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Chapter 702

Indeed, the adult Star Beast was extremely terrifying . They could challenge the dragon clan and survive through engulfing the world and stars . They were unequaled and no one knew how such a giant monster grew up .

The only thing known was that the Star Beast had once fought with a Wind Dragon and eventually killed the Wind Dragon . However, the Star Beast was also seriously injured . Even the True Martial School, which was at its peak during that time, couldn’t kill the Star Beast Avatar, so all they did was just seal him .

After a long period of erosion, the seal turned out to have holes and released a strand of Star Beast Avatar’s spirit .

Imagine how terrifying was Star Beast Avatar, just a junior Star Beast Avatar was as terrifying as the Great Sage Great Perfection . It was unfathomable how powerful a mature one would be .

Their only flaw compared to the dragon clan was that they had too little clan members . Although the dragon clan also did not have many clan members, the appearance of the Star Beast could be counted in single digits .

Although it was only a strand of spirit of Star Beast, Ye Xiwen knew that it was extremely terrifying . He only had a slight contemptuous smile after the roar .

Even if his actual body was sealed, it was not something that Ye Xiwen could deal with either . Ye Xiwen would be pinched to death with just a finger if its actual body was let out .

It was just a spirit anyway, so it was nothing even if the spirit was quelled . However, it would be most terrifying if even its actual body was affected . Fortunately, he felt that such a thing would never happen .

Ye Xiwen was not angry at all when he faced the contempt of Star Beast . He just smiled and said, “Did you ever expect today to happen when you planned this trap on me? Even you yourself did not think that you would fall into such a situation!”

It was true that Ye Xiwen could not deal with the Star Beast in the seal now . Perhaps he might not even be able to cope with the adult Star Beast even if he was promoted to the Great Sage and even equipped with Star Beast Avatar .

But what’s the matter as he was still at a young age . He had not even passed one tenth of his cultivation and there was still a lot of time . His life span would only get longer and longer even after he entered the Great Sage, and he had plenty of time to grow .

He was not capable of dealing with Star Beast now, then what about one thousand years later?

Two thousand years later?

Five thousand years later?

Sooner or later, he would kill this Star Beast one day!

The spirit of that Star Beast was dumbfounded when he heard Ye Xiwen’s words . It had never thought about this before . That’s right, what about one thousand years, two thousand years, five thousand years later? Ye Xiwen’s growth in these few decades was already so terrifying . How terrifying would it be after growing for thousands of years? No one knew . Even his life span would be more than millions of years after breaking through to be a Transcendent Realm master .

How terrifying would it be? If it was an ordinary person, even if it was Huang Wuji or outstanding talents like Mu Shengjie, it would not take them seriously . Its actual body would have been annihilated a long time ago if such a person could deal with it, so it was not worried at all .

However, Ye Xiwen was different . It witnessed almost the growth of Ye Xiwen through the Tianyuan Mirror . It saw Ye Xiwen’s various adventures and grew up at an unimaginable speed . More importantly, Ye Mo was by his side . He was someone who had once served Demon King, what even was the existence of the Demon King? Ye Xiwen might not know, but it as a strand of theStar Beast’s spirit clearly understood what it meant . The demon king was such a behemoth, who destroys the world as if he was just taking something from someone else’s pocket . The master of the world, a powerful character in the world .

Ye Mo had always mentioned this to Ye Xiwen that the future achievements of Ye Xiwen were unimaginable . Maybe Ye Xiwen would really reach a level that allowed him to kill its actual body one day .

Thinking of this, it could not help but feel horrified . It deeply regretted in his heart . Why was it so obsessed to choose such a malefic comet [1]at first? It might have escaped a long time ago if it chose a random person and made him its puppet . Needless to say, it had now become a prisoner of Ye Xiwen . It might lose his life at any time and become a stepping stone for Ye Xiwen .

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“No, you can’t do this!” The spirit of the Star Beast shouted immediately in worry .

“Are you regretting it now? It’s too late!” Ye Xiwen gave a cold Humph! and said to Ye Mo, “Speed up the absorption . I am afraid that Mu Shengjie completion on close cultivation is approaching . The timing will not be too far off . We will be in big trouble if we can’t finish absorption before Mu Shengjie breakthroughs in his cultivation! ”

They now had to compete for time and grab every second and minute . They must be fast, and faster than Mu Shengjie .

Ye Xiwen even thought about attacking Mu Shengjie off guard if he was faster than Mu Shengjie .

Ye Xiwen sat up as he talked . He mobilized the elixir in Tianyuan Mirror and it started to burn, all of which were absorbed by the Tianyuan Mirror . At the same time, bloody rays blossomed from the Tianyuan Mirror . The blood pool’s law chain in the center of Tianyuan Mirror also began to shake madly, extracting the strength of the Star Beast Avatar’s spirit .

The star Beast Avatar spirit screamed, roared, and scolded, but could not change the situation . Ye Xiwen had made up his mind to absorb the Star Beast’s spirit fully as soon as possible .

Countless elixir was burning, allowing the blood slave to increase the speed of absorbing the Star Beast Avatar spirit . It was a lot faster than just now .

The body of the junior Star Beast Avatar lying next to it started to glow, as if it was really going to revive . It was shot down by a spear at its peak . It was not seriously injured physically, but its spirit was annihilated . The blood slave had now replaced his original spirit, but his body gradually glowed with a tendency of reprieving from death, as if it were possessed by a spirit .

Everything in Tianyuan Mirror was going on nervously but methodically .

Time passed by day by day . In a blink of an eye, three months had passed .

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Three months’ time was just a snap for many warriors, but it felt as if days dragged past like years for those who were concerned about the grievance between Ye Xiwen and the Law Enforcement Hall .

Ye Xiwen disappeared after he said that he would go to the Law Enforcement Hall to kill Mu Shengjie in person . He disappeared as if he never existed . Some said that he disappeared after entering the Tibetan Star Summit and never came out again . There was no news at all and no one knew whether he was in close cultivation or hiding .

The Law Enforcement Hall Disciples did not have any practical action other than swearing . This surprised and disappointed many of the True Martial School disciples who expected a fiery scene that would leave both sides shattered, as they did not see what they expected

In addition to the ranting of the Law Enforcement Disciple from time to time, both sides unexpectedly did not make any excessive actions . Instead, the whole situation was strangely left quiet downed . A shocking news spread through the entire True Martial School just when many people were about to forget about this matter .

Mu Shengjie appeared from his closed cultivation!

The news immediately attracted the attention of countless people as soon as it appeared . It stirred up the entire True Martial School . For a period of three months, both parties had no interaction, which many people did understand . In addition, the upcoming extreme invasion of the Emergence school affected most of the experience .

Therefore, the sudden news of Mu Shengjie leaving close cultivation attracted many people’s attention when many people were about to forget about this matter .

Mu Shengjie has finally left his close cultivation . This talented man who has stirred True Martial School for countless years has finally left his closecultivation .  Everyone knew that he would definitely be a Great Sage Realm Great Perfection Master once he completed the said close cultivation .

Mu Shengjie leaving close cultivation was considered nothing and would not attract so much attention under normal circumstances . The actual reason that attracted countless attention was the so-called agreed battle between Ye Xiwen and Mu Shengjie .

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Ye Xiwen tore up his spirit avatar during the battle three months ago and both of them made it clear that they were going to kill each other . Although it was not an officially agreed battle, it was actually disguised into an actual agreed battle .

Both of them were outstanding figures in school . They were both the top characters who kept promises, so no one doubted that they would not show up to the agreement . Although this agreement was somewhat different, both of them would obviously fulfill this agreement .

Never mind Mu Shengjie, Ye Xiwen also did not make a move during these three months . Neither did he take a step out of the Tibetan Star Summit . Many people doubt whether he was in close cultivation to prepare some trump card to contend against Mu Shengjie . After all, everyone believed that it was impossible for Ye Xiwen to fight against Mu Shengjie of the Great Sage Realm Great Perfection realm with his Half-step Great Sage strength, unless he used some evil dishonest methods .

However, Ye Xiwen would definitely do it since he had already said it . Therefore, countless people wondered whether he was preparing for some backup .

However, the other main character, Mu Shengjie, had completed his close cultivation before anyone figured out what Ye Xiwen was planning . Everyone guessed what Mu Shengjie would do as he faced Ye Xiwen’s previous provocation . Would he rush directly to the True Martial School?

Soon, everyone had the answer . The entire True Martial School saw the Law Enforcement Hall masters travel across the vast sky, leaped across more than half of the True Martial School and headed towards Tibetan Star Summit .

Everyone stared at the person in lead, it was no one else but Mu Shengjie . Mu Shengjie, who had just completed his close cultivation was still unable to fully control the aura of his body . Even a slight leak of his aura could make others terrified . The warriors who walked past the Tian region felt like a falling ice cave that was unbelievably frightening .

It is the Great Sage Realm Master; the Master of Great Sage Realm Great Perfection; the king of Great Sage .

“Ye Xiwen, come out . I’m here to collect your head!”

[1] 煞星: A Chinese belief that a certain someone is the curse of a person as though he is the person’s natural nemesis that will bring disasters to the person .

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