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Chapter 731: Chapter 731: Break Through Straight Into Half-step
Chapter 731: Break Through Straight Into Half-step Transcendence Realm


No matter how treacherous it was, he would still have to submit to me!

Despite this, Ye Xiwen was very angry and shouted, “Stupid old monster, you dare to conspire against me . I will definitely settle the score with you!”

“Hahahahaha! Damn human, who do you think you are! You dared to make a move against me . Now, everything works according to my plan . Fight him and you both will suffer a loss!” Star Beast Avatar shouted proudly, thinking that its plan succeeded . He acted pridefully . Isn’t this human arrogant? You only make a few doodles on the barrier .

It all ended up in my plan . I will let the two die altogether!

It had calculated that Ye Xiwen would never leave . It had seen many people like Ye Xiwen in its countless years of life . Humans would fight to the death just because of their belief with no complaints about death . Countless human ancestors relied on their faith to launch war which eventually ended into the current human domination now .

The Star Beast devoured many stars, and it had seen many kinds of people . At that time, in front of the True Martial Domain, there was a group of fools who had confronted it, and it was sealed in the end . Countless people participated in it and sacrificed themselves .

For Star Beasts, who were short in numbers, they would not understand why . They spent most of their time wandering alone in the starry sky . Maybe they had not seen other clans in their lives .

But, no matter how treacherous the Star Beast was in addition to not understanding the reason, it didn’t prevent him from taking advantage of it!

The Star Beast who became more and more prideful kept roaring . The transmission speed of its blood essence was getting faster and faster . The stronger the better . With that, I can only get rid of this damned black-robe man!

Of course, it would not transmit all blood essence without limitation . blood essence were naturally nothing at all during his peak period, but it was still very valuable to the Star Beast who had ended up to this point .

It knew that this barrier was constantly drawing the blood essence of its body . When it had no blood essence, it would be its death . Hence, it could only focus on preserving and waiting for an opportunity . It might still have a chance to leave . This time, it could be his only chance to flee .

It could only wait quietly, and only then would it have the opportunity to gain freedom . By that time, it would destroy this damn True Martial Domain and destroy the world .

But it didn’t expect its conspiracy actually proceeded with Ye Xiwen’s plan . He thought, Come on! Give me more! I will use this energy to send you to your demise too!

Half of Ye Xiwen’s anger was real anger, and the other half was just an act to let this Star Beast transmit more blood essence . For him, these blood essences were the most valuable supplements .

What exactly was blood essence? Blood essence was the most precious part of all the blood in the whole body . The average person did not have much . Only the warrior who persisted in cultivation could continuously refine the blood into blood essence .

But even if this was the case, no one could condense all the blood in the body into blood essence, because the standard of blood essence would continue to increase . The blood spat out by Sage Realm master casually for Legends was blood essence .

No matter how powerful the person was, the blood volume in the body was relatively limited . For anyone, the blood essence was a big supplement . If someone else obtained it, they would need to continuously refine it or assimilate it via medicinal pills . However, for Ye Xiwen’s Avatar whose physical body was Star Beast type, there were only subtle differences that could be ignored .

Even if there was only a little bit of essence blood on Star Beast with an unknown power realm, it would still be a big supplement for him, even when the amount was minute . Not to mention, there was so much blood essence . At this moment, Ye Xiwen did not dare to fully assimilate everything but only absorbed part of it . All the leftovers were sealed inside his body . When another breakthrough was needed, these blood essences would become his best helper .

Ye Xiwen growled continuously, like an ancient beast . His eyes turned red because of the stimulation of this unimaginable volume of blood essence . The Star Beast’s blood in his avatar began to boil . Awkwardly, he started to show a vague beast pattern behind him .

But the Star Beast didn’t care . He didn’t even think that Ye Xiwen would have a Star Beast’s physical body . He only thought it was because of the changes after receiving Star Beast’s blood essence . This was also normal, just that no one had done this before .

The strength of Ye Xiwen was increasing, and he kept pressuring the barrier toward Half-step Transcendent Realm . Although his original strength had already reached the Great Sage Great Perfection which was the highest peak that this power realm could achieve, there was sign of a continuous breakthrough . It seemed that he was approaching the breakthrough to become the Half-step Transcendent Realm .


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Suddenly, at the most critical time, the black-robed man finally realized that something was amiss . He could not see what Ye Xiwen was doing; he did not know that Star Beast was sending its blood essence to Ye Xiwen . However, Ye Xiwen’s soaring roar caused him to be vigilant .

He didn’t put Ye Xiwen in the eye because Ye Xiwen was definitely not his opponent . If he dared to come and interfere with him, it would be a dead end .

Therefore, he put Ye Xiwen aside . However, Ye Xiwen’s aura became stronger, approaching the state he was alerted to .

At this time, although he didn’t understand what happened yet, he just guessed Ye Xiwen channeled a secret technique . This was absolutely intolerable to him . This was related to his heroic dominance, and he must not suffer setbacks because of this . The black-robed man desperately attempted to enslave this Star Beast . This situation was his best opportunity . When the Emergence School and True Martial School settled their winners, there would not be such a good opportunity no matter which side won .

This was an once in a thousand years opportunity . He would never give up, neither would he allow anyone to disrupt his plan .

He dashed forward, and the surrounding space formed a strange ripple . He traversed in directly . When he came out, he had already appeared in front of Ye Xiwen . He swooshed down his pale palm .

It was another Sweeping Flying Fish Divine Technique . It was so abrupt as the palm bombarded downward from the horizon, desperately hunting down Ye Xiwen . He temporarily stalled the process of absorbing Star Beast’s spirit and devoted everything to kill Ye Xiwen .

Without the balck-robed man’s manual control, the secret scrolls were not strong enough to absorb Star Beast ’s spirit, and even form a stalemate with Star Beast ’s spirit in mid-air . Even though it was dragging Star Beast’s spirit, the speed was not the same as before . It could only be regarded as the speed of the turtle .

“Hahahaha!” The Star Beast burst out with laughter . It was very proud . Sure enough, everything goes according to my plan . With Ye Xiwen fighting against the black-robed man, all his cultivation will be abolished too . Fantastic!

You dared conspire against me . Just die!

Ye Xiwen didn’t have the heartfelt mood of Star Beast at this time . He also experienced a hundred battles . His hunch was pretty accurate . Almost at the moment when the black-robed man attacked him, he immediately felt the danger . He couldn’t confront the black-robed man face to face . He needed time to absorb enough energy to break through to Half-step Transcendent Realm, and some time to consolidate the extra blood essence .

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Time! Ye Xiwen needed more time!

Storm Wings behind Ye Xiwen suddenly started to fan, his body flew out like an energy mass composed of wind and thunder energy mass .

Behind Ye Xiwen, the black-robed man simply did not stop the pursuit . He was more determined to kill Ye Xiwen now . He couldn’t give Ye Xiwen enough time to break through . Otherwise, Ye Xiwen would be a fatal threat to him .




The speed of the two was too fast, especially Ye Xiwen, which was faster than the previous speed . The two were like two lightning, which were constantly flashing in the sky . During the pursuit, the black-robed man activated yet another Sweeping Flying Fish Divine Technique which descended speedily .

There were many punctured space holes in the air . The self-healing ability of space couldn’t keep up with the speed of the two, and all of those came from the black-robed man . Ye Xiwen didn’t confront him at all but just constantly fled . He knew very well that he needed time . With enough time, he could break through the Half-step Transcendent Realm, and subsequently defeated the black-robed man . Confronting him right now was merely courting death .

The black-robed man seemed to be aware of this . He knew Ye Xiwen was just buying time . Hence, It was even more impossible for him to sit idle and let Ye Xiwen succeed . He had a hunch that it might end up becoming a big trouble . This was his first time feeling his own speed was slow . He once used to crush others with speed . In the same realm, many opponents had their speed far inferior to him . Those that were defeated remained a high number .

“If you have the guts, stop fleeing . Let’s have a good fight!” Although the black-robed man felt anxious in his heart, his tone was still quite emotionless, as if he had never put the current situation in his heart at all .

“Stop? Hehe!” Ye Xiwen sneered and said, “You think I don’t know what’s your idea . I advise you not to think about it . If you want to fight, we will have a great fight later on!”

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Storm Wings behind Ye Xiwen kept flapping/ He could feel the blood in his body had boiled . A feeling that the physical potential was unlocked came into the heart; he knew that there was only a little bit left .

“Ha!” Ye Xiwen screamed loudly . The energy in his body that was stagnated suddenly went into turmoil, boiling intensely .

The black-robed man’s face instantly turned sour . He was too familiar with this power and feeling .

Half-step Transcendent Realm!

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