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Chapter 772: Chapter 772: The Old Ghost Within the Immortal Ext
Chapter 772: The Old Ghost Within the Immortal Exterminating Saber

As the Emergence School Leader was killed, the Gateway of the Holy Domain also dispersed into the form of spiritual energy and disappeared entirely without a trace .

Ye Xiwen quickly withdrew the demon figure . To support this demon figure, he had thrown away more than half of his wealth . Along with the elixirs that he had consumed altogether, he had used up six billion elixirs . He had indeed suffered a huge loss .

“Haha, Ye Xiwen, this is great . Now that you have the Emergence School Leader’s blood essence, the problems of the Tianyuan Mirror breaking through into becoming a Transcendent Tool is non-existent anymore!” Ye Mo laughed . The more powerful the Tianyuan Mirror was, the higher his chances of escaping from the Tianyuan Mirror restrictions .

When he manages to materialize and even form his physique, he would be considered a living being . He could cultivate and become a peerless and great devil .

Ye Xiwen smiled . Despite suffering a huge loss, every single part of it was worth it . They managed to get hold of the Emergence School Leader’s blood essence and captured his spirit that was self-destructing . While a considerable part of it had been self-destructed, there was a portion of it remaining . The understandings of realms recorded within this part of the spirit were extremely beneficial to him . Whether he could breakthrough to the Transcendent Realm depends on how much he managed to perceive .

For the others, they were controlled by fate . However, for Ye Xiwen that had the mysterious space, fates did not bound him . Everything depends solely on his wealth . If he had enough spiritual energy, any secrets would be learned . In fact, as long as he was willing to pay the price, he could even extract the laws and comprehension of the great dao contained within the exploded spirit .

However, this battle was dangerous enough for him . If the Emergence School Leader could endure for another short period of time, he would end up being the one dead .

After actually fighting against the Emergence School Leader did he truly understand the mightiness of a Transcendent Realm expert . This time, he only succeeded because the Emergence School Leader was heavily wounded . If the Emergence School Leader wasn’t hurt at all, Ye Xiwen would not even have the slightest chance of succeeding .

This battle had given him many comprehensions . Going in close cultivation for ten rounds wouldn’t even be comparable to fighting with his life on the line . He could predict that the situations in the future would be even more of a turmoil . The deeply wounded True Martial School might be targeted by various other factions . This implied that the battles in the future would be even more intense .

He had to break through to the Transcendent Realm within a short amount of time . Otherwise, he would just be a nobody . Even if he had the strength of a Half-step Transcendent Realm and a Star Beast Avatar, it was of no exception . In front of an actual Transcendent Realm expert, he would only be a nobody .

Suddenly, a ray of Divine Light surged from a faraway place . The Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber was engulfed within the radiance, and wanted to escape right in front of Ye Xiwen .

“Where do you think you’re going!” Ye Xiwen would never let go of the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . He didn’t only ambush the Emergence School Leader for his blood essence . A huge part of it was also because of this Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . With this Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber, he would have the strength to one-shot a Transcendent Realm expert . He would never let go of it .

Ye Xiwen’s speed was extremely fast . He extended his Demon Wings, and reached the top of the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber in an instant . He extended his hand, and grabbed downward .

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen’s hand didn’t manage to grab the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . Instead, it clashed against the barrier that surged out from it .

“Hmph, break!” Ye Xiwen snorted coldly . If someone was controlling it, Ye Xiwen would naturally have to be wary of its sharpness . However, this was just the tool of a dead owner . There was nothing to be afraid of .

Ye Xiwen suddenly applied a larger force, and the continuous qi instantly oppressed it . The barrier immediately broke, and he managed to grab the saber .

However, before he could be joyous, a sudden surge of cold intent rushed towards his mind . A creepy aura instantly engulfed Ye Xiwen’s body, and transformed into a sharp and extremely horrifying ghost shriek .

After that, the extremely horrifying creepy strength rushed towards the insides of Ye Xiwen’s mind .

Within his spiritual sea, a peerlessly sinister ghost was engulfed within a black mist, and was causing destruction against everything around him .

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“Hehe, I had been waiting for years . Finally, I managed to acquire a suitable body . Haha, it’s even a Star Beast’s physical body, an extremely rare bloodline . It’s such a rare occurrence . With this physical body, I can return back to life!” Within the black mist, a sharp laughing voice resounded . It made one shudder subconsciously . It wanted to take over Ye Xiwen’s physical body, and completely occupy it .

“Who in the world are you?” Ye Xiwen appeared within his spiritual sea . He stared coldly at the black mist while being fully on-guard .

“Haha, I’m a Holy Realm Dweller . Holy Realm Dweller, do you know about it? Haha, now, your physical body is going to belong to me . As long as you cooperate obediently, and allow me to devour your spirit to recover my spirit, I’ll allow a small strand of your spirit to undergo reincarnation . Otherwise, prepare to be destroyed!” A fanatical laughter resounded within the black mist . He had already thought of multiple arrangements, and had never paid attention to Ye Xiwen, the owner of this physical body .

“Holy Realm Dweller? You aren’t even a human or a ghost, and yet you dare call yourself a Holy Realm Dweller?” Yan Zhaoge raised his lips scornfully . He didn’t believe him in the slightest . He didn’t know if there were really Holy Realm Dwellers within this world . Even if there were, they wouldn’t look like such a mess . Could he be a Ghostly Realm Dweller?”

“It’s all because of that petty Emergence . I was tricked by him, and was gravely wounded by him . My physical body was destroyed, and I was captured to serve as a spiritual consciousness for his saber!” As he mentioned this, a wave of vengeance aura surged from the sinister ghost within the black mist . The horrifying vengeance intent covered the entire spiritual sea, which caused Ye Xiwen’s boundless spiritual sea to be in a turmoil .

Ye Xiwen widened his eyes . He remembered the myth about the Emergence School’s Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber, and took a deep breath . If this ghost wasn’t lying, then the ancestors of the Emergence School had really caused a Holy Realm Dweller to perish . He really caused a Holy Realm Dweller to perish . The more terrifying thing was that he managed to turn the spirit of a Holy Realm Dweller into the spiritual consciousness of the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . Such a horrifying and scary technique .

If Holy Realm Dwellers really existed, they would be an extremely horrifying existence, an extremely horrifying life form . And yet, he ended up in such a state . It was apparent how heavy of an impact was done upon him . It was enough to prove how horrifying the Emergence School’s ancestor was .

However, this was such an ironic matter . The Emergence School declared that they wanted every single school to cultivate, and wanted to bring everyone to transcend to the Holy Realm to become a Holy Realm Dweller . However, the spirit of a Holy Realm Sweller was located within their school’s most precious martial instrument . Their ancestors had even killed Holy Realm Dwellers before .

Isn’t this an extreme irony?

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“However, it doesn’t matter, haha . Now, that Emergence pest had disappeared, and the school he created was destroyed under my hands in order to pay back for the ten million years he had trapped me . Hehe, kid, why do you think that the Emergence School Leader received a backlash at such a crucial moment? It was all because of me . Normally, they feared me, and sealed me . This time, in order to attack your True Martial School, only did they release me in order to display the greatest strength of the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . Thanks to this, I managed to help you greatly . As a thanks, just stand there obediently without moving, and allow me to devour you!” said the old ghost accompanied with a weird laugh .

Ye Xiwen finally understood why the Emergence School Leader would suddenly receive a backlash at such a crucial moment . This old man had interfered with his actions . It was truly hard to be on guard against a thief living in the same house . Despite many rounds of calculations, he didn’t manage to predict this outcome . He just dug his own grave .

However, it was impossible for him to submit obediently . Even if this wasn’t his original body, it was extremely important to him . It was impossible for him to allow others to take over it .

“You want to devour me? Dream on . You’re just an old man that’s been dead for years . How dare you be arrogant in front of me?” Ye Xiwen sneered . Layers of golden waves surged from beneath his feet, and they instantly enveloped towards the old ghost .

These golden Divinities originated from the Deities of each clan . Ye Xiwen managed to extract the bloodline from their descendents, and contained the utmost strength and utmost just energy . It was the nemesis to these ghostly strengths .

“Hmph, such a cheap trick!” The old ghost snorted scornfully . He swung his emaciated claw, and tore through the golden Divinities .

While the utmost strength and utmost just energy could counter the ghostly and sinister strength, it depended on the situation . If the ghostly and sinister strength was strong till a certain degree, it would counter the utmost strength and utmost just energy instead .

This was the way of yin and yang . They interchange with each other . The extreme of yang would be yin, while the extreme of yin would be the utmost strength and utmost just energy .

This old ghost had been within the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber for god knows how many years . It was unknown how many people he had killed alongside the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . He had become a peerless and sinister ghost after absorbing the blood essence and hatred of many people . His strength was already not beneath the Transcendence Realm . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to affect the Emergence School Leader .

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Originally, he wouldn’t be able to escape the restrictions of the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . However, with the death of the Emergence School Leader, he didn’t have a master anymore . In addition with the Stone Martial Stone Sword causing a crack on his seal after clashing against each other, he was able to rush to the inside of Ye Xiwen’s body the moment Ye Xiwen came in contact with the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . His intentions were to completely take over Ye Xiwen’s physical body which contained the Star Beast Avatar .

Ye Xiwen’s expression changed drastically . He never expected this old ghost to be so horrifying . If it wasn’t because he wanted to possess Ye Xiwen’s body, he would have immediately destroyed the Star Beast Avatar if he exerted his full strength .

Without any hesitation, he immediately flew towards the chaotic space deep within his spiritual sea . Within the chaotic space, there was a connected domain radiating with multi-coloured rays .

“You want to leave? Stay!” The old ghost laughed fanatically, and chased after him .

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