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Chapter 775: Chapter 775: Shock the World
Chapter 775: Shock the World

This was mainly due to the grand scheme of things forcing him to do so . It was impossible for him to inherit the position of a School Master as a Half-step Transcendent Realm . Otherwise, he would definitely be looked down upon by other factions . They would think that the True Martial School was in an extremely weak state, and could only rely on a Half-step Transcendent Realm martial warrior to become the School Master . If this was announced to the public, absolutely no one would think that the True Martial School intended to nurture their youth . Instead, they would think that the True Martial School became weak beyond comparison .

Under such a situation containing both internal and external problems, the True Martial School must absolutely never show its weak side . Otherwise, it might cause a siege . If everyone treated the True Martial School as an easy-to-bully target, then the True Martial School would meet its doom . The True Martial School might be able to fend off the Emergence School, but it was impossible to fend off all the other overlord factions that were staring at them intently .

The weaker they were, the more strength they had to display . They absolutely couldn’t display any signs of weakness now .

However, if Huang Wuji inherited the position after achieving the Transcendent Realm, things would be completely different . It was like delivering a message to the public, an announcement that implied that the youths of the True Martial School were really talented . They weren’t weakened, and weren’t as weak as others imagined them to be . With that, it would be sufficient to force them to back off .

This was also why the school wanted to quicken the process of inheriting the position . Other than the School Master not being able to sustain his own condition, they also wanted to deliver a very important announcement to the public .

Ye Xiwen could see that the entire Tibetan Star Summit wanted to nurture him as the next-in-line Tibetan Star Son . It became much more apparent after his senior brother, Huang Wuji was becoming the next School Master .

Ye Xiwen’s ambition wasn’t set here, but he wasn’t able to say anything under such a situation . However, Huang Wuji becoming the next School Master was an extremely great news for him . With the next-in-line School Master’s words, he would be able to stop others from targeting the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber .

He wasn’t afraid of these people as he had people backing him up . However, he disliked troubles, especially when troubles like this could cause an internal conflict within the True Martial School . The True Martial School already had to worry about its internal and external conflicts . It was completely different from last time . If the internal conflicts were to continue, outsiders would only be taking advantage of the situation .

“Senior brother, head for close cultivation without worrying about anything!” said Ye Xiwen .

“It would be better for you to tell the master about the matter regarding the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber!” Huang Wuji reminded him .

Ye Xiwen nodded . Even without him saying it, he would definitely do so . Without the support of the Tibetan Star Son, it would be extremely difficult for him to keep the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber in his possession .

Very quickly, the Tibetan Star Son arrived . He seemed tired after rushing back from such a faraway location . He was hurt, and some wounds could be seen . It was apparent that he had just come out from a huge battle . He must have been hunting down an Emergence School’s Transcendent Realm expert . However, seeing his smile, he should have killed his opponent . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have looked so happy .

Very rarely would Transcendent Realm experts fight against each other to death . After all, they placed so much effort into cultivating to reach such a realm . The ones that weren’t afraid of dying were just a minority of them . As long as they could survive, no one would fight to the death . As a result, the Tibetan Star Lord only killed a few Transcendent Realm experts previously . It was a great accomplishment for him to be able to kill one this time .

Ye Xiwen did not hide anything, and told the Tibetan Star Son everything that happened with the exception of the Emergence School Leader’s death which he fabricated into the school leader self-destructing . Of course, he did not mention the matter regarding the old ghost . After all, there was no need to .

“Based on what you said, since the Emergence School Leader self-destructed, there wasn’t anything left other than the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber?” The Tibetan Star Son frowned . He never expected Ye Xiwen to encounter the Emergence School leader that had his old wounds reacting on the spot, which allowed him to take advantage of the situation .

Of course, he did not suspect Ye Xiwen’s words . After all, the Emergence School leader had received the strike of the True Martial Stone Sword . If it wasn’t for the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber protecting him, he would definitely evaporate like the other Transcendent Realm experts .

Even if that was the case, due to how powerful the True Martial Stone Sword was, he was deeply wounded .

“Yep, when he exploded, everything in his surroundings shattered, and only the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber remained!” said Ye Xiwen . This was what made him feel dissatisfied . After killing the Emergence School Leader and forcing him into self-destructing, only the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber remained . All other wealths within his possession were all destroyed into nothingness after his self-destruction .

Originally, the spatial ring was used to open up a new dimension, and the ring functions as a key item . Now that the ring was destroyed during the self-destruct, he wouldn’t have the chance to acquire the Emergence School leader’s astonishing wealth .

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The wealth of a normal Transcendent Realm expert was astonishing enough for him . As for the Emergence School leader, his wealth was definitely an insurmountable amount of wealth . Sadly, he wasn’t able to acquire it . The disparity in strength between him and the Emergence School Leader was too great . He wasn’t even able to prevent the school leader from self-destructing .

“Since you managed to acquire it, it’ll naturally be your spoil of war . If others have other opinions, they’d have to go through me first!” said the Tibetan Star Son coldly . He was just like Huang Wuji . They were both standing on Ye Xiwen’s side .

“Thank you, Master!”

After bidding farewell to the Tibetan Star Son, Ye Xiwen immediately started his close cultivation . This time, he wasn’t able to utilize the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber after killing the Emergence School leader . Moreover, he didn’t manage to acquire the leader’s wealth, and wasted a few billions instead . There weren’t any benefits that he could utilize immediately .

However, with the blood essence and spiritual perception of a Transcendent Realm expert, the amount of help it had for his development was extremely beneficial . He wanted to immediately enter close cultivation to raise the Tianyuan Mirror into a Transcendent Tool . He also wanted to break through his current cultivation .

When he entered close cultivation, the outside world was already in an uproar . The matter of the True Martial School defeating the Emergence School spread throughout the ears of other factions very quickly, especially those that paid close attention to this matter .

Ten years . A whole ten years time . If the times where the preparations of war commenced, it would be around twenty years time . Finally the warfare between the Emergence School and the True Martial school had ended . Even the most daring person wouldn’t imagine the outcome to be like this . The one who won in the end wasn’t the Emergence School, but the True Martial School instead . A school that had been declining for a long time .

The True Martial School was still considered an overlord within the True Martial Domain . They took over the South Region for millions of years without any signs of wavering . However, in the eyes of those overlords within the starry skies, they were declining as they weren’t as flourished as they used to be in the past .

As for the Emergence School, they were in the most flourished state now . They had many experts within their school, with many of them being Transcendent Realm experts . Under such circumstances, when the Emergence School attacked the True Martial School, the numerous disciples within the True Martial School wouldn’t even be able to guard the school as they had no confidence at all . After all, compared to such a grand figure like the Emergence School, the True Martial School’s disparity in strength was too great .

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However, when the results were announced, it truly made everyone shocked . The one everyone expected to win – the Emergence School had lost, while the True Martial School had won . In fact, they won a grand victory .

Prior to this, even the most optimistic person felt that the True Martial School would utilize their geographical advantage to slowly cause the Emergence School to suffer losses . Ultimately, they would have to give up on their plan of invading the True Martial School .

In truth, the True Martial School did so . For the past ten years, the True Martial School had suffered great losses, but the Emergence School suffered the same way as well . Normally, when two factions fight against each other, they would retreat if they suffered such a loss, especially when a Transcendent Realm expert had perished .

However, the Emergence School seemed determined to do so . They didn’t care about the repercussions, and were determined to continue their conquest . With how determined the Emergence School was, everyone thought that the True Martial School was unable to hold on much longer .

However, a huge twist happened, which turned the tides around . The True Martial School’s legendary True Martial Stone Sword that was broken suddenly appeared, and seven Transcendent Realm experts nurtured it with their blood essence . Adding on the fact that numerous expert’s blood essence had been absorbed by the True Martial Stone Sword, it destroyed the Emergence School’s formation and thoroughly turned the tides around .

The unstoppable armies of the Emergence School suddenly became like rats, and were hunted down by others . In fact, even some experts that weren’t from the True Martial School took action, and killed the Emergence School’s Transcendent Realm experts .

It was apparent what kind of situation the Emergence School was facing now . Under such circumstances, the havoc continued on for about a month . The True Martial School’s experts were scattered all around, hunting down those Emergence School experts that escaped . They were also hunting down the martial warriors and experts of the South Barbarians and Demon Worshipping Religion that were causing havoc within the South Region .

While the True Martial School had suffered a great loss in the war with the Emergence School, a group of experts had used this opportunity to experience growth . While the members of the school had lessened, their combat powers had increased drastically . It made the South Barbarians and the Demon Worshipping Religion’s experts continuously retreat after causing so much havoc for the past ten years .

“It’s really hard to imagine this . Previously, who would’ve thought that the True Martial School would stand victorious in the end? As expected of the True Martial School that governed over the True Martial Domain for years . Even if they were declining, they still had many other backup techniques left behind by their ancestors .

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“Indeed . Even if the True Martial School has suffered a great loss, as long as the True Martial Stone Sword is present, they will remain domineering . Those that are coveting them would have to see if they were able to receive a strike from the True Martial Stone Sword!”

“That’s right . In this bloodbath, it made us witness the ruthless beast that’s been in seclusion for years – the True Martial School . They never stopped sharpening their fangs, and intended to rule over the True Martial Domain again!”

“Not only did the Emergence School suffer a huge loss this time, they even harmed their foundations . This time, only one out of the ten Transcendent Realm experts managed to escape . Even the Emergence School leader was killed!”

“Indeed . After this matter, the Emergence School would have to turtle inside the Emergence Domain . It’s unbeknown when would they recover from this!”

As time grew, the matter of the True Martial School defeating the Emergence School continues to spread around . It shocked everyone, and the entire starry skies were having an uproar for this matter .

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