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Chapter 705

The vast sky broke open in an instant . The terrifying power could even shake the mountains . The legendary almighty had great ability and was omnipotent, but Mu Sheng was like the ancient legendary almighty, deity, at this moment .

The endless qi on his body swept out like a wave and formed a small field that annihilated the entire sky . The omnipresent qi surged toward Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen also moved by clenching his fingers into a fist, which instantly turned into a big star and forged ahead . Even his vigor did not give the slightest concession . His fist will actually contained an extremely sharp sword will . Seemingly omnipotent, it destroyed Mu Shengjie’s Seven Cranes Divine Hand . There was a mighty power and omnipotent sharpness that could destroy everything when the sword light and fist will were combined together .

“Whoosh!” The sword will and fist will instantly pierced and eradicated the Seven Cranes Divine Hand and traveled all the way to Mu Shengjie’s face with terrifying might .

“Poof!” Mu Shengjie retreated madly by tens of tens of miles in a row, only to avoid this blow . It was too scary, Mu Shengjie’s entire palm was almost chopped off by him and blood splattered like a pillar .

This time, the confrontation ended with Ye Xiwen prevailing .

Not to mention the countless people around who were shocked, even Mu Shengjie looked at Ye Xiwen in disbelief . How was it possible for him to be at a disadvantage during this fight? His Seven Cranes Divine Hand got defeated by Ye Xiwen in a crazy way .

His entire palm would be rawly chopped off if he did not retreat just in time . This sword will was too powerful . He never knew that the sword will could be so powerful that it even posed a huge threat to him .

His flesh was precious as jade and was difficult to touch . The flesh that was tempered by the Seven Cranes Divine Hand was very strong . He was not even afraid of those special blood lines . He had once ripped off a few Fierce Deity true bodies who tried to go against him on the spot . They absolutely could not compete with him .

He had always been very confident in his flesh as he had never met a true opponent who could contend with him, but he never expected to be defeated by Ye Xiwen . What did this mean? It meant that Ye Xiwen’s flesh was even more terrifying than his .

“It’s impossible!” Mu Shengjie knew that Ye Xiwen practiced a martial technique called “Tyrant Body Scripture”, but he was confident that even a Tyrant Body trained through “Tyrant Body Scripture” was impossible to be so much stronger than him . Mu Shengjie was defeated immediately during the fight just now, how could Ye Xiwen have such terrifying flesh .

His Seven Cranes Divine Hand was either a mysterious inheritance or ancient almighty that was extremely powerful . Although it looked like a name of a specific style, it was actually a complete set of martial techniques, including internal power, style, body motion, etc . He could rush all the way through the True Martial School solely relying on this martial art . Everyone of the same generation except for Huang Wuji, who had more mysterious encounters than him, were completely suppressed by him .

It also contained a form of technique that makes his body extremely strong . He could even challenge higher levels solely based on his physical body . Although it was not as exaggerated as Ye Xiwen, it is already very outstanding .

However, he ended disastrously in Ye Xiwen’s hands instantly .

However, he did not know that although Ye Xiwen’s flesh was extremely tyrannical, it was not the Tyrant Body that everyone imagined . It was actually a physique that was a lot stronger . It was the flesh of the Star Beast Avatar which was a terrifying monster that treated the world and stars as food and absorbed the power of countless stars . His physical body was unimaginably tyrannic .

Even Ye Xiwen didn’t know whether his flesh that was trained through the Tyrant Body could compete with Star Beast Avatar when his realm reached the Great Sage Great Perfection . At least it was impossible for now .

Mu Shengjie was abnormally depressed, but Ye Xiwen felt extremely pleasurable because he always had to compete with masters who were far stronger than him for such a long time . His realm was far behind and was often suppressed by their realms and skill . The only thing he could counter and make him fight surpass realms was nothing else but a tyrannical flesh .

However, it was different now . Based on the flesh, Star Beast Avatar’s flesh was more tyrannical than Mu Shengjie . Based on realms, he was definitely not worse than Mu Shengjie . Based on skills, it had been a long time since he had such a hearty battle with someone who had the same realm and level .

Therefore, he even had an expression of excitement on his face . Without any hesitation, he flew up again and suppressed directly towards Mu Shengjie with his tyrannical flesh .

“Hmph!” Mu Shengjie sneered . His hand injury was almost healed in just a short period of time . It was obvious that his secret healing method was not simple . He was not afraid even when Ye Xiwen crushed directly towards him .

Who is he?

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He was Mu Shengjie, who had been in the True Martial School for countless years . Although Ye Xiwen’s combat power was far beyond his expectations, how could he possibly be timid at such times?

He activated his Seven Cranes Divine Hand once again . This lost technique was absolutely powerful . He used to rely on this lost technique and defeated numerous opponents .

Although he suffered a loss just now, it was not because his lost technique did not work . His flesh was just inferior to Ye Xiwen .

A huge crane shadow appeared behind him . The sound of screaming that almost penetrated the universe, burst into an unimaginable light and slammed directly towards Ye Xiwen .


The fight between the two parties was like a battle with neither prepared to give an inch . The lost technique of both of them was as if making the universe lose its light . The qi headed towards each other crazily and madly suppressed the other .

This was a difficult battle for Mu Shengjie . He finally realized that the Ye Xiwen in front of him was not simple at all . It was absolutely nothing like what he expected . Having a battle with him was as if fighting Huang Wuji . It was difficult, a very tough opponent .

He even had to wrap most of the qi into his hands to avoid getting injured by Ye Xiwen’s hits . Ye Xiwen’s method was too brutal . There were no fancy methods used, he just fought .

Obviously, Ye Xiwen knew what his advantage was . It was his tyrannical flesh, so he exhibited his physical strength fully . Mu Shengjie dared not to have a direct confrontation with Ye Xiwen on this aspect .
In fact, Mu Shengjie did not know that Ye Xiwen was in a state battling opponent surpassing his power realm all year round . The only thing he could rely on was his tyrannical flesh . In the matter of using his own flesh to exert the most power was, not to mention Mu Shengjie, Ye Xiwen dared to say that no one in the entire True Martial School was as experienced as him .

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Although his realm and skill increased at once, these two, especially the realm, were in fact his main weaknesses . Although he was not not inferior to Mu Shengjie’s realm, all of Mu Shengjie’s realms were achieved step by step . He had a very solid foundation and lots of insights from every realm .

However, Ye Xiwen’s actual person now was nothing more than a Half-step Great Sage . He looked more like parvenu now . Although his realm was made up immediately with the memory of the Adult Star Beast Avatar spirit, it was definitely not as good as Mu Shengjie’s achievement by walking up step by step like this .

In addition, many of the realm perceptions in the memory of the adult Star Beast Avatar spirit was more relevant with the Star Beast . Even the fighting style was for Star Beast .

However, Ye Xiwen could not reveal the true body of the Star Beast now . He could only fight in human form, which was a lot weaker in terms of realms . Although in general, he was still on the same level as Mu Shengjie and there was no appearance of situations like the past when he was inferior .

Therefore, the only thing that Ye Xiwen could rely on to defeat Mu Shengjie in the end was his tyrannical flesh . He could only defeat Mu Shengjie by maximizing the power of the flesh .

Although Ye Xiwen’s tactics looked a little rough and a little messy, in fact, this was exactly the exhibition of the strength of the flesh at its most extreme level .

On the other side, Mu Shengjie was also a battle-hardened and experienced person . After he realized that his flesh was not as good as Ye Xiwen, he immediately understood that he had to use his absolute advantages in the realm and skill to suppress Ye Xiwen .

Therefore, they were equally matched during the short fight . Both parties were adjusting their perception of each other throughout the fight .


The both of them firmly crashed into each other and a terrible power suddenly swept out an endless storm, rippling out circle by circle like a wave . All the space that it went through was crazily twisted and broken down, crumbled into powder .

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The two of them had done their best and no one dared to play it easy because they knew that they both had a tyrannical opponent .

A huge power spread through each of their arms to their bodies . That terrible power could even blow up the mountains in an instant . If it wasn’t that both of their physical bodies were indeed strong enough, they would have already disintegrated into blood mist by now .

Their bodies were like two powerful battle gods . They firmly collided against each other in the air, as none of them would take a slightlest step back for a moment . In the face of strong vigor, they launched their new attack .

Ye Xiwen’s left hand turned into a martial sword and a ray of terrifying sword light shot straight towards the sky . With his hand as a sword, he immediately chopped down towards Mu Shengjie with lightning speed . It was extremely fast as if it was really lightning .

On the other side, Mu Shengjie also moved . He was not slower than Ye Xiwen . Two steles appeared in his hand and fell down from the air towards Ye Xiwen .

It was the Beast Control Stele . Ye Xiwen had seen it before, but he only saw half of it . It was still an incomplete great holy tool when he first saw it, but had now become a complete and powerful great holy tool that was enough to show disdain to all the other great holy tools .


A new round of battle between the two parties suddenly crashed into each other again . The shocking wave burst into a dazzling light and a small mushroom cloud rose slowly .

Their attacks unexpectedly destroyed the atom and shattered the vacuum .

Both of their attacks were destructive and could destroy everything . However, they were an equal match in this confrontation .

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