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Chapter 743: Chapter 743: Really Beat Him Up
Chapter 743: Really Beat Him Up


This slash fully portrayed the power of a master in Great Sage Peak when he was angry .

“What a great slash!” Ye Xiwen could almost feel that he was locked on at once . This was the integration between both human and the saber . This saber art almost had the illusion of reborning the world .

What is Yin and Yang? It is the initial entity that evolved from chaos . The so-called Dao begets one . The first is chaos, then the chaos creates Yin Yang . The Yin and Yang creates the four divine beasts (Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise) . The four divine beasts then gradually create everything .

It could be said that the power of yin and yang and the saber arts involving the two were fundamentally approaching chaos . Moving forward would be the Grand Way . Then, it would advance into the death of all things .

It could be said as a very remarkable way, especially when this way was incorporated into the saber arts . Ye Xiwen could almost see the trajectory of the saber aura, slipping and replaying chaos in the evolving world . It was a very strange, and entirely opposite scene .

But they were all united together .

Ye Xiwen made a move in an instant . Divinity in him burst into countless lights, and in each ray of light there was a deity chanting long-lasting scriptures . All those saber qi were cracked at once .

The delivered fist blasted out in an instant, and the power of the stars began to sweep out with a devastating wave . In a flash, it seemed that the entire universe had entered a withering period, began to shrink and step into destruction . This was the ultimate will of the Shattered Star Fist .

The universe that was just manifested was just the beginning . What was a great destruction? It marked the path from prosperity to extinction .

So the universe that Ye Xiwen manifested came from nothingness, and then became prosperous . Later on, it walked its path to perish, stepping into another nothingness . It was a cycle .

After completing a cycle, this was the real great destruction . However, Ye Xiwen could only borrow the strength from the birth of great destruction, making the entire universe abnormally vibrant . However, he could not attain the path to extinction . Hence, he had no way to really exert the real power of Shattered Star Fist .

But today, as he saw the first Divine Lord’s saber aura, he suddenly came into enlightenment . The so-called way of life and death was a mutation of Yin and Yang . It was inevitably the combination or transformation of the two powers .

Since the power of Yin and Yang could be transformed into each other, the power between birth and death could also be transformed into each other . Therefore, the bottleneck of Shatter Star Fist which Ye Xiwen had stuck for a long time was seemingly approaching a breakthrough .

It might take more time to consolidate, but it was much better than before .


There was another bang . A huge mushroom cloud rose from where the two exchanged blows, but what was slightly different from the previous one was that it almost slash Ye Xiwen in half . This was the first Divine Lord’s slash that contained anger . The saber aura was terrifying . It instantly terminated many cells in Ye Xiwen’s body, delivering a lethal blow on Ye Xiwen . If Ye Xiwen’s physical body was not domineering, he would have already been slashed into half at once .

That would really be a dead end . Some secret technique allowed mutilated arms to reconnect . However, if the physical body was slash into half . There were no remedies at all .

But at this time, the first Divine Lord’s situation was not any better . He launched an attack with all his strength; the same applied to Ye Xiwen . The punch directly connected on his chest, instantly crushing his countless defenses . The inner armor of the holy tool was also ruined by Ye Xiwen in a flash .

His chest was completely sunken; his bones were broken; his physical body was badly mangled . It was far worse than what happened on Wolf Cub just now . Trails of blood gushed out from the corner of his mouth . Disbelief was reflected in his eyes . He never expected that Ye Xiwen was capable of hurting him .

He decided to come here because he felt Ye Xiwen was definitely not his opponent . Even if Ye Xiwen entered the Great Sage Realm, the strength gap between Great Sages was also huge . For him, what happened right now should be impossible and could only be explained as a miracle .

But now, this miracle actually happened . He was still a stepping stone, which made him fall into disbelief .

“Good job, beat him up!”

On the side, Wolf Cub started to cheer and jumped up and down . He had the Phoenix Regeneration technique . As long as he had enough time, he could recover from any serious injury . Although the injuries just now looked serious, it was nothing with the help of the Phoenix Regeneration technique .

After a while, his injuries had recovered more or less .

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At this time, he was able to jump around and cheered .

However, at this time, he did not leave Yi Yuan Sect’s gate even one step away . It really wanted to help Ye Xiwen, but it knew that the biggest help for Ye Xiwen at this time was to help him guard Yi Yuan Sect .

The current Yi Yuan Sect was Ye Xiwen’s weakness . Ye Xiwen would bare teeth to anyone against the Yi Yuan Sect . The Wolf Cub knew it was better to protect his town rather than be more of a hindrance than a help .

Ye Xiwen had a bitter face . By this hour, it still stood aside to watch the show . Ye Xiwen felt helpless .

However, at this time, he could not care about the Wolf Club anymore . With the same Phoenix Regeneration technique, Ye Xiwen’s injury was improving at a shocking rate . Then, he stretched out his whole body . The horrifying Great Sage’s aura swept the battlefield again in an instant .

He didn’t wait for the first Divine Lord to react . He rushed directly forward, and delivered yet another Shattered Star Fist .

It was not that he knew nothing else, but he almost developed Shattered Star Fist from the stage of prosperity to the stage of perish . To breach this gap and advance into the perish stage from the stage of prosperity, he would need a lot of experience .

So he didn’t even change his posture, and bombarded another fist again . He wanted to defeat the first Divine Lord, so he had to utilize this opportunity .

He knew that this first Divine Lord was strong, so he had to utilize this time gap . The Phoenix Regeneration technique was better and faster than the other secret healing technique . Hence, he continued the pressure to defeat his opponent .

Just now, Ye Xiwen would never underestimate him .

The first Divine Lord looked cold, and said, “How come! How could there be such a horrifying recovery technique!?”

Just when Ye Xiwen first recovered, the first Divine Lord was in the middle of recovery . Although he had a secret healing technique, it could not be compared with Ye Xiwen’s Phoenix Regeneration technique .

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At this moment of hesitation, Ye Xiwen directly rushed to the front . The first Divine Lord was forced to embrace it . He wanted to delay time, so he slashed his long saber toward Ye Xiwen again .

“Boom!” The powerful shock wave generated by the two lashed out again, and the two separated again . However, the result was fundamentally different from what many people imagined .

The first Divine Lord stepped back a few steps, and stopped . Every pore of his body was permeated with blood . Ye Xiwen had incur damage on the internal organs, including his muscle too .

He had not recovered as fast as Ye Xiwen was already . Now he was still in a state of imperfection and fought face-to-face with Ye Xiwen who had returned to the peak with Phoenix Regeneration technique . In this brawl, he was injured further . From afar, every pore of his body was still permeating blood . At a glance, he was like a bloody man .

Ye Xiwen forced him into this situation . Otherwise, he would not end up as such .

However, Ye Xiwen gave no mercy to this first Divine Lord, and directly pounced on him again . This was the so-called taking advantage of an opponent’s injured state .

The first Divine Lord was determined to kill Ye Xiwen to vent his anger . Ye Xiwen would definitely not let a threat like this persist . The best way was to eradicate the first Divine Lord and eliminate the roots .

After beheading and killing the first Divine Lord, Ye Xiwen could only feel at ease . Then, he would eradicate the entire Divine Legion from the roots . With that, there would not be such worries in the future .

Ye Xiwen pounced directly, and the speed of the first Divine Lord, who was injured by Ye Xiwen, was greatly affected . At this time, he couldn’t even walk . He could only fight with all he got . He wanted to shoulder over this wave of attack . If he could survive, his injury would soon recover . By then, the situation could be completely reversed .

The most important thing now was that he could stop getting suppressed by Ye Xiwen .

In the battle, the worst taboo was to allow the opponents to fight at their wish . Many times, when the opponent fought in advantage in the way they wanted while at the same time getting completely suppressed by the opponent, it would lead to a dead end .

This was the first time he treated it seriously . It was an impossible miracle for him previously . How could a person who just stepped into Great Sage Realm recently kill a Great Sage Peak master? It should be simply impossible .

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At this time, he could only force himself to fight with Ye Xiwen .

“Boom!” The first Divine Lord was like a kite with a broken thread . He once again directly flew out . The blood was spitting all over the sky . The scene was very tragic . Most of his bones were broken .

His strength was not worse than Ye Xiwen, but because Ye Xiwen recovered faster than him, this caused him to continue to be injured and be completely suppressed .

The Divine Legion and Yi Yuan Sect were dumbfounded watching this scene .

Just now Wolf Cub asked Ye Xiwen to help him to avenge him and beat the first Divine Lord . Now, he really did it . He had beaten up the first Divine Lord!

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