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Chapter 773: Chapter 773: Suppress the Immortal Exterminating S
Chapter 773: Suppress the Immortal Exterminating Saber

Ye Xiwen’s spirit’s speed was extremely quick . In an instant, he traveled from the Star Beast Avatar into his original body .

There was a dual-way passage between his original body and the Star Beast Avatar . It was convenient for Ye Xiwen to control the Star Beast Avatar on his own will .

Ye Xiwen immediately returned into his original body . As for the old ghost, he was getting closer and closer . His body was still engulfed within the black mist, and he was displaying a horrifying and creepy smile . In an instant, he almost reached Ye Xiwen’s side .

The emaciated ghostly claw instantly grabbed downwards . It wasn’t clear what claw art this was, but it just felt like the daos of heavens and earth were contained within . This old ghost could scratch through dao, and even leave a mark on it with just a casual claw swing .

Space was flying quickly behind them . In an instant, Ye Xiwen had reached his original body . The old ghost felt that something was out of place, but didn’t realize what was . The most important thing was that he did not hold Ye Xiwen in high regard .

He felt that everything was within his grasp . If there was a need, he could just kill Ye Xiwen at any time . Even if Ye Xiwen had managed to kill the Emergence School Leader in the Transcendent Realm, he felt that Ye Xiwen was purely lucky . Without him causing trouble, he wouldn’t end up winning .

Without him, Ye Xiwen was nothing .

As a result, despite feeling that something was out of place, he didn’t come to a stop . Instead, he continued chasing after him . He didn’t care what kind of plot he held . Under absolute strength, trickery was nothing .

With a “Boom,” Ye Xiwen rushed towards the insides interior domain filled with rays of multi-coloured lights . The old ghost quickly followed after him without any worries .

Suddenly, a burst of light radiated from the domain filled with multi-coloured rays . The mysterious space within Ye Xiwen’s spiritual sea seemed to have awoken after a deep slumber, and instantly enveloped Ye Xiwen’s entire spiritual sea .

“This isn’t good!” The old ghost finally realised that something was wrong . At first, he could tell that Ye Xiwen wanted to lure him here, but didn’t pay much heed to it . Even if there was a trap awaiting him, it meant nothing under absolute strength . If anything, he could just destroy Ye Xiwen’s physical body . With that, even if his spirit had really laid down any traps, it would all be for naught . No matter what, the spirit had to rely on a physical body . A bodiless spirit would just end up being a wandering spirit . In the past, despite being a Holy Realm Dweller, he managed to cultivate until his current realm after losing his body despite so many years passing by . From this, it was apparent how hard it was to cultivate in that form .

However, it was too late for him to attempt escape . Ye Xiwen’s mysterious space seemed to have received some attacks . It started counter-attacking vigorously, and immediately enveloped the old ghost .

The horrifying and unedified strength instantly started crushing his spirit . As if it was his nemesis, his overbearing strength that reached the strength of a Transcendent Realm expert was nothing in front of such terrifying power . The multi-coloured rays brushed across his body, and immediately blew all the black mists away .

Finally, his actual face was revealed . He was an old man that had a grey-white coloured face, and was clad in black clothing . His eyes were crimson red, and his looks resembled that of a demon, which looked extremely hideous . Currently, he was yelling in agony . Originally, he planned to devour Ye Xiwen’s spirit in order to replenish his spirit that was now of the yin attribute . However, he could now only shout continuously within the radiance of the multi-coloured rays of lights .

Seeing the old ghost that was yelling and struggling non-stop, Ye Xiwen let out a sigh of relief . In the end, he still had to resort to saving his life using this mysterious space . He had already seen how magnificent this mysterious space was . If it wasn’t for the mysterious space’s help, he would never be able to subdue Ye Mo .

Originally, he wanted to experiment his thoughts . He never expected the old ghost to be rendered unable to refute . He got even curious about the origins of this mysterious space, considering how strong it was .

“Ye Xiwen, thank god you have this mysterious space . Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to avoid today’s disaster!” Ye Mo appeared beside Ye Xiwen and said in a serious tone . Within his tone, a few hints of surprise were also contained within, “I never expected the myths regarding the Emergence School to be true . Such incredible actions . They really did slay a Holy Realm Dweller, and captured his spirit to be sealed within the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . You must have successfully taken care of the Emergence School Leader previously because of this old thing ambushing him . It’s really scary . It’s heaven defying for a yin spirit to cultivate to the Transcendent Realm . How many people’s blood essence and spirit did he consume to form such a terrifying monster?”

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Ye Xiwen felt afraid as well . He never believed in any lone ghosts or wandering ghosts . Even if he was in a gloomy place, or was in a location which many ghastly remnant spirits resided in like a battlefield, they were merely using the location to their advantage . Even if they appeared to be domineering in a certain area, they were extremely fragile .

He had never encountered a remnant spirit that was able to cultivate until this caliber . It was truly terrifying . The world is huge, and there are many kinds of wonders in the world . He just got too careless . If the old ghost had really taken over his physical body, he might cultivate into a peerless ruthless demon that no one would be able to withstand against . That would be the most troublesome thing .

“Ah! I’m unresigned! How did it turn out to be like this!” The old ghost shouted tragically . His spiritual body had been blown away in half by the multi-coloured rays . If it was a normal person, they would’ve been dead long ago . Only a soul with a yin attribute would be able to survive .

The mysterious space was truly terrifying . Even a Transcendent Realm old ghost was suppressed . The most important thing was that it seemed to be an exceptional nemesis to spiritual bodies, just like how it was able to suppress Ye Mo previously .

“What’s there to be unresigned for . You’re just a Holy Realm Dweller . What’s there to be proud about!” said Ye Mo as it sneered . “Your death had already been decided long ago . You’re going to witness the birth of a new legend!”

“You…I don’t want to die!” The old ghost glared at Ye Mo in anger . Immediately after, a much more tragic shriek resounded . He was completely suppressed by the mysterious space, “Didn’t you want to control the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber? I can help you . I’m the spiritual consciousness of the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . With my help, you would be able to get control of the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber much quicker!”

Ye Xiwen didn’t display any reaction . Only a cold smile was displayed on his face, which grew colder and colder . What a joke . After knowing that the Emergence School Leader was killed by this old thing, he had completely cut off this thought . Leaving such a troublemaker alive was like carrying a bomb around him . He was someone that might go rampage at any time . Ye Xiwen didn’t want to risk facing this kind of danger .

Considering how powerful the ancestor of the Emergence School was, he must have left a powerful backup technique . However, in the end, the old man still overcame it, and caused the death of his descendant, who was also the school leader .

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These were the signs that warned him to not accept him . As for the contract between Ye Xiwen and Ye Mo, he wasn’t the one in charge previously . Besides, he wasn’t expecting the close relationship he had between Ye Mo to occur with anyone else .

“Do you think we’ll believe you? I don’t want to end up like that Emergence School Leader, and perish by your hands in the end!” said Ye Xiwen plainly . He stared at the old ghost’s body being dispersed slowly by the multi-coloured rays, and ultimately decomposing into green smokes .

“Phew, we’ve finally taken care of this hidden threat!” said Ye Mo . “While it might be harder to control the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber without this old ghost around, you can take your sweet time to control the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . It’s better to dispose of this hidden threat as soon as possible!”

Ye Xiwen nodded . For a peerless and ruthless tool like the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber, Ye Xiwen wouldn’t be able to control it with his own strength . In fact, he didn’t even have the qualifications to do so . If he wanted to take control of it quickly, the most ideal way would be to take control of the spiritual consciousness within the tool . It was the same concept as Ye Xiwen having control over Ye Mo, which allowed him to successfully take control of the Tianyuan Mirror .

Without the assistance of the old ghost, he would take a long time to control the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . However, it was much better than being backstabbed by the old ghost in the future . He would rather watch the old ghost be suppressed and disperse in the form of a green smoke .

Within the cosmos, Ye Xiwen opened his eyes . Terrifying saber lights exploded fanatically from the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber in his hand, as if it wanted to destroy the entire cosmos . Despite not having a spiritual consciousness, it was enough to cause a huge trouble to Ye Xiwen with its instinct to repel him from getting closer .

Golden Divinities flowed out of Ye Xiwen’s palm which instantly engulfed the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . He oppressed its ruthless energy temporarily, and threw it into the Tianyuan Mirror to let Ye Mo suppress it .

Ye Mo was already very familiar in doing these kinds of stuff . Previously, he had to suppress the Dragon Vein, and even the Star Beast’s spirit . With the addition of the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber, the internal space of the Tianyuan Mirror became more lively . Sounds of swords and dragon roaring could be heard occasionally .

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After keeping the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber, Ye Xiwen immediately extended his Demon Wings without hesitation, and immediately left this battlefield . He already felt a few terrifyingly strong aura of Transcendent Realm experts rushing towards his location . Many of them were factions that wanted to take advantage of the situation .

Now, the Emergence School had become detested stray dogs . Anyone would be able to bully them . Currently, the Emergence School’s disciples were already running away . At this time, even if the Emergence School Leader died, it would merely shock them for a short while . There would be nothing more .

For Ye Xiwen, these were strong competitions . Even the weakest Transcendent Realm expert would be a great risk for his life .

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