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Chapter 784: 784
Chapter 784: I’m Shaming You, What About It!!

For him, this was a shame!

They were both Transcendent Realm experts . One side already had their intentions early on, while the other was not aware of anything . Although it was an attack prepared for a long time, it didn’t cause Ye Xiwen to embarrass himself in public . Instead, he was slapped by someone . Not only did this slap cause damage to his physical body, but it also damaged his mentality .

He was a very prideful person . Under the starry skies, Transcendent Realm experts were all top-notch characters . And yet, he had been slapped by someone .

The void trembled as if it was the surface of the water . Ripples appeared, and a silhouette appeared from within . It was the Old City Lord .

Currently, the Old City Lord didn’t have his usual kind appearance anymore . Instead, there was only coldness that was emitted deep from his heart . His ice-cold gaze made one feel like they had fallen into an ice cove . He said coldly, “If you want to lose face so badly, allow me to help you!”

Ye Xiwen had never seen such a cold expression on the Old City Lord before . That old body didn’t seem like it was old at all . Instead, it was surging with an unprecedented eagerness for a fight . The terrifying aura of a battle god expanded and harshly crashed upon the extraterrestrial overlord expert’s hearts .

It was unimaginable .

Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but guess what identity the Old City Lord possessed . After all, he had such a horrifying aura . Even among experts in the Transcendent Realm, there were weak ones and strong ones . Obviously, the Old City Lord was a top-notch expert even within the Transcendent Realm experts . He was peerless and unmatched, and was much stronger than the Transcendent Realm experts that Ye Xiwen had seen . His strength was even close to the Emergence School Leader .

“He dares to insult us . I merely wanted to educate him and make him abide by the rules!” When the Meteor Sect’s elder saw the Old City Lord, his aura instantly became stagnant . The previous attack alone made him realize the disparity in strength between him and the Old City Lord . He also understood how unwise it would be to go against the Old City Lord now .

“Rules? What kind of rules do I not know of? He’s my True Martial School’s disciple . He just needs to abide by the True Martial School’s rules . Who are you to have the courage to educate him? In the past, when I was still fighting against your old sect master, you weren’t even there to witness it . How dare you act so arrogantly in front of me!” The Old City Lord’s gaze landed on the Meteor Sect’s elder . It instantly made him feel like he had fallen into an ice pit .

Everyone instantly became silent, especially the extraterrestrial overlord experts . Usually, they were fighting for dominance deep within the starry skies . Their perceptions would naturally be much stronger than the experts within the True Martial Domain .

Naturally, they knew of the Meteor Sect’s Old Sect Master . Although he had already retired for thousands of years, his name was still extremely famous . Some said that he was in seclusion to comprehend the great Dao, while others said that he had already perished .

However, everyone knew the matter of the Meteor Sect’s Old Sect Master massacring everyone beneath the starry skies, and was unmatched . In fact, he had even calmed down the riot that happened within the Meteor Sect . And yet, this old man had fought against the Meteor Sect’s Old Sect Master before . No one would doubt him for having such a vast amount of experience . After all, although the forces of the True Martial School were limited to be within the True Martial Domain, some True Martial School disciples would occasionally go adventuring deep within the starry skies . There was a possibility for him to have fought against the Meteor Sect’s Old Sect Master before .

This made it much more terrifying . No one knew that such an old person existed within the True Martial School . He was just like a living fossil .

Although he had fought against the Meteor Sect’s Old Sect Master before, the Old Sect Master was someone that had already retired from the world for thousands of years . Many people even spread rumors that he had passed away . Although no one knew if the Meteor Sect’s Old Sect Master had already perished or not, it was a reality that this old man was currently still vivacious .

Many True Martial School’s disciples were also shocked . They never expected the Old City Lord of the Ying Xin City to have such a glorious past . Many people, even the Transcendent Realm experts were oblivious of the Old City Lord’s past . When they entered the True Martial School, the Old City Lord was already here and had become the City Lord of the Ying Xin City .

They never expected him to have such a glorious past .

Usually, no matter what, the Old City Lord would present himself to be very kind . No one expected him to have such a domineering side .

“This is the ascension ceremony of our True Martial School’s new School Master . Do you want to wage war upon our True Martial School? I’ll give you two choices as well . First, atone to your sins by dying, Or, you can also kneel and apologize!” The Old City Lord didn’t even bother looking at the Meteor Sect’s elder . His gaze was ice-cold as if he was looking at a dead person .

The Meteor Sect’s elder’s face was instantly flushed red . His heart was feeling frustrated, and he wanted to vent out his anger . However, he couldn’t do so . Facing this peerless expert that had fought against his sect’s Old Sect Master, he understood that he wouldn’t have any chances of winning .

There was an essential gap in strength between the two of them .

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“You… You’re going overboard with the bullying!” The Meteor Sect’s elder yelled in anger with his face flushed red .

He only felt that the Old City Lord was bullying him to the extreme . However, he never thought about the fact that he was challenging the True Martial School’s new School Master during his ascension ceremony . From the perspective of the True Martial School disciples, he was also bullying them to the extreme .

To the True Martial School, the Supreme School Master was of utmost importance . Wasn’t he also going overboard when he decided to challenge the School Master during his ascension ceremony?

Naturally, he wouldn’t think that way . He would only feel that the True Martial School was going overboard . After all, they were forcing him to kneel .

This was to humiliate the Meteor Sect .

“This senior, aren’t you a little too arrogant?” The White Sun Sect’s elder – Sun Honghua stepped forward and spoke . He wanted to use this chance to put pressure on the City Lord, “We’re here to congratulate the True Martial School sincerely . Is this how you treat your guest? Do you want to humiliate us?”

“Scram aside . There’s no qualification for you to speak here!” said the Old City Lord as he coldly glared at the White Sun Sect’s elder . He was ice cold and overbearing .

“We’re all extraterrestrial overlords . What are your intentions in shaming us? Do you intend to wage war between the True Martial School and us?” The Meteor Sect’s elder blurted out with these words with his face still flushed red . As he was speaking, he looked at the True Martial School’s disciples upon the stage . These words were threats . Although this was the True Martial School’s territory, the True Martial School’s disparity in strength against the forces backing them up was huge .

To his surprise, no expression was displayed on the disciples of the True Martial School, as if they never heard of what he spoke . The silence was their way of agreeing and supporting the Old City Lord’s actions .

“Wage a huge war? With your capabilities? You don’t have such capabilities to do so!” said the Old City Lord without being courteous . He was overbearing, and his aura was as sharp as blades . An unprecedented intense aura surged, and it was impossible to see through it .

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The Meteor Sect elder’s aura became stagnant . Indeed, even if he was killed on the spot, and the Meteor Sect wanted to cause a ruckus, it would be hard to incite a war between the two huge figures . After all, he was just a Transcendent Realm expert . If they were to fight against each other, it might result in the death of ten or more Transcendent Realm experts . It wasn’t worth it at all .

As such, just like the Emergence School Leader had previously said, waging war for Ye Xiwen was merely a guise and a mere joke . It happened because they had already intended to wage war . As for the matters regarding Ye Xiwen, it was merely a guise .

No one would believe that the Emergence School Leader would attack the True Martial School in such a fanatical manner just because Ye Xiwen had killed one of their Great Sages . A Great Sage was nothing at all to them . Even if it was a Transcendent Realm expert, it was nothing compared to two massive forces .

If the Meteor Sect were to attack them one day, it would be because they knew every detail regarding the True Martial School and had nothing to fear anymore . It would not happen just because of the death of an elder .

Currently, so many extraterrestrial overlords were staring intently at the True Martial School . And yet, they didn’t dare to attack them . After all, they couldn’t tell how strong the True Martial School was now, and couldn’t understand the conditions of the True Martial Stone Sword .

“Even if all of you are dead, they would still do what they should do . Don’t regard yourself too highly!” The Old City Lord glared at the crowd . He didn’t pay attention to any of them at all . Even in the Transcendent Realm, there were strong ones and weak ones . It was apparent that no one present was able to go against the Old City Lord .

“Make your choice . Atone to your sins by dying, or kneel down and apologize!” said the Old City Lord .

“You!” The Meteor Sect’s elder was extremely angry . However, he dare not refute him . If he were at any other place, he would’ve already refuted him . However, this was the True Martial School . If he were to refute, it would only result in him being killed on the spot . He knew that what the Old City Lord said was correct . Even if he died, it would be useless . Before the Meteor Sect indeed decided on waging war against the True Martial School, the war wouldn’t happen .

“Enough . Today’s a joyous day for me . I’ll just spare his life!” Upon the big stage, Huang Wuji finally spoke . There weren’t any emotions within his words, and it was unknown what he was thinking .

“I’ll forgive you this time, thanks to the School Master . However, if any of you dare to speak such words again, I won’t forgive you!” The Old City Lord’s gaze was ice cold, and was sharp as blades . He swept his gaze towards the crowd, stepped forward, and disappeared in thin air . When he reappeared, he was already seated among the True Martial School’s Transcendent Realm experts .

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Ye Xiwen intended to go back, but these extraterrestrial overlords that had the intentions of challenging the True Martial School didn’t stop just because of that . The ones that were humiliated previously were the elders of the Meteor Sect and the White Sun Sect . However, since the others weren’t humiliated, they didn’t care at all .

“I heard that the True Martial School’s new School Master is a heroic youth . He’s able to ascend to the School Master’s position at such a young age . Our Heavenly Martial Sect has a heroic youth as well and intends on challenging the School Master . Do you have the courage to agree to it?” said a middle-aged Transcendent Realm expert with a mustache on his face .

The True Martial School instantly experienced an uproar .

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