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Chapter 742: Chapter 742: My Brother Said He Would Beat You Up
Chapter 742: My Brother Said He Would Beat You Up


It definitely lived up the name as a brother! Although Wolf Cub was not a human being, Ye Xiwen did not treat it as a pet . It didn’t even have a so-called contract from beginning to end, having the freedom to come and go . In addition to the lack of human form, this wolf was not much different from ordinary people in Ye Xiwen’s heart .

Wolf Cub could obviously dodge it, but now it didn’t . It knew that it might be a trap, but it still threw its own body over to protect Yi Yuan Sect .

“Brother Ye Xiwen! Brother Ye Xiwen is back!”

“What! Is he Senior Brother Ye?”

“Sure enough, it is him . I have a portrait . It’s definitely him!”

Many of the Yi Yuan Sect disciples underneath cried out – It’s definitely Ye Xiwen . Many young disciples of Yi Yuan Sect regarded Ye Xiwen as their idol, so when they saw Ye Xiwen appear, they immediately recognized him .

It is Ye Xiwen!

“Ye Xiwen, you came here to redeem your death . Great, let me send you off to pay tribute to my brothers!” There was no way for the first Divine Lord to calm down after seeing Ye Xiwen . He spoke in a low muffled voice . He hated Ye Xiwen so much that he couldn’t wait to butcher Ye Xiwen right away .

It was the man in front of him who beheaded several of his younger brothers and made him lose his loved ones . There was absolute bad blood between them . He could not wait to kill Ye Xiwen immediately .

Ye Xiwen turned to the first Divine Lord and said, “Did you hear what my brother said just now? I’m going to beat you up!”

Ye Xiwen didn’t continue to bother Wolf Cub . Although the injury was serious, Wolf Cub possessed the Phoenix Regeneration technique, and these wounds would soon heal .

Long ago, Ye Xiwen had passed the Phoenix Regeneration technique to Wolf Cub . Although Wolf Cub itself had its own secret healing technique, it was definitely not as good as the Phoenix Regeneration technique .

It was only a matter of time for Wolf Cub, who had the Phoenix Regeneration technique to recover as long as it still hung on its last breath .

Ye Xiwen dashed out directly and instantly lifted the entire battlefield several altitudes away . He did not want to affect the Yi Yuan Sect underneath . He rushed directly into the Divine Legion and placed the battlefield in the center of Divine Legion . By then, only the Divine Legion would sustain death and injury .

Wolf Cub had the same idea previously, but it was unsuccessful . The reason was simple . It did not have substantial value to lure everyone’s aggression, including the first Divine Lord . Rather, it was lured into the first Divine Lord’s trap . However, Ye Xiwen was in a different situation . There was bad blood between him and the first Divine Lord; with death the only way to settle the dispute .

“Die!” The first Divine Lord’s words were very simple . Ye Xiwen must die . He wouldn’t allow Ye Xiwen to stay alive .

There was no hesitation at all . The first Divine Lord directly came in pursuit . The grey saber aura emitted out of his weapon immediately . A devastating wave instantly rippled out; the saber aura covered the entire sky . Countless Divine Legion’s troops were destroyed by this saber .

The first Divine Lord, who went berserk, couldn’t care much . Even in his heart, these Divine Legions were just some slaves . Actually, it was just a little better than slaves . In fact, it was not much better off .

Any death was worthwhile as long as he could kill Ye Xiwen, then everything was worth it .

What a terrible master! With just a move, Ye Xiwen immediately recognized the first Divine Lord had entered the realm of the Great Sage Realm peak .

No one knew what the first Divine Lord had been through that enabled him to enter the Great Sage Realm peak .

On the other hand, the mystery was the same as Ye Xiwen . Wasn’t he merely a Sage Realm previously? Wasn’t he a Great Sage Realm now?

Ye Xiwen had all kinds of adventures . With the intensive cultivation of Southern Dipper, the first Divine Lord was not inferior .

The first Divine Lord showed his tyrannical strength . The Great Sage Realm peak that Ye Xiwen beheaded previously was nothing in the face of the first Divine Lord .

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Ye Xiwen could feel the terrifying saber aura chasing behind him . The terrible saber aura was mixed with the power of Yin and Yang, enough to shatter a mountain range .

The first Divine Lord was inherently talented, much more tyrannical than other Divine Lords in the past . When they were Half-step Legendary, he was already Sage Realm . The matter of Ye Xiwen stepping into Sage Realm was also a matter of decades ago . Ye Xiwen was totally unmatched .

In the past few decades, the first Divine Lord was not idle either . Obviously, he had relentlessly cultivated .

“Gilded Tyrant Form Technique!” Ye Xiwen screamed in an instant, and countless Divinity spewed out from the pores, like a golden thread, wrapping him up . There were seemingly gilded water waves on Ye Xiwen if observed from a distance .


Saber’s aura bombarded Ye Xiwen’s body ruthlessly . After the bombardment, a mushroom cloud rose up into the sky, spreading a powerful shock wave and swept out in all directions . Those nearby Divine Legion’s warriors were shocked to death .

A terrible wave dispersed, but Ye Xiwen only swayed a little in such a blow . This first Divine Lord was indeed tyrannical . If it was in that past, Ye Xiwen had no chance to escape . However, the situation was different now . The first Divine Lord was progressing, but Ye Xiwen was progressing at a faster rate . Both sides were not on equal ground in the past .

“Kill! Kill this bastard!”

“Kill him and avenge several other Divine Lords!”

Many Divine Legion rushed towards Ye Xiwen with various slogans . It was quite terrifying for having ten thousand people charged towards him in the sky .

Ye Xiwen didn’t plan to fight against them at all . A pair of Storm Wings suddenly appeared behind him . With a quick fan, the entire sky was engulfed in the stormy sea . When the Divine Legion rushed in, they would be electrocuted to death or got cut into several pieces by the storm blade .

In this huge sea of storm, that was Ye Xiwen’s battlefield . Although it couldn’t pose a great threat to the real masters, it was a dead-end for these ordinary warriors . What a worthy weapon for large scale warfare .

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With this Storm Wing, Ye Xiwen could manage the battle easily .

Of course, the premise was that the opponent must not be a powerful expert . If there were ten thousand Great Sages, Ye Xiwen could only bring Yi Yuan Sect along to flee .

Ten thousand Great Sages! Even if Ye Xiwen stepped into the Transcendent Realm, there was no other way than to escape immediately .

Fortunately, although the Divine Legion was known as elite, it was impossible to have ten thousand Great Sages in it . Although there were several Great Sages in it, they were far inferior from Ye Xiwen and the first Divine Lord .

“I’m going to beat you up!” Ye Xiwen shook his body and immediately went straight to the first Divine Lord . Since the stormy sea stopped the Divine Legion masters who wanted to come in, it led Ye Xiwen to compete with the first Divine Lord one-to-one .

Ye Xiwen did not need to face the army composed of ten thousand people in one breath .

At this time, Ye Xiwen suddenly entered the state of enlightenment . The golden Divinity was boiling . As Ye Xiwen punched out, a devastating star power swept out, and the impact force rippled in circles .

In the face of the long Saber of the first Divine Lord, Ye Xiwen did not give in at all with no intention to dodge away .

In the vast sky, a picture of Yin and Yang was drawn under the first Divine Lord’s saber aura . It represented the first Divine Lord’s saber intent and swooshed down . The entire sword intention was fully integrated into this slash .

“Kill!” A glare filled with hatred . His gaze never left Ye Xiwen . The long saber carried an aura capable of destroying the world as though the saber signified the symbol of world destruction .

Ye Xiwen’s fist was also greatly stimulated . It directly manifested a big star, the surrounding environment had become a universe . This was his fist will – Shattered Star Fist’s fist will .

A lonely fist intention embodied destruction swept out .

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Both sides did all they could . It was a terrible confrontation between the two Great Sage .


This huge sound didn’t wait for the terrible shock wave to burst out . The sound alone had shaken the surrounding space into random pieces leaking ​​chaos pool . The remaining strength of their attack rushed directly into the chaos . Suddenly amidst the chaos pool, a turbulent wave erupted, and a large amount of chaos leaked out .

“You have grown to such a point!” The first Divine Lord saw Ye Xiwen successively confronted two of his moves, and immediately frowned . He hadn’t met such a difficult opponent . Since he set foot on the cultivation road, there were rarely any opponents among his peers . He could be said to be at the top of the same rank . Anyone in the same rank would not be able to contend against him . What’s more? Ye Xiwen just entered the Great Sage Realm recently .

His gaze was sly but keen . How could he not notice Ye Xiwen’s foundation was just a Great Sage initial? It was also precisely this that made him more worried .

Ye Xiwen was just a great Sage initial master now, it was already so difficult to deal with . If Ye Xiwen were allowed to grow continuously, the first Divine Lord’s situation would be reversed . Rather than him suppressing Ye Xiwen’s growth, it would be his death .

“I didn’t expect it . It was only a few decades . You really are a born talent . I haven’t seen a talent more powerful than you in my life . However, because of this, you have to die here; right here and right now . I won’t let you live to become a threat . Just die!” The first Divine Lord yelled . His whole body permeated a terrifying aura . The aura exploded into a mess, distorting the surrounding space . In the meantime, his strength was pushed to a terrifying height .

Another slash fell directly, which was just a breathing time away from the previous one . This slash was quick, accurate, and ruthless; it rushed towards Ye Xiwen directly .

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