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Chapter 730: Chapter 730: Sinister Star Beast
Chapter 730: Sinister Star Beast


Ye Xiwen certainly needed to stop the black-robed man from enslaving the Star Beast . If he really succeeded in enslaving the Star Beast, then it certainly would be a huge disaster for True Martial Domain .

Whether Star Beast could help him or not, he would try to stop . However, even if he made a move, he would not necessarily be able to stop the black-robed man . After all, the opponent was off Half-step Transcendent Realm . The opponent’s strength was more powerful than him . Even though he escaped from the opponent’s pursuit, he did not dare to underestimate the opponent’s strength .

In other words, he should have faced his opponent in full alert .

But now that this Star Beast was willing to contribute his own blood and vital energy, the situation became completely different . If Ye Xiwen could step into the Half-step Transcendent Realm in one fell swoop, then there was a chance to fight with black-robed man .

Previously, he was still thinking about how to use this battle to complete his breakthrough . Now it was impossible to think about it . He was pursuited with no chance of fighting back from beginning to end, let alone use this opportunity to break through .

If the opponent was just an average Half-step Transcendent Realm, he could still try this method . After all, Ye Xiwen was proficient in speed . If he didn’t die in one hit, he could quickly dodge away for a speedy recovery . With that, he wouldn’t die in battle .

If that process lasted a long time, Ye Xiwen would have the opportunity to step into the Half-step Transcendent Realm . However, the opponent had spatial ability with incredible speed . Never mind having a chance to catch a breather and later on contend against the opponent . If Ye Xiwen were to be a little slower, the black-robed man would be able to catch him and kill him .

There was no doubt that if Half-step Transcendent Realm Initial was divided into different levels, this black-robed man was undoubtedly at the strongest level . The black-robed man was so terrifying that it could restrain Ye Xiwen to such an extent .

Of course, Ye Xiwen himself was even more incredible . Luckily, he was already at the peak of Great Sage Realm Great Perfection, which was formidable in this realm .

If not, he would have died long ago .

Both were just mortal where the pursuit could only go on for so long .

But originally Ye Xiwen just thought of launching a suicidal attack to defeat the black-robed man . With the help of Star Beast, naturally the odds became better .

And on the other side, couldn’t the Star Beast see it? Although it was grumpy, it was definitely not a fool . On the contrary, the long life span had given it many opportunities to adventure different things in life . It was already a sly fox .

He could also see that despite Ye Xiwen and the black robe being opponents, it knew Ye Xiwen did not want to see the black-robed man enslave the Star Beast .


But the matter had come to this point; it dared not gamble . What if Ye Xiwen ran away? In its opinion, this would be inevitable . Launching a suicidal attack against this black-robed man would be an one-way trip . If it was put into such a situation, it would definitely run away .

It didn’t know that this was just Ye Xiwen’s avatar, not its main body . Ye Xiwen was willing to give it a go, but it didn’t know . Hence, it didn’t dare to gamble, and the most important thing was that you can’t make a horse work without feeding it . Since it wanted Ye Xiwen to stop the black-robed man and chase him away, it would at least let him have the same strength as the black-robed man .

As for increasing Ye Xiwen’s strength, he was not worried . Ye Xiwen did not have the strange tricks and the magic tools . Never mind Ye Xiwen attained the Half-step Transcendent Realm, he would not post a fatal threat to it even if he attained Transcendent Realm .

At the very least, there was no way to cause a fatal threat to him in a short period of time . It was quite confident in this . At least it was better than being a slave to the black-robed man now . For him, it was simply a shame . It would be better to kill it .

“Quickly come to the place where you just laid the array . I will pass you the strength of my blood essence!”

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Star Beast was still roaring in pain . Just now he hated the array of stealing his blood essence, but now it had become its life-saving channel . It must be said that this was extremely ironic .

Ye Xiwen didn’t hesitate . He immediately unfolded the Demon Wings behind him, and flew quickly towards the arrays .

At the moment when Ye Xiwen moved, the black-robed man noticed it, but it did not move . Rather, the black-robed man just looked at Ye Xiwen coldly . If Ye Xiwen had any signs of flying over, he would immediately make a move and murder this Great Sage that didn’t know the limit .

Fortunately, the arrays that Ye Xiwen had just placed was still a distance away from where the black-robed man was now . Seeing Ye Xiwen didn’t rush over, the black-robed man didn’t continue the previous pursuit despite not knowing what Ye Xiwen wanted to do .

In his view, the most important thing at the moment was to enslave this Star Beast . Ye Xiwen and the like . Although Ye Xiwen was outrageous in the Great Sage Realm, it was nothing in front of him .

After enslaving this Star Beast, forget about Ye Xiwen, even if the Transcendent Realm master came, they would have to retreat . By that time, he would be among the top masters under the stars . When the time comes, his hegemony would succeed .

Compared with this, there was nothing remarkable with Ye Xiwen surviving a bit longer .

Ye Xiwen saw that the black-robed man had not chased him, and he was relieved . If the black-robed man rushed over again, he would start running away again . He knew that this was very unlikely since the black-robed man had to deal with this Star Beast first . Despite that, Ye Xiwen felt a little relief, “Quick! Start it!”

The Star Beast inside the barrier heard the news from Ye Xiwen, and suddenly a burst of star power ran wildly . A burst of angry roar rippled across the seal’s site . The star beast’s blood essence was forced out with a secret technique . It even rushed directly to the barrier where Ye Xiwen had set the array, surging directly into Ye Xiwen’s body .

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt that a huge and unimaginable force suddenly appeared in his body, and it was so powerful that it allowed him to break through the Half-step Transcendent Realm in one breath . If Ye Xiwen were to absorb it by himself, it would take at least a few months, and now at this moment all of it had poured into his body . It was simply surreal .

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He suddenly felt his five vessels burst wide open, stretched out by a tremendous force, and Star Beast’s violent energy sprang up in his body .

Ye Xiwen scolded in secret, “Damn, so shameless!”

Ye Xiwen finally realized that this Star Beast didn’t have any good intentions at all . It did not instill the blood essence into him . It was rather a secret technique in Star Beast, which allowed it to madly improve its strength in a short period of time . But once this period has passed, its own body would be miserable . This was not the martial techniques they used themselves, unless it was forced to do so . Only they would burn the blood essence . Such martial techniques were generally used on the puppets they controlled .

Star Beast used to be alone, but they do have similar martial techniques . The predecessors of Star Beast had engulfed many worlds . They would have many similar techniques like this . Hence, having this martial technique was not surprising .

If Ye Xiwen just accepted this blood essence, he could probably climb to Half-step Transcendent Realmlate for a short time . The consequence was that his cultivation would be completely abolished later on . This Star Beats was planning to have both Ye Xiwen and black-robed man suffer a great loss . It gave Ye Xiwen power far more power than the black robe, and then used this power to abolish Ye Xiwen .

Sure enough, it was a clever idea . Who could have imagined that in such a critical situation, the Star Beast could still come up with such a vicious scheme, which completely befitted a cunning character like a thousand-year-olds fox .

The irritability and rage were both just for show!

Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen felt chills on his back . It seems that he had underestimated this old monster who had lived for countless years . It had moved unhindered for many years and was sealed in the end . However, it was not killed . It showed how strong it was .

It had been too smooth all this while, making Ye Xiwen a little arrogant . It seemed as though those old fritters and old monsters were just like this . Ye Xiwen had constantly surpassed those cultivation . They all seemed not so strong . However, this lesson made him understand these strongmen who were unhindered in the world for countless years; they definitely not only had pure strength, but also possessed ingenuity .

In other words, being strategic was also a part of strength .

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Ye Xiwen burst into a rage in his heart . He couldn’t help but be angry . If he said that he made a mistake once, it was called careless . But, he had suffered two loses in front of this sly Star Beast and made two mistakes .

It was the same last time . Even though Ye Xiwen knew it was a loss and knew it was a demon seed, he had to force himself to accept it . After all, if he did not accept it that time, he probably would be directly killed by the Star Beast ’s spirit .

That Star Beast would never allow this Transcendent realm master to control its own existence .

But now this time, speaking of it, even if Ye Xiwen knew it might turn up like this, he had to suffer the bitter end . He could not watch the black robe do whatever he wanted .

But fortunately, despite the Star Beast being clever, it would not expect that it would miscalculate twice in the case of Ye Xiwen . The first time, it didn’t know that Ye Xiwen had the mysterious space and Tianyuan Mirror in his hands . In the end, the Star Beast Spirit which was very powerful for Ye Xiwen at that time, died in Ye Xiwen’s hands .

Currently, history had repeated itself . Although Star Beast’s cleverness allowed it to calculate many factors, it had never counted Ye Xiwen’s avatar was off Star Beast’s attribute . It was just hidden with aura convergence martial art . No one could notice it . Although Ye Xiwen’s Avatar was just a baby of Star Beast, it knew many secret techniques . There was a way to compress this blood essence into its body, and then slowly digest it . Not only would he not be injured by his endless blood essence, but on the contrary, he could use this power to quickly break through when this matter was over .

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