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Chapter 735: Chapter 735: Chaotic World Plunged in the Flames o
Chapter 735: Chaotic World Plunged in the Flames of War


Although Ye Xiwen’s accomplishments in space ability were far from being comparable to that of the black-robed man, he had also entered the Half-step Transcendent Realm anyway . It was more than enough to smother the revolt of a scroll .

Falling into the hands of Ye Xiwen and wanting him to hand it over? That was simply impossible .

Ye Xiwen spread out the scrolls, and saw simple ornaments everywhere on the scroll . Ye Xiwen didn’t know how many years ago that style was . It revealed a mysterious air . If Ye Mo was here, he would most likely notice some clues . If it was just Ye Xiwen himself, it would be far worse . His strength might be enough, but his insight wasn’t .

“No matter who you are, from today on, Southern Dipper swears to fight till the end with you!” Suddenly, in the scrolls, a sharp spiritual sense akin to a sword suddenly plunged into Ye Xiwen’s mind . It went through Ye Xiwen’s spiritual sea .

This spiritual sense was like a hot knife cutting through butter . It easily broke through all the defenses in Ye Xiwen . In the face of it, Ye Xiwen was as fragile as paper .

In the spiritual sea, Ye Xiwen showed his influence and quickly mobilized the endless Divinity to form layers of defense and shields .

After breaking through the walls composed of hundreds of Divinity, the fine sword finally disappeared . Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but get a cold sweat and took a breath . He didn’t understand where this fine spiritual sword was . The sword was probably just a piece of Transcendent Realm’s spirit . After all, it was very common to attach spirit to magic tools .

Even Ye Xiwen wondered whether this spirit was from the legendary Southern Dipper Constellation Emperor . Although he had not encountered the Southern Dipper Constellation Emperor, he could speculate Big Dipper’s strength and the strength of Big Dipper Constellation Emperor with his knowledge on the strength of many Constellation Lords . Similarly, it applied to Southern Dipper who had fought against Big Dipper for many years .

It must be a terrifying Transcendent Realm master . The situation just now was seemingly an imminent peril . If it was an average person, the spiritual sea would be torn apart, resulting in the victim to become a fool .

It was at this time that Ye Xiwen really understood the horror of a Transcendent Realm master . It was not as simple as what he had guessed when he was in the Great Sage Realm . This realm was named after Transcendent, which meant Transcended sentient beings . It was not the ultimate realm, but in the eyes of the many warriors, it was already the same as the legendary deities .

It was really thrilling just now . For the threats, Ye Xiwen didn’t take it seriously . He wasn’t scared . Not to mention that Ye Xiwen had Big Dipper as his backer, an organization that could compete with Southern Dipper for many years, True Martial School were not cowards too . Southern Dipper was dangerous, but not so terrifying .

Ye Xiwen just collected the scroll since it should have great use . After all, the Southern Dipper’s man could rely on the scrolls to harvest Star Beast’s spirit, thus domesticating the Star Beast into an obedient slave . It was probable for Ye Xiwen too . Even though Ye Xiwen didn’t know the next step, he felt that he would be able to know one day sooner or later as he kept the scroll . By that time, with a Star Beast as a slave, he could really become one of the top experts under the stars at once .

So he just sat idle and let the scroll extract Star Beast’s spirit .

Star Beast on the side witnessed the scene . What a pity! He was a sly fox . Of course, he understood what happened to Ye Xiwen in a glance . He wanted Ye Xiwen to suffer a loss during the fight with the black-robed man . He also hoped that the spiritual attack could turn Ye Xiwen into a fool . He did not expect that it would fail, and made him happy for nothing . This time, the Star Beast was really depressed .

“God is unfair!” Star Beast growled secretly .

After safekeeping the scrolls, Ye Xiwen didn’t even look at this Star Beast, and went straight to the sealed site . He shouldn’t meddle in this matter anymore . It was best to report to the top of the True Martial School, and let them decide . The best solution was to send a Transcendent Realm master to safeguard the base . If Southern Dipper came again, most likely it would be Transcendent Realm masters .

Such a master was not something that Ye Xiwen could deal with .

However, this was just a guess . In his view, without these scrolls, Southern Dipper would not easily conquer Star Beast . Otherwise, they would long make a move in these many years .

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As a matter of fact, there would be no problem to enslave an average Star Beats . However, this Star Beast was obviously superior in strength . Even if it was sealed, it was far more powerful than ordinary people .

Certain special props must be used . Otherwise, it was impossible for the black-robed man alone to get the Star Beast .

After the scrolls were taken away by Ye Xiwen, he must have disrupted their arrangements . In a short period of time, the Southern Dipper probably wouldn’t make anymove . However, it was better off for Ye Xiwen to let the top level of True Martial School decide on this matter . After all, Ye Xiwen couldn’t know for sure . Currently, Ye Xiwen’s Avatar first task was to find the main body . Only in Tianyuan Mirror could he quietly cultivate and consolidate his current cultivation . Moreover, he needed to suppress so much blood essence that he cheated from Star Beast . It was better to let Tianyuan Mirror suppress it, which could liberate his efforts into putting more fighting power .

Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen flew straight towards the direction of True Martial School, and he had to report this matter to the top of the school .

On the other side, Ye Xiwen’s main body also had a long flight and flew into the Great Yue Empire . What was Ye Xiwen’s speed now? He had already attained the Great Sage Realm; his strength was not the same as when he started . Ye Xiwen spread his wing, and he could go wherever .

However, toward the direction of True Martial School, Ye Xiwen could see smoke everywhere and a chaotic scene everywhere .

It was like the end of the world . Although the entire main battlefield was at True Martial School, many masters collectively made their move in the South Region . Although they no longer directly affect the nearby area, the entire ground was shaken due to the war . Many people were affected, houses collapsed, and various demonic beasts were stimulated by the violent fluctuations of the world’s energy . The demonic beats went downhill one after another, causing great danger .

Every place had warriors of the South Region sporadically hunting these demonic beasts, or the great empire of the South Wilderness was organizing the army to collectively put down some experts who took advantage of the opportunity to stir up troubles .

All in all, this was basically a scene of chaos . Countless people were shivering in fear in this terrible change . Originally under the rule of True Martial School, the South Region was not completely peaceful . There were still some contradictions and frictions among the major empires .

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However, the overall situation was still manageable . True Martial School would never allow the overall situation to be greatly ruined and destroyed .

But now, after losing control, the entire South Region was chaotic . Countless orders suddenly collapsed . The farther away from the True Martial School, the more so it was . In many places where the emperor was far away, many warriors took advantage of the chaos; many mischievous organizations were wreaking havoc too .

Ye Xiwen continued the cleanse as he moved forward . His speed was really fast; his fighting power was strong . Even Great Sage Peak were not his opponents . No matter if it was those warriors who stirred up chaos or demonic beasts, Ye Xiwen reaped their lives before they had any chance to escape .

In such a chaotic time, all the rules in the normal days had collapsed . To reorganize the rules, Ye Xiwen decided to use killing as a means to instill fear in these mischievous people .

Not only was he doing this, but also some scattered True Martial School disciples were doing it . They organized rescue operations and eradicated rebellious organizations . After all, the South Region was the foundation of True Martial School . It could even be said that the South Region’s prosperity had a direct relationship with their True Martial School .

Although many people look down on these minute ants usually, they understood that they also absorbed many talents from these ants . The number of talents at True Martial School was actually related to these civilians .

If these civilians were slaughtered, True Martial School had sustained a serious injury even if they really won the war . It would take a long time to recuperate .

At this time, Emergence School didn’t send many people to stop Ye Xiwen and the others . They just increased the intensity of attacking True Martial School . As long as they captured True Martial School and killed those who resisted, the disciples of True Martial School who were outside were nothing at all . These disciples would have no way to stir up any resistance . As for those civilians, Emergence school would rule them in the future . Naturally, Emergence School would not go for mass slaughter .

What really angered Ye Xiwen was that a large number of barbarians took advantage of the chaos and actually invaded the South Region . In the True Martial Domain, they were divided into five regions and four wildernesses . Below the South Region, there was South Wilderness . Many barbarians lived among them, accompanied by birds and beasts, and were very barbaric . Their ancestors retreated into the southern wilderness after failing to compete with the ancestors of the South Region clan . Due to the poor life condition in the southern wasteland, the ancestors of the South Region clan did not pursue, letting them rest and recuperate in it, and slowly became a South Barbarian clan .

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The relationship between the South Region and the South Wilderness could be described as terrible . The barbarians in the South Wilderness want to get out of the South Wilderness from generation to generation and enter the more fertile South Region to seize large areas of land . The barbarians had fought for countless years . It was a history filled with blood and tears .

Originally, there was True Martial School safeguarding the South Region . No one dared to have a second idea . However, as Emergence School invaded True Martial School in an all-round way, True Martial School was too busy to take care of itself . Not to mention the entire South Region, there were many forces in South Wilderness beginning to stir .

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