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Chapter 75 - Yi Yuan Main Sect

In a very short period of time, the Fire Lin beast had been crippled and the three Xiantian masters of the Cao family had all been killed single-handedly by Ye Xiwen.

The sudden turn of events had left all of the warriors dumbstruck, but at this time, those warriors realized that their lives had already been saved by Ye Xiwen and shouted in succession out of happiness.

“Kill these Cao family bastards, they actually conspired to kill us!”

“Kill, kill them all!”

“I will completely eradicate Cao family!”

After facing such a life and death situation, now, many warriors had survived because of the unexpected appearance of Ye Xiwen and this had boosted their morale. They were in high spirits and without wasting any time, they roared and rushed towards the warriors of the Cao family, who were still mourning the deaths of their strongest experts.

Ye Xiwen did not say anything and arrived at the side of Fire Lin beast and lifted his blade in a stance. The Fire Lin beast had been crippled by a punch from Ye Xiwen and couldn't even move. Ye Xiwen finally stabbed his blade into its body and put it out of its miseries.

Ye Xiwen received the corpse of Fire Lin beast in his storage ring, as it had the blood of Fire Qilin in its body and its whole body could be considered as a treasure, even though it had not fully matured before dying.

However, if it had completely transformed into a fully grown Fire Lin beast then Ye Xiwen would have been unable to deal with it. When it had swallowed the Blue Flaming Lotus, it had then entered into the growth period of rapid transformation and if given enough time, it could have even reached the Xiantian sixth stage in just one year.

Fire Lin beast had just entered the growth period and after fully maturing, it would have become an absolutely terrifying demon beast in this locality and would have brought disaster on everyone, but fortunately, before it could fully mature, it had been killed by Ye Xiwen.

“Brother Ye, I didn't expect you to be all right!” Dai Xiaohua came up and said. About those Houtian realm warriors of the Cao family, he simply didn't care because this incident had come to a closure along with deaths of the three Xiantian masters of the Cao family and Fire Lin beast and killing these warriors of the Houtian realm would only be a waste of time.

Although Cao family was on the verge of complete extinction, but those warriors were quite furious for being conspired against by the Cao family because they could have lost their lives pointlessly.

Both sides had started to fight, but soon, Wu Shaoyang also joined the battle, and once a Xiantian master like him joined the fray, immediately, this fight had turned into a one-sided massacre, and soon, Cao family warriors had been completely massacred.

“Brother Ye, thanks for saving our lives today and if I ever got an opportunity in the future, I would certainly return the favor.” Wu Shaoyang said, “I am going back and reveal this news to the public, good-bye.”

Ye Xiwen nodded.

After a while, everyone had left, leaving only Ye Xiwen and Dai Xiaohua behind in the cave, because those warriors had faced such a life-threatening experience in this cave and were reluctant to stay here.

“Brother Ye, it is needless to say that I will return the favor and if you ever need help with something, come find me in the Yun Cheng city!” Dai Xiaohua said while laughing.

Ye Xiwen nodded and though Dai Xiaohua had not said something pleasant to hear, but after spending time with him, Ye Xiwen had finally come to understand his character. Ye Xiwen knew that the words he just said seemed fancy, but they still were a lot more meaningful.

Dai Xiaohua was still young and was an outstanding genius who had already entered the Xiantian realm, so how could he possibly not enter the city of Yun Cheng, which was a necessity for all the disciples of Dai family Sect.

“I think we will soon also be able to meet again!” Dai Xiaohua ​​laughed, “Looking at Brother Ye's talent, you would certainly be going to the Yi Yuan Main Sect and I am sure that very soon, you will become an outstanding disciple of the Yi Yuan Main Sect and when the time comes, we should be able to meet again in the meeting of the warriors of four great Sects.”

“Meeting of the warriors of four great Sects?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“Brother Ye, you don't know that the four great Sects of our Yue State jointly holds the meeting of outstanding warriors including some well-known figures coming from all over Great Yue State!” Dai Xiaohua said. “Sometimes, the masters of the royal family also join in, in short, the competition is going to be very fierce, but I think the strength of Brother Ye is more than enough and standing out won't be an issue for you.”

Ye Xiwen did not ask anything more because right now, he had not even entered into the Main Sect, so there were a lot of things that he still did not know about, but once he entered into the Main Sect then these things won't remain hidden from his eyes, and he would eventually come to know about them.

“Then I’ll say good-bye. I must rush toward Yun Cheng city, you know, this time I secretly ran out on my own and did not go along with my team.” Dai Xiaohua said.

The four big Sects of the Great Yue State were located at the four corners of the State, each in the east, west, north and south direction which worked as the four gateways and supported the State. Yi Yuan Main Sect was located in the west direction, and Qingfeng Mountain's Yi Yuan School was located further in the southwest, although separated by a large distance, but one could travel this distance in one day by riding a flight-type demon beast, but Yun Cheng city was located in the northern part of Great Yue State and even by riding on a flight-type demon beast, it would take half a month time, therefore this time, Dai Xiaohua was in a lot of tension compared to Ye Xiwen.

“En, I’m sure we’ll meet again someday!” Ye Xiwen nodded.

After bidding farewell to Dai Xiaohua, Ye Xiwen began to travel alone.


Two months time passed in a blink of an eye. The large entrance to the Yi Yuan Main Sect was located in the western part of Yue State and when Ye Xiwen arrived there, he saw that it was completely bustling with people, who had arrived from more than one hundred sub-schools. These people were actually the geniuses from all over the Yue State as well as many visitors who had come along with them. And like Ye Xiwen, they had come to enter into the Yi Yuan Main Sect.

“So this is the Yi Yuan Main Sect where the genius disciples from various Yi Yuan Sub-schools come to study.” Ye Xiwen looked from afar and saw dozens of miles away, an endless mountain range of ten huge mountains that looked like the mountains of Immortals, and resembled a sacred mountainous region. Each and every one of those mountain peaks were so high, as if they were piercing the sky itself, covered with clouds and mist curling around the mountains. Countless waterfalls were traversing horizontally down those mountains and it appeared as if the galaxies were falling from the seventh heaven.

Among these endless mountains, a palace could be seen, rising steeply from the level ground, and well blended with the surrounding environment, which seemed to resemble the nature itself.

The most spectacular thing was that in the depth of the mountain range, several palaces could be seen in a row, visibly floating above the tall peaks and the whole scenery looked like a city in the mountains.

Ye Xiwen was amazed at the scene which had unfolded in front of him. It clearly resembled a paradise and compared with the landscape and environment present in the Yi Yuan Main Sect, Qingfeng Mountain’s environment was nothing. And that was the reason why many experts would rather come to these Great Sects. Coming to the Main Sect was similar to living in a paradise on the earth, which was going to be a unique experience for Ye Xiwen who had come from a different world.

Even from dozens of miles away, Ye Xiwen could clearly feel the intermittent waves of strong and rich Lingqi present in the wind which was very important for cultivating. With each blow of air on his face and with each breath he took, he would feel a hundred vessels opening inside his body giving a comfortable feeling to him. Ye Xiwen didn't know that how many spiritual veins had been buried in these mountains by the Main Sect to make the air so rich in Lingqi.

If practiced here, then he would certainly gain twice the result with half the effort!


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