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Chapter 729: Chapter 729: The Star Beast’s Compromise
Chapter 729: The Star Beast’s Compromise


The black-robed man simply ran directly toward the Star Beast . He was originally here for this Star Beast . It was a surprise event to encounter Ye Xiwen here . Although he was very depressed about his failure to catch Ye Xiwen, it was better than persisting in the pursuit .

He came in front of the barrier, opened his hands as he read out some ancient and inconceivable chants . The eccentric syllables chanted turned into talisman texts in the air, and even penetrated the barrier . It flew to the sky above Star Beast and bombarded on the Star Beast as if they were meteorites .

The talisman texts on the black-robed man’s hand shone brightly, radiating the sky . It was so bright that the barrier couldn’t even contain it, let alone the Star Beast .

*Roar!* The Star Beast’s body trembled frantically . The painful roar shocked the ground . Certainly, the barrier sensed it . The original quaint talisman in the barrier suddenly radiated a strong light, suppressing this fanatical Star Beast . The Star Beast had no choice but to endure the attack of talisman words chanted by the black-robed man with no resistance .

The existence of this barrier did not only extract the power of this Star Beast but also suppress the Star Beast . The original setting was perfect, but now it had become a good helper for the black robe . No wonder this man in black-robed man was so confident that he was not intimidated by the Star Beast at all . He was very confident that he could tame this Star Beast in this manner .

Ye Xiwen saw it clearly on how the black-robed man utilized his secret spatial ability to infuse the talisman text and syllables into the barrier . Otherwise, with his strength, it was impossible to overcome the barrier .

As a matter of fact, the barrier not only suppressed the Star Beast internally, but was also very solid on the outside . Even a Transcendent Realm master couldn’t break the barrier .

After all, many senior masters of True Martial School teamed up to seal it, so the members of True Martial School were not worried about having no Transcendent Realm master to protect the base . Even if a Transcendent Realm master wanted to break this barrier, it would be challenging and take a lot of time . That would allow time for True Martial School to come in aid .

So, they were very relieved, but they did not expect that there would be a strange black-robed man with a spatial ability who could come and enslave the Star Beast without disturbing the barrier .

And the most important thing was that even if True Martial School noticed the changes here, it was useless because they were held back by the experts of Emergence School . The black-robed man definitely utilized the timing well .

Ye Xiwen saw it clearly; a huge scroll gradually spread out gradually in front of the black-robed man . This was an indescribable feeling . It gave off a sense this was beyond the great sage tool .

Ye Xiwen didn’t know what was the specific level of that magic tool . At this time, Ye Mo was not around, but was with Tianyuan Mirror and the main body . Since the main body was far away from Star Beast Avatar, so Tianyuan Mirror and Ye Mo followed Ye Xiwen .

After all, compared to Star Beast Avatar, his main body was more important . Ye Xiwen could withstand Star Beast Avatar being exploded, but absolutely could not accept the fall of this main body .

Even though having the existence of Star Beast Avatar was like the second chance for the main body, it was not acceptable for Ye Xiwen to have his main body die in battle . After all, the strength of his main body was far less powerful than Star Beast Avatar . Hence, the main body needed the Tianyuan Mirror more .

If Ye Mo was here now, he should be able to see at a glance what magic tools this was .

The Avatar opened his magic sensing eyes and saw the spirit of Star Beast gotten absorbed by the scroll .

Ye Xiwen didn’t understand what the master-slave contract was, but he still knew that if part of the Star Beast’s spirit was sealed onto this scroll, it would become the black-robed man’s slave .




The Star Beast roared in pain, snarled in anger, and was also terrified at the same time . it could feel that the inexplicable talisman text penetrated into his body, and the scroll even wanted to suck its spirit out; then, it would be sealed onto that scroll .

The Star Beast had never felt so alerted previously . Even when it was sealed into the barrier before, he did not feel a sense of danger like this .

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After the war, a large number of True Martial School masters died, and the rest of them had no ability to deal with him . They could only seal him like this .

At that time, there was no such feeling of dying, but now there was such a feeling . Although it knew that even if that part of the spirit was sealed onto the scroll, it would not die .

But this was even more uncomfortable than death . It would become the black-robed man’s slave, which was even more uncomfortable than killing him . It was like one day a person becomes a slave of an ant; that was how it felt .

This man in black-robed was just a Half-step Transcendent Realm . If the Star Beast was in its peak period, it would not even put him into its heart at all . Not to mention the peak period, even if the current Star Beast after countless years now could pinch this black-robed man to death, if there was no barrier .

Its hatred for this black-robed even surpassed that of Ye Xiwen previously . It was raging in flame . However, no matter how angry it was, it could not break free . There was not only the scroll sucking in its spirit but also the barrier’s repression of him . He couldn’t even move where even turning over would cause the barrier to be activated .

So it could only feel that part of its spirit being extracted without being able to do anything .

This feeling made its calm and brutal heart start to feel horrified . If its spirit was really drawn out, he really would become a slave to others, living under other’s command . If it was a peerless master, it could still accept it . But, it was just a man whom it did not put in his eye – a Half-step Transcendent Realm who even dared to enslave him .

No, I can’t allow this to happen!

Ye Xiwen didn’t know what the black-robed man was going to do, but he knew this shouldn’t go on . If the black-robed man was allowed to continue, the black-robed man would be able to enslave this Star Beast . By that time, True Martial School would be in big trouble and meet its destruction .

At this time, if Ye Xiwen wanted to escape, there was still enough time . Although the black-robed man imprisoned him in a barrier, he just needed time to break the barrier and he would be able to escape . He didn’t have the time to break the barrier due to the tight pursuit by the black-robed man just now . But there was enough time now, could he escape?

Certainly not!

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No way!

Ye Xiwen needed to stop him!

Ye Xiwen gritted his teeth . As he was about to do it, the Star Beast’s roar came surging into his mind . It was a voice transmission and he sent it directly to Ye Xiwen’s mind with telepathy .

“Help me kill him, help me kill him!”

Ye Xiwen was stunned . He didn’t even think that the Star Beast had turned to him for help at this time . It seemed that the talisman had pushed it to the extreme . Otherwise, with the arrogance of this Star Beast, how could it ask for Ye Xiwen’s help whom it kept looking down upon .

Ye Xiwen originally wanted to stop the black-robed man, but now with the Star Beast spoke as such, Ye Xiwen was not in a hurry . Anyway, there was no way for the black-robed man to suck the spirit of Star Beast immediately .

Although the black-robed man used special magic tools, his own strength was far worse than that of Star Beast . Hence, even this time Ye Xiwen could already see the difficulty on his face .

Even Ye Xiwen could feel that the black-robed man was trembling slightly at this time, and he was obviously in an extremely difficult struggle .

It was conceivable how difficult it was to tame a behemoth like Star Beast with low-level strength .

It was precisely because there was no way to extract the spirit successfully in a while, so Ye Xiwen was not in a hurry .

“But you also know that I am not his opponent at all!” Ye Xiwen said indifferently . He was quite helpless against that black robe even though he really wished to kill the black-robed man . This maniac wanted to destroy the world! However, he didn’t have a good impression on the Star Beast who had caused heavy damage to True Martial School . Ye Xiwen really wanted both of them to kill each other .

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“Even if I want to stop him, there is no way at all!” Ye Xiwen’s tone was quite leisure, but only he knew he definitely needed to stop the black robe man at all cost . Of course, he wouldn’t let the Star Beast find out about it .

“I give you strength . I will give you strength . Don’t you want the blood and vital energy from me, then take it all . As long as you help me put this bastard to death, strangle him or whatsoever . How could I be willing to be a slave? This damn bastard! “Star Beast growled . It had already gone mad . Previously, as Ye Xiwen wanted to extract the blood and vital energy from him, he was resisting every moment . It didn’t want Ye Xiwen to absorb it so easily . However, in the face of black-robed man’s threat, it decided to compromise . He rather let Ye Xiwen absorb some part of its blood essence, but it would not want to be a slave .

It would rather die than to lose its freedom!

There was a hint of pride flowing in his blood . It would rather have a prideful death, rather than become a slave to others .

“Okay, I’ll help you once!” Ye Xiwen’s eyes lit up suddenly and said so .

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