no differences between a beast and a demon beast . Since he could see through it, his percipience, his strength…

Ye Xiwen suddenly realized that he couldn’t see through the middle-aged man’s cultivation . No matter how he looked, the middle-aged man seemed like a harmless human who didn’t possess any cultivation .

However, Ye Xiwen knew that it was all an illusion . If he merely had such strength, he wouldn’t be able to see through the Wolf Cub’s identity .

The Wolf Cub was glaring at the middle-aged man intently . He roared, “Who are you?”

“Relax, I bear no ill will!” The middle-aged man smiled . Ye Xiwen felt that the smile was a little familiar, but couldn’t remember why .

“May I know this senior’s name?” asked Ye Xiwen .

The middle-aged man smiled and said, “My surname is Li, and my name is Feng!”

Li Feng!

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Ye Xiwen chanted his name silently and realized that it wasn’t the name of any top-notch experts he was familiar with . After thinking for a while, he gave up . There were numerous experts within the world . He wasn’t even sure how many experts were cultivating secretly . It wasn’t weird for one or two experts that he had never heard of to emerge . In fact, this was considered quite normal .

“Haha, even the well-known Ye Xiwen would experience fear?” As if he sensed Ye Xiwen’s wariness, the middle-aged man – Li Feng suddenly laughed loudly .

Ye Xiwen’s expression was filled with surprise . If he could tell the origins of the Wolf Cub, he might be extremely knowledgeable . However, there weren’t many that could recognize him in only one glance .

Currently, his enemies were spread throughout the world, especially the extraterrestrial overlord experts . They would do anything to kill him . As such, he had been hiding his identity when he was adventuring . Although he possessed the Star Beast Avatar was in Transcendent Realm cultivation, he didn’t dare to be too arrogant . He wouldn’t be confident against other experienced and influential Transcendent Realm experts . Other than that, if his opponent came in a group, Ye Xiwen could only attempt to flee .

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