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Chapter 774: Chapter 774: Huang Wuji! The Next-in-line School M
Chapter 774: Huang Wuji! The Next-in-line School Master!

Ye Xiwen extended his Demon Wings, and flew away very quickly . Like a meteor, he flew quickly back to the True Martial Domain . Within the starry skies, every corner painted the scene of the True Martial School disciples hunting down the Emergence School disciples .

Most of the Emergence School disciples had perished under the True Martial Stone Sword . Those that managed to escape amounted to a very small percentage . Of course, it was still by no means only a small amount .

Ye Xiwen would provide assistance on the way if he witnessed it . For him, it was just lending a helping hand . After killing the Emergence School Leader, Ye Xiwen felt great . Naturally, he wouldn’t attempt to steal their thunders . Even if he was the one who killed the Emergence School disciples, he would just allow the True Martial School disciples to take the credit .

Ye Xiwen didn’t know that this action of his made those neutral faction disciples become more biased towards him .

After entering the area of the True Martial School, all he could see was a mess . There were already no enemies within the school’s area . Only the corpse’s remains were left . The bones were a creepy white, while blood had formed rivers . This could be described as a bloody river .

“Brother Ye!”

“Brother Ye!”

“Junior Brother Ye!”

Just as Ye Xiwen reached the school, multiple disciples of the True Martial School went up and greeted him . They were exceptionally enthusiastic . Normally, these people would never help Ye Xiwen nor go against him .

In this battle, Ye Xiwen’s performance had been exceptional . It was considered a top-notch performance . His own contributions had surpassed even the True Martial School’s older disciples . Although they had already entered the Half-step Transcendent Realm, they paled in comparison to Ye Xiwen . For the past few years, the amount of Half-step Transcendent Realm experts that died under the hands of Ye Xiwen was comparable to half the amount of people others had killed .

Ye Xiwen was extremely strong, and almost everyone could tell that he would be nurtured with utmost priority . Him becoming a higher-up of the school would only be a matter of time . Now, before Ye Xiwen had thoroughly flourished, it was naturally the best time to make good ties with Ye Xiwen .

The theory of the cold furnace [1] was just like this . Even if Ye Xiwen wasn’t counted as a cold furnace now, it was much better than him not doing anything .

“Junior Brother, where did you go just now?” Huang Wuji’s voice resounded within the skies . He who was always heroic looking was now covered in blood . Fatigue was also written on his handsome face . He had been fighting by the frontlines for a long time . Now that the warfare had calmed down, he would naturally be fatigued .

“Just now, could you have gone to chase after the Emergence School Leader?” Huang Wuji asked . If someone was still paying attention to Ye Xiwen’s actions previously, then it would be Huang Wuji . Previously, he wanted to stop Ye Xiwen . However, Ye Xiwen was too fast, and he wasn’t able to catch up . He had to lead his troops in order to hunt down the remaining Emergence School’s remaining enemies, which was why he didn’t go after Ye Xiwen .

“Yep!” Ye Xiwen nodded . He did not deny it . He had thought about it very thoroughly . If the news of the Emergence School Leader’s perishment were to spread, it would definitely shock the entire world . It was impossible to hide it . Since that was the case, it was better if he admitted it .

It was fine to let others know that the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber now belonged to him . Now, he wasn’t the insignificant little nobody anymore . If he was only in the Legendary Realm or the Sage Realm, the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber would definitely be confiscated by the school . After all, this wasn’t just a normal killing tool . At most, he would just be compensated . However, he had recently become a Half-step Transcendent Realm expert . In the eyes of others, he was going to ascend to the Transcendent Realm soon, and become a huge powerhouse figure for the school . The weight of his words would naturally be much more influential . Besides, he had his senior brother – Huang Wuji that was in the same situation as him, and the Transcendent expert – Tibetan Star Son that was guarding the Tibetan Star Summit . No one would dare to say anything .

Besides, the Old Tibetan Star Son had just sacrificed himself for the True Martial School . Targeting the Tibetan Star Son now would definitely cause a public outrage . As a result, even if people were trying to take advantage of him, Ye Xiwen didn’t care, and didn’t have to care as well .

“You really chased after him! You’re crazy!” said Huang Wuji in a surprised tone . “Even if a Transcendent Realm expert is deeply wounded, he isn’t someone that we’re capable of defeating!”

“Besides, he’s the Emergence School leader . He’s considered top-notch among the Transcendent Realm experts – an existence that is comparable to our school master!”

“Relax, senior brother . Didn’t I return?” Ye Xiwen felt a sense of warmth within his heart . He naturally knew that Huang Wuji was just worried about him, “Besides, he had perished!”

“What! Perished!” Huang Wuji wasn’t able to remain calm . If it was just a normal Transcendent Realm expert that perished, he wouldn’t be so surprised . After all, many Emergence School Transcendent Realm experts had perished here for the past few years . However, the person in question was the Emergence School leader! Within the starry skies, he could be considered a top-notch figure . He wasn’t comparable to a normal Transcendent expert .

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“Yep!” Ye Xiwen nodded his head heavily, “After I managed to catch up to him, he wasn’t able to suppress his wound any longer, and self-destructed on the spot!”

While Ye Xiwen didn’t plan on hiding this matter, it would only cause problems to him if he said that he had personally killed the Emergence School Leader .

Any Half-step Transcendent Realm that could kill a Transcendent Realm expert would become the focus of attention . This was why he just brushed off the most crucial part . Besides, it was true that the Emergence School Leader had self-destructed .

In this situation, this was the most reasonable explanation, and nobody would be suspicious .

“If that’s the case, the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber is now in your possession?” Huang Wuji immediately reacted .

“Yep!” Ye Xiwen did not refute .

Huang Wuji laughed loudly and said, “Haha, that’s great . The Emergence School had lost their school leader, and their Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . This loss would definitely make them rage, haha!”

“However, senior brother . With the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber in my possession, petty people are bound to gossip around!” Ye Xiwen voiced out his worries .

“Hmph . Who dares to gossip around . This is what our Tibetan Star Summit deserved . If they have the capabilities, snatch it themselves!” Huang Wuji snorted coldly . This time, the Tibetan Star Summit’s performance was exceptional . With the sacrifice of the Old Tibetal Star Son, no one would dare to discriminate against the Tibetal Star Summit . “They’re just some clowns . Don’t put them in your heart, junior brother!”

“Haha, what senior brother said is correct . Whoever dares to refute shall witness the mightiness of the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber by my hands!” Ye Xiwen smiled .

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“That’s right!” Huang Wuji nodded and said, “Junior brother, to be honest with you, the Tibetan Star Summit’s responsibilities would all befall upon you in the future!”

“Huh?” Ye Xiwen asked, frowning .

“I just received a voice transmission from my master . The School Master’s condition isn’t that great right now . The backlashing power of the True Martial Stone Sword is too horrifying . After this battle is over, the school master might have to retire in order to tend to his wounds!” said Huang Wuji . “The higher-ups want me to become the next school master!”

While Ye Xiwen had already mentally prepared for this, he couldn’t help but be shocked when he heard this news . No matter if it was Huang Wuji, Mu Shengjie, or other outstanding disciples, they were already being treated as the future pillar of the True Immortal School . Their cultivations were already extremely high when they were still young, and they had far surpassed their peers .

Many people knew that one of them would be chosen to inherit the position of the Supreme School Master . It was a confirmed matter .

While Ye Xiwen’s performance was extremely attention-grabbing for the past few years, his foundations were too shallow . He hadn’t even entered the True Martial School for a hundred years . Even if his performance was exceptional, it would be extremely hard for him to be chosen for the position of the school master .

However, just like others, even if he couldn’t become the school master, he had the chance to become a figurehead that controlled a part of the school . For example, the Law Enforcement Hall’s Hall Master position was reserved for Mu Shengjie .

Besides, he wasn’t particularly interested in these figurehead positions that others deeply desired . If he had the interest, he would have become a figurehead within the Yiyuan Sect .

Ever since he knew of the existence of the Ancient Barrens continent, it became his desired location to go to . He didn’t want the matters of the mortal world to limit him .

Now, the higher-ups had finally decided among them . Huang Wuji’s surpassed everyone, and became the next school master for the True Martial School .

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“Congratulations, senior brother!” Ye Xiwen quickly cupped his hands and saluted .

“Hey, what’s there to congratulate? I wasn’t really looking forward to this . Beside, while our school might seem domineering for the time being, there would definitely be people that would cause havoc when the school’s strength weakens in the future . This is just a chaotic situation that’s hard to solve . ” Huang Wuji sighed . He always displayed a peerless figure that never seemed to back out of anything . He had never said such things to anyone else before . Only in front of his junior brother – Ye Xiwen would he slightly strip himself of this fake front .

“You’re wrong, senior brother . Heroes often appear in chaotic times . Now is the chaotic period, and it’s a good chance for our peers to gain accomplishments . How can you be so defeated?” said Ye Xiwen . “Senior brother, if you inherit the position, you would definitely establish an achievement that far surpasses our ancestors . I will also fully support you!”

“It won’t happen so fast . The situation is still very chaotic now . Besides, I have yet to enter the Transcendent Realm . After a while, I might try my best to enter the Transcendent Realm in the shortest amount of time possible by going into close cultivation . When the time comes, every single matter of the Tibetan Star Summit would be your responsibility!” said Huang Wuji . It would be impossible to inherit the position of a Supreme School Master without being in the Transcendent Realm . Originally, the time to pass on the position wouldn’t come so quickly, and he still had the time to slowly raise his cultivation .

However, the matters of the Emergence School had messed up his tempo . As a result, he could only raise his cultivation as soon as possible .

[1] Cold furnace – A Chinese saying to describe people that have yet to gain power or flourish

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