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Chapter 703

“Ye Xiwen, come out . I’ll take your head!” Mu Shengjie flew above the Tibetan Star Summit . His tone was plain as if he was saying an insignificant thing . From his perspective, he didn’t come to meet Ye Xiwen for a fight . Instead, he just came to take Ye Xiwen’s head .

Was it rampant?

Nobody felt that way . It was just an expected matter, wasn’t it?

One is a Great Sage Great Perfection Realm, and the other is a Half-step Great Sage Late . Isn’t this an expected matter?

Everyone thought so, but they didn’t know why they were a little uneasy in their hearts .

A figure flew up from the Tibetan Star Summit . It was none other than Bai Jiansong . Dressed in a white robe with a long sword behind him, his elegance remained as before .

In the face of the dominant Mu Shengjie, Bai Jiansong did not seem weak . Although his strength was not as good as Mu Shengjie, it was just because his cultivation time was too short . Although he could not compare with the speed of Ye Xiwen’s progress, he was not inferior to the speed of Huang Wuji and others in the past . Sooner or later, he would be able to be on par with Mu Shengjie, so he was not timid .

“Where is Ye Xiwen?” Mu Shengjie glanced at Bai Jiansong and said lightly . He didn’t take Bai Jiansong to heart . Although Bai Jiansong was also one of the aces among the newcomers, there was still a huge gap compared with him currently . Therefore, Bai Jiansong was not qualified to have a dialogue on an equal footing with him .

“I’m sorry, Brother Ye is still in close cultivation . I know your purpose of visiting, but please wait until he comes out first!” Bai Jiansong said without being lowly or overbearing . Although he was still not qualified to talk to Mu Shengjie, he was also a Great Sage who had his own manner and dignity .

Bai Jiansong also forced himself to fly up at this time . The reason was very simple; it was because Ye Xiwen had not come out of his close cultivation . Although Bai Jiansong didn’t know what secret weapon Ye Xiwen had prepared to deal with Mu Shengjie, it was an indisputable fact that Ye Xiwen had not come out yet .

Since he had not come out, it proved that his preparation was not completed yet . So Bai Jiansong had to come up to delay the time in order to buy more time for Ye Xiwen . This was what a brother should do .

Mu Shengjie frowned and didn’t speak . There were already a lot of Law Enforcement Hall disciples clamouring behind him .

“Who knows if he hasn’t come out of close cultivation or dare not come out? I think he is just scared and went into hiding . He dare not face Brother Mu!”

“Yeah, I think he is simply scared . This is expected . Who is he? He is just a Half-step Great Sage . He dared to challenge Brother Mu . He is probably hiding out of fear now!”

“If he wants to do close cultivation for a hundred years, should Brother Mu wait for him for a hundred years? Isn’t he arrogantly challenging Brother Mu previously? Why is he hiding now?”

Bai Jiansong had a headache . Sure enough, this kind of thing happened .  Be reasonable? Would the Law Enforcement Hall be reasonable?

Because what they hold on to would be the law, and their words were the truth and standards .

“Hmph!” Mu Shengjie said with a sneer, “Step aside!”

He couldn’t treat Bai Jiansong the way he treated Ye Xiwen . Everyone knew the enmity between Ye Xiwen and the Law Enforcement Hall, but if Bai Jiansong was involved in this matter, it would be provoking the entire Tibetan Star Summit . Then the matter would not be just as simple as it was now . There were not many people in the Tibetan Star Summit, but they were all brutally powerful .

This was similar to Ye Xiwen opposing the Law Enforcement Hall repeatedly and killing many of Law Enforcement Hall masters, but he was targeting those hardliners in Law Enforcement Hall and he did not extend the scope to the entire Law Enforcement Hall . Ye Xiwen was basically upholding the principle of killing whoever that was against him .

This was also because Ye Xiwen had no choice because Law Enforcement Hall was too huge . They were not entirely united internally . Some people were also dissatisfied with Mu Shengjie, but he was powerful now, so many conflicts did not erupt . But once Ye Xiwen began to target Law Enforcement Hall as a whole, those Law Enforcement Hall disciples who would not go beyond the call of duty originally, would also begin to take full revenge on Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen couldn’t really handle that collective strength .

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Both sides were carefully controlling the scope to be within personal enmity, which was the bottom line that the top management could tolerate . They absolutely would not allow such a conflict between the two forces . What was the Tibetan Star Summit? It was the top ten legatee in the past . Currently, there was also a Transcendent master presiding in it . In the foreseeable future, the Transcendent master presiding was also indispensable . Furthermore, after completing ‘Tibetan Star Sutra’, they were also going to embark on the revival road and accept many disciples . Meanwhile, Law Enforcement Hall was not an unknown soldier as well . They controlled the True Martial School laws and were influential . How could these two powerful forces be allowed to have a large-scale conflict that was difficult to control?

In True Martial School, there seemed to be no rules, but it actually had its own rules . Once these rules were violated, they would be punished harshly by the top management, and there was nothing to be discussed .

“Brother Ye is really in close cultivation now!” Bai Jiansong had a determined expression and he didn’t move away at all .

“Well, you all at Tibetan Star Summit had the same attitude . Huang Wuji, Ye Xiwen, and you are like that . You actually dare to stop me!” Mu Shengjie’s eyes became ice-cold . He was alway full of pride and other people dared not disobey him . But in this Tibetan Star Summit, no one really took him seriously .

“What’s the big deal with stopping you? Who do you think you are? Supreme School Master?” A clear and slightly mocking voice sounded from the Tibetan Star Summit, and a green figure flew from underneath . It was none other than Ye Xiwen .

“You have a death wish!” Mu Shengjie looked at Ye Xiwen with his eyes full of unfathomable expressions . This was considered the first time Mu Shengjie saw Ye Xiwen in person .  This audacious brat . He killed my spirit avatar multiple times and became stronger bit by bit .  Although it was only Mu Shengjie’s spirit avatar at the time, not anyone could afford to simply mess with it .

Ye Xiwen was brewing into a major trouble now, so Mu Shengjie was still somewhat interested in him .

“Death wish!” Ye Xiwen raised a corner of his mouth and said, “How shameless! I have heard many people say this before, but unfortunately they are all dead . Are you the next default Hall Master of Law Enforcement Hall? I advise you all to change another person as soon as possible . Otherwise, it will be too late!”



“Ignorant child!”

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“Don’t overestimate your abilities!”

Immediately after Ye Xiwen spoke, it caused the furious roar of countless Law Enforcement Hall disciples instantly . Ye Xiwen’s words were not clearly stated, but the meaning was obvious that Mu Shengjie would die in his hands . So if Law Enforcement Hall did not change another successor, they would be out of successor soon .

Countless disciples yelled and cursed suddenly . Words like ‘arrogant’ and ‘crazy’ were shouted repeatedly .

Mu Shengjie had a cold expression . Ye Xiwen was more arrogant than he thought . Mu Shengjie just said, “How are you qualified to fight me?”

Mu Shengjie’s gaze was scornful and his tone was disdainful . He had such qualifications because he was a Great Sage Great Perfection, but Ye Xiwen was just a Half-step Great Sage Late warrior . The gap between the two parties was simply a world’s difference that was just not the same .

“Do I need any qualification to kill you?” Ye Xiwen sneered .

There was a pin-drop silence . Everyone was stunned by Ye Xiwen’s arrogance .  Do I need any qualification to kill you?

What Ye Xiwen said made countless people dumbfounded . Arrogance could no longer describe the current Ye Xiwen . He was just a Half-step Great Sage, but he dared to say such a thing .

He was really crazy . Even madness couldn’t describe him .

“Okay, let’s see if you have anything else to say when you are executed later!” Mu Shengjie had no patience to continue talking with Ye Xiwen . Killing him directly was the simplest way .

Mu Shengjie stepped out one step which was just a steady step, but it was as if stepping on the people’s heart . The heartbeat of the crowd took an abrupt pause for just a moment .

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“Boom!” Mu Shengjie took the second step, and it was earth-shattering . A terrifying aura burst out of him instantly, overpowering the sky . He was as powerful as deities .

Countless nearby warriors retreated frantically and did not dare to go close . Tibetan Star Summit’s arrays seemed to feel a terrifying threat . The buried arrays were automatically revived to shield the entire Tibetan Star Summit, so as to prevent this terrifying strength from destroying everything .

Everyone’s facial expression changed drastically . This was the mighty strength of a Great Sage Great Perfection Realm . Great Perfection implied that he had cultivated the most perfect state in Great Sage Realm . Among the Great Sages, he was the emperor and the invincible master . When such a powerful master attacked with all his strength, that extent of power was really horrifying .

So many Great Sages present changed their expression drastically during that one step . They surely couldn’t do it to such an extent . For them, this was also a strength to look up to, especially Bai Jiansong on the side whose face looked worried .

They were all Great Sages, but the strength gap between them was a world’s difference . Bai Jiansong was quite powerful, but he actually felt powerless when facing Mu Shengjie . Mu Shengjie was even more terrifying than the Law Enforcement Hall’s elders whom he dealt with previously .

They were definitely not on the same level . This was the actual manner of a truly invincible Great Sage master .

A worried feeling surged in Bai Jiansong’s heart .  Can Brother Ye handle such a powerful master?

Bai Jiansong knew that Ye Xiwen always had some techniques that were unknown to others, and had his own miraculous encounter . He could avert dangers and create miracles every time . It was only a few decades, but he had advanced from the previous Half-step Legend all the way to Half-step Great Sage . His strength was increasing rapidly that it was almost unheard of . Even the senior brother was not that outstanding in the past .

That was why Bai Jiansong had confidence in Ye Xiwen . Maybe he could create miracles .

But now that Bai Jiansong had really seen Mu Shengjie’s competency, and he also hesitated . Could Ye Xiwen deal with such a terrifying Mu Shengjie?

With just two steps, Mu Shengjie tumbled everyone’s confidence in Ye Xiwen completely . This was the strength of Mu Shengjie who had been dominating throughout True Martial School for countless years .

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