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Chapter 713

Once the Star Beast was released, what awaits would be an overflowing calamity in the sky . The True Martial Domain might even be destroyed by it .

“But, this is the only way!” said Ye Mo . “With your current strength and status, if you are going to take up a post at the extraterritorial battlefield, your words will have an enormous weight and you will be in a position of power . That way, you will have a chance!”

The extraterritorial battlefield was not particularly a place of significance . Abandoning that place would have literally no effect on other aspects . However, a giant beast that could bring destruction to the world was sealed in that place . Hence, this place had become a dilemma . It was hard to decide whether it was needed to defend that place .

At this time, if Ye Xiwen asked to guard that area, the people in the faction might not agree with his request . The reason was Ye Xiwen played an important role in the faction now unlike in the past .

When he first entered the True Martial School, his death would not mean anything to the people of the school if he was to participate in the extraterritorial battlefield . In the True Martial School, there were at least eight hundred thousand people like him . If one of them and even if a bunch of them were dead, no one would even bother with it .

However, he had shown enough potential that he could compete with Huang Wuji and Mu Shengjie in the future . With such a potential, he was likely to be another expert in the Transcendent Realm . While the True Martial School could withstand the death of one million legends, the death of an expert in the Transcendent Realm was something they could not afford .

Although Ye Xiwen’s potential to be the expert in the Transcendent Realm was ambiguous, he was still a person that they could never afford to lose .

Hence, once the application went up, it was difficult to obtain a permit . This was the matter that worried Ye Mo the most . In the True Martial School, the Great Sage had a saying below the middle level . Once a person became a Great Sage, they could utilize their strength to become a monarch and assume authority in one place .

Generally, they would need to defend their spot . Hence, Ye Xiwen was also given the opportunity to defend the extraterritorial battlefield . However, this also posed a very difficult problem .

“But, how do you plan on doing it? ” Ye Xiwen asked . He did not know what Ye Mo was planning on doing .

“I intend to borrow the power of this Star Beast . They all belong to the same bloodline . I have a magic skill which I can use to extract the power of the flesh and blood of the adult Star Beast . This will allow the Star Beast Avatar to break through quickly!” said Ye Mo .

Ye Xiwen frowned . To say that this kind of magical skill was rare was incorrect . In the Demon Worshipping Religion, even individuals of the depraved religion were capable of such skill . However, even if they were capable of doing so, there were typically very few people who would choose this method . There was a simple explanation behind it . This was because there was a hidden yet huge danger of this skill . In the short term, practitioners would be able to make rapid progress . However, there would be a great hidden danger in the future . Hence, the depraved religion was not able to successfully excel under the stars . Since there were hidden and great dangers that came with this martial arts technique, there were rarely experts from the depraved religion .

“Are there no ramifications for such martial techniques?” Ye Xiwen asked . Although it was not a person, he still valued ​​Star Beast Avatar . If there were any serious ramifications, then he might as well not want it . The Star Beast Avatar would be playing an important role in Ye Xiwen’s plan in the future . Hence, it must not be crippled in such a manner .

“There will definitely be ramifications!” Ye Mo told the cold truth . After all, this world is fair . The benefits one received was based on how much one put in their efforts . Despite this cheap trick enabling one to enter the Realm swiftly, the ramifications were also very deadly . “However, it is because they are all Star Beasts, all the defects that are left behind by the fusion failure are no longer there!”

Unlike the fantastic oddities of the human race, everyone practiced different martial arts . There were a scarce number of Star Beasts . Furthermore, a large degree of their cultivation was reliant on the innate talent and magical power of their clan . The martial techniques they cultivated were basically repetitive . So, the power they cultivated was of a common origin .

Through this manner, it could be quickly integrated into it without any ramifications . This was what Ye Mo had originally planned .

Ye Xiwen thought about it, gritted his teeth and said, “So, that’s how we will do it!”

After thinking for a while, he decided to go ahead with Ye Mo’s idea . Since Ye Mo said this, then he must completely be certain . Otherwise, knowing his character, he would definitely not say out loud .

Besides, when the Emergence School was about to make a large-scale invasion at this moment, were there any faster and better ways than this to improve its strength?

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Ye Mo was right . If the Emergence School was going to attack with all their strength, there was a huge possibility that they were going to give it all they got . At that time, the experts of the Transcendence Realm would be able to show off their tyrannical power . The Great Sage would have no abilities to intervene . However, it would be a different story if his improvement reached the Half-Step Transcendence Realm . At that time, his strength would increase greatly . Between advance and retreat, there would be more options to go for .

In the realm after the Great Sage, the Half-step Transcendent Realm was also divided into three stages: initial, intermediate, and late . As for the Transcendent Realm, its division was unlike that of the Sage Realm and the Great Sage Realm but was directly divided into nine levels .

These were what Ye Mo told Ye Xiwen . Otherwise, at his current level, it was impossible to reach out to the knowledge pertaining to Transcendent Realm .

If there were many people in the Great Sage Realm, then there were only a few people in the Transcendent Realm . The Tibetan Star Son was probably the only thing that was close to him . However, even this was his first time seeing the Tibetan Star Son . This also included the other experts of the Transcendence Realm, who were rare existences on ordinary days .

The only time where ordinary individuals were able to meet such rare existences was when Xiao Ya wanted to become an apprentice . It was really like a miracle at that time . Most people were not able to see even one Transcendent Realm Master in their lifetime . Now, all of them appeared in public one after another unexpectedly .

However, according to Ye Mo, despite these experts being in the Transcendent Realm, their ranks were relatively low . Most were at rank one of the Transcendent Realm .

However, even so, Ye Xiwen could no longer fight against them .

“Master, I want to apply for the transfer to the defense team on the extraterritorial battlefield!” said Ye Xiwen .

The crowd gave Ye Xiwen a strange glare . They did not know what he was thinking . At this moment when a war was about to break out, everyone was thinking about transferring back to True Martial School .  Why would he want to be transferred outside instead? Did he not comprehend how dangerous it was at this moment?

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“Why do you want to be transferred outside?” The Tibetan Star Son said to Ye Xiwen . Of course, the True Martial School was among the safest places at this time, especially for their Tibetan Star Summit . They only had a few disciples in total . Each of them was precious and they could not lose any of them . Especially Ye Xiwen, the disciple who might reach the Transcendence Realm in the future . They even could not afford to lose such a disciple .

“I want to go out to lay low . Also, if the Emergence School launches an attack here, I can leave as soon as possible . They will not be able to catch up with me!” said Ye Xiwen .

The Tibetan Star Son was extremely skeptical towards Ye Xiwen’s answer . However, he nodded without even giving it much thought and said, “Okay, I’ll help you apply for it!”

How could he not see through Ye Xiwen’s insincere words? However, he did not expose Ye Xiwen . He knew that Ye Xiwen was certainly not a person who was not able to distinguish priorities and personal matters . However, now that he said so, he must have come up with his own ideas .

He did not think about this matter deeply . Everyone had their own secrets . The True Martial School would never blindly ask everyone to reveal their secrets . This was because doing so was not only unrealistic but it would also trigger the anxieties of others .

Since Ye Xiwen requested, there must be a reason for his compulsory trip . Of course, the most important thing was that he believed in Ye Xiwen’s strength . Even if he could not stand against a thousand troops on his own, he definitely had the strength to escape .

Even though he was not in the True Martial School, the news was spreading continuously . Naturally, he knew of Ye Xiwen’s outstanding performance, about how Ye Xiwen had managed to escape from the clutches of the Soul Destruction Temple Master . Although he did not take the Soul Destruction Temple Master seriously, Ye Xiwen’s ability to escape at a disadvantaged situation was undeniably sufficient to prove that his personal strength was indeed extraordinary .

Now that his safety could be guaranteed, the other concerns were then insignificant matters .

Seeing that the Tibetan Star Son did not look into the matter in depth, Ye Xiwen could not help but feel relieved . He was a little grateful . Of course, he knew that the Tibetan Star Son should be able to see that there were some flaws in this plan but he did not ask anything about it . Instead, he just immediately helped him get things done .

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All of a sudden, Ye Xiwen had a feeling . It was the feeling of being at home which was not bad .

He had not felt this way for a long time . In the past, when Mountain Qingfeng was divided into different clans, his father, who was an elder, would protect him . However, once he arrived at the headquarters, he had no one to rely on but met with enemies instead . In each step of Martial Arts, he only relied on his own strength without any external support . His own strength was the only thing he could depend on . Gradually, he forgot the original feeling .

There were a lot of things which did not require him to be on the frontline . He knew there was a backer that he could rely on . He knew that he could only rely on himself on most things but it was a lot better to have something to rely on rather than nothing .

Several other people saw that the Tibetan Star Son did not continue interrogating on the matter . Hence, they also stopped pursuing the matter because there was no need to do so at all . They also believed that Ye Xiwen always had his own reasons for doing so . He would not be reckless to let himself be killed .

“However, if things become out of control, you better immediately retreat!” said Bai Jiansong . Among the fellow apprentices, he was the closest to Ye Xiwen . He was the one who adopted Ye Xiwen into the sect from the beginning . After that, he had frequently protected Ye Xiwen . The relationship between the two was far greater than that of others . Hence, it was natural of him to be more caring towards Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen nodded . Of course, he would not choose to fight recklessly at the cost of his life .

With the Tibetan Star Son taking action, this matter naturally had no suspense and was carried out quickly . Ye Xiwen, who was the rising star of the True Martial School, would never be allowed to be part of an external transfer since it was a very dangerous move .

However, since it was a personal proposal of the Tibetan Star Son, no one wanted to go against it . Since his master has even agreed to it, what other reasons were there for others to go against it?

After obtaining permission, Ye Xiwen did not hesitate and rushed to the extraterritorial battlefield .

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