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Chapter 739: Chapter 739: Chaotic Great Yue Empire
Chapter 739: Chaotic Great Yue Empire


Ye Xiwen didn’t know that the Law Enforcement Hall disciples behind him had so many complicated thoughts . In fact, as the Law Enforcement Hall disciples had complicated views on him, he was in the same shoe too .

After all, Ye Xiwen had bad blood with the Law Enforcement Hall for decades . It still felt kinda weird . However, these thoughts only flashed in his mind in a glimpse . He couldn’t get distracted once he learnt that the Divine Legion invaded the Great Yue Empire .

He couldn’t be a cold-blooded person who disregards his loved ones and family in trouble . For him, if these loved ones were all troubled because of him, then he might hate himself all his life .

For him, nothing was more important than his family .

If it was the Divine Legion as he had guessed, then the first Divine Lord must be in it, which was a good opportunity to eradicate the roots .

“I really didn’t expect it . Despite my efforts to search high and low, my target is here!” Ye Xiwen smiled coldly and said . His figure flew in mid-air, seemingly a cluster of golden light if viewed from a far distance . In the blink of an eye, he disappeared at the edge of the sky hastily . He almost penetrated the space . At this time, he was anxious . If he had known about it earlier, he would keep Star Beast Avatar at his side . With the help of Star Beast in the Great Sage Great Perfection realm, his speed would be much faster .

Although his speed was not slow, it was paramount to accelerate even just a second since he was so anxious in his heart . However, it was useless to talk about it now . Ye Xiwen just gave all he got and flew out .

“Ye Xiwen, the so-called first Divine Lord of the Divine Legion hid for so many years . He even surrendered himself to Southern Dipper . He would not be like you but mingled around Southern Dipper’s circle . After so many years, he would most likely attain the full support from the Southern Dipper in his cultivation . The organization is very terrifying . If they cultivate a person with all their strength, he will definitely grow further after so many years and may pose a huge threat to you!” said Ye Mo . “Hence, this is a great opportunity to eradicate the root . Even though your progress is also fast, this person might be a calamity in the future due to Southern Dipper’s nurture . You should take advantage of this opportunity and behead him in one fell swoop to eliminate this calamity lurking in the shadow!”

Ye Mo suggested that for him . He was indifferent in offering such advice to Ye Xiwen . For him, he would disregard any values and morality as long as it would benefit Ye Xiwen . Ye Xiwen was now his foundation . He could only recover if Ye Xiwen could live and develop peacefully .

“Yeah!” Ye Xiwen nodded in all seriousness . In fact, he was also thinking of the same idea . Since the first Divine Lord dared to act so brazenly, there would not be a second chance . He would never let the first Divine Lord escape from his pursuit .

I should be able to make it on time!

Please, I beg you!

Ye Xiwen prayed in his heart . The Demon Wings behind him fanned fanatically, but fortunately, this was a pair of wings condensed via energy . If it was a physical body, it would be torn off after this fanatical movement .

But, Ye Xiwen, who was in a hurry, couldn’t care less .

Soon, Ye Xiwen had already reached the border between the Great Yue Empire and Great Ming Empire . He stepped onto the ancient road here in the past, leading to the True Martial School . However, as for his second return in comparison to the past, the several originally balanced forces in the Great Yue Empire were wiped out . All of it was because of the Blood Garmented Noble . Yi Yuan Sect had become the major force . For decades, Yi Yuan Sect had not wasted this opportunity and penetrated into all aspects of the Great Yue Empire . In the end, it transformed into the super overlord of the Great Yue Empire . Even the original Great Yue Empire’s royal family had also become a puppet of Yi Yuan Sect .

Ye Xiwen had the general knowledge of the situation . Even this place was far from True Martial School, but it was not a completely different domain . If Ye Xiwen asked around, he would get some input . Qi Feifan would often bring some news from Yi Yuan Sect to Ye Xiwen too .

Ye Xiwen was not affected by the news . It was the same everywhere . It was either the royal family suppressed the sect, or the sect took control of the royal family . There was no difference . It was merely a duplicate of True Martial School’s means to control the countries in the South Region .

The rising status of Ye Xiwen in the True Martial School and his battle records were spread back to the Great Yue Empire one by one . Hence, the Mountain Qingfeng branch and the Ye Family also became the elders of Yi Yuan Sect Headquarter due to their relationship with Ye Xiwen . They all had attained the Truth power realm and even Legendary . Even though they were minute ants in True Martial School, they were a distinguished character in the Southeast Region .

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This was also the benefit brought by Ye Xiwen, so Ye Xiwen did not bring his parents to True Martial School . There was simply no need for it . In True Martial School, they could not enjoy such treatment .

Entering the Great Yue Empire, Ye Xiwen saw another battle-filled situation . After the previous Great War, all the forces of the Great Yue Empire were swept away, leaving only Yi Yuan Sect alone . Under the control of Yi Yuan Sect, the Great Yue Empire had become more prosperous . It was because, they could develop more wholeheartedly without the restraint of other forces, so they quickly restored to their pre-war prosperity .

But looking at the situation now, it was basically a troubled time enveloped in the flame of war . It was no better than the other countries in the South Region, and potentially even worse than the countries in the South Region .

Ye Xiwen could see various demonic beasts running amok almost everywhere, roaring and attacking towns and villages . It was a scene akin to Asura Underworld .

“Damn it!” Ye Xiwen roared, every pore on his body seemed to exude sword qi . It was bombarded from the sky, eliminating large numbers of demonic beasts that were still running amok . Ye Xiwen slaughtered hundreds of them in each wave of attack .

Many unarmed average civilian underneath saw Ye Xiwen save them and bowed down on the ground, thanking Ye Xiwen for his life-saving grace . However, Ye Xiwen didn’t even bother to speak to them now and went straight to the direction of Yi Yuan Sect .

All the demonic beasts encountered along the way were all beheaded . Even Ye Xiwen saw that many demonic beasts in the water also took the opportunity to climb to the shore to kill indiscriminately!

“Something is amiss, Ye Xiwen . Take a look . Savage and absent-mindedness painted the eyes of these demonic beasts . They are obviously under someone’s control!” Ye Mo reminded .

Ye Xiwen investigated it and realized it was true . Among the crimson eyes of these demonic beasts, there were arrays running in them, which was just a sign of being controlled . Although he was flying in the sky at a great speed, he could still see it clearly . He was certain on his deductions .

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He became furious deep down his heart . He knew this was Divine Legion’s means . No wonder, originally these demonic beasts will run amok, but these demonic beasts do not have any commander . Generally, the powerful demonic beasts commander will also be eliminated in the shortest period of time by the powerful sect . It is impossible for the demonic beasts to form a united force .

This had not happened in the past . It could even be said that when the new human group just entered the True Martial School, the demonic beasts ruler and the kingdom of demonic beasts could be said to be everywhere .

Each of them was huge and terrifying . The demon beast king in the demon beast kingdom could command countless demonic beasts to charge into the battlefield . These beats were not afraid of death, causing huge damage to human ancestors .

Therefore, human beings were very afraid in this respect . Generally, if there were signs of any demonic beasts commander, they would often be annihilated in the first place .

So even if there were demonic beasts running amok, it was rare . They were usually individual cases unless there was demonic beasts tide . However, it was quite rare on occasion . It was generally impossible to happen .

But now, in almost every mountain, as long as there are demonic beasts, there are demonic beasts running amok in chaos . These demonic beasts even left the mountain and stirred up chaos at the mountain foot .

There were also demonic beasts in the water . The demonic beasts from the sea also started to stir up chaos . It was an abnormal thing in itself . Although there were some demonic beasts having the wisdom not inferior to humans, they would be the minority . Most of the demonic beasts had limited wisdom . How would they know this was the best chance to stir up trouble and caught True Martial School off guard?

The Divine Legion must be behind this . Ye Xiwen’s heart was immediately filled with anger . He was really determined to eradicate the entire Divine Legion . The bad blood between the Divine Legion and Ye Xiwen was so deep . The Divine Legion not only wanted to kill Ye Xiwen, but also eradicate the Yi Yuan Sect, the Great Yue Empire, and even the entire East South Region .

In this case, thousands of civilians would lose their lives . Ye Xiwen was self-aware that he was not a kind-hearted person, but he would never do such a heart-wrenching thing .

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The answer was already obvious . The first Divine lord . Only he had the ability to mobilize the Divine Legion and only he had such a motive . Ye Xiwen beheaded all of his brothers after all .

The first Divine lord must be beheaded . He had now caused such great trouble . If he is not beheaded this time, it would evolve into a much bigger mess!

Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen was exceptionally determined .

Unconsciously, he had already approached the Yi Yuan Sect . Before he got closer, he saw the Divine Legion surrounded the gate of Yi Yuan Sect, covering the whole sky .

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