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Chapter 73 - Breaking through to the Xiantian realm

“Brother Ye!” Dai Xiaohua said anxiously, “You filthy beast!”

Dai Xiaohua had become extremely furious when he saw Ye Xiwen being pushed into the magma pool, without any chance to dodge an attack from the Fire Lin beast. He furiously shot out 'Hundred stages god fist' at the beast and it suddenly screamed. His Quanjin broke through the layers of scales and blasted into its body under the scales.

Dai Xiaohua's Xiantian level strength had reached its peak, caused by his anger for the beast and the tyrannical power of his fist technique had truly manifested itself.

However at this time, Dai Xiaohua was unable to chase and kill the Fire Lin beast, because Cao Jinbiao and his family had started an onslaught on them and Lord Cao Jinbiao was a terrifying Xiantian master, so Dai Xiaohua had to pay attention to them as well.

Three Xiantian masters of the Cao family were already well prepared to obstruct Dai Xiaohua, Chen Tieshou and Wu Shaoyang.

But Dai Xiaohua was not afraid of these three Xiantian masters of the Cao family, but at present, the most terrifying was the fact that Fire Lin beast had already swallowed a major part of the Blue Flaming Lotus and had now entered into transformation period. If this situation dragged on a little longer and the beast was not killed before the completion of its transformation, then no one would survive!

The complexion of Dai Xiaohua, Chen Tieshou and Wu Shaoyang had suddenly paled because they never thought that Cao family would actually prepare such a vicious trap.

“When I go out, I will let my father take care of you Cao family bastards.” Wu Shaoyang gritted his teeth and said in a cold voice.

“Well, that is if you get a chance to go out.” Wu Shaoyang's opponent Cao Jinshui sneered and said.

At the same time, the aura of Fire Lin beast had started to increase rapidly and with a loud bang, it suddenly broke through the peak of Xiantian first stage and entered into the Xiantian second stage, however, its aura continued to rise and didn't stop.

“Run, we will make a run for it and as long as there is one of us who manages to escape from this massacre, Cao family will be exterminated!” Chen Tieshou finally shouted these words to collaborate with the two Xiantian masters, Dai Xiaohua and Wu Shaoyang. As for those other warriors, they were like ants in his eyes and he simply did not care about them.

“Run, where will you run to?” Cao Jinbiao laughed and said.

The strength of the Fire Lin beast had already increased dramatically. Its loud roars were echoing in the cave and its eyes had become blood-red, full of blood and violence, and its gigantic body suddenly leaped towards Chen Tieshou.

After entering into the Xiantian second stage, the strength of the Fire Lin beast had increased to a terrifying level and with just a swoop, it had knocked down Chen Tieshou on the ground.

“Die you filthy beast!” Chen Tieshou shouted loudly and his pitch-black palm instantly shot out, containing a terrifying strength, which caused a loud air explosion.

“Bang!” The Fire Lin beast directly lifted up its claw and fiercely stepped upon his hand.

“Kara!” With a sound of breaking bones, the bones inside Chen Tieshou's hand immediately shattered after the Fire Lin beast had directly stepped on his hand.

Chen Tieshou screamed in a pitiful voice because its foot was extremely heavy. The beast again stepped on his breastbone and smashed it.

“Ah!” Chen Tieshou screamed but right then, a raging fire suddenly discharged out from the body of Fire Lin beast and instantly corroded the Xiantian Zhen Qi that was wrapped around his body, and then burnt him to cinders.

“Ha ha ha, today, no one's going anywhere!” Cao Xing and the Fire Lin beast rushed towards Wu Shaoyang and Dai Xiaohua respectively.

Suddenly, the whole magma pool began to boil up and an incredibly terrifying aura flushed out of the magma pool and an innumerable influx of frenzied Lingqi formed a huge bubble in the magma.

The complexion of all the Xiantian masters present there immediately turned pale. They were all familiar with this scene because this was a breakthrough into the Xiantian realm. The complexion of the people from Cao family especially became pale, because they couldn't comprehend that how could someone break through to the Xiantian realm inside the magma.

Dai Xiaohua was delighted, and he seemed to have understood what was happening.

“Hurry up, kill them all!” Cao Jinbiao immediately shouted.

“Boom!” Before they could start the massacre, a loud explosion sound came from the magma, and a large amount of magma spattered in all directions. Except the Fire Lin beast, everyone else quickly used all their might to jump back and escape from the flying magma. They absolutely could not afford to touch it otherwise, they would be roasted alive.

A figure covered in red-hot magma jumped out from the magma and the first one to react was the Fire Lin beast, which immediately pounced towards that figure with its blood-red eyes, full of hatred, looking at that figure.

But, the Fire Lin beast actually saw an incomparably radiant red-hot long blade flashing. The long blade instantly pierced though the air and maliciously chopped into its body.

“Bang!” The whole cave echoed with a loud sound of metal-clash, and in the very next instant, the Fire Lin beast screamed and its gigantic body directly flew far away by this blade attack. There was huge crack on the red scales covering its body and the blood was gushing out of the wound. This was the first time someone had cut open its scales to this extent.

People were giving dumbfounded looks to that person's figure standing in the midair. They couldn't believe their eyes that in an instant, the tables had turned in their favor and the beast on which, the Cao family was putting its bet had actually been injured and sent flying by a single blade attack.

It was hard for people to accept this favorable turn of events in such a short time.

At this time, the shadow descended from the sky and landed on one side of the magma pool.

“Brother Ye, you’re all right!” Dai Xiaohua said with a look of surprise on his face.

Wu Shaoyang was also surprised and looked at Ye Xiwen, although he and Ye Xiwen were unfamiliar, but this time, the unexpected appearance of Ye Xiwen was more like reinforcement to their side.

Ye Xiwen nodded towards the two men, with a blade in his hand and stared coldly towards the people of Cao family. For Ye Xiwen, only he himself knew about the life and death experience that he had just gone through, and his survival could be said as a narrow escape.

Falling into magma pool implied certain death. The Houtian Zhen Qi simply couldn't stop the invasion of magma, and even Xiantian Zhen Qi would burn up quickly, so there was no way to continue to resist it. So, when he had fallen into the magma, he decided to swallow the root of Blue Flaming Lotus at this critical moment and along with it, he also took out the Xiantian Pellet and began to forcefully impact on his inner state in order to enter into the Xiantian realm. Only after the impact to his innate state, an endless amount of Xiantian Zhen Qi generated inside his body and he was able to escape.

Ye Xiwen had no other ways to escape from the magma and without a breakthrough, he would have burned inside the magma, but fortunately, heavens would not fail a man.

Although he had only swallowed the root of Blue Flaming Lotus but his body had still gained the fire spirit characteristics. His anti-fire resistance had greatly enhanced and this was the reason why the magma had not caused any injuries to his body and he had been able to stay in the magma for so long, without getting burnt.

Moreover, he also regarded this as a blessing in disguise, because from now on, flames would not be able to burn him due to greatly increased resistance to fire. Also, he would be able to practice a fire attribute power technique and would gain twice the result with half the effort. This was the motive that had attracted all the warriors to come here.


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