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Chapter 750: Chapter 750: Another Encounter with Soul Destructi
Chapter 750: Another Encounter with Soul Destruction Temple Master

Many times in True Martial School, corresponding items were not simply redeemable with merit points .

There were quite a few criteria for certain items . It was not something one could redeem as they pleased . There were many other factors like the person’s status and the person’s credit to True Martial School .

Now these constraining systems were gone . As long as the person had enough points, the person could exchange for anything . The method of obtaining points was also very simple . That was to kill the disciples of Emergence School .

Under the temptation of these points, the disciples of True Martial School worked hard and were not afraid of death . They were very clear that everything they had now was backed by the True Martial School . If True Martial School collapsed, then it would be the end for them too . There was no way for the Emergence School to spare them .

For remote affiliates such as Yi Yuan Sect, Emergence School might still recruit them . However, for the genuine disciples of these Emergence Schools, the Emergence School would not let them go . Those who were lucky might be able to escape, but it would halt their cultivation progress in life . Hence, the True Martial School’s disciples did not have many options .

Either way, they would need to go for war . Rather than sit idly, it was better to fight with all they could . Moreover, killing an Emergence School’s disciple had many benefits .

In this case, the disciples of True Martial School were fighting bravely .

The passage of time did not stop . Three months had passed already . During these three months, Ye Xiwen was constantly fighting in the South Region and constantly killing the South Barbarian’s Iron-armored Horsemen and Demon Worshipping Religion; the organizations emerged when True Martial School was in trouble .

These people only wanted the world in chaos . The places they would pillage would be villages . Sometimes, the entire village or city would be slaughtered with no life remaining .

The Demon Worshipping Religion was even eager to kill humans to summon the Demon clan . The South Barbarian wasn’t indifferent to the death of innocent people too . They are here to fight for living space . Among them, there were countless tribes starved for living spaces . The more people die, the easier it would be for the tribe to migrate over .

And these people were Ye Xiwen’s enemies and targets .

They would not care about the death of ordinary people, but True Martial School must care . These people were the foundation of True Martial School . If they were all dead, then no matter how powerful True Martial School was, they would need to face the issue of lacking a generation of successors .

Ye Xiwen and Wolf Cub’s cooperation made them invincible . Although there were many masters in the South Barbarian and Demon Worshipping Religion, including in the Great Sage Realm, they had no way to contend with Ye Xiwen .

Even once, Ye Xiwen met a master of Great Sage Great Mastery . However, Ye Xiwen’s Star Beast Avatar killed the person in the end .

Ye Xiwen also became famous in the South Region because of this . There were many True Martial School disciples like Ye Xiwen who were wandering outside to hunt down the South Barbarian and Demon Worshipping Religion .

However, these reputations were quickly submerged in the warfare involving True Martial School . At this moment, the battle between True Martial School and Emergence School concerned the entire True Martial Domain the most . Luckily, other forces in the entire True Martial Domain did not kick True Martial School when it was down . They just sit idly by .

It was not that they were so kind . For True Martial School, it already felt like a knife at the throat . They would be pleased if True Martial School were to be eliminated . However, even after facing their joint attack, True Martial School was still as strong as ever .

This time, it should have been an unprecedented opportunity . Even if True Martial School finally won, the True Martial School should suffer their besiegement again .

But this time it was different . These forces also felt the immediate threat . In the past, no matter how they resisted, it was still an inner battle within the True Martial Domain in the end . The biggest factor was that True Martial School did not eliminate them despite being quite dominant . Also, when these forces joined together, they were only able to protect themselves .

So no matter how they fight internally, at least they could protect themselves and there was no worry of annihilation . However, these outsiders would be different . True Martial School was so powerful that it could only occupy the South Region among the five regions and four wilderness . But these outsiders were huge monsters that occupied the whole world . They were more surly and unreasoning than True Martial School .

The news in regards to Emergence School waging a war had spread among many forces outside this domain . Many forces wanted to invade the True Martial Domain too .

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It was impossible for so many forces to share True Martial Domain . In other words, even if True Martial School was destroyed, they would have no benefit because a stronger opponent than True Martial School would appear in the South Region .

Most importantly, if Emergence School succeeded, the other forces outside the domain would really suffer .

During this period of time, seeing the miserable situation of True Martial School when they were fighting against the invasion of Emergence School, the outside forces were already worried . Although it seemed that True Martial School had no signs of not collapsing it now, they could only contend with Emergence School with arrays . It was hard to imagine how much price the True Martial School had paid .

All the spies sent were updating with the numbers of masters killed and injured . Hence, these outside forces were quite self-aware . They did consider if this did not happen to True Martial School but happened to them . They did not have a strong background like True Martial School . God knows if they could stand strong for how many days .

So even if they saw that True Martial School suffered heavy losses, they were not as happy as they thought .

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen bombarded a punch onto the barbaric clan army . Thousands of barbarian clan troops collapsed in his hands . This army was all composed of Legendary masters . They were so vulnerable in Ye Xiwen’s hand .

This might be the most elite force of a tribe, but it collapsed in the hands of Ye Xiwen . If not, they could possibly wipe out an empire, or even the South Region .

In the southern wilderness, each tribe was a small kingdom . Although there was a transcended power above them, they had a relatively strong fighting force in general . The masters were stationed in the tribe .

This was because, among the hundred thousand South Barbarian mountains, many barbaric beasts were living there . They might invade the tribe at any time, so there were many masters left in their tribe .

But it was different in the South Region . Although there were a lot of dangers, it was much more optimal than South Wilderness . Hence, many masters were concentrated in True Martial School .

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Therefore, the army defeated by Ye Xiwen might be the most elite force of a large tribe . After losing, the security of the tribe would be in jeopardy, but this was not within Ye Xiwen’s concern .

“Ye Xiwen, hahaha . God bless me . Unexpectedly, I get to see you here!” Suddenly, a rough roar came from a distance .

Immediately afterward, a figure flew over and arrived .

He was a big person with a long beard . His gaze was fierce, and he stared at Ye Xiwen with his eyes full of hatred . Terrifying demon aura overflowed .

“Nie Han!” Ye Xiwen uttered the name in his mouth .

The person in front of him was no other than the person who pursued him for innumerable miles from the Wind Dragon star to the True Martial School . It was the Demon Worshipping Religion Soul Destruction Temple Master, Nie Han .

Ye Xiwen had a deep impression with the Soul Destruction Temple Master in front of him . At that time, he almost died . If he did not successfully go inside the True Martial School, his life would already be repealed by this guy .

How could Ye Xiwen not remember someone like him?

Ye Xiwen became fully alerted . A Great Sage Great Mastery master was definitely a terrible character .

But now he was not the same weakling . In the past few months, Ye Xiwen had already consolidated his cultivation as Great Sage Intermediate . With his constant fighting, the realm had quickly stabilized . The process could be considered extremely fast .

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Ye Xiwen right now was capable of contending against Great Sage Minor Mastery or even straight-up defeating those in that caliber . Among the masters of the Great Sage Minor mastery, Ye Xiwen was at the top . At this time, when he encounters Great Sage Great Mastery, he would not be helpless with no ways to fight back . Ye Xiwen could afford to exchange blows . Most importantly, Ye Xiwen had his Star Beast Avatar . He had the chance to deliver a one-hit kill too .

The hatred of getting pursued! The scores would need to be settled .

“It really takes no effort . As long as I can kill you, then everything lost can be compensated . You will die in my hands!” Nie Han sneered and immediately threw a fist . This fist evolved into a monstrous demon hand and swooshed down . The skies seemingly crumbled . The terrifying Great Sage aura locked on Ye Xiwen, cutting all of his routes to escape . Even the space locked in an instant whereby flicker was not even allowed .

Feeling the immense power, Ye Xiwen was not surprised but rejoiced . He laughed aloud, “It’s true that evildoers dig their own graves . Nie Han, today is your death . Let me personally send you to the afterlife!”

Ye Xiwen could clearly feel that the power Nie Han mustered was not in Great Sage Great Mastery but Great Sage Minor Mastery .

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