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Chapter 704

This magnificent vigor was like that from a deity in ancient times . It suppressed the world and suffocated people . Everything that Ye Xiwen did before was rendered useless .

Prior to this, Ye Xiwen‘s unexpected results had made many people have great confidence in him and believed that he could compete with Mu Shengjie .

After all, he had done many things that ordinary people thought were impossible . So, although many people felt that Mu Shengjie could defeat Ye Xiwen one-sidedly, there were also many people who had confidence in Ye Xiwen and felt that Ye Xiwen should win . After all, he was no fool . If he did not have a certain amount of self-confidence, would he dare to challenge Mu Shengjie?

Since he dared to challenge, then he must have confidence . So, it might be possible that Ye Xiwen would be able to overturn the battle .

But now, in merely two steps and everything seemed illusory . Those who were previously optimistic about Ye Xiwen were not optimistic about him now . It was not that they underestimated Ye Xiwen, but this Mu Shengjie was too horrifying and really formidable .

Mu Shengjie was just like the gods, invincible, and difficult to beat . If Ye Xiwen was given hundreds of years for his cultivation realm to catch up with Mu Shengjie, then people still think he still had a chance to fight with Mu Shengjie . After all, no one dared to deny his talents . In such a short period of time, he had cultivated to such an extent . His talents were strong enough to shock the ancient world .

However, there was no such time now . He was not in his strongest state but was facing Mu Shengjie in Mu Shengjie’s strongest state . That frightening god-like atmosphere made everyone lose confidence in Ye Xiwen .

Mu Shengjie just stepped out and Ye Xiwen felt a horrifying pressure . When he came forward, the earth was eclipsed and overwhelmed .

Ye Xiwen’s expression changed immediately . He could feel that Mu Shengjie’s great vigor had turned into an overpowering wind scraping on his face . If he did not have a strong body, the overpowering wind created by Mu Shengjie’s vigor would physically disintegrate him .

It was as terrible as the fury of the gods . His thoughts were clear in his heart . Mu Shengjie was designated by the Law Enforcement hall to be the next generation leader . So, his strength must be awesome . For many years, there were hardly any opponents in the same power realm . Only Huang Wuji could be considered an opponent .

How could such a terrible super master who had crushed countless masters of the same power realm with his full strength not be terrifying!?

However, it was a hurdle that Ye Xiwen had to cross . Since enrolling in True Martial School, the grievances between him and the Law Enforcement hall never ended . He had been around for decades . This should be over by now . Next, he had to face the frenzied attacks of Emergence School . There would not be time to deal with the grievances with the Law Enforcement Hall .

So, he had to race against the clock to be faster than Mu Shengjie . Who knows, at the end, he was still a step slower and he did not complete his close cultivation first .

However, fortunately, he hurried out at the most critical time . After a full three months, Ye Xiwen finally urgently forced the blood slave to absorb the spirit at any cost . Finally, the blood slave managed to fully absorb the Star Beast Spirit . Finally, he could fully control the Star Beast Avatar and gain the ability to contend with Mu Shengjie .

Now, his main body was still practicing in Tianyuan Mirror, trying to break through to become Great Sage but now it was just a blood slave controlling the Star Beast Avatar .

However, it was time to end this!

Ye Xiwen’s eyes were as brilliant as the stars . It seemed that the universe was in the midst of life and death . He made his move . Everyone thought he could not move in the presence of Mu Shengjie’s terrible vigor . After all, Mu Shengjie was a master of the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm .

Even the ordinary Great Sage would be so intimidated and could not make a move . This was the pressure from the spirit .

Unexpectedly, Ye Xiwen moved . He could actually move .

Mu Shengjie was a little surprised, but then he became cold and ruthless . No matter whether Ye Xiwen could move, in his heart, it was impossible to change the outcome of this battle .

Mu Shengjie accelerated his pace and moved in a mysterious manner . He rushed in front of Ye Xiwen and grabbed Ye Xiwen forcefully . Immediately, the endless void collapsed and everything else collapsed .

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He looked like an ancient deity and slapped coldly at Ye Xiwen .

“All your struggles are in vain . You are not even a Great Sage . How can you be my opponent?” Mu Shengjie seemed to pronounce a summary statement seeing that his slap would kill Ye Xiwen .

As he spoke, Ye Xiwen made his move . This was a real move . The body that seemed to be shocked then now burst into a terrible vigor, which was equally powerful to Mu Shengjie’s vigor . He was not backing down .

His five fingers instantly squeezed into a fist, turned into a big star, and plunged down towards Mu Shengjie .


The shocking vigors collided in the air . The qi between the two burst into unparalleled strength, shattering the space into powder . A large amount of chaos poured out, pulverizing many of the arrays in the True Martial School .

Both of them moved too fast in just a split second . This was an amazing match . When everyone was still distracted discussing what the two would do, they had already exchanged blows .

Unlike what everyone thought, the situation was not that Ye Xiwen was busted up . On the contrary, in this round of confrontation, the two sides seem to be equally matched . Neither side could overcome the other .

The confrontation between both of them exploded into endless light, which blinded countless people instantly . The light was too dazzling . Many Legends even bled in the eyes and could not watch it .

This was only a prelude to the confrontation . Until the storm subsided, neither of them made a move again but just looked at each other quietly . Both of them were sizing up each other .

Especially Mu Shengjie . If Ye Xiwen was able to break away from the control of his vigor earlier, he was already surprised . Now, he was truly shocked . He really did not expect that Ye Xiwen would really contend with him and even put him in a disadvantage . Seeing the vigor just now, it had definitely reached the Great Perfection of the Great Sage Realm .

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On his way, he had heard some disciples from the Law Enforcement Hall saying that Ye Xiwen was always vile . He might have a secret method to temporarily boost his strength to a certain level and so Mu Shengjie should be careful .

It was just that he did not bother about it . The strength of this secret method could not compare to people like him who were practicing the genuine way . What was more, there was no such secret method . He never knew that there was a secret method that could help people from Half-step Great Sage advance to the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm .

Now, it seemed that he was ignorant . He underestimated Ye Xiwen .

The two were still assessing each other in vigilance, but the surroundings were already in chaos .

“How… how is this possible?” The disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall especially, found the scene unimaginable . It was unbelievable that Ye Xiwen actually fought against Mu Shengjie equally matched without being at a disadvantage . Many people maliciously conjectured that the slap would cause Ye Xiwen to explode, but it never happened . It seemed rather impossible to happen at all .

“Does he really have any secret method that can boost his strength so much? This is too terrible . What secret method is this? It is really unheard of!”

Many people had determined that Ye Xiwen must have used a secret method of stimulating his strength . Otherwise, how could he contend with Mu Shengjie?

However, because of this, many people were wondering what secret method Ye Xiwen used in order to achieve such a shocking effect .

“Hmph, he was just using the secret method . When the time of the secret method is over, he will return back to his original form . Trash will forever remain as trash!”

“Hahaha, that’s exactly the case . For such a horrendous secret method, the aftermath must be terrifying . Although he had performed it well before and is talented, the aftermath of this secret method can completely cripple him . Even if he survives this battle, he will be crippled!”

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“Yeah, yeah!”

“Just admit that you did it . Karma will definitely hunt you back”

Many people nodded their heads, especially those in the Law Enforcement hall . Their emotions were more relaxed . It was shocking to see Ye Xiwen able to contend with Mu Shengjie even if it was only achieved with the help of the secret method .

However, now that they think about it, Ye Xiwen might be reduced to a useless person by the aftermath of the secret method or die on the spot . This immediately made them happy .

Ye Xiwen’s growth rate was too fast to a shocking level . Mu Shengjie might not care . He had absolute confidence in his strength but it did not mean that others also had such confidence .

When compared to the growth rate of a monster like Ye Xiwen, they were far behind . If Ye Xiwen really grew into a character like Huang Wuji, then he would be a hidden calamity to the Law Enforcement Hall which they had no solution for .

Finally, they could witness his self-destruction . Even if he did not die, he would be reduced to a useless person which would make him less scary .

Mu Shengjie was momentarily stunned and was surprised by Ye Xiwen . Then, in his eyes, endless hope surged forward and he was a little excited . For him who was about to step into Great Sage Great Perfection, it was not so easy to find a qualified opponent . Now, he did not know what secret method Ye Xiwen used to break through to this level, but he was a worthy opponent .

A figure as fast as lightning had already reached in front of Ye Xiwen yet again in just a split second . He punched again, flaunting the profoundness of martial art .

It was nothing else but the Seven Cranes Divine Hand . This was the first time his deity used the seven divine hands of crane control . There was a faint sound of cranes . The terrible coercion collapsed the sky and the earth in an instant . His palm was white like jade, charging towards Ye Xiwen .

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