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Chapter 770: Chapter 770: Golden Opportunity
Chapter 770: Golden Opportunity

Ye Xiwen’s words were vicious . For some people with a thicker skin and a vicious heart, it would be ineffective . They would never put such words in high regard and ignore them .

However, the Emergence School Leader in front of him was not like this . He was probably vicious and ruthless . Otherwise, he would be able to sit in the position of the Emergence School leader . However, he might not be necessarily thick-skinned .

A grand figure like this took their prestige seriously, especially when his face almost represented the face of Emergence School to a certain extent .

For thousands of years, no one dared to be so presumptuous in front of him . In his eyes, Half-step Transcendent Realm was nothing but a minute ant .

At this point, he was agitated . He stopped moving forward but stayed on the spot . He wanted to deal a heavy blow to this damn Half-step Transcendent Realm . He thought it would only take a moment to eliminate this extremely daring ant, and he would have enough time to escape .

“Damn you little brat . So irritating!” The Emergence School leader stared at Ye Xiwen with red eyes as if he was regarded as the representative of the whole True Martial Schools . The leader brought the Emergence School army to conquer True Martial School . He never thought the result would end up like this . The Emergence School army was annihilated without any chance of fighting back . Dozens of Transcendent Realm masters were also sacrificed . A dozen masters were killed by the True Martial Stone Sword on the spot . If he didn’t possess the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber, he would be long dead already .

None knew how many of the remaining twenty plus masters could escape . For Emergence School, it was more than a serious injury that hurt its foundation . It had escalated to a point where there would be no way to recover the vitality in the next thousands of years . They would need to stay defensive in the Emergence World; they could no longer afford to get involved in any other matters outside their world .

For an ambitious leader like him, he would not be able to accept the ending where he would die of old age with cowardice in the Emergence World .

Also, this was caused by the almost outdated True Martial School . Of course he could not go back and find faults on the Supreme School Master, but he could find trouble on Ye Xiwen . He wanted to murder Ye Xiwen to quench his anger .

“Ye Xiwen, you have to think about it carefully . The opponent is a Transcendent Realm master!” Feeling the increasingly tyrannical aura of the Emergence School leader, Ye Mo couldn’t help but worry a little . An injured Transcendent Realm master still had extraordinary strength that should not be dismissed .

If it weren’t for the True Martial Stone Sword that great injured Emergence School leader, Ye Xiwen probably wouldn’t be bold enough to make an attempt .

But at this time, time did not wait for Ye Xiwen .

The Emergence School leader had already made his attack and approached Ye Xiwen . It happened too fast, almost instantly . He had swooped down in front of Ye Xiwen just like an eagle .

The long saber glimmered with an unimaginable peerless saber light; it slashed downward in an instant . Indeed, with the Emergence School leader’s current situation, it was impossible to truly exert the power of Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . However, even if he manifested only a tiny bit of power from the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber, it would be adequate . If it weren’t for that, it would not be possible for the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber to protect the Emergence School leader in front of the overwhelming and completely demonized True Martial Stone Sword . Its strength was definitely not ordinary .

The long saber light assaulted . Anything within a few miles was annihilated in an instant . Ye Xiwen noticed that he was almost annihilated in the saber light, he instantly turned into a cluster of golden light, disappearing on the spot . When he reappeared, he was already ten miles away .

For his strength and realm, a distance of ten miles was nothing at all . It was closed at hand .

Ye Xiwen’s face was extremely ugly . The blow just now made him truly understand how terrifying this Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber was . Previously, the seven masters of True Martial School had to lay out the Seven-star Qi Breaking Array to block the attack from Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . It was apparent how terrifying that Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber was .

Only the direct confrontation could let Ye Xiwen feel the power capable of destroying the world . Even without urging the power laid within, the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber could instantly shred the stars with just relying on the sharpness of itself .

If the Emerge Immortal Exterminating Saber managed to slash Ye Xiwen, he would be cut in half on the spot even though he possessed Tyrant Golden Body .

Any kind of tyrannical body looked so ridiculous in front of this terrifying power capable of destroying the world .

“Ye Xiwen, you have to be careful of this Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . A slight hit will kill you even if you have the physical body of Star Beast . Even a Transcendent Realm master will only face a dead end under Emerge Immortal Exterminating Saber’s attack!” said Ye Mo worriedly .

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The Emergence School leader looked at Ye Xiwen at a daze; the Emergence School Leader didn’t expect that Ye Xiwen would be able to dodge this blow which was fatal for him .

“Boom!” The Emergence School leader came in pursuit again . His slashed with his saber, causing the sun and the moon to shake . The shockwave emitted under this saber violently stirred up in a vortex . Everything around the saber at the very least within tens miles were annihilated .

He was a top master himself . Among the Transcendent Realm masters, he was relatively stronger, let alone he possessed Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . He could only be defeated when the Supreme School Master caught up with the True Martial Stone Sword . Otherwise, the Emergence School leader still had something to rely on, which was why he dared to stop and deal with Ye Xiwen .




The two sides quickly fought . Both of their speeds were extremely fast . They had exchanged many blows in lightning speed .

The surrounding of the two was in a mess . Chaos was basically everywhere, seemingly like an apocalyptic situation .

But in the whole battle, Ye Xiwen was completely suppressed . Facing the Emergence School equipped with Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber, Ye Xiwen had to stay defensive . He was completely aggrieved, plummeted at a complete disadvantage .

Ye Xiwen’s strength was his physical body . He had never been afraid to confront the opponent in a close battle, even if the opponent’s realm was higher than him . He was never afraid .

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Ye Xiwen dared to fight with a Transcendent Realm master but the problem was that this Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber was too terrifying . If Ye Xiwen sustained a hit from a Transcendent Realm master, Ye Xiwen would be injured slightly or seriously at best . The Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber would incur a tragic death if he was struck directly . There was no element of luck that could save him .

His powerful body had no use for this battle . It was impossible to inflict injuries on the opponent while sustaining another one himself .

Ye Xiwen had never been so downhearted since his debut . No matter how strong the opponent he encountered, there was no possibility of the opponent killing him in a single blow . If he was not killed instantly, he could quickly recover and fight back .

Any ordinary person would be long defeated under the terrifying Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber’s pursuit . However, Ye Xiwen’s speed was fast enough . He managed to avoid the Emerge Immortal Exterminating Saber’s attacks at the critical moment . Otherwise, Ye Xiwen had not dared to continue the fight until now . After all, this was an extremely dangerous weapon . If he was not careful, he would be eliminated . Even though it was not his main body, Ye Xiwen would not be willing to waste it like this if it was not a last resort .

Acquiring Star Beast Avatar’s physical body could be said to be rare in a lifetime . Some people had never seen it in their entire lives . If he wasted it like this, he would most possibly be unable to acquire one in the future .

However, the temptation to kill a Transcendent Realm master kept him reluctant to let go . The more terrifying Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber, the more he wanted it .

He was waiting for an opportunity to implement a peerless counterattack .

“Damn brat . You’re just a minute ant!” Compared to Ye Xiwen’s anxiety, the Emergence School leader was going crazy . Originally, he planned to kill Ye Xiwen in one blow . It wouldn’t take much time, but now he was actually affected by this brat . The brat wasted so much of his time, he could even vaguely feel that an extremely tyrannical master was approaching .

At this time, the Emergence School leader was a lone person facing the entire world . Not only the True Martial School masters hated him, but also the masters of many other huge forces were eyeing and coveting him, especially Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . This weapon was the garrisoned weapon of Emergence School which was usually kept within Emerge World . Others couldn’t do anything even if they drool over it . A direct invasion on Emergence School had no difference to death . But, the situation was different now . He was alone without any masters or army as backup . In the eyes of those tyrannical masters, he was like a kid walking on the road with a large ingot of gold, full of temptation .

Even the boy in the Half-step Transcendent Realm in front of him dared to covet him .

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The Emergence School leader let out a loud roar . The long saber glimmered with powerful saber light, which had a stronger intensity than just now . Immortal’s tune faintly rang out . It turned into a sharp ghost howl, and the resentment instantly spread . The resenting energy filled the void .

Ye Xiwen had all his hairs stood up; his back was drenched cold sweat . The moment the Immortal’s tune turned into ghost howls, he only felt goose bumps all over his body . He was shocked to his core .

What’s happening here!

“Puff!” Suddenly, the Emergence School leader, who was about to launch an attack, spewed out a mouthful of blood . His face turned pale; his whole body was trembling . He couldn’t hold the saber anymore . He was shaking like he was about to fall in the next second .

“It’s time!” Ye Xiwen’s eyes glimmered . He immediately realized that the opportunity he had been waiting for had finally arrived . His figure instantly swooped out, like a cannonball, and rushed towards the Emergence School leader .

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