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Chapter 741: Chapter 741: Brother
Chapter 741: Brother


This Wolf Cub’s fighting style was irritating, worthy to the name of guerrilla warfare . However, in his view, it was basically an annoying psoriasis that was hard to get rid of . Most importantly, that agile movement technique made it difficult for the first Divine Lord to catch up .

This native dog was also a Great Sage . Its mannerism was legendarily rogue . It really made him feel helpless .

Seeing that the first Divine Lord was about to slash toward Yi Yuan Sect with his saber, Wolf Cub quickly returned and shouted, “The first Divine Lord, fight me if you are a man . What’s so great with bullying someone weaker than you!?”

“Hmph!” The first Divine Lord in the iron-plated armor snorted and did not take Wolf Cub’s words to heart, “I will just eradicate this Yi Yuan Sect . Then, I will come and slash you, stupid dog!”

With that, the first Divine Lord raised the saber . Bizarre saber aura composed of black saber aura and white saber aura formed at his saber handle . The power of yin and yang was boiling within then it burst out . It eventually formed a balanced power, painted in grey . The aura appeared terrifying .

White represents life, and black represents death . Life and death were seemingly under his control . This was a level that only God could attain .

This was due to his special martial techniques . Ye Xiwen knew it clearly . He found some clues from the memories of the second, third, fourth, and fifth Divine Lord . Despite them being the first Divine Lord’s brothers, they actually didn’t know much about the secrets of the first Divine Lord . When these brothers were Half-step Legendary, the first Divine Lord had already attained the Sage Realm . Hence, there was not much chance to see his technique .

In other words, every time when there was a strong enemy, the first Divine Lord would only join the battlefield in a short while . During that time, no one could let him use all his strength . In the hearts of the second Divine Lord onwards, the first Divine Lord was like God . They also never see him make a move before . They only had fragmented information about the first Divine Lord’s martial arts .

They only knew the first Divine Lord practiced a martial art called Yin and Yang Rainbow . This martial art did not sound cool, but it was devastating because it involved the power of Yin and Yang . These two elements belonged to Tai Chi too, which divided the power of Yin and Yang .

It was just that the scenes from the second Divine Lord’s original memory showed that when the first Divine Lord made a move, only one among the Yin and Yang forces was utilized at a time . At that time, that move was already excellent . However, it was still incomparable to the combined strength of Yin and Yang .

So from that time on, Ye Xiwen was vigilant toward the first Divine Lord . Although it was just some brief scenes of the first Divine Lord using martial arts, it was enough to deter Ye Xiwen at that time . The power of yin and yang was undoubtedly a high-level law among martial art warriors . When it was evolved to the extreme, it could transform into primal chaos . In other words, the beginning of all things . After all, all things were evolved from chaos . One could imagine how powerful the yin and yang law was .

In this encounter with the first Divine Lord, he first shot already involved the combination of yin and yang . Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but startled . The Divine Legion, which approached the ancient road and almost wiped out all the other sects, was extraordinary .

If it was Ye Xiwen at the time, it was hopelessly impossible to escape if he were to encounter the first Divine Lord . The gap between Half-step Legendary and Sage Realm masters was so unimaginable . Despite Ye Xiwen being arrogant, he was still self-aware .

Wolf Cub immediately pounced the first Divine Lord after seeing his action . Wolf Cub swooped over like a hungry wolf . Its movement technique was extremely fast and almost approached the first Divine Lord .

If this first Divine Lord continued unscrupulously, then Yi Yuan Sect would be really destroyed by him . It knew the might of a Great Sage very well, because it was also a Great Sage itself . Especially for the warriors below the Great Sage Realm, the Great Sage was like God . There was no way to fight back .

Of course, a monster like Ye Xiwen couldn’t be counted . He could kill a Great Sage during Half-step Great Sage Realm . However, it didn’t mean that others could do it . Such talent was so rare that it would only appear once every few years .

The first Divine Lord sneered . The saber immediately changed its direction and slashed at the Wolf Cub . The long saber was as heavy as a mountain was slashed at the Wolf Cub . Everyone immediately understood that this was a huge trap . A trap to lure the Wolf Cub in . The first Divine Lord still wanted to eliminate Wolf Cub first . He would want to get rid of the threat that could wrestle with him . As for Yi Yuan Sect, he had never put it in his eyes . Getting a few members in the Divine Legion was enough to wipe out the Yi Yuan Sect . He came here in majesty to vent his anger . He wanted to let Ye Xiwen taste the pain of losing loved ones . He could only quench his anger by slaughtering the entire Yi Yuan Sect .

At that time, it would really be a great pleasure to put the head of Ye Xiwen’s loved ones in front of him and watch Ye Xiwen go berserk .

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His plan was indeed very insidious, but it was also very effective . If the first Divine Lord succeeded, then Ye Xiwen would be grief-stricken . That was also the reason why Ye Xiwen did not go back to True Martial School and hurried to Yi Yuan Sect .

It was a pity that this native dog came out halfway and disturbed his plan . Otherwise, he could have eradicated Yi Yuan Sect already .

Thinking of this, he was furious, and he had to kill the dog first .

“Look out!”

“Be careful!”


There were countless yells from Yi Yuan Sect . Countless people felt their heart hanging . This Wolf Cub was intimate to them because it was really close to the hero in their Yi Yuan Sect – Ye Xiwen .

Although Ye Xiwen did not visit Yi Yuan Sect for decades, and there were many newcomers in Yi Yuan Sect, the legend about Ye Xiwen was never forgotten . As the top-notch legend of Yi Yuan Sect, Ye Xiwen had done many feats in Yi Yuan Sect, and the spree did not stop at True Martial School . Soon after, he became the legend of True Martial School . It solidified his position as the idol of fresh new disciples .

After all, they were all young people . All of them were ambitious to make more achievements and to stand out . However, they were facing a brutal reality . They came from all over the Great Yue Empire . As the Yi Yuan Sect gathered all the talents of the Great Yue Empire, Ye Xiwen’s story was quickly incorporated as inspirational stories .

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Even the Wolf Cub who followed Ye Xiwen had become well-known . Everyone knew that Ye Xiwen had a wolf that looked like a native dog . Although many people had not seen it, they recognized Wolf Cub as soon as it had appeared . At this time, Wolf Cub was deceived and they could not help but be worried .

The Wolf Cub that suddenly appeared at this time became the only savior in their hearts . If something happened to it, then Yi Yuan Sect was really over .

“Boom!” The gray saber aura slashed onto Wolf Cub’s body . Wolf Cub immediately screamed in pain and rolled straight down, almost the entire waist was cut in half . For the Wolf clan, the waist was their most fragile spot . There was a saying “Tofu waist” [1] . It applied even on Wolf Cub .

With a loud “click”, his entire waist and bones were broken . Bone fragments splattered all over; it was badly mutilated . What a tragic sight!

There was a hint of surprise in the eyes of the first Divine Lord . Unexpectedly, he failed to slash it into half with the saber . He was a veteran . Thus, he definitely knew the waist was the weakness of the Wolf clan . The saber slashed directly at its weakness without holding back . Even the mountains and rivers would be slash into half by his saber, but this waist was now slashed into half by this slash . This wolf definitely had a physical body far beyond his expectations .

But that was fine for him . Adding another slash was enough to kill it!

In the eyes of the first Divine Lord, the murderous intention flickered . The gray saber aura on the long saber in his hand suddenly splashed . It all surged forward again to slash towards Wolf Cub .

“First Divine Lord, don’t you want to find me? I’m here!” Ye Xiwen had to scream loudly as he flew over from a distance .

“Ye Xiwen!” The eyes of the first Divine Lord flickered immediately . The loud shout was thunderous, stirring up clouds . The anger of a Great Sage could make the world cry!

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Ye Xiwen stepped forward calmly, but did not look at the first Divine Lord at all . His gaze fell directly on the Wolf Cub . It looked very dismal . The entire back was badly mutilated with many broken ribs .

“You’re finally here!” Wolf Cub grinned . It gritted its teeth in pain . Its black furry face suddenly showed extremely human-like emotions, reflecting the agonizing pain . Obviously, even though the first Divine Lord’s saber aura didn’t slash it in two, it was a fatal blow, “This motherf*cker . Kill this bastard, and revenge me!”

“Can’t you just dodge it!?” Ye Xiwen looked at its current situation, and he couldn’t help but pull its leg, “Don’t you have eyes? You’re lucky for not getting cut into half by this saber!”

“Hey, I didn’t think about it that much that time . If I dodge it, the whole mountain will be split into half by him . When you come back, you will definitely panic!” Wolf Cub laughed and breathed in cold air . It lied down, unable to move, “Beat him up!”

Ye Xiwen didn’t say anything, but felt warm in his heart . What a great brother!

[1] Tofu is very weak in nature . It is an analogy emphasizing how fragile the waist is .

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