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Chapter 701

Ye Xiwen clearly knew Bai Jiansong’s concerns . After all, it seemed to others that with his strength which was not even that of the Great Sage, it was simply impossible for him to contend with Mu Shengjie, who was already at the Great Sage Realm Great Perfection . The only possibility was what secret method he used, but this secret method often had unbearable residual effects . Unless it was absolutely necessary, few people would choose to do so .

If Ye Xiwen did not have the secret weapon of the Star Beast Avatar, he would not choose to confront Mu Shengjie . He would choose the same method as Bai Jiansong and wait for Huang Wuji and Tibetan Star Son to return .

He would not put his own future at risk or make it a joke . If he really damaged his foundation, then it would be too late for regrets .

If the injuries sustained on the soul and spirit were very difficult to recover, then the injuries on the foundation were simply impossible to recover .

That was related to a person’s martial arts foundation . How far a person could progress in the future was largely dependent on how strong the person’s martial arts foundation was . Some people’s martial arts foundations were very strong . So, they could progress to a very advanced stage .

If this foundation was damaged and no longer complete, then it was normal that there was no progress even for hundreds of years .

Therefore, he would never consider his future as a joke .

However, he had the Star Beast Avatar . So, he did not have to worry about this problem .

After reassuring several brothers and sisters, Ye Xiwen started the close cultivation without any hesitation . It was not that he was very anxious, but he was fighting the clock and who was he fighting the clock with?

Naturally, it was Mu Shengjie!

From what he knew about Mu Shengjie, when Mu Shengjie finished his close cultivation, he was sure that the first thing Mu Shengjie would do was to look for trouble with him and immediately charged towards the Tibetan Star Summit . Law Enforcement Hall had the advantage in numbers . Before the seniors and Master Tibetan Star Son returned, it would be impossible to fight against Mu Shengjie with the scale of the Tibetan Star Summit .

So, he had to fight against the clock with Mu Shengjie . Before Mu Shengjie achieved his breakthrough and completed the close cultivation, he needed to complete the transformation of Star Beast Avatar so that he could grab the first move in the next encounter . This was his chance and as well as a major test for him .

Relatively speaking, the disadvantage was that Mu Shengjie had been in close cultivation for more than twenty years . He probably had already achieved his breakthrough and now was already consolidating his martial arts realm .

Even if his martial arts realm was more difficult to break through than Ye Xiwen, he had been in close cultivation for decades . This was considered a huge advantage compared to Ye Xiwen .

Normally, a breakthrough would not take so long but Mu Shengjie must have the ambition to achieve the Transcendent Realm . Also, the Great Sage Realm Great Perfection was also the foundation for breaking through to the Transcendent Realm . If the foundation of this realm was not strong, it would be much more difficult to break through to the Transcendent Realm . Conversely, if the foundation of this realm was strong, then the chances of breaking through to the Transcendent Realm would improve greatly .

This was almost the same as the Half-step Legendary . Therefore, Ye Xiwen was given so much time . Otherwise, he would be able to come out of close cultivation earlier . For this reason, once he came out of the close cultivation, he would become the most ruthless and the most powerful among those in the same realm .

Ye Xiwen was no match for Mu Shengjie at all . So, Ye Xiwen could only rely on the Star Beast Avatar .

Since there was not much time, although Ye Xiwen’s pride told him that he was on the verge of breakthrough and that he could break into the Great Sage with just a bit more, he did not choose to follow his pride .

After all, it was to break through a big realm . Even with Violet Limitless Qi Pellet, it was far from simple to break through .

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In the end, time was just a word . There were plenty that he could do with enough time but unfortunately there was not much time .

After entering the underground close cultivation room, Ye Xiwen went straight into the space of Tianyuan Mirror . As Tianyuan Mirror became a great holy tool, the space in Tianyuan Mirror also expanded tremendously like a thousand miles wide . There was a huge disparity with Tianyuan Mirror’s original self-contained world, but there was also great improvement compared with the original .

In the middle of Tianyuan Mirror, there was a huge blood pool . In the middle of the blood pool was the spirit of the Star Beast . It was locked by countless chains of law, deep into the flesh, and absorbing energy from his body every moment . The energy, following the chains of law, was continuously transfused into the body of another Star Beast next to it . When compared to this spirit, the size of the Star Beast next to it was much larger, ten times larger .
However, for the Star Beast, this was only an early age . It was still a child who had not yet grown up . Comparatively, it was nothing .

It was conceivable that the Star Beast would be huge when it was fully developed . It was worthy of being part of a terrifying group that fed on a universe . It was also a terrible existence that would dare to challenge the Dragon Clan and murdered the Dragon Clan .

The spirit of the adult Star Beast was dying from torture by the chains of law . He used to be arrogant and despotic but now it was being absorbed to the point of dying .

The energy of his whole body, as well as all the spirits, were about to be absorbed by the blood slave and the blood slave was about to be fed .

When the blood slave fully absorbed all his spirits, it could be truly transformed into the spirit of the Star Beast . By that time, Ye Xiwen would be able to fully control the young Star Beast . The little bit of control that Ye Xiwen had could not be used to fully exert his strength .

Rather, it was able to directly exert the strength of the Great Sage Realm Great Perfection, which was also the fundamental strength of Ye Xiwen to compete with Mu Shengjie at this time .

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Without this young Star Beast Avatar, he was simply not qualified even to talk to Mu Shengjie .

On the overhead of the blood pond, Ye Mo was sitting cross-legged, with a demon-like look and a strong spirit, controlling the power of Tianyuan Mirror . He was constantly pumping the energy of the Star Beast spirit in the blood pond and was suppressing the dragon vein next to it with his other hand .

The huge shackles of the dragon vein fixed him firmly on the ground and there were countless talisman forming chains to entrap him all the time . Otherwise, he would fly up to the sky .

“Hahaha, Ye Xiwen, you will soon succeed!” Ye Mo saw Ye Xiwen coming in and laughed out loud . “Now the blood slave has absorbed most of the energy of the Star Beast’s spirit . It will be able to absorb it all sooner or later . By then, you will have a helper in theGreat Sage Realm Great Perfection!”

Ye Xiwen nodded with a smile and then looked at the struggling Star Beast in the blood pool . His eyes were fierce and extremely malicious . He still remembered how he was forced to plant the demon seed within him . If it were not for Tianyuan Mirror which restrained the Star Beast at a critical moment, then now he was either dead or had become a puppet .

The worst thing was that this kind of demon seed could not be eliminated . There was no way to eradicate it . The only way to eradicate it was to let him germinate and grow .

However, this kind of demon seed had always been planted for others to achieve the purpose of controlling others but to use his own body as a furnace was extremely difficult . So, Ye Xiwen dare not let this kind of demon seed grow .

He did not dare to utilize a lot of its power in order to suppress the growth of this demon seed . If this demon seed really grew, then Ye Xiwen would really be finished . Although his cultivation would soar in a short time, he would be killed by the demon seed as a result . So, what was the use?

However, this demon seed was very tenacious . No matter how Ye Xiwen suppressed it, there was no suitable way . Although he tried his best, this demon seed grew up little by little . Although it seemed that the growth rate was not very fast at present, Ye Xiwen was very shocked . That was because he may face the threat of death at any time . So, he did not dare to slack . His skill was still growing, and he could suppress it only when he was faster than the demon seed . If he did not grow faster than the demon seed, then he would be quickly suppressed by the demon seed and he would be not far from death .

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So, he looked at the eyes of the Star Beast’s spirit maliciously . If it was not for this stupid thing, why would he be this way? Although it normally was not an important matter, it would definitely be a time bomb in his body in the future . There was no avoiding this headache .

If it was not for absorbing the energy from him, Ye Xiwen really wished he could smash and crush it .

Ye Xiwen nodded and said, “But, you must speed up!”

Now, the progress of the blood slave’s absorption of spirit had reached the last part, but for this last part, it had to absorb for several years . Did he have the luxury of several years?

Definitely no . Even if there was, Mu Shengjie would not give him a chance, because the day for Mu Sheng to complete his close cultivation was not far .

“Ye Xiwen, it will be bad for you . The demon seed in your body will germinate bit by bit, and then swallow you up . You will die by that time!” The Star Beast spirit in the blood pool was roaring and bellowing . In Tianyuan Mirror, he was watching step by step how Ye Xiwen came to the present state . His help was involved in the process too . The blood slave would not progress so smoothly without his spirit being absorbed by the blood slave .

He also knew how much Ye Xiwen hated him and Ye Xiwen would definitely not let him go in the end . It was because of this, he was even more unscrupulous . Anyway, he would die soon and naturally it did not matter .

The veins in Ye Xiwen’s forehead throbbed at the mention of this and his eyes were murderous, “Even so, you will die in front of me including your original self . As long as I have the ability, I will crush him to the tragic end . ”

“Impossible, not even any of the strongmen of your True Martial School is able to take down my true self . Let alone you, impossible!” The spirit of the Star Beast bellowed .

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