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Chapter 725: Chapter 725: Horrifying Master from Southern Dippe
Chapter 725: Horrifying Master from Southern Dipper


Ye Xiwen was now most worried about the relatives in Yi Yuan Sect . The Emergence School’s sudden invasion not only blindsided others but also caught Ye Xiwen by surprise .

During this time, he just wanted to increase his strength before the Emergence School invades . At first, he wanted to evacuate his relatives in Yi Yuan Sect after he was all prepared . Man proposes but God disposes . Before he managed to wait until he was fully prepared, the Emergence School had launched their sudden assault .

Now he must go back and have a look . As for Star Beast Avatar, it was still trying to break through the Half-step Transcendent realm, and it was at the most critical step .

After thinking about it, he decided to go back to the Great Yue Empire first and evacuate his parents to a safe place . As for the Star Beast Avatar, its strength was much stronger than that of his . Naturally, there was no problem .

Thinking of this, he spread his golden wings and flapped instantly . He channeled his Storm Power and flew out . He was somewhat fast, especially after he broke through the Great Sage Realm . In all respects, the most obvious improvement apart from physical strength was speed .

In an instant, he flew out of the extraterrestrial battlefield and flew towards True Martial Domain, but he did not rush in the direction of the True Martial School . Over there might have become a huge Asura battlefield . Emergence School only launched an ad hoc assault on the extraterrestrial battlefield . However, the True Martial School was now inevitably under siege by the great army .

Although Ye Xiwen did not fly in the direction of True Martial School, when he flew into the True Martial Domain, he still saw the vast aura in the direction of the True Martial Domain . This terrifying aura was huge, reaching to the skies as the world changed color . It was like a huge storm, and no one knew how many terrifying masters were hidden in it .

Ye Xiwen could not help but change his expression when he saw this scene . It was hard to imagine that the background of Emergence School was really so dreadful .

From afar, the splendid magical bursts of the collision between top experts could be seen . Although splendid, they were unusually terrifying .

“In such a war, I am afraid that my cultivation skill is no more than cannon fodder!” Ye Xiwen could not help but say that in the midst of the collision of such huge behemoths, perhaps only the strongest in the Transcendent realm could freely move around .

“En, for those really strong people, you are still quite inferior to them in a great margin . You have just built the foundation . Even the Transcendent Realm is nothing!” Ye Mo had always been very loud . He who followed the legendary Demon King was undaunted by these masters .

Ye Xiwen only stopped for a while . Ye Xiwen was worried about his loved ones . He did not waste any more time and went straight to the direction of the Great Yue Empire .

Meanwhile, in the sealed site of the underground .

Ye Xiwen’s Star Beast Avatar sat in front of the barrier constantly performing magic spells, absorbing the blood and vital energy of this Star Beast, enriching itself . Compared to the Great Sage Realm that this person wanted to break through, the Star Beast Avatar needed more blood and vital energy to break through to Half-Step Transcendent Realm .

The Transcendent realm was another brand new level . The name Transcendent was the hope of supreme martial arts practitioners and the hope of countless people . Transcendent; unstained; transcending beyond matter . Although the Transcendent realm was not exactly Transcendent, it was the first step of Transcendent .

This was a brand new realm, and the energy he needed to accumulate was almost more than the energy he had accumulated since he began to practice martial arts .

If it was an ordinary creature whose blood and vital energy was so frenziedly absorbed by him, it would probably be sucked into dried meat . He could only absorb it so relentlessly through using the top creature at the top of the food chain such as the Star Beast .

“Repulsive, vile, damn human, I will not spare you!” The Star Beast still roared and bellowed . Although a lot of its blood and vital energy was extracted by Ye Xiwen, it was nothing for the extremely powerful Star Beast . Or that there was no major impact at all .

The angrier it became, the louder it roared, the tighter the chain of law on its body became, more essential blood and energy were removed to supplement the barrier .

“Huh, it’s really an amazing barrier . It must really be arranged by a barrier master!” Suddenly, behind Ye Xiwen came a cold, contemptuous voice . “This is the legendary giant Star Beast that feeds on the universe? Aiya, it’s not easy now to see this kind of fierce beast!”

“Who is it!?” Ye Xiwen screamed, and the endless qi on his palms instantly condensed, turned into a palm knife, and struck backward .

A dozen sword qi was suddenly formed and cut through the air . He suddenly looked back and saw a man in a black cloak . He could not see the face clearly, but he could feel a weird hint of ridicule on his face .

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The dozens of long swords qi swayed by Ye Xiwen split the vast sky instantly . The weirdest thing was that it actually penetrated through his body .

Spatial ability!

His eyes suddenly flashed . This was the second time he saw this spatial ability . The last time he saw it was from Emperor Chen . The battle left a deep impression on him . Emperor Chen’s spatial ability gave him great trouble .

People with spatial ability were almost inherently invincible . Apart from the legendary time controller, people with spatial ability were the most terrifying .

He defeated Emperor Chen previously because his speed was much faster than Emperor Chen . For ordinary people, it was impossible to defeat Emperor Chen who had the spatial ability, although in the end he efficiently defeated Emperor Chen .

However, the strength of the spatial ability was firmly remembered in his mind, and he dared not underestimate it at all . Any such masters could shock countless people .

At that time, Emperor Chen had only grasped some superficial knowledge of spatial ability . The person in front of him made the Star Beast Avatar who was now in the realm of Great Sage Realm Great Perfection felt terrified .

Not only that the long sword qi did not cause any harm to him, but on the contrary, the man in black robe moved and grabbed Ye Xiwen . He dodged Ye Xiwen’s wielding sword qi, and caught Ye Xiwen’s body .

“This is spatial ability!” Ye Xiwen stomped beneath his feet . Immediately, his figure surged backward to avoid the grasp of this big swipe .

In his last fight with Emperor Chen, Ye Xiwen was not completely clueless about these spatial ability users . He was hiding his physical body in the subspace . It appeared to be in front of Ye Xiwen but it was not . So, his hand could directly pass through Ye Xiwen’s sword qi and thrusted towards Ye Xiwen .

So, this kind of spatial ability was the most difficult to deal with .

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“I didn’t expect you to have some insight, little brat of True Martial School!” The black robe smiled faintly, and did not take the failed attack to heart, or that he did not show any esteem for this Ye Xiwen of the Great Sage Realm Great Perfection who was in front of him at all . To him Ye Xiwen was only a warrior who could be slaughtered at any time, nothing to be bothered about .

“Southern Dipper!” Ye Xiwen’s jaw dropped widely and came up with these two words . The dress of the black-robed man in front of him could not be more familiar . It was the dress of the members of Southern Dipper, who was the Big Dipper’s rival for many years .

Although he had not had many encounters with Southern Dipper members, he knew a lot about them . After all, they were opponents of Big Dipper for many years . It was impossible not to know .

He just did not expect to meet someone from Southern Dipper here .

Why did the master of Southern Dipper appear here?

Ye Xiwen’s heartbeat became nervous in all of an instant . If it was just the ordinary Southern Dipper Constellations, or even the Constellation’s Lord, he did not worry much . He was confident that he could deal with it . Even if it was him, he was confident in forcing it to retreat .

Let alone this Star Beast Avatar .

However, obviously this person was far above the Constellations Lord level that he knew about .

This was a terrifying power that transcended the Great Sage level .

Suddenly, the man in black robe in front of him disappeared . The next moment, he appeared behind Ye Xiwen . He stretched out his right hand and grabbed towards Ye Xiwen’s neck . This was to cut off his neck directly, which was terrifying .

This was not how fast he was because he penetrated the space directly and came behind Ye Xiwen, which Ye Xiwen was simply defenseless against . This was one of the most terrifying skills of the spatial ability, but this was only one of them .

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Spatial ability was so rare for so many years, but was still famous . It was built on the powerful combat capabilities of those with spatial ability .

However, despite his agility, Ye Xiwen’s speed was faster . In an instant, at the moment of imminent death, Ye Xiwen turned into a golden light and disappeared into the sky . In the next second, he appeared in the mid-air and stared coldly at the man in black robe in front of him .

Both of their speeds were approaching their limits . This was like a beam of light, which disappeared in an instant, but both sides were completely different in their speed . The speed of the man in black robe was based on walking in space . In the sub-layer space, the spatial distance might become longer or might become extremely short . So, his speed was incomparable .

However, Ye Xiwen was pure speed . His physical body had exceeded his limit, tearing the vast sky . This was the purest speed . It looked very fast . In fact, it was completely different .

“That’s fast!” The tone of this black-robed man finally changed to being a little shocked . If Ye Xiwen’s reaction was fast, then now this was enough to prove how fast Ye Xiwen himself was .

He had hardly seen anyone who could achieve this level with pure speed .

Emergence School isn’t the only issue but Southern Dipper too?

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