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Chapter 79 - Father becomes the ancestor

“I never thought that there was actually such a fierce man in Qingfeng Mountain sub-school!”

“Right, Qingfeng Mountain sub-school is located in the remote areas of Great Yue State and rarely produces any powerful masters but I never expected to see such an incredible master, originating from there.”

“Gee, it seems like things are going to be interesting because their genius has been defeated so easily and Shaoyang sub-school won't easily forget about this.”

“Yes ah, I heard that the Shaoyang sub-school also has a very strong genius and his strength is close to the strengths of several seed disciples, what is that guy called again?”

“He is called Wen Shiyang.”

“Yes, that's it, Wen Shiyang, except those few seeds disciples, he can be considered a very powerful master.”

“Gee, I did not expect Qingfeng Mountain sub-school to have such a fierce character like him. He definitely didn't use his full strength against Huo Cheng and I am sure that when the time comes, we will get to see his true strength.”

Seeing that people of Shaoyang sub-school had started to leave, Ye Xiwen did not stay there for too long and ran towards the inner courtyard. After entering the inner courtyard, he asked: “What the hell is going on, how did these bastards dare to bully our people.”

Zhang Yang looked at Ye Xiwen with a baffled look in his eyes. Ye Xiwen had become even more powerful than the last time, and earlier, Zhang Yang had been able to see through his cultivation level but now, he absolutely couldn't see it at all.

Although originally, Ye Xiwen always had a superior fighting strength and had also beheaded a Xiantian master, but at that time, he was still in the Houtian realm and his cultivation was visible to others, but now that he had transformed half of his Zhen Qi into the Xiantian Zhen Qi, his inner state had easily surpassed Zhang Yang, who had only transformed 10% of his Zhen Qi into Xiantian Zhen Qi. Although Ye Xiwen was still in the Xiantian first stage but his fighting strength was comparable to a master of Xiantian third stage.

All of this had occurred in a few months time and if he had not personally seen it, he probably would not have believed it. Few months ago, he had heard from Ye Feng about his young brother that he was just a master of Houtian third stage and was not even qualified to become a core disciple, but in these few months, he completely changed.

But anyway, Ye Xiwen was also a disciple of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school and the stronger he would be, the better for the reputation of their school.

“This is not the first time, we have been dealing with those guys from Shaoyang sub-school for days and each time, they come looking for a fight with new and ridiculous excuses. This time, they wanted to occupy our place, that's really outrageous!” Zhang Yang said in an angry tone. "This was obviously a case of Shaoyang sub-school's subterfuge because this mountain peak was so big that it could accommodate even 500 disciples at once, so all they were trying to do was nothing more than finding a pretext to come and bully us."

“Before, I was not present here and your elder brother had an argument with them and they injured him.” Zhang Yang explained.

“Them? There was someone else?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“Yes, if it was only that Huo Cheng, then your brother with 20% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi was enough to handle him. Although, Huo Cheng's 20% Xiantian Zhen Qi transformation was superior to your brother but he would still have been able to protect himself. The main reason behind his injuries was the strongest disciple of Shaoyang sub-school, called Wen Shiyang, who is already a master of Xiantian second stage. He was the one who seriously wounded your brother. I came back and saw that Huo Cheng was about to destroy your brother's cultivation and rescued your brother. By that time, Wen Shiyang had already left.” Zhang Yang explained the matter to Ye Xiwen.

“What!” Ye Xiwen did not know that they were going to destroy Ye Feng's cultivation otherwise he would not have showed mercy to Huo Cheng by only injuring him with a kick. He would never have allowed him to get away so easily.

However, it was really amazing that Ye Feng had not only entered into Xiantian realm, but he could transform 20% of his Zhen Qi into the Xiantian Zhen Qi, in such a short time of three months.

Excellent natural talent, but their school had issued a Xiantian Pellet to them very late, unlike other sub-schools where they gave Xiantian Pellets to train some geniuses, years before sending them to the Main Sect.

When Qingfeng Mountain sub-school had inquired, they found out that many disciples had already entered into the Xiantian realm in other sub-schools, and even without the resources, Ye Feng had achieved the same feat by taking the same time for breaking through to the Xiantian realm. So, considering the natural talent of Ye Feng, his breaking through to the Xiantian second stage was not surprising for Ye Xiwen.

But anyway, under the tilt of the Main Sect and its abundant resources, the advantages of the using resources for cultivation in the last few years could be regarded as nothing.

When Ye Xiwen heard that Ye Feng had been wounded and had almost lost his cultivation, he suddenly became furious. In order to bully the disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, they were willing to go as far as destroying someone's cultivation? This time, Shaoyang sub-school had really crossed the line.

“Who is the elder sent for escorting our school’s group to Main Sect? Where is he right now?” Ye Xiwen asked, because in general, these sub-school disciples would not go alone to the Main Sect and the elders would accompany them inside the school. One reason was to protect them from any accident the way to Main Sect, and secondly, also to protect them from getting bullied in the Main Sect. This was the world which followed the rule of 'Might is Right' and strength was the only parameter that measured everything.

And the other reason was that these sub-schools would exploit their connections with their disciples in the future. Although now, they studied in the Main Sect but human relations could be useful to a great extent and when these disciples would become high-level experts or key figures in the Main Sect, they would then become the biggest backers for these sub-schools.

“This time, ancestor Lin has come with us!” Zhang Yang said.

“Ancestor Lin!” Ye Xiwen asked in surprise. How could the ancestor personally escort them because it was never expected of an ancestor to personally escort the disciples to the Main Sect as it was the job of an elder.

“I see, you left early so you do not know. Ancestor Lin Zhantian has already retired and the new ancestor of Qingfeng Mountain Yi Yuan School is your father.” Zhang Yang said.

“What!” Ye Xiwen was startled. So, he only left for few months and such a big change took place in the school where his father actually became the ancestor of Qingfeng Mountain Yi Yuan School!

Although Ye Kongming was originally an elder, but the status of an elder or an ancestor could never be same. The status of the ancestors of sub-schools was comparable to that of the 'true disciples' of the Main Sect and his father had directly been promoted from the position of an elder to that of an ancestor.

“One month ago, ancestor Lin resigned  and has come to the Main Sect for debriefing!” Zhang Yang explained.

“Where is the ancestor Lin right now?” Ye Xiwen asked.



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